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The Golden Swan

145 words [1]

Towards the Sun he flies in his golden boat,
wings gleaming, born from time beyond time.
The star is shining there, in the North, under
the Green skies that lead the way.The rippling
rays at the entrance to the Castle that are seen
but not seen, frozen ice like glass, the shimmering
isle awaits him. The brightest star is sleeping under
there, and shall return when the age of Gold is here

We remember but have forgotten those days, and
those who dwell within the Castle are waiting for
us to see Her in us and us in Her. Then time shall
be drawn back to the single moment, and then we
shall dwell in Paradise. The womb of Ice and the
Castle of Glass, her Green radiance bathes us, we
Knights of the Eternal War, hailing our Sleeping King.

Ave! Ave! Ave!