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Imagine if They Tried to #MeToo Snoop Dogg


Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher of the podcast Guys We Fucked.

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Is there anything more satisfying than when liberal virtue-signaling goes horribly wrong? If you answered “no” to that question, then have I got the story for you.

Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher are two New York-based comedians best known for being the co-hosts of a podcast with more than a million subscribers, Guys We Fucked [2]: The Anti-Slut Shaming Podcast. When Guys We Fucked (GWF) began in 2013, the original shtick of the show was that the two ladies would interview the men who they had had sex with in the past. Because that’s empowering and totally the opposite of slut-shaming, or something.

As one might expect, Fisher and Hutchinson eventually ran out of guys in New York who they had fucked, and so the podcast began to broaden its scope to include interview with various comedians, activists, and celebrities. Simultaneously, it also became more political (or “socially conscious,” as they would prefer), morphing into full-on SJWism, advocating pro-feminism, pro-gay rights, pro-trans rights, pro-hedonism, and generally pro-everything that is undermining Western civilization. As a result, in addition to becoming wildly popular, the ladies also became darlings of feminist media outlets, and have been featured in Cosmo [3], Vogue [4], Glamour [5], and the Huffington Post [6].

I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking – and half of you are probably already Googling – “What ethnicity are these two?” I’ll get to that in a bit. But suffice to say, they don’t go to Mass on Sunday, they’re not too keen on bacon cheeseburgers, and they like to go to Chinese restaurants on Christmas, if you catch my drift.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, there was trouble in SJW paradise for the GWF gals when a clip from an early 2014 episode resurfaced and went viral. [7] In the clip, Corrine Fisher (she’s the unruly one, you see – the Liam Gallagher to Hutchinson’s Noel, the Ren to her Stimpy), while gushing about her love of sex with black guys, got a little too honest and started saying some true things. And then Twitter lost its mind.

I am going to reproduce the offending exchange from the podcast, but before I do, a word of warning. The following transcript contains graphic references to race-mixing. Do not read it while eating. If you have insomnia, this will probably make it worse, as the words here will haunt you. And if you don’t have insomnia, it may very well give you nightmares. So, with no further ado, this is from a 2014 episode of Guys We Fucked:

Fisher: I had sex with two dudes, and one was the black guy.
Hutchinson: Score!
Fisher: It was my second black guy, though. Everyone was like, “Oh, is that your first black guy?” And I’m like, um, excuse me, I’ve been fucking black guys since the early 2000s, thank you very much.
Hutchinson: Yeah, but you even said your first one didn’t count.
Fisher: But this was like a real black guy, like basketball player height, deep voice, lives uptown. He doesn’t act black enough, though.
Hutchinson: What do you mean? Like, talk black?
Fisher: Well, I just mean, like, act, more like . . . thug. I don’t like . . . black people who act like white people. And I know we’re gonna get a bunch of letters like, “What do black people act like?” Guys, we all fucking know when we say stereotypically what black people act like, and that’s what I like.
Hutchinson: Nico’s kinda like that [Nico is Hutchinson’s ex]. He’s got that hood swag, mmm, I love it.

And we’re back. I’m sorry I made you read that, but it is essential to the story. Let us continue.

As you can imagine, black Twitter flew into a tizzy upon discovering this. Blue-checkmark sex blogger Oloni led the pitchforked mob, tweeting [10], “Dear white women, black men are not sexual objects you can tick off your bucket list for your own sexual gratification.” Some random person of color named Emma tweeted [11] out, “The Guys We Fucked podcasters really disappointed me with how they talked about black men but that’s on me for trusting white women in the first place.” And some other dopey cow tweeted [12], “Guys We Fucked have ALWAYS been racist, misogynistic garbage who fall into the ‘c’mon guys I’m a ~feminist~ but we all kinda think like this right?’ category of lazy comedy. Even when I was a baby feminist I thought, ‘Ew, gross.’”

The controversy then got picked up by Buzzfeed [7], BET [13], and the British newspaper The Metro [14], among others. The GWF duo promptly issued a formal apology [15], which is reproduced below:


Two lines in that apology really stuck out to me, right off the bat. First, there’s the fact that they felt the need to mention that they were “two straight Jewish-Americans.” I mean, you’ve gotta admire the balls on these two for trying to pull the race card at a time like this. “Yes, we said some racist stuff, but don’t forget about the Holocaust!!!” Do they not realize that the Jew race card only works on white people?

Second, there’s this bit: “At that time, our podcast was a much more salacious free-for-all about sex and dating compared to the more socially conscious conversation on gender, sexuality, and feminism it has become in later years.” This is a recurring theme among feminist and SJW comedians: When they start out, they are edgy and/or apolitical, and sometimes even show (or at least pander to) conservative sensibilities. But after achieving a certain level of success, they go full SJW. The archetypal examples of this would be Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer (who also eat in Chinese restaurants on Christmas).

Sarah Silverman made her name by being the edgiest and most un-PC comedian on the scene by using everything up to and including outright [17] racist [18] humor [19]. But having climbed her way to the top, Silverman turned around and disavowed her previous work [20], and now lectures comedians on how to be politically correct. Amy Schumer, the most successful of Silverman’s imitators, took a similar path to fame. Schumer started off doing dark and occasionally racist humor, and was a frequent guest on Fox News’ Red Eye, where she presented herself as a down-to-earth moderate. But after landing her own Comedy Central show, Schumer magically turned into a feminist SJW.[1] [21]

Another amusing element of this story is that for white women (or, in the case of these two, “white” women), it’s like if you don’t wanna have sex with black guys, you’re racist because that means you just can’t see past the melanin to see the beauty of black men’s souls, and that’s racist. And if you do wanna have sex with blacks, that’s also racist, because then you’re “fetishizing black men.”

And I’m like, sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiit. Like black men don’t fetishize white women? Like black men are only into white women for their personalities? Gentile, please. White men aren’t even into white women for their personalities.[2] [22]

That said, I completely agree that fetishizing black men is indeed terrible, albeit for entirely different reasons than black Twitter does (they think it’s racist, whereas I just think it’s gross).

Normally, when watching degenerate Jewish feminists being pelted with rotten fruit by angry blacks, my typical response is to make some popcorn and enjoy the spectacle. Normally, I would never say a word in defense of degenerate Jewish feminists in any situation. But there are a few aspects of this controversy which annoy me and prevent me from going full schadenfreude.


No one would be calling them white if they had cured cancer.

Here’s the real son of a bitch in this story: These two degenerate Jewish feminists are not being pelted with rotten fruit for being degenerate, or because they are Jewish, or even because they are feminists. No, it’s happening because they’re allegedly “white women” who said some allegedly “racist” things – some of which happen to be true.

Ironically, the parts of that GWF clip that ruffled black Twitter’s feathers were the parts I found the least offensive. I mean, if I wanted to hear a degenerate Jew ramble on about their love of black cock, I would listen to Milo Yiannopolous. But aside from that, Corinne Fisher said some things that were absolutely true. Sure, she said them by accident, but that doesn’t make them any less true.

Corinne Fisher said black people act a certain way. Check. She also said that “we all know” what that way is. Correct. All but the most deluded and self-deceiving know that. Fisher also said that blacks who “act white” are a deviation from the norm, are “not real black,” and that “real” black people act in a way that can be described as like a “thug.” Well, we can split hairs over the meaning of “real,” but the spirit of that statement is for the most part true.



And seeing how this controversy is being used to generate anti-white propaganda, I feel the need to say a few words in their defense. But just know, Counter-Currents readers, that when you read these words, I am not defending two feminists, nor am I defending two degenerates, and I sure as hell ain’t defending two Jews. I am here to defend white people’s racial attitudes[3] [25] – a subject very near and dear to my heart. Got that? If I’m white-knighting for anyone here, it’s for white racism. I’m throwing my coat over a puddle for hate!!!

So how do we know that black people act a certain way? And more importantly, how do we know that “we all know” what that way is?

First, there are many examples to be drawn from pop culture. For example, take the character Carlton Banks [26] from the ‘90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or Steve Urkel [27] from Family Matters. Both were intelligent, well-spoken, well-educated (Steve Urkel was a scientific genius, ffs), and ambitious young black men. You would think that these two would have been held up as role models for blacks. But it was quite the opposite. They were the targets of mockery specifically because they acted white.

But it goes deeper than that. In the case of Carlton Banks, the purpose of his character was to act as a foil to star Will Smith, who represented the “real black.” Smith’s character grew up in a majority black area in Philadelphia. He used to play basketball in the hood, got into fistfights, and spoke the language of the streets. That is what our society considers “real black.” Carlton Banks, on the other hand, had a wealthy upbringing, having little contact with other blacks. He had acquired the tastes, dialect, and mannerisms of upper class WASPs. As a result, he comes off as comically inauthentic. As in fake. As in “not real black.”

And here’s the thing: You’re supposed to prefer Will Smith to Carlton Banks. You’re supposed to prefer the “real black” to the “fake black.”


OG real nigga Will Smith with bitch-ass, Poindexter-talkin’, fake Uncle Tom, Carlton Banks.

Another pop-culture gem worthy of examination is the 1991 Ice Cube song, “True to the Game [29].” In each of the song’s three verses, Mr. Cube describes a different kind of black man who is most definitely not “true to the game.” In the first verse, it is the black man who moves out of the hood to the suburbs (“Trying to be white or a Jew, but ask yourself who are they to be equal to?”). In the second verse, he addresses black rappers who make white-friendly music (“Giving our music away to the mainstream, don’t ya know they [white people] ain’t down with the team [blacks]?”). In the third verse, he rails on black corporate ladder-climbers (“black man can’t be no yuppie”). But in all cases, one thing is clear: Associating with whites, living around whites, emulating whites, appealing to whites, and even dating whites (yes, early Ice Cube was both J-woke [30] and opposed to race-mixing [31]) all disqualify you from being “true to the game.”

This is one of the main differences between blacks and whites: White people value individualism, whereas black people value authenticity. In the white world, it is high praise to say that someone is “one in a million.” White people think it’s cool to “be your own guy.” White people think it’s a bad thing to “just go with the crowd,” because that means you’re not being an individual. White people might call someone insufficiently individualist a square, a lemming, sheeple, a Kool-Aid drinker, or an NPC (Non-Player Character). Even in White Nationalist circles, the term “normie” (meaning a person whose beliefs are normal by societal standards), while not necessarily a pejorative, does not have positive connotations.

However, in the black world, it’s all about authenticity. To blacks, it is high praise to be considered a “real nigga,” and being labeled a “fake nigga” is a grave insult. When blacks want to emphasize their sincerity, they say, “I’m being real with you.” When something dramatic is about to happen, they say, “Things are about to get real.” But what does it mean to be a “real nigga”? Well, it doesn’t mean you’re unique or individualistic. Uncle Toms are individualists. Presumably, “real niggas” all share certain qualities and values.

I digress. But the more important point is that not only does no one really believe that blacks and whites act the same way, but that no one really expects them to. And you know this is true by virtue of the fact that blacks are virtually immune to the #MeToo phenomenon. With some exceptions – which I’ll get to shortly – blacks simply cannot be #MeToo’d.


Above is a list of celebrities and media executives who were publicly destroyed as part of the #MeToo campaign up to mid-December 2017. The first thing about that list that will catch your eye is the sheer number of Jews there (something Larry David felt compelled to note [33]). I know! And it doesn’t even include (((TJ Miller))), who got #MeToo’d in late December.

But the second thing you might notice about this list is how few black people are on it. Could it be that every rapper in existence is a perfect gentleman? Or could it be that no one actually expects black people to follow white behavioral standards?

Of course, there are some exceptions to this. Perceived “Uncle Toms” like Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain were fair game to be #MeToo’d. Bill Cosby was able to rape women for decades until he was branded an Uncle Tom [34] for telling kids to pull their pants up – and we all know what happened after that. So Uncle Toms can be #MeToo’d.

Secondly, blacks who “play in a white man’s game” have to live up to white standards of behavior, and thus can also be #MeToo’d. For example, PBS anchor Tavis Smiley was #MeToo’d because only white people watch PBS. Blacks might have given him a pass, but when your audience consists mostly of old, white boomers, you must live up to old, white boomer standards.

But imagine if someone tried to #MeToo Snoop Dogg. Try to get a picture of that in your head. Imagine if some woman were to come out of nowhere and say, “Snoop Dogg once inappropriately groped my breast at a party in 1997.” Or imagine if a woman came out and said, “Back in 1993, Dr. Dre whipped out his dick in front of me while I was drunk.” Do you think anyone would remotely care? Do you think either of them would lose even one fan?


Feminist allies Snoop “Ain’t Got No Love For Hoez” Dogg and producer/poet Dr. Dre of “One Less Bitch I Gotta Worry About” fame.

This is not to say that high-profile blacks can go around doing whatever they want with women and face no consequences. They can definitely be punished for abusing women. James Brown and Mike Tyson are famous examples of this. But that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that blacks cannot be #MeToo’d – or at least, it’s really goddamn hard to #MeToo a black guy.

Being #MeToo’d involves more than just social shaming and getting fired. An important aspect of #MeTooism is social ostracism. The point of #MeToo is to make a person’s reputation so incredibly toxic that no one will be willing to associate with them publicly ever again. In theory, it’s about driving up the social costs for abusing women.

But the problem with that when it comes to blacks is that they will not ostracize one of their own just because white people tell them to do so. If anything, white people telling blacks to ostracize one of their own will more likely cause blacks to rally around said person (unless they are an Uncle Tom). And the reality is that blacks really don’t care all that much about men abusing women.

Remember when they tried to #MeToo Chris Brown for repeatedly beating the hell out of his girlfriend? His next two albums both went to number one. Tupac Shakur was convicted of rape – did time in prison for it and everything. But while Tupac was punished with jail time, he was not and never will be #MeToo’d. I dare you to find one black person who thinks Tupac Shakur should be ostracized and his music banned because he has a rape conviction.

Most blacks probably think that Tupac was innocent of the charge.[4] [36] Blacks don’t do the whole “always believe women” thing [37], and are willing to entertain the possibility that rape accusers are gold-digging hoez if the accused has dope enough jams. But even if some black did believe Tupac to be a rapist, he would not then judge Tupac’s entire life by one act the way that, say, Congressional Democrats insist on Judge Kavanaugh’s thirty-plus-year law career being defined by a teenage groping incident. No one sees Tupac as a rapist who made some hip-hop albums. They see him as a guy who put out some good albums, and maybe raped a chick that one time. The rape is a footnote to an otherwise sterling career.

And, to return to how I started, all this is because no one really expects blacks to “act like white people.” No one really expects blacks to live up to white standards of civility. If a black person does do so, that’s great, but it’s also not the point. The point is that no one expects them to. If they did, blacks would be getting #MeToo’d left, right, and center. Because everyone knows that blacks act a certain way, and everyone knows that way is different from whites. And everyone knows that way can be described as “thuggish.”

I’m amazed that in 2018, this still needs to be explained. C’mon, guys. It’s the current year.


[1] [38] Well, according to Amy Schumer, she’s actually been a feminist SJW the whole time, it’s just that early in her career, she was playing the character of a racist Republican. No kidding. She actually said that [39]. She literally retconned [40] the first half of her career!

[2] [41] I can say that because I’m white.

[3] [42] Yes, I realize that this article could have been a lot shorter if I had just written, “Dear black people, Jews are not white.” But where’s the fun in that?

[4] [43] But then again, blacks also believe that OJ Simpson did not murder his wife and that Michael Jackson was a normal heterosexual.