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The Skeptic War

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2017 was a year when nothing went right for the pro-white movement. It was year of doxings, shuttenings, and corporate censorship across all of social media. But just as Twitter was revving up its purge of pro-white voices, the Alt Right scored a strange victory so perfect that one could not have written a screenplay better than what actually happened.

On December 19, YouTube Skeptic Kraut and Tea announced that he would be leaving the internet forever. This declaration ended the strange episode of a demented man’s quest to debunk race realism and put an end to the surging Alt Right menace once and for all. His spectacular failure to do so will become the thing of internet lore for years to come.

The story of Kraut and Tea’s downfall had everything. It had heroes and hilariously incompetent villains. It had lies and innuendos. It had double agents and double crosses. It had underdogs emerging triumphant and pompous elites getting their comeuppance. And somewhere mixed in all that, there was a debate about race realism going on.

Kraut and Tea was not just any YouTube Skeptic but seen by many as the top “intellectual” in the Skeptic community and Sargon of Akkad’s heir apparent. So when Kraut and Tea announced that he would be releasing a four-video series debunking race realism, expectations were understandably high. The Great Kraut and Tea, top gun of the Skeptic Community, would be stepping into the ring with the Alt Right to show them who the real smart guy in the room was. Unbeknownst to most of his fans in the Skeptic community, Kraut was not an intellectual at all but in fact a narcissistic sociopath with a posh (and likely fake) accent.

Kraut’s videos attempting to debunk race realism were bad. Embarrassingly bad and at times even bizarre (Millennial Woes thinks he’s a fish). The videos are filled with strawmen, shifting goalposts, and all the basic errors you would expect from laymen with no real grasp of what they are talking about. Response videos from more science-literate YouTubers the Alternative Hypothesis and French Canadian biologist J. F. Galiepe were brutal and revealed Kraut to be a man far out of his depth. But Kraut soldiered on.

Having lost the scientific debate, Kraut assembled a Discord server dedicated to (among other things) doxing and smearing Kraut’s critics and other popular Alt Right figures. Of course, when recordings of the discord server leaked (as they always seem to) and faced with insurmountable evident, Kraut was at last forced withdraw from the internet.

In the end, not only did the race realists win the debate, but the race-denying skeptics were exposed as liars, frauds, and fools. The story could not possibly have played out better.

Mister Metokur gives a detailed breakdown of the Kraut and Tea saga here [2] and here [3]. Mouthy Buddha gives a much shorter one here [4].

The Alt Right has always had a presence on YouTube, but YouTube has never been where the action was. All the movements big debates, big ideas, and drama were going on in the podcasts, blogs, social media, and message boards. So when Kraut and Tea, darling of the YouTube Skeptic Community, declared war on the Alt Right, many in the movement didn’t know hear about it until the battle was already over.  Many didn’t even know who the Skeptics were.

The Skeptics are a YouTube community of pseudo-intellectual liberal arts poseurs. You know the type. They’ve read some Dawkins and taken an Intro to Philosophy class, and now they think they know everything. They self-describe as “radical centrists.” They think “Communism and fascism are basically the same because they are both collectivists, dontcha know?” and all that. They are the kind of people who put “Atheist” prominently in their bio just hoping that you’ll ask them about it.

The Skeptics YouTubers made their names and built their audiences debating and debunking creationists, feminists, SJWs, radical Islam, anti-Vaxxers, etc. In other words, things that even a dumb person can look smart arguing against because being a Skeptic is all about trying to look like the smartest guy in the room.

However, there actually is a large demand for watching people shoot SJWs in a barrel.  Popular YouTube Skeptics Sargon of Akkad and Armored Skeptic have over +740K and +420K subscribers to their channels respectively. By comparison, the Alt Right’s Red Ice has only 166K subscribers and Millennial Woes slightly over 40K.

It was only a matter of time before the Skeptics would have to come face to face with the subject of race realism, and when that happened, it was certain to cause a crisis. If there were two things the Skeptics care about, it’s social acceptance and being taken seriously as intellectuals. Race realism presents a problem in this regard. To embrace race realism is to become a social pariah, but to deny race realism is to inevitably made to look a fool and lose one’s credibility as an intellectual.

Of all the Alt Right’s red pills, race realism is the most important. It is the red pill that makes all other red pills not only possible but inevitable. In addition to this, it’s a debate we always win because it is based in hard science and cold realism. For a while, Skeptics were able to avoid the issue of race realism, but events of late have rendered that impossible. Radical centrism is dead and now Skeptics must choose a side.

Race realism is not just a pillar of the identitarian worldview, it is also toxic to the worldview of other ideologies. Both CultMarx racial egalitarianism and colorblind libertarian individualism dissolve like vampires in sunlight once touched by the light of race realism.

The ongoing war with the YouTube Skeptic community is worth examining because it is a microcosm of what will happen once our ideas start to break through into the mainstream, and the media establishment must defend the truth of their worldview. They will throw every dishonest strawman, guilt trip, and gotcha question at us. And when that does not work (which it won’t), there will be doxes and smears. We have already seen this.

Sargon of Akkad recently issued an 8-question challenge [5] to the Alt Right that they justify their positions to the satisfaction of his own high moral standards. The queries include “Should interracial couples be forced to separate?” and “Should women have a role in public life?” As nauseating as it is, they are questions that we need to get used to answering.

Another lesson from the Kraut episode is that we need to be prepared for people who come from outside our movement. As more Skeptics drift into our camp, some of them will not be as hardcore as we might like them to be or “not there yet.” Few become full-blown White Nationalists overnight, and some patience is required for new converts.

After initially being allied with Kraut, ex-Skeptic Andy Warski has been very generous in giving race realism a fair hearing [6] on his popular YouTube stream. By allowing identitarians a platform, Andy Warski is risking the wrath of Antifa and the SPLC, not to mention the YouTube censors. He is not /OurGuy/, but he deserves our respect nonetheless for taking risks and helping us get our message to new ears.

The war with the Skeptics has produced a few heroes from outside the movement. One such hero of the Skeptic war is J. F. Galiepe. JFG identifies as libertarian and was largely unknown to the movement but has emerged as a valuable authority on race realism. Since Kraut’s resignation, JFG has appeared on The Daily Shoah and Red Ice.

However, Rage After Storm, the YouTuber who kicked off Kraut’s odd journey, was quickly disowned by her Skeptic friends after declaring herself a White Nationalist and bullycided off social media before many in the Alt Right knew what is going on. In my opinion, it looks bad for the movement for this to happen. People need to know that if they come out as pro-white that White Nationalists will have their back. Skeptics will slowly start to defect to White Nationalism, and they may not be as hardcore as we would like at first but they should have our support nonetheless.

In the end it was the moderates, not the purists, who won the day here. The main heroes of the Kraut Wars were people like JFG, the Alternative Hypothesis, and Millennial Woes. None of these guys can be described as edgelords or purists. Solid arguments and quality content, not trolling, is what has brought the Skeptics to the brink of collapse.

Finally, the Kraut and Tea debacle is a cautionary tale of how destructive narcissistic sociopaths can be if allowed into positions of influence in a movement. There’s a lesson here for the Alt Right.

Kraut’s downfall was not brought about by a man’s stubborn defense of a strongly held (but incorrect) conviction but by a man’s desperate attempt to protect his fragile ego and fraudulent image as a YouTube bigshot and smart guy.  It was 100% about his ego from the beginning. And what an ego it is . . .

Kraut was delusional to think he could defeat Ryan Faulk in a debate about race realism. That suggests a confidence in his talents far out of touch with reality. But the really twisted part of Kraut’s downfall was his refusal to concede defeat once it was clear that he could not win. His ego simply would not allow him to admit that he made a mistake and correct course. So he kept doubling down again and again.

Kraut was like the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. As he took grievous wound after grievous wound, he only became more arrogant and boastful. Just when you thought “Surely he must give up now!”  Kraut charged forward again only to lose another limb.

Kraut did not just self-destruct but by recruiting other YouTubers into his mad adventure, he ended up implicating many others in crime, some innocent, some not. The credibility of everyone Kraut came into contact with is now under suspicion.

To make matters worse for the Skeptics, there is the matter of the Kilroy Free Speech Event. Kilroy was a conference that was to be the Skeptics’ big coming out party. A big event where they could flex their cultural muscles. However, the job of organizing Kilroy fell into the hands of YouTuber and con artist Based Mama who turned the event a farcical money-making scam.

Between Kraut and Tea and Based Mama, the antics of these two sociopaths have managed to take a popular and thriving online community and make its name synonymous with dishonesty and incompetence. The Skeptic brand will never recover. Will the Alt Right brand be far behind?