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An Update on The World in Flames & a Call for Help

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Our anthology of Francis Parker Yockey’s shorter writings, many previously unpublished, The World in Flames [2] (click for details), has been briefly delayed due to the recent discovery of some previously unknown summaries of and excerpts from issues of Frontfighter, the journal of Yockey’s organization, the European Liberation Front, in FBI files. These are currently being added to the book. Also, we would like to ask if any Counter-Currents readers have a copy of an essay that Yockey wrote on China in 1959, shortly before his death. The editors of the volume have a copy of the last few pages of the essay, but some of it is missing. A “botched copy” of the essay was published by Sons of Liberty at one time, but has long since been taken out of print. If anyone has a copy of the complete essay, it would be most appreciated. Counter-Currents would gladly reimburse anyone who can provide us with a complete copy for any expenses that would be incurred in generating it for us. We would also gratefully include your name in the book’s acknowledgements, if you so wish, and also send you a complimentary copy of the book when it is released.

Likewise, the editors presently only have complete copies of issues 4, 7, 10, 11, 13, and 23 of Frontfighter. If anyone has complete or partial copies of any other issues, we would certainly like to have them, and would accept them on the same terms outlined above. The same goes for any other Yockey texts or letters that we do not currently possess that can be provided to us. We’ve already uncovered a lot of previously unknown material, so this volume will certainly be by far the most complete edition of Yockey’s shorter writings to have been produced to date, and anything we can do to make it even better than it already is will be a great service, both to the book’s readers and to history.

If you can help us, please contact me at jmorgan [at] counter-currents.com, or just post it as a comment here.

Thank you!