Dear Angry Young White Man

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Dear Angry Young White Man,

You are forced daily to endure an entire system telling you explicitly that you are worthless, to see images designed to denigrate you, to marginalize you, to make your presence in the lands your ancestors built seem arbitrary and insignificant. You cannot go anywhere without seeing images of your lands, your women, your history, your culture being defiled by hostile foreign races who, in order to bleed your future dry, cloak themselves deceitfully in the noble ideals and traditions, which your people developed for your benefit. There is no escape from the propaganda and there is no escape from the reality of the situation. You are fucking pissed.

You are fucking pissed, and you want to do something about it. This is great. This is exactly why we are all here: we want you to do something. But you need to do the right things. You need to consider at all times what effect your actions will take on the movement, what effect your actions will take on your freedom, what effect your actions will take on your ability to contribute to our race in the future, and whether or not your actions are the greatest use of your talents. If you do these things honestly, you will inevitably conclude that it is always a wise move to stay away from lunacy (like obscenity, it doesn’t need to be defined: you just know it when you see it) and those who encourage violence. And, yes, I have read Siege too. It is a great book and, like you, I know that most of those who have turned it into a meme have not read it. I will never disavow it nor discourage anyone from reading it but, at the same time, I understand that those who mock it are often doing so to help you. The meme is not about the book, it is about keeping you safe and effective.

I also know that some of those who push this meme are harmful to the movement. Not all are doing this in good faith. Many of these people are the same ones who push the noxious “56%” meme and other ironic bullshit. They believe in nothing. They are damaged goods. They are victims of this sick system that we want to replace. You should pity them and just hope that their lives turn out okay. And you should take more than a small amount of pride in the fact that you, at such a young age, are wise enough to know that they are damaged. But they are not always wrong. Whites like consistency. We hate hypocrisy and ambiguity. It is therefore typical of us to pick sides and reject reflexively everything that comes from those we have determined to be our enemies. But it is important in metapolitics–and in life in general–to appreciate nuance and to treat the world of ideas as a buffet, picking and choosing what is good and healthy and leaving what is unappetizing to be consumed only by pigs.

But I also mentioned safety. Are we not a radical movement? Have I not said so myself multiple times? Yes, I have. And we are. Being a violent idiot, however, accomplishes nothing. If you have truly reached the point at which you have decided that you want to give your life for the movement, then it is worth remembering that it takes far more courage to live as an outsider than it does to die in some stupid spectacle for your 15 minutes of fame or to rot in prison. If you are ready to commit your entire life to the cause, do so by living and being a perpetual nuisance to the system. Either infiltrate its institutions and work to subvert them, be openly pro-white in real life, or drop out and chip away at the system by leeching off it: go on welfare, get free medical care, take advantage of every governmental program you possibly can. Use the money stolen from us by the anti-white government to support yourself while you work against it. Even being a pro-white vagabond is more effective than violence. Be creative. There are thousands of ways you can incrementally damage the system, thousands of ways you can vent your anger and infuriate our enemies without ending up in jail, making the rest of us look bad or providing justification for Jews to push for more restrictions on our speech and gun rights. You do not need to be safe but you need to be smart. The fetishization of safety for the sake of safety is a bourgeois weakness but safety within the movement is crucial: we need you.

We need you, and we care about you. Though this movement is growing rapidly (which is why the system is on high alert), we are still a small group of people. You are in on the ground floor of a movement that will change our world in time. You are the vanguard. You had the foresight and the intelligence to deprogram yourself and you took the initiative to start acting for your race. Use this foresight, intelligence, and initiative to plan your actions, consider seriously the full range of consequences, and behave always in the best interests of your people. Do not get ahead of yourself in your eagerness for change. The change will indeed occur. But your job right now is to help us get others prepared, to get them on board with our program, to wake them up. None of us can do anything on his own right now. We need each other. And we need each other to be stable, solid, fit, and strong in every sense of these words. There are a lot of creeps in this world, and creeps don’t stop being creeps just because they are pro-white. Be smart.

Your anger will not go away. Learn to live with it. Let it provide you with spiritual sustenance. Channel it productively. Write, tweet, go to the gym, start a podcast, donate to your favorite pro-white organization, protest something somewhere, go to grad school, learn a trade, create art, post flyers. Turn your anger into action and you will find that it is a useful tool. It can propel you and inspire you. Never let anyone tell you that what you doing for the movement–even if it is nothing but a Twitter account–is not important. It is. We are waging a multifaceted battle against a system with tentacles everywhere. There is nowhere we can go to escape their propaganda, but we are working to make it impossible for them to avoid us in the same way. And we are succeeding. Stay fucking pissed but stay optimistic. We are all pulling for you. We are all counting on you. We are all fighting for you. Help us by fighting with us not against us. We understand how you feel and we will–together with you–tear this bloated, pus-filled system to the ground and replace it with one that will never allow any more young whites to feel like you do right now. Keep up the pressure, keep a cool head, trust your instincts when it comes to people. And rest assured: these bastards will not win.

Donald Thoresen