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Further Proof Tommy Robinson is a Fraud

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I hate to write a whole new article about the Tommy Robinson case after having put out two already, but there’s important new information.

In my first article, I refuted claims made by Robinson and his defenders about his arrest on May 25, 2018, for press coverage of an ongoing grooming gang trial outside of Leeds Crown Court. In the U.K., press coverage is barred during such trials to protect the rights of defendants to due process.

In the United States, this is achieved by sequestering juries. This keeps them out of the public where they could be biased by slanted media coverage. But worldwide, the United States’ practice of sequestering juries is actually rare. Most commonwealth countries handle it by prohibiting media coverage, and allowing juries to continue their lives. Most countries judge it more important for juries to be able to continue their lives uninterrupted than for the country to be able to watch an often Jerry Springer-level media circus during ongoing trials. If you ask me, this is preferable. 

Also in the U.K., many trials are held in sequence which have bearing on one anothers’ outcomes. The trial Robinson was arrested for in 2017 was actually the first trial in this sequence; this was the second. And there are still more on the way.

Robinson’s stunt may have given grounds for some of the defendants to claim a mistrial. And even if this trial proceeds as expected, it could still cause problems in future trials. Thus Robinson was not promoting justice for the victims of rape gangs. Indeed, he may even have impeded justice by setting criminals free.

Robinson, moreover, knew this, because he had been arrested for the very same crime on May 8, 2017. For that crime, he was sentenced to three months in prison, which was suspended if he did not re-offend within the next 18 months. When he was sentenced on May 22, 2017, the judge made the law crystal clear, as well as the consequences of breaking it again.

Thus Robinson knew exactly what would happen on May 25th, 2018. He was engineering his arrest, so he could claim to be a free speech martyr and raise money for his legal defense. (Why does a man who plead guilty need a legal defense fund?)

In my second article, I exposed the lie told by Caolan Robertson, who has been called Tommy Robinson’s ‘manager,’ about the threat to Robinson’s life from Muslim prisoners. These lies were clearly designed to keep the “Free Tommy” movement riled up and donations flowing in to the “Save Tommy” campaign. Hilariously, Caolan is already claiming that Tommy has been moved out of that situation. This sounds like a great way to: 1. ensure that the total lack of proof this ever happened won’t look suspicious, and 2. completely debunk the argument that this was an orchestrated attempt by the government to silence Tommy (why would they move him to a safer prison so quickly if that were the case?)

Now evidence has emerged that Robinson’s arrest and subsequent cash grab fits in with a larger pattern of manipulative fundraising by (((Ezra Levant))) of Rebel Media.

I pointed out in the first article that Robinson has a history of fraudulent behavior. In 2013, he was arrested for £160,000 in mortgage fraud. The judge in that case “described Robinson as a ‘fixer’ who had introduced others to fraudulent mortgage broker (((Deborah Rothschild))).” We can now see that this fits a steady pattern of Tommy Robinson committing not just any fraud, but (((fraud))).

In August of 2017, Robinson associate Caolan Robertson left Levant’s Rebel Media (with which Tommy Robinson is still working) and uploaded this video explaining why. The video starts off with audio recordings of Ezra Levant offering Caolan—in his own words—“hush money . . . a very nominal sum . . . to sign a second confidentiality agreement.”

Why would Levant do this?

Funny enough, the entire ordeal—and the reason Robertson claimed to have left Rebel Media—was about how Rebel Media was handling its funding. Again, in Levant’s own recorded words: “‘Oh, we’re going to talk about how you crowdfund.’ If you try and sell that to a real newspaper with something to lose, I’ll have Kingsley-Napley [law firm] make ten phone calls and ten emails, and they’ll just get everybody to take their defamation down.” Later into the video, we hear the recording of Levant saying this: “There was a guy in Ottawa who talked about our crowdfunding, and so I sued him for $95,000. Which is not a lot of money, but . . . this guy here is in a five year trap. He’s in a five year fucking trap, so let’s not do that.”

Caolan asks: “The Rebel makes enough from its shows to cover its costs; and it apparently makes even more from backers on top of that. So what on Earth does it need from your money?”

And this part is especially important:

At the Rebel, you’re put under immense pressure to create petitions, and to turn stories into campaigns. Over and over, Ezra would drill into us the importance of collecting email addresses.

He points out that per The Rebel’s official policy, any extra funds from these campaigns go back into the company (see here):

Surplus funds raised for specific initiatives will be used for other costs associated with that particular project, such as website development, website hosting, mail, and other such expenses. Additional funds will be used towards other similar initiatives in the future.

It is undeniable now that Levant is willing to use orchestrated arrests of his writers to boost funding. After all, that’s a great way to “turn a story into a campaign” for money, isn’t it?

In mid-2017, (((Laura Loomer))) — then a writer at The Rebel — was arrested for interrupting a performance of Shakespeare in New York, where she objected to, uh… Caesar’s resemblance to Donald Trump. Caolan points out that when this happened, Ezra Levant had already set up the “Free Laura” website hours earlier. And if you have any doubt about Loomer’s character, just watch her discussion on Baked Alaska’s YouTube channel with Andi Warski and Mike Enoch. At an hour and thirty-two minutes, the conversation turns to Loomer’s doxxing and bizarre conspiracy theories about Mike Enoch’s mother.

The paranoia and lack of any self-awareness or remorse from Loomer in this discussion are completely disgusting. A couple days later, Loomer claimed Andy Warski was doxxing her by posting her phone number everywhere, with no evidence for this other than the fact that people she didn’t know were calling her. Andy Warski’s bewildered response to this claim the next morning is worth listening to. A few days after this, she was on Twitter describing Warki as someone who “constantly whines” about how he was “*supposedly* sexually assaulted.” We now know for a fact: this is the kind of person Ezra Levant joins up with to manufacture stunts that will result in contrived arrests for the sake of funding.

Which brings me to the main topic of this post: we now have very strong evidence Ezra did the exact same thing with Tommy Robinson. And he appears to have been planning both of these stunts simultaneously in the middle of 2017.

As we discussed in the first essay, Tommy Robinson was already arrested once for contempt of court. He was given a suspended sentence—and warned that if he did it again, he would go to jail, which he did. When Tommy went to court for doing this the second time, of course, he immediately plead guilty, so he was taken directly to jail. Well, let’s take a look at the Whois page for

As Diversity Macht Frei writes at The Daily Stormer:

It must be true what they say that Jews always keep their suitcases packed, ready for every contingency. Well, not every contingency. I searched for, but apparently the great man hasn’t yet felt the need to be saved.

The date the website was registered? May 10, 2017.

When was Tommy Robinson arrested? May 8, 2017.

Just like in the Laura Loomer case.

As you can read here, Tommy Robinson was warned about the contempt of court laws and allowed to leave the court on May 8. There is no record of what he was told then, but it is likely the same in substance as what he was told when he was given a suspended sentence and a very firm warning on May 22, 2017. Note also that Ezra Levant did not make use of the SaveTommy website then if you have any doubts about the implications. You can read the judge’s ruling here.

To sum up: two days after Tommy Robinson was told that he would be arrested again if he tried to give press coverage to ongoing trials of grooming gangs, Ezra Levant registered Then, a bit more than a year later, on May 25, 2018, Robinson showed up outside Leeds Crown Court and was arrested for press coverage of another ongoing trial of a grooming gang. He was taken before a judge, plead guilty on the spot, and was thrown in jail. He was jailed not only for his crime in Leeds, but also ordered to serve his suspended sentence from the previous year.

Then the Ezra Levant publicity and fundraising machine sprang into action, resurrecting a “Save Tommy” funding website created a whole year earlier. Created at the same time he was manufacturing the arrest of yet another one of his writers with a pre-prepared “Save Laura” website.

If this were a deliberate stunt, why did Tommy wait a whole year? We don’t know. It might have to do with the timing of the court cases. It might have to do with Robinson’s own schedule. Additionally, it might have been too much to run crowdfunding appeals for Laura Loomer’s arrest and for Tommy Robinson’s simultaneously.

Robinson and Levant knew very well that this stunt might be cause for a mistrial and the release of the very rapists they claim they wish to bring to justice. But that was judged a small price to pay — for other people to pay — in order for Robinson to gain publicity and raise money.

To wit: Tommy Robinson has never exposed a single ethnic rape gang pedophile who was not already known. Yet, he has defended his mates who were jailed for confessing to downloading child pornography. He has condemned the BNP which actually did expose pedophiles and force these cases into the courts through tireless efforts as vile racists. He has literally attacked them in the streets. Now, he has appeared at multiple trials achieved through the BNP’s hard work to endanger their success for his own self-promotion.

This is beginning to look like an utterly cynical swindle cooked up by two sleazy operators with a history of such behavior. I hope the British and Canadian governments investigate and get to the bottom of this. It would certainly be interesting to know where all the money ultimately ends up. But whether or not Levant and Robinson are convicted of actual crimes, we have already seen enough lies and shady dealings to conclude that anyone still willing to deal closely with Ezra Levant should be pariah in the nationalist community.

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  1. Peter
    Posted June 28, 2018 at 11:31 am | Permalink

    Yeah… the connecting of E. Levant´s campaign- and petition pushing and TR provoking his arrest… that seems a grave legitimate point! We might still ask if on balance, this is still better than not shedding light on the rape jihad; but of-course it would be much better if it was our guys who do it. Are there enough “our guys”? Is TR really altogether not “our guy”? No simple answers

    (I still don´t know though: didn´t TR actually try diligently NOT to be arrested by staying out of the restricted area and was yet arbitrarily arrested? I´m still struggling with the facts here… ) .

  2. ex South African
    Posted June 29, 2018 at 10:43 pm | Permalink

    It bothers me even more that he is becoming the new hero of the right. That is either uninformed or not very bright, like grasping at straws in order to get at the system but then it defeats the purpose. Being right does not automatically mean bright.

  3. Amira Smith
    Posted June 30, 2018 at 2:57 am | Permalink

    Good points raised, Peter. Tommy has actually been through a lot over the past 20 years and yet he’s only been involved with Ezra during the past 2 years (approx). Pakistani men are an absolute blight on British society and a menace to white women as I have experienced first hand. I grew up in a lovely, safe homogeneous village and did not encounter Pakis until I went to study in a near by city. I was harassed daily on my walk home from college by middle aged Paki men who carried out what we call ‘curb crawling’, which involves slowing down your car to walking pace alongside a woman (in my case a teenager), rolling down your window and shouting out ‘How much?’ I got a good look at the men who curb crawled me; they were always brown and had strong Paki accents. It has to be said that I have never worn revealing clothing so they had no reason to believe I was a prostitute, in addition to that, I was always walking with purpose and during the late afternoon rather than night time. My take away from this daily humiliation was that those men thought I was ‘for the taking’ simply because I was a young blond woman, walking alone. These young women and girls who’ve been subjected to horrific crimes by these 2nd or 3rd generation Paki men (the majority of them are Pakistani, the guy found to not be Paki was some other muslim) were/are dealing with the sons and perhaps grandsons of those horrid little men who were curb crawling me. This new generation of Paki men have been greatly emboldened by propaganda words like ‘islamophobia’ and the whole multi-culti array of anti-white dialectics that have infected all our countries, that is, the ones founded by White people. These muzzies were filled with a type of confidence, that their forefathers didn’t have, in the knowledge that the ‘law’ would go easy on them and they were right. I first heard about these rape gangs in 1997 on Radio 4; a mother and her neighbours were telling their harrowing stories. I was left feeling absolutely livid but expecting the story to erupt and these men brought to justice. Well, we know how this all unfolds don’t we? The Lugenpresse dropped it like a hot potato and didn’t touch the issue of Paki rape gangs for another 20-odd years!!! Tommy is up against some very sinister ‘powers’. I don’t even believe the oft-repeated meme that the police were afraid of being called ‘racist’; I smell a rat and believe there is something far more subversive going on with our judiciary and police. Tommy has been hounded by the police usually on very flimsy pretexts. It’s a shame I have to pay so much tax for a police force that hounds people trying to inform the public about Paki rape gangs, rather than pursuing the rapists!

  4. Michael
    Posted July 3, 2018 at 11:46 pm | Permalink

    I find this all rather intriguing. I’ve only ever come across Tommy Robinson peripherally, kind of ambivalent to his basic Muslim fear drum beating. It seems there is some other intrigue he is working at the behest of. I did it a bit cringey to see the ostensible right coalescing around him in his current tumult. And to think of the implications of what I just read:
    -He’s never actually *exposed* any rape gangs
    -He’s denounced and been hostile to the BNP, and why — because they’re not kosher?
    -He’s channeled people to the services of a swindling J** and currently works for another swindling J** that manufactures outrage campaigns for shekels

    This is all enough to be rather skeptical of this Robinson figure. He’s seems to be a doofus put in place to direct White concern and anger down the path of irrelevance and oblivion. I’m going to do my part in questioning the legitimacy of this guy when I see others talking about him. Great work. Thank you good people at Counter Currents

  5. Jaego
    Posted July 10, 2018 at 12:44 am | Permalink

    In politics you often have to play the cards you’re dealt. The Elite obviously hate this guy and so he’s our hero. Is he and his faction using us and playing this for all its worth? Probably. So we use him and play it for all its worth. Strange bedfellows of course. But if you refuse such a bedfellow, you may not get another bed that night. Or if you stay but refuse to go to sleep because you hate him – well you’ve only hurt yourself.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted July 10, 2018 at 1:37 am | Permalink

      This is why we lose: we let the enemy establishment’s mouthpieces, the press, proclaim sociopathic con-artists our leaders, and we accept it. Spencer, Heimbach, and now Robinson. In a year’s time, Robinson will be out of jail, and unless skeptics like me and Huntley Haverstock have managed to completely discredit this Jewish pawn and convicted swindler, he will be the “leader” of British nationalism. And what will Robinson do with that influence? Pronounce fatwas against anyone who thinks race is real and Jews are a problem. He’ll sell it as just the circumcision of British nationalism — snipping off a bit of useless flesh (race, the JQ) — so we can sit at the table with the big boys, the Jews. But any political arrangement that leaves Jews as arbiters of Britain’s destiny cannot save you. Stop taking short cuts. Robinson is not a short cut, because he does not want to go where we want. He’s a false opposition operative controlled by Ezra Levant. Nothing more. Get over it, and use the next year to build a real movement.

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