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Jack Ryan Viewed from the Right

[1]2,472 words

Morris V. de Camp
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018)
Season 1
Produced by Amazon Prime

Starring:[1] [2] John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce, Ali Suliman, John Hoogenakker, Dana Shihabi, Abbie Cornish, and others

The late Tom Clancy (1947–2013) was a novel-writing genius. He came out of nowhere in 1984 with The Hunt for Red October and followed it up with the considerably better Red Storm Rising in 1986. The latter book was a stand-alone story, but all of Clancy’s other works, including Red October, took place in an imagined universe where his character Jack Ryan lived and worked.

From a metapolitical standpoint, Tom Clancy’s worldview is something like that of the late Senator John McCain. Tom Clancy didn’t really see the nearby threats of sub-Saharan crime, Mexican Reconquista, or scheming “allies” embroiling Americans in their deadly conflicts. Instead, his eyes had a curious habit of seeming to look a long way off for threats and trouble. Like John McCain, Clancy could see nothing dangerous nearer than the flashing sabers of some tribe of barbarian horsemen on the Eurasian Steppe.

There is always a sense of “invade the world; invite the world”[2] [3] with Clancy’s work. He writes in non-white heroes in his stories while at the same time Clancy’s books feature immigrant sleeper cells and an immigrant, pro-Castro/Drug Cartel Cuban spy (Clear and Present Danger, 1989). There is no brave INS[3] [4] agent sweeping in with the deportation in the nick of time. Instead, the plots tend to be resolved by direct action “operators,” led or accompanied by Ryan, doing a shootout in the far-away desert, jungle, or wherever. In Clancy’s world, one is stuck with the rising tide of mud.

A Solid Comfort Techno-Thriller

In Amazon Prime’s new miniseries, Jack Ryan, is a very entertaining serial that is somewhere within the genre of Cowboys vs. Indians with French and American government agents as the “Cowboys” and Arab Terrorists as the “Indians.” The series’ eponymous Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) is mostly true to the book version of Jack Ryan, but there are some changes to up the dramatic tension. Ryan’s backstory of being a Marine Platoon Commander injured in a helicopter crash is still there, as well as the fortune acquired through shady, insider trading before leaving finance for the CIA. The miniseries makes Ryan single and courting his wife-to-be rather than already married and in the ’burbs of DC. Obviously, this Ryan is an Afghanistan War vet, not a Cold Warrior like in the books.

The miniseries in a mish-mash of current events simplified into a battle of wills between Jack Ryan and his boss James Greer (Wendell Pierce) and the Islamic Terror mastermind Mousa Bin Suleiman (Ali Suliman). One may recall Ali Suliman played a character in The Looming Tower which I reviewed here.[4] [5] There isn’t much reason to talk about the plot of Jack Ryan, this is a comfort techno-thriller, and things play out like one would expect in such a genre. What must be discussed is parts of the plot that hint to the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) that has brought so many of our people over to the North American New Right. This misnamed war is really the conflict between white Western Civilization and Islam. As the purpose of Counter-Currents is to give young white men a serious education, there are parts of this show that should be deconstructed and examined.

But first one needs to get real . . .

If one winds up working for a Western government fighting terrorists, chances are one won’t really become a “Jack Ryan.” At best you’ll be a cog in the machine. As far as all the excitement and glory, how the real world works in that regard is the following: Young men dodge bullets for their country, but it’s not really awesome. In most circumstances, they dodge fake bullets in training only. Many Cold Warriors served more than 20 years and never deployed to combat. If they get deployed, successfully dodge the bullets, and don’t get pulled away by lucrative civilian employment after they get older, they might (but more likely might not) end up in government service as an analyst that can walk over to someone at “Treasury” and freeze an account based on an intel hunch.

So really what one needs to manage is how to get along[5] [6] and get ahead in a big, hierarchal organization.[6] [7]

The Deep Magic of the Global War on Terror

One cannot understand the Global War on Terror (GWOT) or formulate an effective strategy for winning it without understanding the war’s “Deep Magic.” This “Deep Magic” is a C.S . Lewis concept from his classic Narnia series.[7] [8] “Deep Magic” refers to the underlying set of rules. In the non-Narnian, GWOT context, the “Deep Magic” is the following set of ideas, which are obfuscated, probably deliberately, by the American Establishment. Without an understanding of this “Deep Magic” framework, the war between the West and Islam cannot be effectively waged. These “Deep Magic” rules are somewhat noticeable in Jack Ryan. The Deep Magic un-obfuscated is the following:

  1. The GWOT exists and is made sharper because of declining white birthrates, expanding Islamic birthrates, and immigration.
  2. Islamic terrorism is part of the revolt of the coloreds. This revolt’s first stirrings were in Haiti during the French Revolution, but picked up steam during World War I. For further reading I suggest Lothrop Stoddard’s The French Revolution in San Domingo[8] [9] (1914), The Rising Tide of Color[9] [10] (1921), The New World of Islam (1921), and Clashing Tides of Color[10] [11] (1935).
  3. The revolt of the coloreds cannot occur without white support. It’s the key ingredient. All Third World independence movements, Islamic Terror organizations, ghetto riots, etc. have white funding or support. When white support dries up, the revolt often ends with a whimper. For example, when Democrats control the presidency, race riots spread coast to coast but quickly stop when an implicitly white Republican president (Nixon/Trump) is elected. Likewise ISIS evaporated so quickly after Hillary Clinton’s 2016 electoral defeat that it makes a fella wonder . . .
  4. Both Israel and the Jewish diaspora enact policies that help make the GWOT more difficult for the West to wage and win. This includes pushing for involvement in areas with sticky, intractable problems such as continued support for South Korea since the end of the Cold War, Yugoslav War involvement, the 2011 attack on Libya, immigration, displacement of the Palestinians, and support for Islamist social movements against secular Arab governments.
  5. The least fanatical people and parts of the Islamic World such as Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Syria get armed fanatics dumped on them where they destabilize societies already on the edge.

Who Lost Syria?

Episode One of the series starts off showing the childhood of the two antagonists. They are in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, and their house is bombed in in an Israeli Air Strike. The producers of Jack Ryan (sort-of) hide the fact that it is Israeli actions that set the plot in motion.

In the late 1940s, American politicians saw their political fortunes ruined if they got fingered by the question: Who lost China? But in the 1980s, as Marines came back from Beirut[11] [12] in body bags, nobody asked who lost Lebanon or Syria.[12] [13] Yet there was a point in time when the people of Beirut and Damascus were not unfriendly towards Americans. Indeed, there was a great deal of American cultural influence in Lebanon throughout the 19th century. The American University of Beirut[13] [14] is one such example of this influence.

We lost Lebanon and Syria because America supports Israel no matter what, due to domestic Jewish pressure. America subsidizes Israel although the latter nation illegally occupies Syrian territory and regularly attacks Lebanon. Since the 1980s Israeli attacks on Lebanon have been heavy-handed, disproportionate, and done with American made weapons and funded by American taxpayers. As Pastor Robinson wrote to the Governor Bradford following a short, but bloody Indian War, “. . . [W]here blood is once begun to be shed, it is seldom staunched of a long time after.”[14] [15] Until such time as the flow of blood is stopped, for many Americans, Beirut – Paris of the Middle East — and Damascus – where the Apostle Paul was restored to sight — are far, far away. Americans are both providing the funding to Israel for them to easily spill the blood of their enemies and paying the price for the consequences of Israel’s murders.

The Barbarians at the Gates

Like scenes in The Looming Tower, Jack Ryan acknowledges that the many Islamic neighborhoods in Europe are bases of financial, cultural, and moral support, as well as breeding grounds for Islamic terrorists. Later episodes of Jack Ryan explore the theory, popular with neo-conservatives, that Europe’s inability to assimilate Arabs and other Third World People is a cause of terrorism and radicalization. The neo-conservatives imagine that Americans are assimilating Third World people in contrast to Europeans.

In the backstory of Mousa Bin Suleiman and his brother Ali (Haaz Sleiman) we see the two have arrived from Lebanon as refugees orphaned by the Israeli air strike. They grow up in the ghettos of France and enter into its Dinduist, Third World culture.[15] [16] Suleiman goes to University to be a banker but is unable to get a job due to his origins. After being hassled by French Police in an imaginary, Black Lives Matter stop-and-frisk sort of fantasy, Suleiman takes the dive for Ali’s possession of a revolver and goes to prison where he is radicalized.

The truth of the European-born but Third World Jihadists, is that most have no ambition or ability to be a banker. Those that are highly skilled are taking to the conflict due to a deliberate choice on their part. In one publication, reviewed here[16] [17] in Counter-Currents, the authors found “Support for ethnic movements is often stronger among well-educated individuals with high incomes and high-status occupations than among those from lower socioeconomic levels.”

Of those immigrants that are average or below average, Theodore Dalrymple writes in a now classic article,

A kind of anti-society has grown up in [the public housing projects in the Third world immigrant ghettos of France] — a population that derives the meaning of its life from the hatred it bears for the other, “official,” society in France. This alienation, this gulf of mistrust—greater than any I have encountered anywhere else in the world, including in the black townships of South Africa during the apartheid years—is written on the faces of the young men, most of them permanently unemployed, who hang out in the pocked and potholed open spaces between their logements. When you approach to speak to them, their immobile faces betray not a flicker of recognition of your shared humanity; they make no gesture to smooth social intercourse. If you are not one of them, you are against them.[17] [18]

Two Distortions of the Comfort Techno-Thriller

1: Acting in Good Faith

To keep the show well in the zone of being a comfort techno-thriller, all the characters are acting in good faith. For example, after Suleiman’s wife Hanin (Dina Shihabi) nukes the family and heads with the refugees to Europe with her two daughters she decides to turn herself in to the Americans following a Suleiman inspired attack on a church. She ends up getting rescued by Jack Ryan after a series of entertaining, but over-contrived adventures. There they are put into the all-expenses paid witness protection program.

The truth is, by this point, every refugee knows that the United States or any other Western government will pay top dollar for info that will prevent another 9-11 or Bataclan theatre massacre.[18] [19] All a clever refugee (and they’re all clever) needs to say to the first State Department official he sees is he knows details about the next Terror Mastermind. In short, they’re all doing it, and they are not doing it in good faith, and.

On a personal note, I’ve twice been involved in operations where either American infantry were sent on a raid or American bombers put on standby due to walk-in information from an Iraqi informant. In both cases the informants were acting in bad faith and using the Americans as a tool in their own personal disputes.

2: Sub-Saharans are Top-Drawer Leaders with Good Day-to-Day Judgement

Fans of the Clancy books will recall Vice Admiral James Greer as Jack Ryan’s boss. In the Amazon Prime series, James Greer is not an admiral and has been made a black character, played by Wendell Pierce. This is the standard Numinous Negro swicheroo that occurs when a book is transferred to the screen – metapolitics of the wrong sort. They also made him an African-American convert to Islam, although he has stopped practicing due to a nasty divorce.

Wendell Pierce does the best acting job in the series. He is extremely natural in this role. However in real life sub-Saharan leaders are always uneven. Greer’s backstory is that he murdered a Pakistani government official in Karachi that was trying to kill him in an “intel deal gone bad.” This matches a bit of the backstory of former Congressman Allen West. While serving in Iraq he personally beat and fired a pistol at a random Iraqi prisoner because he thought the cowering man was going to kill him. He was dismissed from the Army for the event but was able to peddle his fifteen minutes of Fox News conservative fame into a Congressional seat for one term.

Having a sub-Saharan in one’s organization, especially in a leadership role, is a bit like having untreated high blood pressure. One doesn’t feel high blood pressure, but after a while one’s kidneys fail, or one has a heart attack. For example, compare the Obama Administration with the Trump Administration. For the entire eight years of Obama, the economy limped along, investors hid their money, fearing a “double-dip recession.” Obama gave the green light to Negro rioters starting with the 2009 arrest of Henry Gates, although it wasn’t until 2014 the rioting was at full steam. ISIS took over large swathes of the Middle East. After Trump was elected, the media went nuts, but every problem of significance that seemed unmanageable in the Obama years vanished overnight.

It’s the day-to-day judgment that’s the issue. Some people make the correct small decisions day after day, some don’t, and it varies by race.


Jack Ryan is an easy to watch, comfortable show. It’s not worth a second viewing, but this reviewer will be looking forward to the second series. Series One ends with a cliffhanger, the details of which could actually happen if we don’t get this refugee/immigrant invader issue resolved and start thinking again regarding White Genocide and the continuing advance of Islam.


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