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New Warehouse Clearance Sale Items

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Since our mission is to make sure that ideas circulate, not pay to keep them in storage, we are clearing out our storage unit, and that means some hard to find collectibles and some amazing bargains for our readers.

1. Greg Johnson, ed., North American New Right, vol. 1

We have 9 copies of the limited hardcover edition of North American New Right, vol. 1 [2]. The regular price is $120. We are selling them for $40 [2]. Each copy will be signed and personalized by the editor. Please include a note indicating to whom you want the book personalized.

2. Savitri Devi’s The Lightning and the Sun

We have 1 hardcover copy of The Lightning and the Sun [3]. It is identical to the copies in the numbered limited edition of 200. But it is a printer’s overrun and does not have a number. It can, however, be personalized for the purchaser and signed by the editor. Please include a note indicating to whom you want the book personalized.

We are selling it for $100 [3].

3. Savitri Devi’s Defiance

We have a large stock of Savitri Devi’s Defiance [4] in paperback, regular price $30, which we are selling for $15 [4] each.

4. Anthony M. Ludovici’s The Lost Philosopher

We have 20 hardcover and 12 paperback copies of The Lost Philosopher [5] remaining. We are selling the hardcovers for $10 and the paperbacks for $7 [5].

5. Tito Perdue’s The New Austerities  — NOT autographed

We have 2 hardcover copies for $20 [6] each.

6. Tito Perdue’s The BuilderAutographed

We have 6 paperback copies for $15 [7] each.

7. Tito Perdue’s Morning CraftsAutographed

We have 3 paperback copies of $15 [8] each.

8. Tito Perdue’s Reuben Autographed

We have 2 paperback copies for $15 [9] each.

9. Tito Perdue’s The NodeAutographed

We have 3 paperback copies for $10 [10] each.

10. Jack Donovan’s A Sky Without Eagles

We have 1 hardback copy for $15. SOLD OUT