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The (((Hollywood))) Question – Two Videos

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These are two videos I have made that are connected by the theme of Hollywood. The first begins with an observation in Jared Taylor’s debate with black supremacist Tariq Nasheed in how black supremacists use the rhetoric of 1970s blaxploitation films to explain their situation, which is invariably one of being oppressed by the White Man. This I call “blaxplainin'”. Certainly, such Blacks as Tariq will get a thrill out of the release of a film that puts all their fantasies about Black achievement onto the big screen. Yet does this new Marvel superhero blockbuster help Negroes or hinder them?

The second video continues to examine the Black Panther film – this time, its portrayal of the White South African character – and then uses this as a springboard onto the morality imprinted on Hollywood films in general and the connection between this code of ethics and the wicked and abusive lives led by the Hollywood elites. In the news is Quentin Tarantino’s rediscovered defence of Roman Polanski and child rape on the Howard Stern Show in 2003, which is included in the video. I look at the content of Tarantino and Polanski’s films, in what way this reflects their own personal conduct and how they have inured their audiences to things that were once unthinkable to screen.



  1. Peter Quint
    Posted February 14, 2018 at 11:44 am | Permalink

    “The Black Panther” will be a bust. The jews expect white people to go to this movie in droves, but they won’t. White men will be expected to be envious of the numinous black hero; white women will be expected to be sexually aroused. With the constant stream of black heroes on the big, and the small screen you wouldn’t think that blacks only make-up 13% of the population. Just think how bad it is going to be when they do outnumber us.

    • Tucker
      Posted February 19, 2018 at 9:41 am | Permalink

      Well, I thought so, too – but, either the jewish media and Hollywood are lying and falsely claiming that this fantasy flick is breaking box office attendance records (which I would not put past them), or it really is packing in the blacks.

      Another possibility is that it is doing mediocre business, but the Hollywood jews are grossly over exaggerating how ‘popular’ it is as a human conditioning, advertising psyop tactic. When blacks see all this exaggerated hype and publicity about the movie – and think: ” hey, all of my brothas and sistas are rushing out to see it, so I gots to see it, too. ”

      Whites are also extremely susceptible to this sort of media brainwashing technique. Its the stampede effect.

      • Peter Quint
        Posted February 19, 2018 at 10:36 am | Permalink

        The jews also hyped “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in the same way, but look at all the poor reviews it is getting now.

  2. Rob Bottom
    Posted February 14, 2018 at 9:22 pm | Permalink

    Hollywood studios’ increased reliance on the Chinese market, which has no interest in films starring blacks, has led Disney to downplay (almost to the point of false advertising) the black characters in the new Star Wars film trilogy and even Black Panther on the Chinese posters. It’s interesting to watch Hollywood juggling between the diversity initiative at home, while downplaying those same elements for a foreign market.

    Speaking of Roman Polanski, did you see that Robert De Niro of the “I’d like to punch Trump in the face” fame was involved in a French prostitution ring that involved underage aspiring actresses and models? One of De Niro’s co-accused, French film producer Alain Sarde, comes up on Google image search sitting next to his pal Roman Polanski at the ‘Ceremonie Des Lumieres’ awards ceremony. Birds of a feather! Jim Goad’s recent critique of Tarantino on Taki Mag is worth a read.

  3. R_Moreland
    Posted February 15, 2018 at 1:00 am | Permalink

    Speaking of Africa and the movies…

    …someone at Counter-Currents might want to do a review of The Siege of Jadotville. It’s based (as they say) on a true story where a company of Irish troops on peacekeeping duty in the Congo in 1961 held a small town against an attack launched by a much larger force of Katangan rebels. The movie has elements of Zulu (small number of White soldiers making a desperate stand) and Breaker Morant (the troops get sold out by the political establishment).

    Positive aspects:
    * White troops fight off a much larger African force. The movie shows the advantages of leadership, training and tactics.
    * The politicians – Irish, UN, Congolese – are portrayed as self-serving and corrupt, more than willing to throw away other people’s lives to further their own agendas.
    * The commander of the Irish company and the opposing French mercenary who leads the Katangans develop a grudging respect for each other. You get the sense that in a better world, they would unite for common White interests.

    Negative aspects:
    * At the time of the Crisis, the Katangans were generally supported by rightists for their supposed anti-communism and opposition to the United Nations; also, they were fighting for their own ethnostate, so they are not necessarily the bad guys. Then again, the real villains are the higher-ups.

    Overall: before viewing Siege of Jadotville, it would be helpful to read up on the 1960s Congo Crisis to get a better idea of who were the players and what were the bigger stakes for the Cold War. The movie can be taken as a metaphor for White countries today which are under siege by both third world invaders and hostile elites.

    3 Red Pills (out of 4).

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