Me ne frego
Episode 28: Enoch Powell, & A Clockwork Orange

122 words / 1:40:25 [1]

Co-hosts Fróði Midjord and Jonas De Geer were joined by Counter-Currents Book Editor John Morgan for today’s broadcast, which commemorated two recent anniversaries: Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood [2]” speech opposing mass immigration into the United Kingdom, which was given fifty years ago on April 20, and the release of Stanley Kubrick’s film, A Clockwork Orange [3], in Europe in April 1971. We discussed the importance of Powell’s speech, and the “Old Right” more generally, and then discussed the differences between Anthony Burgess’ novel and the film, and in particular their views of human nature and neoliberal attempts to modify and control it, as well as other recent films which have dealt with related themes.

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