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We’re in for Another Kosher Super Bowl

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[1]I know I told Counter-Currents readers to tune out of pro sports [2], and here I am writing about pro football, but I’m trying to provide critical analysis the game sorely needs.

This year the Patriots will take on the Eagles in a kosher Super Bowl. Patriots owner Bob Kraft [3] and Eagles owner Jerry Lurie [4] are both ethnically Jewish.

Last year we also had a kosher Super Bowl [3], with the Sephardic Jew Arthur Blank’s Falcons taking on the Patriots. It wasn’t the first time. Since 2002, when the last expansion team, the Houston Texans, entered the league, we’ve had two kosher Super Bowls: The Glazer family’s Buccaneers versus the Davis family’s Raiders in 2003 and the Patriots versus the Eagles in 2005. The Giants are half-owned by someone in the Tisch family, and if you want to count them, then we’ve also had kosher Super Bowls in 2008 and 2012 as the Giants took on the Patriots in each of those years.

About a third of NFL team owners have Jewish roots. They are owners of the Vikings, Falcons, Dolphins, half of the Giants, Raiders, Eagles, Rams, Buccaneers, Patriots, Colts, and Redskins. If Jews are 2.2% of the American population, this means that they are about 15 times more likely than the average American to own an NFL team. Talk about privilege.

Furthermore, the majority of television networks which broadcast the NFL, including CBS and NBC, have CEOs with Jewish ancestry. Disney owns 80% of ESPN and Disney’s CEO is (((Bob Iger))). The NFL Network’s Steve Bornstein is also Jewish [5]. According to Wikipedia, the $4 billion in television contracts which the NFL allegedly has with these companies represents about 80% of the league’s television revenue. It’s worth noting that these media companies were largely biased in favor of the black players in their kneeling protests in 2017, yet about a decade ago they gave Tim Tebow flak for kneeling to the Christian God after scoring touchdowns, complaining that religion shouldn’t be brought into sports. I guess white people’s religion isn’t okay, but black people’s protest of the flag is. This was a microcosm for how Jews have sought to shepherd the goyim away from Christianity and toward the civil rights movement as they lobbied to get prayer and the Bible out of schools and promoted books like To Kill a Mockingbird as reading for children.

Another, more comical microcosm of Jewish hegemony can be seen in the case of Bob Kraft’s relationship with Donald Trump. In the beginning of the season, Kraft condemned Trump [6] for condemning black players for kneeling during the national anthem, yet according to Trump he praised him [7] a few months later for his tax bill. There’s nothing like a little tax savings to restore a friendship. It seems like the prevailing neoconservative paradigm where we view blacks as sacred cows and advocate tax breaks which benefit typically wealthy [8] Jews.

In any case, the heavily Jewish media is unfair toward black and white players when it comes to kneeling, but do teams with ethnically Jewish owners run their teams any differently than goyische ones?

Since 2002, the goy record was 2787 wins, 2836 losses, and 9 ties. Meanwhile, owners having Jewish ancestry were 1302-1253-5. Kosher teams won about 3% more games, but it’s not really a statistically significant difference.

I then looked at contenders in the Super Bowl, a game which draws 111 million viewers, $385 million in advertising revenue, and about ten times the revenue per ad [9] than a regular season game. Since 2003, Jewish owners have won the Super Bowl [10] seven of fifteen times, meaning that they win 46% of the time. Because they own about 30% of teams, 46%/30% means they are about 53% more likely to win a Super Bowl than their goyische competitors. If we exclude Bob Kraft’s Patriots, which may be something of an outlier, seven of twenty-four teams to make the Super Bowl in this span had owners with Jewish ancestry, which just about reflects their 30% team ownership. In any case, it seems that because of Bob Kraft, ethnically Jewish owners are more likely to win an NFL championship.

I also endeavored to find out whether an owner having Jewish ancestry impacts the balance of black versus white players on a team. Using numbers from a “racial census [11]” of the NFL, I found ethnically Jewish-owned teams and goy-owned teams averaged 27% white players. Ethnically Jewish owners aren’t discriminating against white players on average.[1]

This doesn’t tell us, however, whether they discriminate over one particular position. The most controversial position is that of quarterback. Most quarterbacks are white, and there’s always been an underlying assumption that black quarterbacks either aren’t as good or need to catch up. In 2003 Rush Limbaugh had to resign from his short-lived stint on the show “Sunday NFL Countdown” for claiming the Eagles black quarterback Donovan McNabb was hyped, saying [12] “I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well.” Some years later in 2009 when he tried to bid for the St. Louis Rams, he was excluded [13] from the bidding process—probably because of this incident. Along with left-wing activists and several black players, Colts owner (((Jim Irsay))) allegedly expressed misgivings about Limbaugh purchasing the team. (((Stan Kroenke))) would go on to purchase the team in 2010. I’m not implying there’s any conspiracy but rather just reporting the facts.

The question is whether ethnically Jewish team owners draft more black quarterbacks, and if so, whether they are justified in doing so. An interesting statistic is that of all the teams that drafted a quarterback in the first round since 1994, teams with ethnically Jewish owners drafted black quarterbacks at 7/20 times or a rate of about 35%, while gentile owners drafted them at 10/41 times or a rate of 24%. In other words, kosher owners have been 46% more likely to take a black quarterback in the first round. If we only count current Jewish owners and their family members and exclude former Jewish owners of the Browns and Ravens, they have taken black quarterbacks at a rate of 7/16 or 44% of the time, almost double the white gentile rate. The question is whether they are justified in doing this. About 13% of starting Super Bowl quarterbacks since 1994 have been black and 87%, white. Between the age bracket of 22 to 50, which would be the ages of the quarterbacks during this period, whites outnumber blacks by a ratio of five to one in the United States overall [14]. Assuming they are equally likely to play football, we would expect blacks to be about a sixth or 17% of NFL Super Bowl quarterbacks if they had the same ability, and they’re close to that figure at 13%. We would also expect about 17% to be Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, but 4% of them since 1994 have been black—there was only one, Russell Wilson, in 2014. The rest were white. We would expect that number to be higher if blacks were as good as whites at quarterback on average. It should be stated that in 2016, 18 of 98 or 18% of quarterbacks were black [11], which is right around what we’d expect it to be given that blacks are about a fifth as numerous as whites [14] in the US. In sum, blacks are just as likely to be an NFL quarterback as whites but less likely to make it to the Super Bowl and even less likely to win it. Even if Donovan McNabb had won the Super Bowl he played against Kraft’s Patriots in 2005, the number would still be stuck at 8%. Even if black quarterback Steve McNair had succeeded in coming back in the last seconds against the Rams in 2000, it would still be 12%—below the 17-20% we’d expect it to be. If Tom Brady hadn’t had a comeback against Russell Wilson’s Seahawks in 2015, it would be 16%, or just about reflective of the black population—but still way under the rate of 35% at which ethnically Jewish owners’ teams are drafting them. Admittedly, goy owners are drafting them at 24% but not by as much as Jewish owners.

From this it would seem obvious that the teams of ethnically Jewish owners have an irrational affinity for blacks. However, one may object that we should only reference the success of first round quarterbacks to compare apples to apples. In the year 2000 the first quarterback drafted since 1994 made it to the Super Bowl, so if we look at all Super Bowls from 2000 to the present, a black first-round QB made it to the game about 18% of the time. If one counts Collin Kaepernick, who was close to being a first rounder, a black first rounder made it 24% of the time. On the other hand, a white first rounder made it 31% of the time. No first-round black quarter back won the Super Bowl during this time, and 23% of the time a white first rounder did. From this most would conclude that ethnically Jewish owners are over-drafting black quarterbacks. In the least case this would seem to hold true of the Redskins Dan Snyder and the Glazer family that owns the Buccaneers, both of which have taken blacks two out of three times or 66% of the time during their tenure. Funnily enough, according to Open Secrets, one of the Glazer brothers, Avram Glazer, donated $2,300 to Barack Obama in late January 2008 which was during the height of his primary race against Hillary Clinton. Perhaps the Glazer family has an affinity for black leaders at quarterback and in the oval office.

Or maybe it has more to do with money. Maybe ethnically Jewish owners take black quarterbacks because they make the cover of Madden more often. Making the cover of the annually issued Madden video game is considered a big deal for a player, and since it became a thing in 2000, four of the eighteen players featured thereon have been black quarterbacks: Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, and Vince Young. The great white hope at running back, Peyton Hillis, also made the cover, suggesting that fans like it when a player is not of the race that is typically associated with his position. For the record, the Hillis’s team, the Browns, had an ethnically Jewish owner when they signed him. Maybe this flair for the exotic and the predictable marketing advantage it confers is the reason why teams of ethnically Jewish owners tend to draft black quarterbacks at a higher rate in the first round. In other words, maybe black quarterbacks are better for merchandising.[2] Regardless of their motivations, Rush Limbaugh would have been justified if he had said that owners—especially ethnically Jewish owners—are desirous that a black quarterback do well.

Last year Richard Spencer celebrated [15] the New England Patriots victory over the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots looked quite white with receivers Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola, and (((Julian Edelman [16]))) catching passes from Tom Brady. By the way, (((Edelman))) recently tweeted [17] a solemn recognition of Martin Luther King Day.

Once again, the Patriots are the whiter team in the Super Bowl. According to their website [18], it looks like 6 of 22 starters on offense are white, but not a single player on their defense, starter or otherwise, is white. Maybe Spencer should root for their offense only.

Meanwhile, the Eagles have five white starters. This is what it looks like from their website [19], anyway. One of their white backups, Chris Long—the son of Raiders hall of fame defensive lineman Howie Long, donated much of his 2017 salary [20] to children’s charities in Charlottesville in response to what the media made out to be a white nationalist assault on the city. Of course, we know leftist groups attacked white nationalists which provoked a few white nationalists such as James Fields to react in ways which the media will never let us live down in the same way they excuse Muslim political violence and defend Muslims as good people. Anyway, Long allegedly scored a 34 on the Wonderlic test [21], which roughly corresponds with an IQ of 123 [22]. Therefore, he should be smart enough to figure out that white separatism is the only thing that will ensure the survival of the white race—if that’s something he cares about. In my opinion, saving the white race is the right thing to do even if one doesn’t get accolades for it. The effects of donations in the long run will be null because genes matter in the long run when determining social status [23], but the effect of founding a nation for white people will alter the course of genetic history.

Ironically enough, Chris Long’s position of Defensive End has lost about 50% of its white membership [24] since 1999. The league is becoming increasingly pass-first, so teams have placed more priority on linemen as pass rushers who must rely on speed more to rush the quarterback than they would to stop the run. In general, the more a position in the NFL involves long-range movement, the blacker it is, and the less movement it has and the quicker reaction time it demands, the whiter it is. It should no surprise therefore that the quarterback and center are the whitest positions on average because they require the fastest reaction time and the least movement. Reaction time is correlated with IQ, and the average white IQ is higher. Fast-twitch muscle is better for long-range movement, and this is why positions such as corner back, which must keep pace with wide receivers are overwhelmingly black. It would be interesting if Long would sit down and have a discussion with his fellow Virginia alumnus, Richard Spencer. It would be better than a talk with Charles Barkley.

Even though the NFL’s ad revenue hasn’t decreased [25], its ratings have taken a plunge, specifically, a 16% reduction from last year [26] according to one site. All four playoff games on January 13 and 14 witnessed less viewership than the games in their slots last year. The Super Bowl will probably have less viewers as well.

Of course, saving the white race is more important than any sportsball contest, but imagine how much more pleasant professional sports would be in a white ethnostate. Whites would have much higher likelihood of going pro because blacks wouldn’t be 70% of a pro football league or sixteen times more likely to make it per capita. Whites also wouldn’t have to worry about a (((hostile media))) praising kneeling protests of misguided racial aliens while condemning humble displays by whites such as Tim Tebow. There would be no need for great white hopes at running back or for desiring that blacks like McNabb succeed at quarterback. We’d have no (((owners))) reaching on black quarterbacks in the first round of the draft or reaching on presidents at the ballot box for that matter. There would be no more kosher Super Bowls, and we wouldn’t have to give tax breaks to (((the wealthy))) to redeem ourselves for taking our own side.


[1] Specifically, goy owners had 1083.5 whites and 422.5 blacks while ethnically Jewish owners had 433.5 whites and 168.5 blacks. The reason for the .5 is that I put half of the New York Giants total into each category since a Jew and gentile each own 50% of the team.

[2] See list below.