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Kavanaugh the Fighter

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By now, most have at least heard the highlights of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, where they listened to testimonies and questioned Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, over allegations that he had attempted to rape her in 1982. The hearing lasted roughly nine hours and included some very dramatic moments. I watched most of it, but stopped around halfway through Kavanaugh’s time on the stand because the questions had become so repetitive, and it was clear no new information was going to come to light.

Neither side could produce any definitive evidence to prove either case, but what little evidence does exist supports Kavanaugh’s testimony. None of the witnesses Ford had named would corroborate her story, and all of them contradicted her. Additionally, the studious Kavanaugh has been keeping a calendar since his freshman year of high school, which helped him to account for his whereabouts and activities every day during 1982.

In this stalemate situation, attitudes towards Kavanaugh’s guilt are being shaped primarily by how one feels about his political opinions. Beyond that, there is the question of whether we live in a pervasive culture of rape or a culture of groundless rape accusations. Anyone who believes Kavanaugh has two possible explanations for why Ford insisted that she was one hundred percent certain of Kavanaugh’s guilt: either she is outright lying, or else perhaps she has somehow convinced herself that Kavanaugh was the perpetrator when in fact the attack was committed by someone else.

Many in the news media have stated that Ford’s testimony seemed quite credible. Personally, I didn’t see how. Whenever she wasn’t on script, her demeanor was vacuous, to say the least. I was shocked that someone so apparently dumb could have obtained a PhD. There was something fraudulent about her credentials. Sure, she read aloud compelling testimony of the event in question, but whether she wrote this account herself is doubtful, and it was clear that she had been practicing with her lawyers.

There were other things that came out in Ford’s questioning that also cast doubts for anyone already prone to skepticism. This hearing had been delayed until the last minute by several factors. First, the committee had offered to question her privately the previous week, but this offer was rejected by her lawyers. Ford claimed to have been unaware of the offer, but if everyone in the country paying attention to this case was aware of it, how could she not have been? Second, the committee was informed that Ford could not come to Washington as quickly as requested because of her fear of flying. Yet, we learned in the hearing that she had in fact flown to get there, and that she frequently flies for both business and pleasure.

Something just doesn’t add up about Ford. The refusal to meet in private, the delays, and the demand for setting conditions regarding her appearance – all these things point to a manipulative personality. Consider another fact that came out in her questioning: In 2012, she got in a dispute with her husband because she insisted that their house should have two front doors, due to her claustrophobia. This dispute was discussed in their marriage counseling, and this was said to be the first time that she disclosed the details of the alleged rape attempt, which she claims was the cause of her claustrophobia. In the end, they installed a second front door – which demonstrates that instead of seeking help to come to a rational decision, she is the kind of person who prefers to use emotional coercion to force people to go along with her irrational desires. How likely is it that a woman who insists others should accommodate her neuroses would also be prone to delusions and false memories of traumatic experiences?

Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony followed Ford’s, and was notable for his display of raw emotion. In addition to the inconclusive evidence he presented regarding his calendar and the statements from alleged witnesses, Kavanaugh came off as a man who had been falsely accused and unjustly persecuted. His presentation came off as completely authentic. The only thing that the Democratic interrogators had to hurt his credibility was to suggest that maybe at some point in his life he had been black-out drunk, which he insisted was not true. Personally, I felt skeptical myself, but even if this were the case, it is a stretch to then suggest that because of this, he must therefore be guilty of Ford’s allegations.

For those supporting Kavanaugh, his testimony was a major victory. This morning I was listening to conservative talk radio host Chris Stigall out of Philadelphia discussing his impressions of the hearing. His description of listening to Kavanaugh’s testimony [2] sounded almost like a spiritual experience:

That was the pain of a man whose entire family, and friends, and colleagues, these people he loved, adored, and respected, he realized all of them have been savaged mercilessly, and dragged through muck and mire, and made to hear some of the most disgraceful things, because of him. And I couldn’t imagine that feeling of sitting there knowing that everyone you ever loved was being humiliated and beaten to a bloody pulp verbally by these loathsome, tiny little people called Democrats who didn’t have a shred of evidence. And he lost it. He began to cry. And as he began to cry, I began to cry, and I felt this enormous weight lift off of, not just me, I felt the entire country suddenly buoyed again with Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement. I felt like Brett Kavanaugh may very well have saved this entire country from drowning in this disgusting muck created by the Democratic party. He may have buoyed the entire country and saved us, saving this country and the tenets of innocence until proven guilty. Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement alone. Not the Republicans. Not Donald Trump. Nobody. Brett Kavanaugh saved himself yesterday.

Stigall has identified a key factor in what was so disturbing about these entire proceedings: that the country was seemingly lost in this moment, and that it felt as if nobody would stand up for what was right. Due process, the mechanism by which individuals are protected from the mob, has been under attack for quite a while now. This is one of a series of high-profile cases, but those of us on the nationalist Right keenly understand the mob mentality of the Left, who seek to defame anyone who crosses them.

All of America is now keenly aware of the fact that this is not a free country where people can express an opinion and then expect those who disagree to oppose them with reasoned discourse and debate. Rather, SJW enforcers lie in wait, ready to pounce on and destroy anyone who expresses an opinion that might threaten the system they are protecting. In many cases, it’s easy to simply frame such transgressors as thought-criminals: racist, misogynist, homophobe. This is often sufficient to ruin a person’s life. In cases such as Kavanaugh’s, whose ideas are quite mainstream and not so easily distorted, false allegations of criminal activity were used to impugn his character. And as we know from Vox Day, SJWs always lie.

This stifling atmosphere where no debate is possible any longer (Stigall likened it to muck in which we are drowning) has completely pervaded American life. We feel it when we go to work, or whenever we have to interact with others about whose political views we are uncertain. We see incidences of SJW derangement on an almost daily basis in the news or in some new viral video online. It is one of the foremost reasons that Trump was elected. When the Left hears someone say Make America Great Again, they start thinking about Jim Crow and slavery. But for conservatives, the MAGA message is about making America a place where you can speak your mind.

This is why Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony was significant. We witnessed a man face off against some of the nastiest and most aggressive attacks ever levied against an American political figure. None of those pressing the case against him had evidence for their claims. And yet, despite this, the system is bearing down upon him in a carefully orchestrated manner. The coordinators of this farce include members of the swamp on both the Left and the Right, and to ensure that public opinion is being properly swayed, the media has been doing its part to foster a false sense of credibility regarding his accusers. Despite all of this, the judge successfully defended himself and struck back hard against his detractors in a manner that left their duplicity fully exposed.

From an ethnic and racial perspective, this hearing was also significant. The last thing the Left wanted was another straight white Christian male on the Supreme Court. (Of course, a Jew like Merrick Garland would have been fine.) The people who opposed Kavanaugh on the committee were a racially diverse coalition of ideologues dedicated to ending both whiteness and Christianity in America. Those who supported Kavanaugh’s eventual confirmation were a group of timid white men, so scared of the media saying something bad about them that they refused to even question Ford, hiring a mild-mannered female prosecutor to do so on their behalf. (Some credit is due to Lindsey Graham, who delivered the greatest oratory of his life in Kavanaugh’s defense.) The dynamic at play on this committee is symbolic of what is happening at large in American politics, where hostile anti-white aggressors ruthlessly oppose white men representing a population that still includes a white majority, but who nevertheless refuse to defend themselves or their constituents.

But every now and then, someone does fight back. Kavanaugh stood before this divided committee like a hero, making his case and refusing to back down. His enemies had sought to crucify him, but he broke free from their attempts to bind him in a manner very reminiscent of what they’ve likewise been trying to do to President Trump, thus proving himself worthy of Trump’s nomination. Having gone through this ordeal, one wonders if Kavanaugh has gained new insight into what is at stake if the Left is able to consolidate its power in America. Let’s hope he takes the lessons he’s learned over the last two weeks to heart when he is sitting on the Supreme Court.

One final thought on the dynamics of this hearing is the notable difference between Ford and Kavanaugh, which provides an example from which we can learn. Ford is the kind of person who plays the victim card, blaming other people for her problems. The Democrats on the committee repeatedly called her a hero for coming forward to talk about her alleged victimhood in front of the whole country. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, is the kind of person who makes his own destiny, who works hard to get where he wants to be in the world, and who overcomes obstacles through the sheer force of his will. While he was the true victim, he made his case by showing that he is not the kind of person whose identity is based on playing one. The Left cannot abide such a man, and this is why they assume he is hiding some dark secret about himself, and they want to tear him down.

When Kavanaugh was first nominated, he wasn’t exactly an energizing figure for the Dissident Right. Most of us deemed him to be adequate at best. He was, after all, a key figure on the staff of George W. Bush, and therefore probably very cozy with the neoconservative agenda. His apparent approval of affirmative action is also disappointing. On the other hand, we know that he will most likely support Trump’s approach to exercising executive power, which would be particularly helpful when it comes to immigration enforcement. Regardless of these policy issues, there is a certain satisfaction in seeing the Left do its damnedest to take him out of the running – and fail. We do not view Trump as “our guy,” but we still acknowledge the metapolitical victories that are being brought about by his successes. In the same way, we can see the minds of the American people changing when battles like Kavanaugh’s are being waged.

As of now, the Senate Judiciary Committee has voted for Kavanaugh to move out of committee, and a Senate floor vote must still take place before he is confirmed. Thanks to never-Trumper Jeff Flake, there is going to be a week-long FBI investigation into Ford’s accusation before the floor vote takes place. But it seems doubtful that this could possibly turn up any new information given the lack of any solid leads. Kavanaugh will almost certainly be confirmed. But between now and then, who knows what new and increasingly absurd accusations against him will arise? At this point, we can rest assured that such attacks will only serve to help awaken our people and prime them for the next fight.