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All Hail the God-Emperor’s State of the Universe Address!

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[1]I’ve been on this Trump rollercoaster now since the summer of 2015, which was when I first began paying attention to him. Since then I’ve feared every time a crisis hit – smarted with every new smear, every new calumny, every new attempt to derail his garish, golden train.

Then I have cheered as, every single time, he emerged unscathed – and usually stronger than before. The night he defeated that poisonous sack of venom will always be one of the most joyous, memorable moments of my life. But that was really just the beginning of the war. Since then we have seen what amount to repeated attempts to launch a coup d’etat against a democratically elected President. And the “Trump derangement syndrome” exhibited by triggered liberals has been alternately delicious, and frightening. It’s been quite a ride.

But it’s not just Trump’s enemies that have given me cause for concern, it’s the man himself. He always leaves us wondering; never quite sure of him. At times Trump seems volatile. I still can’t make up my mind whether his tweeting is helping him or hurting – especially the tweets that take swipes at his detractors. We’ve never had a President who behaved this way. Sometimes he seems distressingly inarticulate. And sometimes he seems like he’s waffling on matters crucially important. This has led even his most ardent supporters to at times go on the war path – as Ann Coulter did a few weeks ago in vicious piece titled “It Turns Out Bannon was Trump’s Brain [2]” (Ann was livid that Trump seemed to be caving on DACA).

I never know where I stand with this man – or where he stands with me, us. I have never before in my life had the experience of actually caring this much about a President. In the past I basically thought people who rooted for politicians were suckers and fools. Well, maybe I’m one too. But I’m deeply invested now and there’s no going back for me. I like the guy – a lot. And I want him to succeed. I pray that he doesn’t disappoint me – primarily on immigration. If Trump stands firm – and there’s no reason he shouldn’t – we may be able to save this country; we can turn back the tide currently crashing in from the shithole countries.

That “shithole” remark was a case in point of how Trump always keeps us in suspense. At first, it seemed like a dumb move – at least a vulgar misstep. What was he thinking? But then it became clear that he had triggered the libtards into – predictably – claiming that there are no shithole countries; that every country is as magical as Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. This sort of undermines their case for immigration – which was basically that we have to take in these poor bastards because they’re escaping shithole countries.

And Trump also forced a national dialogue on the issue: why are we accepting people from shithole countries rather than better ones? Why are we taking people who are stupid, ignorant, unskilled, and need public assistance? Don’t we have enough people like that here already? Why believe that people who have never created anything more than a shithole country can adjust to life in, let alone perpetuate and defend, an advanced culture like ours? Suddenly what seemed at first a careless blunder made Trump look like what he says he is: a very stable genius. I am guilty of the same mistake as Trump’s detractors: underestimating him. I think this man is crazy like a fox. And I think he is strong. I may one day eat my words, but I think he is going to come through for us – on the things that really matter. I still believe in the God-Emperor.

My faith was reinvigorated – mightily – by his utterly magnificent State of the Union Address. Not since Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican convention have I been so thrilled. That speech filled me with such optimism and such big, sloppy love for the guy (and his beautiful family) I watched it several nights in a row, falling asleep about midway through and drifting off to dream of a world where things were right again. The SOTU address put me back there. And, yes, I’ve watched it every night since, with a vodka and tonic at my elbow.

First of all, if you have not seen it do yourself a favor and do so before I continue, for there are spoilers ahead. Whatever you may think of the man and his prospects you will agree that this was a brilliantly constructed political performance. Trump led off with the good economic news – and there is plenty of it. There followed flag-waving patriotism of a kind that would have made Reagan blush. I’ve never been patriotic – often seeing a lot more wrong with America than right. But Trump almost got me there. At the end of one long observation about American greatness he took a swipe at the epsilon semi-morons “taking a knee” in the NFL: “And THIS is why we STAND for the National Anthem!” The Republicans rose to their feet, cheering – as they did frequently that night.

After a goodly number of recitations of Presidential accomplishments (rolling back regulations, judicial appointments, etc.) we finally got to the good part: immigration. Here Trump did not disappoint, taking a tough stance as he has in other speeches. On hand were the families of Americans murdered by the immigrant gang MS-13. Introduced by Trump, they rose weeping from their chairs and received a standing ovation – from Republicans, at least. This brought a tear to my eye, I must confess. Apparently, the odious Nancy Pelosi had instructed Democrats not to boo or otherwise try to distract or interrupt the President. The one time they disobeyed her was when Trump call for an end to chain immigration – whereby immigrants can more or less bring in their entire families. (As Greg Johnson put it, “If they’re lonely for their families why not send them home?”) No sane country would permit such a thing. But when Trump called for the practice to tend, there were audible boos and hisses from the Democrats.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the speech came when Trump said (referring indirectly to DACA), “Americans are dreamers too.” Again, that brought down the Republican end of the House. And in the hours and days since, commentators (including former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich) have singled this out as the most dramatic moment in a generally brilliant and effective speech.

Of course, not only will Trump get no credit from the mainstream media for this triumph (which, of course, he did not write himself), none of the talking heads will state an obvious fact: that our God-Emperor is a brilliant speaker. Watch the video and see if you do not agree. His delivery was flawless: powerful, vivid, perfectly paced. It was impossible to look away. I do not recall him stumbling over a single word, as every speaker usually does at some point. Talk about a “great communicator,” this speech could easily go head to head against any by Reagan.

And the tone of the speech was sunny and optimistic. One feels, further, that Trump really means what he says; that he is sincere. Aristotle says in his Rhetoric that the key to making a persuasive speech is that the audience must be convinced of the good moral character of the speaker. What I saw in Trump that night (and, admittedly, mine is not an unbiased judgment) was sincerity, good will, genuine love of country, and a total lack of cynicism.

What I also saw, which impressed me greatly, was complete calm and self-confidence. Trump was in command of the room – utterly sure of himself, of his message, and of the rightness of his cause. I felt genuinely moved by this. This man is a true leader – and, most importantly, a good man. Not one of the cynical political hacks we have had to endure for as long as I can remember. By the end of the speech I felt lucky to be living in the time of Trump – lucky to have witnessed a genuinely populist President finally elected, and fighting for things I believe in. You may laugh at me if you please. You may think me a fool and a sucker. Like Trump, I do not care. I believe: in Trump, and in the power of positive thinking. As a famous Austrian once said in a speech, “They called me a dreamer. I am. And today I say, thank God – thank God that I was a dreamer.” Yes, Americans are dreamers too. We need to dream even more.

And, by the way, all that unflappable self-confidence and command can be summed up in one word that we heard a lot from the commentators: Trump seemed presidential. Folks, I believe we’ve turned a corner. I smell a change in the air. Trump is in charge, and he is hitting his stride. He knows it and they know it. What has come to pass is the thing libtards said they dreaded the most: Trump has been “normalized.” According to the poll CBS did after the speech 75% of viewers had a favorable impression of it. Indeed, ALL the polls showed large majorities approving of the speech – and stating that they thought Trump’s policies were moving the country in the right direction. Polling results were particularly impressive with respect to self-identified “independents”: in EVERY poll, large majorities of independents said that they had a favorable impression of the speech.

One thing that contributed to make this speech the feel-good political event of the year (so far) was all the love in the room directed at Trump by the Republicans. Sitting behind Trump, the unreliable Paul Ryan seemed genuinely moved at a number of points in the speech. As Trump entered and left, he was surrounded by enthusiastic well-wishers, who beamed with undisguised joy throughout. We may just have turned a corner with the Republicans. Finally, it seems, a genuinely strong man has arrived who can give these lesser mortals the okay to be truly conservative. I predict that many were finally won over to Trump that night, through his sheer force of personality. Even Mitch McConnell beamed at Trump like a man in love.

Of course, the Democrats are a very different story. The speech was quite cleverly crafted to include as many moments as possible that would make it very awkward for Democrats not to applaud. And they stepped right into the trap. During Trump’s litany of good economic news – which is making life better for ordinary Americans throughout the country – Democrats sat on their hands. When Trump announced that Black unemployment is now at its lowest level in history, the Congressional Black Caucus – absurdly decked out in faux African regalia – frowned and refused (save one) to applaud.

Oh, and Nancy Pelosi . . . Good God, this woman is a toxic prune from hell. Paul Joseph Watson described her as looking like she’d just been smacked on the cheek by a massive wet fish [3]. Democrats were also unable to applaud Trump’s call for unity and bipartisanship.


As Trump praised our veterans, Democrats were seen texting on their smart phones. It is plain to any intelligent person that the Democrats’ accusations of Trump’s “divisiveness” are as shameless an instance of projection as ever was. As to Chucky Schumer he looked positively triggered: he sat in his chair, head bent slightly forward, his body tensed, his eyes blinking rapidly, sometimes seeming to mutter to himself. It seemed like he was melting down. And he was: when another Democrat five seats over almost rose to applaud one of Trump’s remarks, Schumer shot him an angry glance. The guy promptly sat down.


Liberal twats were quick to tweet their disapproval of the speech – many objecting to Trump’s use of the words “family,” “church,” “God,” “police,” “military,” and “national anthem.” Keep it coming, folks. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were campaigning for Republicans to take total control of all branches of government. You see, this kind of thing plays very, very badly with Mr. and Mrs. Middle America. One Hispanic congressman rushed out of the room when Republicans began chanting “USA! USA!” He later commented that Trump’s speech had been “written by the Russians.” I predict that the midterm elections are going to be a bloodbath for Democrats.

We are witnessing the self-destruction of the Left. And by the time all is said and done, some of these people are probably going to be confined to rubber rooms.

Friends, this speech has restored my faith in the God-Emperor. At least, for the moment. My love for him is not unconditional. I really care about nothing else, so long as he delivers on immigration. If he does, then there is at least some glimmer of hope for us. If he doesn’t, then we are doomed. I have written before on my difficulty in reconciling myself to the reality of evil [6]. But I am convinced that the worst of Right-wing theories about the motives of the Democrats is absolutely correct: they see immigration as nothing more nor less than a way to hold onto power, through the proven fact that immigrants vote Democratic. In other words, they are quite willing to turn America into a shithole so long as they get to rule it. These people are evil, and if Trump fails then we will be ruled by these malevolent turds from now till doomsday, or until the country splits apart at the seams. Whichever comes first.

Let’s all link pinks, then, and pray that Trump stays strong. Much could still happen, but I do think that this speech represents a turning point. Hail the God-Emperor! He is risen – again!