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Interview on Unite the Right 1 & 2

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Author’s Note:

What follows are my answers to questions about the aftermath of last year’s Unite the Right rally emailed to me by Christian Science Monitor reporter Patrik Jonsson. You can read his article here. I added the last question myself. 

How would you describe the size and strength of the Alt Right movement now versus a year ago at Charlottesville?

We have to distinguish the Alt Right from the larger white Identitarian movement. The greater movement is growing, driven largely by the conflicts and alienation created by increasing diversity. The Alt Right has dramatically contracted, largely because of bad leadership and strategically unsound activism like Unite the Right and Richard Spencer’s college tour: basically any sort of event that involves announcing our plans and presence in advance to the enemy, which makes us vulnerable to criminal antifa harassment, and that burns up large amounts of money on legal bills and travel.

The people who have left the Alt Right have not, however, gone back to the political mainstream. Once we change minds, nobody changes them back. Instead, these people are watching and waiting for a new brand or vehicle to mobilize them.

What was the impact of the Unite the Right Rally on the Alt Right movement?

It divided the Right. The problems were predictable, and the people who predicted them (people like me) gained credibility. The people who did not predict them, or who dismissed and shouted down criticism, have lost credibility and followers.

Many people went into the rally with several illusions.

First, they believed that the event had far-sighted and intelligent organizers who cared enough about the marchers to anticipate problems, inform them of dangers, and have contingency plans in place in case things went wrong. That turned out to be false. It is not that the organizers were stupid, but they did not communicate or work well together, with predictable results.

Second, they believed that the police would do their jobs, not collaborate with criminal antifa mobs to create violence. At Unite the Right, every injury including the death of Heather Heyer, is ultimately the fault of the city government of Charlottesville for allowing violent Leftists to riot.

Third, they weren’t serious. They thought this was a game. They thought that we were on a roll, and nothing could stop them. They did not anticipate the personal consequences of participating.

The people at Unite the Right who were doxxed, injured, arrested, harassed, fired from their jobs, shunned by their families, and in one case driven to suicide had a lot of illusions stripped away from them. A lot of them are understandably bitter.

A huge number of people who attended and who watched the disaster from a distance simply disappeared from the movement. They disappeared from social media. But most of them will be back when the movement offers them a new way forward.

Unite the Right and subsequent events of its type were a kind of crazed potlatch ceremony, in which people danced around a bonfire while the movement’s capital – social capital, money, institutions, webzines, etc. – laboriously accumulated over years, was immolated by narcissistic e-celebs who tried to transmute it into mainstream media publicity.

It will take the movement years to recover from the bad decisions of 2017. I doubt that Richard Spencer and his various operations like the National Policy Institute will recover at all.

What are the factions within the movement, and what is the dynamic between those factions?

There are too many to keep track of, really. But the most important factional difference today is Richard Spencer and his three remaining supporters versus the rest of the movement. Many people contributed to the disasters of 2017, but I think Spencer will end up taking all of the blame, since his past associates and allies – The Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, Red Ice, Arktos Media, Identity Evropa – have backed slowly out of the room, and he is the last man left holding the Alt Right banner.

Have goals and priorities changed in the last year? If so, who/what is driving that shift?

A dual consensus is building.

(1) We need to focus on what was working well for us before Unite the Right and the Spencer tour, namely metapolitics and also street actions on the European Identitarian model, which are not announced in advance and thus do not attract criminal violence from antifa.

(2) We need to get away from self-marginalizing neo-Nazi goon squad buffoonery. Adopting foreign ideologies and symbols is not a solution to rootlessness but a symptom of it. The way forward for white identitarians everywhere is to graft their movements on the political traditions and symbols of their homelands.

In the United States, we had immigration and naturalization policies that were committed to maintaining a white supermajority until 1965. We had two mass deportations of Mexicans in the 20th century, neither of which led to genocide. Every policy necessary to Make America White Again was already the law of the land at one time or another. We simply need to bring back and perfect these policies.

There has been a shift toward private versus public events. Does this new tack mean that antifa has been successful? Or is it just pushing the movement underground where it can grow more rapidly without being thwarted?

Antifa violence is merely pushing the movement underground where it can grow more rapidly without being thwarted.

I have always organized private rather than public events to protect our attendees and venues from criminal Left-wing violence. Antifa is only successful because their lawlessness is enabled by collaborators within the system who wish to crush dissent. Antifa are just the paramilitary arm of the Left-wing oligarchy. But this varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. When the government does its job – as it did at the American Renaissance conference at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee in April of 2018 – political dissidents can gather in a safe, non-violent environment.

I do believe that the overall shift toward private meetings will foster more rapid growth, for three main reasons.

First, people who have something to lose are hesitant to attend public events. Private events can, of course, have infiltrators and cranks. But they are generally safer. This means that more people will be willing to meet for fellowship, education, and collaboration. Which means our community will grow stronger and launch new initiatives.

Second, large public events which attract people from all over the country and the globe are very expensive. If only 1,000 people attended Unite the Right, the costs of travel, food, and lodging alone probably topped half-a-million dollars. I know of a number of people who came from as far away as Scandinavia to attend. Then after the event, there were the legal bills, medical bills, loss of income, etc. Unite the Right probably set the movement back a cool million dollars. Enough to employ 20 full-time content creators at a comfortable middle-class living standard for a year. All of that money went out of the movement into the system. All for a public relations catastrophe.

How much money was spent on Richard Spencer’s college tour? Easily tens of thousands of dollars per event. Were any minds changed? At what cost? How many people got disgusted with the movement and ending up withdrawing? Those are costs as well. Online propaganda changes far more minds for far less money.

Movement leaders need to persuade our people to spend their money more wisely. Once we do that, we will see increased effectiveness in the realm of propaganda and renewed movement growth.

Finally, there will be public protests on the European Identitarian model, in which disciplined groups with tightly honed messages and optics assemble for protests and photo-ops, without announcing their plans in advance to allow the enemy to plan counter-protests. They document their events themselves and distribute them through the world-wide web, rather than depending on the enemy media. This sort of propaganda of the deed is highly attractive and will bring large numbers of people into our movement. Identity Evropa is taking the lead on this. But they are also under legal attack for participating in Unite the Right. If worse comes to worse, however, they can simply dissolve, rebrand, and rise from the ashes of Charlottesville.

What do you think of Unite the Right 2?

Jason Kessler is a likeable, sincere, and intelligent guy. But he has trouble accepting defeat. We don’t need Unite the Right 2. Isn’t doing the same thing and expecting a different result a definition of insanity?

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  1. Gorgar
    Posted August 10, 2018 at 3:47 pm | Permalink

    Gorgar pleased.

  2. inq
    Posted August 10, 2018 at 11:53 pm | Permalink

    Unite The Right II ? Or mental illness USA II ?

    Conservatives Sound Alarm Over “Unite The Right II” Rally Organized By Known Provocateur

  3. Posted August 11, 2018 at 2:18 am | Permalink

    ZOG/Bsbylon the Third & Final Hath Rejected the 1865 Armistices of Robert E. Lee, etc, & Now So Should We

    Well Doctor Greg, as a member in good standing in the Old Right of the Identity Christians and Klansmen I am certainly not eating up any slop from your trough or infringing upon your natural membership given that I have often compared our bowel Movement to both pig farming and to it being competing baronies and fiefdumbs and certainly not monolithic.

    Recently got home from Lake County Ohio where that Mamzer from Mentor Bryan Reo is suing both me and my Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri for calling it a homosexual mongrel thousands of times over the Internet while it called me a convicted child molester. Mentor Ohio is the home of President James Garfield, Union general and 20th US President. They had hoped that I wouldn’t show up from 900 miles away to contest the Reo lawsuit, but when I did they immediately chose to give some probation violator a jury trial so that I would be denied my jury trial. The Lake County authorities claim that they have jurisdiction for name-calling over the Internet and to favor this mongrel’s claims that my racism is to be punished while its failed attempts — along with Kyle Bristow’s and Dickie Spencer’s — to infiltrate White Nationalism / Supremacism are to be rewarded and myself punished for saying that only real Aryan Whites get to pretend to be White Supremacists.

    So I did stick around and did some legal research and found out that while police can make arrests with an arrest warrant and felony arrests without a warrant, if they make an misdeameanor arrest without a warrant they can be charged civilly and criminally for false arrest. Sort of makes sense given John Bad Elk v. U.S 127 US 529 (1900) which held that under the common law a misdeameanor arrest made without a warrant meant that the defendant could resist that false arrest with deadly force. This law is still good law although ZOG says different.

    Thus a new White Natrionalist regime, especially one of the Ten Thousand Warlordcies run by local military dictatorships could use that to punish ZOGlings with capital extermatory treason.

    But what amused me is that the magistrate judge trying to get Bryan Reo to settle (for 25 minutes) and me to settle (for over an hour) said that he simply couldn’t understand either of us, especially myself. To which I told him that he couldn’t understand me any better than NE Ohioan James Garfield could understand a a Quantrill or Bloody Bill Anderson, noted partisan guerrillas. The result had to be settled by Civil War I. On the trip back home, I reflected that our People were in similar circumstances just after the Civil War in which the South was over-run with Union soldiers, rampaging negro freedmen, Carpetbaggers, and treasonous Scalawags.

    And what was the solution which saved White Southern Civilization and Heritage? The answer was “private organizations” organized at the county and local levels, not imposed by the newsmedia and ZOG from the top. I am referring to the Ku Klux Klan which within a year of its founding stretched from Virginia to Florida to Louisiana to Texas to Missouri and even places like Indiana. And they were sucessful working with the Southern Democrats like the IRA worked with the Sein Fein to within ten years to nominate Samuel Tilden who actually won the 1876 election versus the Republican Rutherfraud B. Hayes. The deal set in Dec. 1876 was akin to the Dumbya deal of 2000 — to declare that Florida went for Rutherfraud but that the next year would see the pull-out of Union military troops. The working together of the armed and political wings like fists meant that upon the pull-out of military troops, the freedmen were left on their own, the Carpetbaggers and Scalawags had to run for their lives, and the South settled into Jim Crow and segregation lasting for the next 90 years.

    As an aside, I never met a negro in the Mentor area who knew who James Garfield was. They thought that I was referring to a big orange cartoon tomcat even though they drive past the James Garfield Presidential Center signs on Mentor Avenue, i.e. US Route 20.

    Bryan Reo is also annoyed at me and my web page exposing it as a non-white White Supremacist got it fired from its job as a worker in the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant. One of the sins I shall have to bear forevermore is in possibly saving six million Ohioans from nuclear meltdown because when they finally did a security check on Bryan Reo in 2012 they read my articles on the little monkey.

    I think the way we should phrase the events at Charlottesville is the ZOGlings violating the terms of the 1865 Armistice. By calling the events of 1865 an “Armistice” we no longer agree that we lost the First Civil War. Nope. Actually, out of the goodness of our White Man hearts we let the negroes go free & gave the damn Yankees a chance to show what they could do. Now that this has been revealed as a failure, we should assume victory and claim that they since they violated the terms of the 1865 Armistice(s) that we now have no choice but to proceed to Civil War Round Two and then as victors enjoy the spoils & feed high on the rotten carcass of ZOG.

    This little trip for the farce of the pre-trial conference in which they still are allowing Bryan Reo to run wild like it did for the other 54 cases against the NRA, Arbitron, and Starkist Tuna has set me into the mood where I would gladly burn down all of Mentor Ohio and the Lake County Courthouse in Painesville sorta like General Sherman did against Atlanta & Savannah & most of South Carolina.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Write-on Candidate for US Senate from Missouri
    Ten-Thousand Warlords Project

  4. BjornThorsonn
    Posted August 11, 2018 at 10:01 am | Permalink

    I cannot quite free myself from the suspiscion that the need that the WNs have to characterise Charlottesville as a disaster is hurting us more than anything else. It is as if we are giving the left an unconditional victory even if it based on fraud and MSM lies. Much in the line of Der Krystalnacht.
    Do we end up with allowing libertarians like this one giving our movement more help because he focuses on the facts? Facts that make people think?
    The left, who still is a lot more powerful than us, would never blame a Ricchard Spencer in an episode like this one. They would instead blame a common enemy like Trump. Maybe that explains why they still are so much more powerful?

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted August 11, 2018 at 1:01 pm | Permalink

      It was a loss. We need to learn our lessons, so we don’t repeat them, and then move on. Instead of that, Unite the Right was followed by . . . more of the same, on a smaller and smaller scale, as sensible people peeled away, until finally, at the end, we had only Spencer and TWP at Michigan state, on spring break, Spencer lecturing to a nearly empty room while TWP brawled outside with their Left-wing counterparts.

      There’s an animus in the movement against realism and honesty when it comes to our failures, as if politics is just posturing to pick up drunk chicks. There’s more to politics than Roissy, but you would not guess that from the Alt Right frat.

    • Vagrant Rightist
      Posted August 12, 2018 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

      I can’t say I disagree with BjornThorsonn’s sentiments.

      And I find some of the discussion on this topic to be indistinguishable from one person exploring their personal differences with someone else in the movement.

      What will happen next time ? By that I mean someone will bring a Swastika to some event, someone will do a salute. Someone will have an affair. Someone will get into a fight. Someone will make a comment that the media will distort, misrepresent and amplify.

      “Don’t give the enemy ammunition” – especially when they are as powerful as they are. Ok, but when difficulties occur it’s not the prettiest picture in our camp either. To an outside observer stumbling across this stuff, it looks like rats on a sinking ship. Of course there will be genuine disagreements about direction, but I’d like to see us being a bit less fragile. I don’t like this new model where the media tells us how to feel about ourselves and we oblige. I think that’s very dangerous.

      I also wonder how we will ever get to a point where we can have political demonstrations unmolested either by the state or leftist thugs if we never try to have them at all. If our political being is continually delegitimized and we don’t ever challenge that, it’s very hard to see how that situation will ever change. Some eggs have to be broken here at some point, some ‘bad things’ will happen in that process that we have to deal with. And yes mistakes will be made too. The difference I have with anti-UTRers is to say I think we should try and control those circumstances as best we can, minimize the risks for those involved, and take of advantage of any bad things that can be, rather than abandoning direct political action altogether.

      However, I accept there were some serious consequences from UTR. And those were the de-platformings. Indeed it’s very difficult for content creators in that situation, and I can completely understand the frustration from one part of the movement against another when this happens.

      But the deplatformings have had a chilling effect which no one is talking about. That is, since UTR, with one or two exceptions, the entire Right – from Stefan Molyneux upwards shifted to the left. The rhetoric changed and softened, the subjects changed, everyone started telling themselves they are not ‘haters’, but neutral pragmatists.

      We our spend our time saying we stand against ‘larping Nazis’, working class elements, trolls, and we won’t dehumanize other groups because that’s bad. Our policies are as American as apple pie because the Founding Fathers were actually like us and are on our side. If we could just get back to sensible policies.

      The theory being, the more self controlled we are, the more presentable, the more centrist and less nutty we appear, the more we will win over the masses.

      I just wish it wasn’t something that’s been inflicted on us by our enemies.

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted August 13, 2018 at 3:13 am | Permalink

        It was a necessary correction. It shouldn’t have required a disaster, but since people generally learn only from suffering, our enemies did the movement a favor.

        The consensus about American nationalism was building in 2017 before Unite the Right. See, for instance, my remarks and the remarks of Mike Enoch at the Scandza Forum in Olso at the beginning of July 2017.

  5. J
    Posted August 12, 2018 at 9:38 am | Permalink

    We need to create a parallel system. Our own food supplies, our own product lines (mainly anything that can be made simply ourselves), which adds to our environmentalist edge whilst also denying funds to big business (one of our principle enemies). Discourage consumerism, encourage sustainability. Not that I think anyone here would do such a thing, but instead of buying a new car, see if we have a few mechanics who can recommend a used one. Something like a book of online aliases, with contact emails, along with locality, stated skills and expertise. Any way to deny funds to big business via home economy is something that our people should do. Most of this involves herbs, old fashioned cleaning ingredients etc, rather than anything massively time consuming like woodcarving. This is also better than earning more and then spending it to save time, because then you’ve earnt tax money for the system, even though you saved time.

    We need to buy land en masse and employ permaculture. To begin with, we shouldn’t even tell anyone that it is a rightist thing and security would need to be tight because of possible sabotage, but if anyone did something, we would know about it. This will then be enormously positive for our image in many ways, and it will be a strong, natural challenge to the state monopoly on force and real estate – do they want another Waco with all of the media now available to us? Natural movements should not be a leftist thing because they have an inherently non-naturalistic philosophy. With physical locations and our own media coverage, with the propagation of our completed philosophy, we can only grow and more pillars of our parallel system will fall into place. We need to offer our people an actual alternative and this is (literally) the very ground of that alternative. The reason these types of communities normally fail is because they are run by leftists. We are of the right, this is where we will succeed.

  6. Posted August 12, 2018 at 5:03 pm | Permalink


    Today it was a typpycull White Nationalist Rally just like a hundred others previous WN rallies, if you have ever been to such foolishness before like I attended with Billy Roper showing Pastor Richard Butler (On the “See Pastor Butler Before He Croaks” Tour of 2003-2004) at Topeka in May 2004. I also met Alex Linder ( who didn’t look as jewwy back then ) and Craig “Corn” Cobb — who is much wierder in real life. Less than two-dozen rally-tards are bussed in, the main event speakers yawp theys’ yawp, the stage is opened to any tard wanting to yap, the police let the rabble move in closer, the attendees figure out it is time to scramble aboard the bus provided (from within a half-hour to an hour — never does it last for the three hours scheduled) and if ZOGbot Silly Roper is running things attendence means you get your turn at the keg of Milwaukee’s Best or some such swill at a buffet of hot dogs and potato chips, yum yum, cum-cum, cum-cum.

    I doubt that Jason Kessler or Jeff Schoep of the NSM runs thangs any different.

    Twenty or fewer whigger & anglo-mestizo tards — half of them ZOGbots — protected by several hundred piglice and surrounded by a thousand or so cuck-whiggers, sundry negroes and other muds, whipped up by jews.

    Jason Kessler “proved” that he is a typpycull bowel Movement “leader”. Of uncertain and dubious loyalties with a few other tards showing up. Jeff Poop-Scoop could have done better with 20 tards bussed in in four mini-vans with a camera-mamzer getting the proof. Or closer to my home, ZOGbot Silly Roper showing up with its pseudo-See-Eye Dentistry single-mother beard and UncleTom ZOGpig Bowie and four or five of his rent-a-tards. By now they gots it down to a science.

    The only reason that this crap was covered by the major lie-media was because of the major chimpout of last year. Carlottesville 2017 was a polorizing moment. jewnite-the-alt-kike 2.0 was a fizzle.

    What we need to take from this is the Open Repudiation of the 1865 Armistice, in which sundry Confederate generals signed cease-fire agreements with overwhelming Union occupation forces. By this time the Union was weary of the civil war and both sides wanted peace — even if the question of what to do with the freed negro slaves was up for grabs.

    The end result was just like what the Irish did against the British occupation and the Boers did against the British Empire when they lost their colonial wars. Southern war veterans set up paramilitary groups and worked with their political party to regain sovereiginity. What would otherwise be mere banditry becomes an insurrection when it has a political underpinning. The Irish had the IRA and Sein Fein, the Boers got Commonwealth status, and the South set up their Klans at the local level to deal with the freedmen, Carpetbaggers, Scalawags and other vermin. Eleven years later in 1876 the Democrat Samuel Tilden actually won the election so a deal was set so that Rutherfraud B. Hayes would become president — but the North would pull out their military occupation from the South. The next 90 years until 1960s there was Jim Crow and segregation and a united Democrat South until El-Bee-jew betrayed Richard Russel and the South.

    So what we should do is to agree with the Repudiation of the 1865 Armistice / Cease-Fire and seamlessly meld Civil War One into Civil War Two just like World War One made World War Two inevitable. Charlottesville 2017 was our racial Fort Sumter, in which ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final announced that they were breaking the 150-year cease-fire. Fine by me. Let forth come the Great Collapse in which all that will be left is less than 20 million ex-whiggers ruled under Ten Thousand Warlords in a post-industrial rural world of 1890s agriculture.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Ten Thousand Warlords Project

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