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Eric Clopper’s Sex & Circumcision

Eric Clopper

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Eric Clopper’s presentation Sex and Circumcision: An American Love Story, at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre on May 1, 2018 earned him rather scathing press in The Crimson. His views were then “investigated” by Harvard, which eventually fired him from his job as a systems administrator.

At the beginning, Clopper piqued my interest by mentioning a group that conflates nearly all criticism of them with discrimination. Clopper then begins to set the stage, citing his background, the fact that he is a “cis-gendered, White male [although moments earlier he mentioned being Jewish] from privilege,” and in a relationship. He speaks of his knowledge of circumcision and warns us that his talk will be controversial. His Left-wing frame and rhetoric early on should not dissuade you. Clopper quickly ends up headed down a rabbit hole that I am not sure he even fully grasped, at least not until the reprisals came down on him.

Something about Clopper’s presentation and apprehension were familiar to me, as I’m sure it will be to most of you. He laments feelings of fear, of offending others, of being labeled an extremist, and of questioning his own sanity upon learning the truth.

“I didn’t come to debate this issue. I came here to dominate it.” This statement, a mere ten minutes into the presentation struck me as odd. I’ve attended many presentations such as the one being delivered, research seminars, and similar academic functions, I’ve never heard a presenter, even experts in their fields, qualify their delivery in this nature. At first I thought it may be part of his delivery, somewhat of a theatrical element. Later I would understand what he truly meant. Clopper was not simply trying to educate an audience on circumcision, Clopper was going to stare down thousands of years of Jewish culture, question the influence of Judaism over the United States, and declare war on a hostile elite. Clopper was right, he did not come for a debate. Nor did he come to expand research in the field by some small margin. Clopper came to speak truth to power. To stand as one man against the “demonstrably evil influence” that Judaism has over the United States.

Clopper then presents “Clopper’s Five Censored Facts.” He starts with ancient rabbinical teachings, moves into American adoption of the practice of male, neonatal, circumcision, how damaging circumcision is, as well as the erroneous information surrounding the act. Erroneous information such as the notion that circumcision lowers STI/STD transmission rates. Clopper implicates the US media as being an accomplice to the lie of circumcision that is motivated by Jewish religious customs, and finally, he lucidly argues that male circumcision is no less barbaric, and perhaps even more so than female genital mutilation.

I almost could not believe what I was hearing at times. This was a highly educated man, raised Jewish, delivering a speech at a world renown university, going head-to-head with what he described as an “ancient and evil ideology,” one that was “hideous and duplicitous.”

Clopper describes circumcision as a “satanic ritual,” a “blood sacrifice,” and Judaism as a “genital mutilation cult.” He often questions why any criticism of Judaism and the Jewish community, no matter how legitimate, is decried as nothing more than the ravings of madmen. He cites “deranged loyalty to an ancient and evil covenant,” as for why Jews like Andrew Freedman of the American Academy of Pediatrics, would advocate in favor of such a horrific practice. Clopper even called out AIPAC along the way.

What Clopper stumbled onto was something far larger than I think he could have anticipated. I very much doubt that Mr. Clopper ever once in his life considered something called “the Jewish Question.” He started with a simple question: why does the US, an advanced nation, regularly practice an ancient and barbaric genital mutilation? Isn’t that how it always starts? Asking simple questions?

  • Why is the media so anti-White?
  • Why are there so many White women with non-white men in advertisements?
  • Why are our immigration laws so hostile to the native populations?
  • Why does the press lie so much?
  • Why is the rampant violent crime against Whites by non-whites always covered up?
  • Who decided it was in our best interest to allow the muddy and Saracen deluge to flood our homeland?
  • Why is legitimate criticism of non-whites always considered to be racist, bigoted, or antisemitic?
  • Why, on the other hand, is criticism of Whites simply called “critical race theory?”

It always starts the same, doesn’t it? A simple question. A small observation, and it always seems to lead to the same place.

I was in awe. The whole two-hour presentation was enthralling. I immediately shared the video with friends, one very close friend called the experience “one of the hardest red pills yet.” I called my dad after and thanked him. He made sure when I was a baby that there would be no satanic ritual, no blood sacrifice of an ancient genital mutilation cult, to harvest part of my body. I’m thankful all those years ago, my dad was already aware of what Clopper is trying to make everybody aware of now.

When I watched his presentation yesterday it had around 5,650 views, a couple hundred more as of writing today. I hope his message is spread far and wide. I wish Mr. Clopper success in his war, I hope this article helps him and helps his cause. I know it isn’t much, but it’s something. Please take the time to watch the video, share it with everybody you can, write Mr. Clopper words of encouragement, he even has a funding page set up if you’re inclined. He is doing important work. Despite our ideological and ethnic differences, I am happy to support and help share his message.

“Consider this my official declaration of war on our fucking covenant.” Clopper mentioned he fears to lose his job, becoming a political prisoner, or worse. When Iceland proposed a ban on circumcision, the country faced global condemnation from religious organizations, including members of the US House. Clopper knew what he was facing, to some extent anyway. And he went on stage for over two hours and declared his war all the same.

Clopper is somewhat of an anomaly, perhaps even rising to the level of Kubrick or Bobby Fischer. I wish Mr. Clopper the best of luck in his war. In many ways, we have a lot in common. Those of us who have also declared our war against the hideous and duplicitous ideology that dominates much of American life know exactly how Clopper feels. Right down to questioning your own sanity.



  1. Zach
    Posted July 19, 2018 at 8:52 am | Permalink

    Really great piece. A good snap shot of what the two hour play was about. What the Crimson should have written when they reviewed the play. But Cloppers facts get rejected becasue of who they work against. Hope the play and this true review get a lot of run.

  2. Curtis
    Posted July 19, 2018 at 10:54 am | Permalink

    Genital Mutilation should be reserved for adults who choose the rite as an obligation of a religion they chose as an adult. Cutting your children’s Genital for whatever reason religious, cleanliness, prettier. Those are all adult choices. Some people run from their parents faith. Some people have good hygiene, others think intact is prettiest.

  3. Will
    Posted July 19, 2018 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    He a great job while, at the same time, sprinkling in Jewish victimhood, affirming LGBTQ pathology & a touch of anti-white rhetoric. That is the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit in action.

    • Stronza
      Posted July 19, 2018 at 3:23 pm | Permalink

      “For that reason [Christianity forbids circumcision, according to the bible] and that reason alone, Christianity gets a pass.” Start watching at 1:36:15. “Christian” is proxy for white. He knows it and so do we all here. Nice that Christians (i.e. white folk) got one little thing right.

      Clopper incorrectly claims that not all Moslems practice circn. Yes, they all do it, everywhere in the world.

      He says that children need to be protected “from their own parents”. No, it is not the parents who are wielding the Gomco clamps and knives. It is drs. who’ve been talking parents into doing this wicked thing for more than 100 years, and the government has been backing them up.

      I’d heartily recommend this video to liberals, non-christians and white-haters who still endorse circumcision. And I give him credit for demanding the banning of all forms of genital mutilation. The major anti-circ orgs don’t talk this way. They protest and protest, but they never take any action to have the practice made illegal, that I can see.

      • Will
        Posted July 19, 2018 at 7:05 pm | Permalink

        Christian as a proxy for white in the dialectic is a good observation. I’ve noticed the white / Christian conflation over the last couple of years. I don’t think its an altogether inaccurate conflation in a general sense.

        He’s wrong on Christianity forbidding circumcision, its just not required for acceptance into the new covenant community.

        • Disordered Deacon
          Posted July 19, 2018 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

          Yeah, it’s “not required”, but in effect most Christians are gentiles (some of whom even encourage Old Covenanters to turn to the New one), and therefore the lack of requirement makes it easy not to take up a Semitic blood sacrifice as a dogmatic custom in the first place. The only ones who do take it up voluntarily tend to be quite zealous and high-church. My grandmother had it done to my dad, according to him. She is a mixed-race Catholic in South America, very brown and (thus?) very Marianist; the darker the shade of Christian, the more the ritualism it seems…. However my parents were post-Vatican 2, so that helped in me avoiding it.

          (In fact, Latin millennials are probably going to be the parents of the first atheist generation – behind the West, but not by much, and will replace them with dumber gods anyway. It is they who flock to the Fast and Furious and Avengers movies the most, for example…).

          It is here in America I hear all the crap about the phony (barely larger, if only because it means there has to be basic cleanliness involver) STD danger and thus the trend is reversing again pro-circumcision. Media doesn’t help, to the point that mass-distributed pornography is all circumcised males (yeah I can guess who produces), normalizing the practice for 9 out of 10 teenagers that watch porn today, who will probably allow nurses in the future to do it to their boys. All in the name of what is basically fearmongering on an enemy as vacuous as “terror” or “drugs”. (White) Europeans are barely circumcised and yet it is in the pro-circumcision US that “super gonorrhea” has appeared and where herpes is in 1 out of 5 adults…

          … It sounds obsessive about sexuality, true, but the fact is that the “ceremony” is so unnecessary that it cannot be helped but to focus on it. Not to mention, it is arguably different and preferable to live without it. The kids who have had it later in their life due to medical necessity know the difference, or so can I tell from a relative’s anecdote.

          • Claude Patrick
            Posted November 16, 2019 at 1:15 am | Permalink

            *I* know the difference, as I have had it done for medical reasons at age 18. It is a terrible mutilation.

  4. Jud Jackson
    Posted July 19, 2018 at 1:12 pm | Permalink

    Maybe I am naive but I am certainly aware of the JQ and sympathize with much of the writings on this topic (i.e. the JQ in general) on Counter-currents and other websites like TOO. However, I just don’t get the problem of male circumcision. I am circumsized. Most of the guys I grew up with were circumcized. I have never had any problems and I have never heard of anybody else having any problems with male circumcision. There were always one or two guys in the showers after gym class who weren’t circumcized and they always looked strange to me. I understand that the practice originated with the Jews but so what. It is not like starting wars, running shady financial schemes, running the pornagraphy industry and many the other nasty things that many Jews do.

    • Zach
      Posted July 19, 2018 at 5:42 pm | Permalink

      Watch the play. When he has tangible evidence from both Jews and whites that the entire point behind circumcision is to extremely reduce sexual feeling and enjoyment for both men and women. He Even makes your point of saying people who have been cut don’t even know what they are missing out on but it’s like needing glasses your whole life and never being told. Just going through life assuming that everyone else sees a blur too. To put it as fundently as I can having been circumcised our dicks are permenatly screwed up

      • Jud Jackson
        Posted July 19, 2018 at 9:24 pm | Permalink

        Thanks, I will try and watch the play.

        I do see a problem with the glasses analogy, however. In order for it to work, we would need to have adults who has had sexual relations and never been circumsized and then later were circumsized and noticed the sex was less pleasurable. Maybe there are such people and the analogy would work. But almost all males are circumcized as babies so they can never
        make the comparison. This was like me when I finally got glasses in my mid 40s. I noticed that I could no longer read books and discern the letters and once I got glasses, things were great. Another thing to note is that most of the pleasure for males in sex comes in the testicles during orgasm, not in the penis itself. So circumcision would be irrelevant.

        • Stronza
          Posted July 21, 2018 at 9:08 pm | Permalink

          @Jud. Circumcision status is never irrelevant. People function best, the way in which Creation intended, when they have all their normal body parts. Period. Yes, you can live, and have sex and reproduce, without a prepuce, but why should you have to?

          I will look at it but it doesn’t seem to me to be a problem. Far better to focus as KMAC does on the real problems of the (((chosen))).

          Since when is this an either/or matter?

          However, I acknowledge that there are some men out there who are seemingly obsessed with having been circumcised and yes, maybe they make the anti-circ crusade look silly.

          Indeed, I knew such a man. Not “met him once” or “spoke to him on the telephone” but knew him well. An acquaintance of mine and my family. The operation done on him as a baby was “botched” in the sense of the results being worse than your average circumcision. For him, sex was difficult and contrived and he was in pain much of the time. He consulted with doctors endlessly. Anyway, a few years ago, in his 30s, he gave up the ghost. By his own hand. His parents told the world that he was “mentally ill”. He tried again and again to talk to them about his difficulties but they would not acknowledge that they had made a mistake in consenting to unnecessary circumcision. That was all he ever wanted from them, a sincere apology and a show of remorse.

          There is more going on in the world of cut men than you and your perfect little 62-year old organ.

    • blank
      Posted July 20, 2018 at 9:58 pm | Permalink

      well, see, the problem is… you are cutting up the dicks of babies

      i know it takes a while to get how that’s insane, there is some pretty tricky moral calculus in there, but just keep working on it. you’ll get there

      • jud jackson
        Posted July 21, 2018 at 8:24 am | Permalink


        Will still work on it.

        But at this point, 62 years old, circumsized with no apparent problems. No sexual problems. None of the many men who were my friends and also circumcized ever complained about it.

        I will look at it but it doesn’t seem to me to be a problem. Far better to focus as KMAC does on the real problems of the (((chosen))).

        Jud Jackson

        • Posted July 21, 2018 at 7:53 pm | Permalink

          In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

          Iow don’t ask your boomer friends. Ask some younger people, Gen Z males for instance, who are around 50 per cent fully endowed as nature evolved and God intended — ask them what are their feelings about having had their genitals reduced and made without their consent into ersatz jews.

          Or ask European women their opinion of American men as lovers. They refer to genitally reduced American men as “sexual cripples”. Really.

          In other words your perspective is limited and selfish, and in that way typical of your generation.
          It’s not about you or your sex life.

          Unbelievable. Except it’s not unbelievable: it’s boomer.

          Repeat: It’s not about you. It’s about the (White) kids being born today who are subject to semitic humiliation, because you’re generation couldn’t be bothered to look into it.

  5. Benjamin
    Posted July 19, 2018 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

    Circumcision is probably my least favorite aspect of the pro-male / alt-right movement.

    Like, I agree that there’s no basically medical reason for circumcision to be performed outside of a few fringe cases that comprise, what, like 1-2% of the male population who have problems down there?

    I dislike the talking point because it generally comes off as whiny and, if you’re like me or most of my generation who were cut, there’s nothing you can do about it, and neither I or any of the women I’ve been with have ever had any problems in the bedroom department.

    So, circumcision should be brought up, and I’m glad you did and if I have any future children, and they’re male, they won’t be getting circumcized– I just get wary because some people become obsessed about it, and when they do, they come off as whiny or OCD and it can leech into the movement writ-large, or just make us look bad.

  6. Posted July 20, 2018 at 5:34 am | Permalink

    Once you’ve been bought into it, or had it done to you or someone you love, it is adaptive to believe that it’s not harmful.

    The evidence, not to mention the commonsense, is clear that Male Genital Diminishment is traumatic and harmful. Just ask that hundreds or thousands of White babies who died from the medical shock. And ironically, how many of them, had they survived, would speak out in favor of it.

    In any case, 10 out of 10 babies are against it, which is the reason that they have to be strapped down into the circumrestraint.

    Remember that dream that you used to have well into adolescence, where you were immobilized and someone was coming to get you and it was as if your reflexes and synapses weren’t working and you couldn’t get away?

    Generally men don’t like to say that they have any problems performing sexually with women. However in the discussion online, youtube elsewhere here wherever, plenty of men will state that it has caused them problems in bed. Or in more technical terms, made sexual intimacy and pair bonding more difficult to impossible.

    tfw you can hardly tell when it’s in

    That feeling is not normal, btw. The non-American brand penis is the most innervated set of organs IN (in, not out) the body. But not for Americans, their sex is reduced to that of non-evolved hominids.

    Intact genitals correlate with more sensual and pleasurable sex, and thus help in long term pair bonding which is a part of evolutionary strategy.

    Finally, the effects a diminished innervation profile is felt, or rather not (felt), more keenly later in life, when one’s dick isn’t so erect all the time.

    The current research as available online and from a layman’s perusal, indicates that the diminishment of sensation as measured by body tissue nerve endings thrown into the trash, is greater in male genital diminishment than in female genital mutilation, by a factor of ten to one, or by one order of magnitude. Fact: the commonly listed numbers of nerves in the clitoris is nine thousand, versus the estimate for nerves lost in a diminished penis, at 20 thousand on the low end, to 140 thousand on the upper.

    Which measure of pleasure, does not begin to address the different roles of male and female sexuality, and how the diminished pleasure response will play differently on those different roles. As in, a female will get sexed either way, but a man with diminished pleasure rewards not so much.

  7. Drogger
    Posted July 20, 2018 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    What a great video!

    Clopper looked deep into his own soul and saw the devil that was within him. The Evil that is Judaism took hold of him. Yet he had the clarity to see the greater truth of Judaism, and he did not just imbibe the rage that Judaism instills in the Jew, as he points out, but redirected that rage towards the Cult of Evil that is Judaism itself.

    His clarity on Judaism as a Cult of Evil is limited to circumcision for this speech… or is it?. His reference to AIPAC piqued my curiosity as well. Is he the next Norman Finklestein? Will he truly see the forest through the trees? His qualifiers of his cis-hteronormaitivty and white maleness clue us in that he knows the score – it was his way to soften the audience – but can he go farther?

    I still to the rule of thumb that Jews, no matter how based, can be trusted, but there are those like Clopper, or Stephen Miller, or Paul Gottfried, that see a bigger picture.

    I’m interested in seeing Clopper’s saga unfold. It will be interesting.

  8. Gordon Bennet
    Posted July 20, 2018 at 10:40 pm | Permalink
  9. ronehjr
    Posted July 23, 2018 at 7:02 am | Permalink

    Good article, interesting presentation by Clopper. But that man is creepy AF.

  10. Vern
    Posted July 24, 2018 at 4:29 pm | Permalink

    The ancient Hebrews were not the first group to circumcise.

    Circumcision is the oldest known surgical procedure, dating back more than 6,000 years according to Herodotus. Certain tribes with mother goddess figures, such as Ishtar and Cybele, in the ancient matriarchal religions, required the sacrificial offering of external male genitalia. As castration would have inevitably led to extinction of the tribe, it gave way to circumcision. The Hittites and the Amorites were also practicing this procedure when Abraham introduced mandatory ritual circumcision, in 1813 B.C. for all Hebrew males at the age of eight days. The ancient Hindus regarded the genitalia as the center of life and sacrificed the prepuce as a valuable offering to the gods. However, they no longer practice routine circumcision. Moslems continue to circumcise all males between 4 and 10 years of age.

  11. Posted August 2, 2018 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    I just don’t accept that circumcision harms boys and men based on anything presented in the video. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. The ideal way to determine if circumcision diminishes sexual enjoyment would be to find a large sample of uncircumcised men, circumcise half of them, and then check in with all of them at frequent intervals for a long time to see if their enjoyment has decreased. So I went to Google and typed in “circumcision in men affect on sexuality” (or something very similar) and found a few well designed studies like what I just suggested. They found no difference.

    • Lance
      Posted August 16, 2018 at 10:29 pm | Permalink

      Removing sensitive tissue absolutely reduces sensation and there’s a lot of money in finding justifications for circumcision. There’s no debate to had. Sexual pleasure is also not even why circumcision is completely indefensible. There are serious, fatal risks and the decision is only for the person who has the penis to make, as an adult.

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