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Call for Help
A Francis Parker Yockey Quote from Union #1

214 words

Book Editor John Morgan is currently putting the finishing touches on our volume of all of Francis Parker Yockey’s extant shorter writings, The World in Flames [2]. But we need your help concerning one of the essays it contains. In the very first issue of Union, the newspaper of Sir Oswald Mosley’s post-war Union Movement, which was published on February 14, 1948, Yockey contributed an article entitled, “1848–1948: Years of Decision.” Unfortunately, one of the corners of the only copy that is available to the editors has been eaten by rats, and one of the paragraphs in the text is partially obscured. It is the third paragraph of the article, which begins, “But–History has its own logic, and only on the surface could Metternich and the Furstenband prevail.” If anyone has access to a copy of this article, it would be extremely helpful if you could e-mail the complete text of this paragraph to jmorgan [at] counter-currents.com, or just post it as a comment here. It is only this paragraph that is required, and, if you can help us with this, and if you wish, we will include your name in the volume’s acknowledgements. Although a small matter, having it would enable the volume to be even more complete than it already is.

Thank you!