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Assimilation = Nihilism

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Even though it is a well-known fact that multiculturalism and non-white immigration were engineered by the Left to create a permanent Left-wing majority and disenfranchise Right-leaning and overwhelming white voters, the center-Right parties in every white land will never breathe a word about rolling back this brazenly undemocratic and catastrophic election tampering.

Instead, the center-Right clings to the taboo against white identity politics. Thus their only hope of survival is somehow “assimilating” non-whites — even though assimilation has been abandoned when multiculturalism and diversity became dogmas.

Logically, center-Right parties should favor cutting off immigration at least until assimilationism is reestablished. But they don’t even have the guts to do that. Perhaps they think that we will assimilate them by magic, even non-whites are aggressively trying to assimilate us.

White advocates really need to revisit the history of assimilation in America, for even if we regained enough cultural self-confidence to demand assimilation, it isn’t an easy thing. Most Americans today are a mixture of different European stocks, and genetically and culturally all Europeans have a lot in common. But assimilating them was still no easy task. Even the most superficial acquaintance with American history teaches us there was enormous conflict when very similar groups came from Europe to the United States.

The people of the British Isles are very similar to one another genetically and culturally. They even speak a common language. But the Irish were not welcome in America, primarily because of a single cultural difference: Catholicism. But that was enough to create enormous conflict and ill will. These conflicts were exacerbated when even more culturally different groups came to the United States from Southern and Eastern Europe. Because of these conflicts, the United States passed an immigration restriction act in 1924, not to deal with non-white immigration, which was virtually non-existent, but with white immigration from Europe.

I’m glad that America got through these crises and managed to meld different European immigrant groups into a new people: Americans.

But we can’t fool ourselves about the enormous cultural costs of assimilation. For instance, Americans used to care passionately about the differences between Protestantism and Catholicism. To assimilate large numbers of Catholic immigrants, Americans eventually simply stopped caring about religious differences. We stopped caring about a lot of historical and cultural differences between Europeans, just so we could stop fighting over them. Cultural assimilation, in short, erases cultural differences.

Now to be perfectly clear: I really don’t care about differences between Christian denominations. But at least I recognize that ceasing to care about what was once deemed of world-shaking importance is a creeping form of nihilism. I has alienated us from our ancestors, who would regard us as unworthy heirs who abandoned their cultural legacy simply to accommodate strangers.

It is worth reflecting on how much more we will have to abandon if we want to make Muslims, Mexicans, and Africans comfortable in America. Creeping nihilism is the lubricant that makes multiculturalism possible.

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