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Déjà Jew:
Jared Taylor & the “Alt Right Purge” on Twitter

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On December 18th, Twitter deleted the accounts of Jared Taylor and American Renaissance [2] and other groups considered to be on the ‘Alt Right.’ I don’t know why, but this affected me far worse than the mass deplatforming which took place after the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally this past summer. At least after Charlottesville, there was an ostensible reason for the mainstream’s reaction. Of course, it was a bad reason, but the obvious cause and effect did give the impression there was some rationality behind it all. In this most recent round, there wasn’t any. Twitter just announced that it was suddenly closing the accounts of members who have an “affiliation with violent extremist groups.” In addition to Amren, Twitter also axed Jayda Fransen of Britain First, the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, Generation Identity, and Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent. Just to round things off, the New Black Panther account was also deleted.

Immediately after the news broke, my emotional state became a surly cocktail of anger, sadness, and resentment. Jared Taylor by any objective standard is an impeccable gentleman and a font of class. To say he has any truck with groups that plot violence is not only ridiculous and ignorant of the man’s work, it’s also base calumny. I wonder if Taylor has any grounds to sue Twitter for libel. In any event, we all know the real reasons behind this latest attack on the Dissident Right. Jared Taylor is a race-realist white person who sticks up for white interests. This cannot be allowed in polite society anymore. Why? Because the cultural elites who determine what is right and wrong today have made it their prime goal to include non-whites into polite society, despite how many non-whites are by their very nature impolite. This inclusion is so important to our elites, they would rather overlook non-white impoliteness than keep polite society truly polite. They would also rather appease impolite non-whites who object to what Jared Taylor says than keep polite society polite. This is why nice guys like Jared Taylor had to go, but real extremists like Black Lives Matter [3] and the Muslim Brotherhood [4] get to keep their Twitter accounts. And this says nothing of the plethora of anti-white hate [5] being spewed on Twitter daily. By shutting out Taylor and people like him, Western culture continues to conform to non-Western, non-white norms. Never mind that most of these non-Western, non-white norms are manifestly inferior to Western ones. Never mind that most non-Western, non-white societies are poor, violent, and corrupt. By letting this happen, men of the West are simply losing their nerve and faith in themselves. We shouldn’t tolerate this at all. Yet we do.

The crass injustice of it all saddened me, as well as the seemingly inexorable decline of civilization that this action signified. Also, now that Taylor is gone, the far-right end of polite discourse on Twitter consists of everyone to the left of him, namely Ann Coulter, Paul Joseph Watson, Stefan Molyneux, and other ‘Alt Lite’ types. How long will it take before they get the boot as well? It may take a while, maybe eight or ten years. It will also depend on Donald Trump’s performance as president and who eventually replaces him. But if history is any indication, progress will continue. As America becomes browner, anti-white attitudes will become more common, and the nation will continue to lurch leftward. Today there is a difference between being a patriotic conservative American and being explicitly pro-white. Tomorrow, in the eyes of our cultural elites, there will not be. Coulter and the rest will be lumped together with Jared Taylor (whether they want to be or not) and then banished from polite discourse along with him.

This is our future, and we all know it. This perhaps is why many white identitarians, advocates, and nationalists presently have such little faith in America and are just biding time before a split will occur so we can start all over from scratch.

But what got me really thinking was how false this all is. Jared Taylor has been saying basically the same thing for twenty-five years now. He’s made no secret about his advocacy for the white race, yet for years Twitter has been putting up with him. Now, all of the sudden, he violates Twitter policy? Now, all of the sudden, he’s associating with “violent extremist groups”? Were the folks at Twitter just ignorant of Taylor and American Renaissance all this time and then suddenly discovered what a threat he was to all the polite discourse happening on Twitter these days?

Of course, this is ridiculous. Someone, somehow at some point must have applied pressure on Twitter to turn their back on the First Amendment and go after people like Jared Taylor. I don’t think Twitter is the primary culprit here otherwise they would have exiled Taylor and American Renaissance years ago. I believe instead that Twitter is downwind of the real culprits, the people with deep pockets who have the power to control media giants like Twitter.

It’s times like this when I have a feeling which I call déjà Jew. For example, when someone with odd-sounding name goes on an unhinged liberal rant on the news or on social media, the tired, bitter cynic in you thinks, “Jew.” Then you look him up to verify and discover, once again, that you are right.

From the ADL [6]:

“ADL commends Twitter for taking these significant steps to tackle hate on their platform. We long urged Twitter to push back against hateful and violent rhetoric, and these latest actions are encouraging,” CEO and National Director Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement. “Transparency about their guidelines can build trust between users and the general public even further. We know there is no magic wand, and challenges remain. We are committed to working with Twitter and other companies to continue the fight against hate online.

Now, I don’t like feeling déjà Jew. Summing people up in a negative light before you have all the facts or before you can get to know them is an ugly practice. But when preemptive pessimism hits the mother lode eighty percent of the time (yes, for me it’s about that high), what is one to do? Ignore the ugly truth? In this case I have no idea if the ADL was really acting behind the curtains to remove Amren. I wasn’t there. However, the ADL admits on its own website that it had “urged” Twitter to ban folks like Taylor and promises it will be “working with Twitter and other companies” to ban even more people. Are ‘urging’ and ‘working’ synonyms here? What does the ADL mean by this? Perhaps urging is all it was. On the other hand, would we put it past an anti-white hate group like the Anti-Defamation League to resort to something slightly stronger than mere urging? Who knows? It’s not like the deep pockets aren’t there. [7]

But if my hypothesis is correct—that Twitter’s actions were really downwind from the impetus of these actions—then what conclusion can we draw? It’s easy to think that human beings have a table of values in their minds from which they determine what’s right and wrong. And I am sure some of us do. But for most people, this table of values tells them not what is right and wrong but what is permissible and what isn’t. Big difference. This is because most people look to others to do their most difficult thinking for them. As we all know, most people have a hard time thinking for themselves, especially when it comes to dealing with thorny moral issues. These “others” could be college professors or religious leaders, celebrities or athletes, philosophers or scientists. But from where do they get their table of values? It all has to start somewhere, right?

Here’s where we have to delve into history or even pre-history. I’m sure if you asked Jared Taylor who does the most to inform his personal system of values, the American Founding Fathers would at some point enter the conversation. Of course, those men studied Enlightenment philosophers such as Locke and Hobbes. And the Enlightenment philosophers studied the ancient Romans and Greeks and so on and so on until no one remembers anymore. If the source of our values goes back that far, then it can only be understood as Nature. Our values are perfectly natural and therefore do not need justification. For a Christian, the primary source of this table of values is Christ, obviously. And before Him, there can only be God.

God or Nature. It’s comforting to think that one’s table of values springs from either of these, which are, as we all know, greater than Man. This is why Edmund Burke believed so fervently in the divine inspiration behind tradition and fought so hard against the radicalism of the French Revolution. Man’s institutions evolve out of necessity and comprise the extent of hard-earned human wisdom and knowledge. We usurp them at our peril. (Of course, this may or may not be true given the circumstances. But erring on the side of caution will usually produce fewer catastrophes than erring on the side of recklessness, as both the French and Russian revolutions have demonstrated.)

Taking this idea even further, one could argue that this ‘Alt Right Purge’, as it is being called, represents the replacement at Twitter of an American or Enlightenment table of values (which values free speech, individualism, and democracy) with a Marxist one (which values equality, conformity, and totalitarianism). At one point, the folks at Twitter claimed to care about free speech. No longer. They now take their cue from the Marxist egalitarians who enforce political correctness. As Samuel Huntington pointed out, “culture always follows power.” So whence comes this culture shift at Twitter? Probably from where the power is. If not the ADL or the SPLC or similar groups, then it must have come from members of the elite who impressed upon Twitter that it would be a bigger pain in the ass keeping Amren than letting it go. Remember, most people don’t really believe their table of values. They simply follow them to avoid doing or saying things that are impermissible. Life is easier that way. And more profitable.

But from where do our politically correct elites get their table of values? The easy answer would be Karl Marx since modern Leftism flows basically from him through the twin conduits of socialism and communism. Vox Day makes the case for John Stuart Mill in his work SJWs Always Lie. Here is the passage from Mill’s Utilitarianism that Day quotes:

Society should treat all equally well who have deserved equally well of it, that is, who have deserved equally well absolutely. This is the highest abstract standard of social and distributive justice; towards which all institutions, and the efforts of all virtuous citizens should be made in the utmost degree to converge.

In either case, however, I don’t believe that the people who muscled Twitter into removing Jared Taylor care all that much about the current incarnation of ideas promulgated by Marx or Mill. Their social justice warrior epigones may. Their Antifa foot soldiers may. Same with their useful idiots in the media and in academia. But I believe the forces behind the leftward culture shift we’ve been experiencing since World War II run too deep to be explained by ideology alone. So if it’s not ideology or any other acquired system of values, such as religion, then what’s left?

What’s left is identity. And identity always trumps ideology.

The Left has been gaining ground on the Right in the culture wars for the past seventy years because the Left embraces racial identity and the Right does not. Instead, the Right eschews race for ideology, be it libertarianism (Rand Paul), conservatism (Paul Ryan), Christianity (Mike Huckabee), or civic nationalism (Steve Bannon). For non-whites on the Left, whatever flavor of color you are informs your social and political allegiances. It’s the same for whites on the Left. They are keenly aware of their own race, only they choose to identify against it [8]. In either case, racial identity is the prime driver on the Left. And against the rusty Rolodex of disparate recipes the Right has become, identity cannot lose.

As shown in Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique [9], liberal diaspora Jews with the will to power have historically identified as Jews; that is ethnically, if not religiously. They have therefore acted in ways which would benefit their own little nation within nations. In most cases, this entails suppressing tradition, identity, and nationalism among the white goyim. Freud’s psychology achieves this by encouraging sexuality and chipping away at monogamous marriage and the nuclear family. Franz Boas’ anthropology achieves this by overruling Darwinian evolution as it relates to human beings and placing all civilizations on equal footing. The Frankfurt School achieved this by pathologizing conformity to Western norms among white gentiles while ignoring similar conformity among Jews. Jewish scientists like Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Lewontin achieved this by denying the heritability of IQ and anathematizing any academic suggesting otherwise. Jewish politicians and pundits for years have achieved this by calling for non-white immigration into white nations in order to break white majorities there.

I can go on and on.

The reason why I believe the Alt Right purge was identity-driven and not ideologically-driven is because it wasn’t consistent. Ideology looks good on paper but tends to fail over time in real life because it strives towards the mathematical symmetry which makes it so attractive in the abstract. For example, after 9/11, the best way to prevent another such attack would have been to end all Arab immigration and deport all Arab Muslims from the United States. But since race did not play into the calculus of any mainstream Rightist ideology at the time, no such steps were called for. You see, people on the Right strove to be consistent when the exigencies on the ground were telling them to do otherwise.

An identitarian on the other hand does not need to be consistent. He only needs to do what’s best for his tribe, nation, or race. That the Muslim Brotherhood and Black Lives Matter still have Twitter accounts and Jared Taylor does not gives off the distinctive whiff of identitarianism which I am sure many of us have smelled before. Hence déjà Jew. Who else has the power to effect culture in such a way to suppress the overt racial identity of white people? Who else has the power to prop up and legitimize racial identity among non-whites? And how can we not look to Jewish elites as the villains here after the Anti-Defamation League openly brags about colluding with Twitter on its website?

Either that or we are talking about the other twenty percent. Take your pick.