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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 207
Answering Sargon of Akkad

136 words / 57:46

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Millennial Woes leads Greg Johnson through YouTube Skeptic Sargon of Akkad’s eight questions for White Nationalists. The questions are:

  1.  Are Jews Oppressing White People?
  2. Should Interracial Couples be Forced to Separate?
  3. Should the Government Prevent Citizens from Leaving the Country to Preserve the Race?
  4. Should the State Control Education?
  5. Should the State Control the Media?
  6. Should the State Control the Economy?
  7. Do the Decisions of Individual White People Matter to the Alt-Right’s Goals?
  8. Should Women Have a Role in Public Life?

Articles mentioned:

  1. Travis LeBlanc, “The Skeptic War
  2. Greg Johnson, “The Slow Cleanse
  3. Greg Johnson, “Hegemony



  1. Rodger james
    Posted January 5, 2018 at 6:12 am | Permalink

    No way would I support compulsory education in an ethno state, but those are issues we can hammer out once we get that state.

  2. Rob Bottom
    Posted January 5, 2018 at 8:54 am | Permalink

    It’s pretty clear that Sargon put out his survey in bad faith just based on the horseshoe theory wording of the questions. Q1 attempts to draw parallels to common SJW mantras such as “whites are oppressing minorities”.

    Q3, the notion that whites are losing their majority status in their nations because whites are moving away might seem relevant in Britain (where many boomers move to warmer climes in retirement), the real problem is of course mass immigration of non-whites into our countries. Besides, most of the British boomers are moving to other European countries like Spain. Whites moving between white ethnostates would not be a problem needing government intervention.

    Questions 4, 5, and 6 are clearly trying to equate communist dictatorships, which the alt-right opposes, with alt-right policies for a white ethnostate. The question also seems to imply that our current governments don’t exert any control over these areas, and that any form of governmental control would be inherently negative.

    Q8 seems to be about drawing parallels between Islam and the alt-right. Again, it’s about the horseshoe theory that the far left and far right are mirror images and only a moderate centrist position is tenable.

    This was an interesting discussion despite that, but really Sargon can fuck off.

  3. Captain John Charity Spring MA
    Posted January 5, 2018 at 9:51 am | Permalink

    Sargon is looking for a big media gig.

  4. Taylor McClain
    Posted January 5, 2018 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    I am not a fan of Sargon and I’m not sure why he posed these questions. I am sure, however, that he did not intend to provide Counter-Currents a platform to set forth the most succinct, straightforward defense of the North American New Right that I have been privileged to listen to. It was refreshing to hear Greg Johnson give an immediate “yes” to many of the questions before elucidating. No hesitation or equivocation, just “yes.” One can disagree but there can be no doubt as to Johnson’s vision. I think I’m going to reduce this to a typed summary for my personal use. Congratulations Dr. Johnson!

  5. twochairs
    Posted January 5, 2018 at 12:57 pm | Permalink

    This is great treatment of Sargon’s questions, but I would push back against Greg’s call for universal public schooling, if and when it brings a “White America” into conflict with luddite groups like the Amish or Menonites. These groups do very little free-riding, don’t promote decadence or anti-white hostility, and their systems of social organization and technical knowledge make them anti-fragile. They should be respected and protected as caches of white genes that have a greater chance of surviving the type of systemic collapse that be brought about by natural disaster, emt attack or other sudden externality.
    William Lind’s discussion of his novel “Victoria” on Rebel Yell features a detailed treatment of the Amish and similar peoples.

    • Lexi
      Posted January 5, 2018 at 9:25 pm | Permalink

      A major benefit of homeschooling is that it gets exceptionally bright women really excited about motherhood. Babyhood and nursing are pure bliss, but let’s face it, two and threes are very trying. Fours are adorable, and fives start to get really interesting. When you send your child off to kindergarten after several difficult years of diaper-changing and temper tantrums, you kind of feel like you’re being robbed of the best parts of being a Mom. Also, day school alone is usually not enough, and children get homework, which takes up another chunk of what little time you have with your child.

      Of course, Greg is quite right that public schooling would be much more efficient in a White ethnostate, and homeschooling would probably be a marginal phenomenon, at least among the working and middle classes.

  6. Joseph
    Posted January 5, 2018 at 10:18 pm | Permalink

    I thought the answer to the first question was really good, but then that’s a pretty easy question.

    The answer to the second question though, was not satisfying, and that was the most difficult one.

    White Nationalism, at this point, in North America – requires massive expulsions of people.
    That is the question you need to answer, it’s far more difficult than any of the eight posed here.

    The Question is: “how do you intend to expel non-whites from your ethnostate?”

    Your answer to number two (which is the smaller corner-case of mixed race couples, but will do as an example) is ridiculous. “If a white guy married a Japanese then they can move to Japan.”

    This is totally unrealistic. The Japanese woman could be generation two, three or even four at this point in America. It’s unlikely Japan will take her (and her husband). Few 2nd generation or later Japanese-Americans speak that language. Except for a small highly educated and talented minority, this won’t be a possibility.

    What about the talentless? What are you going to do with the 37% of Mississippi which is black? Do you expect them to go ‘back to Africa’? That’s not going to be popular with Southern blacks, I’m pretty sure. And, to state the obvious, they have been here on average over 300 years and have zero connection with any African state.

    Are you willing to fight a war that dwarfs the civil war in the South to achieve you goal?

    Mississippi has about 1 million blacks, it’s the highest percentage, but not the highest in absolute terms. Georgia has 3.1M, Louisiana 1.5M, Alabama 1.2M and South Carolina 1.2M. About 8 million in the five states comprising the “heart of Dixie”. The last person to try to relocate 8 million people was Hitler. He had the advantage of very controlled communication, a completely disarmed populace, a physically docile minority in the European Jews, and a very large and effective Army. Even so, eventually he failed.

    Trying to duplicate that with American blacks, an extremely violent group, many armed, with zero sense of a need to follow orders given by white authorities. It’s going to be a lot harder.
    Do you think you can win such a battle? Do you think it’s moral to wage such a war, that even if successful with result in the deaths of millions of innocent people and make homeless refugees of millions more.

    The West, what we want to preserve, is not *only* about genetics. There is the culture that we built, Does our sense of morality, which admittedly is sometimes poorly calibrated and veers into the dangerous ‘pathological altruism’ level, really permit us to perpetrate such atrocities. Look at the weakness of modern-day Germany, isn’t that mostly caused by collective guilt over the last time such a plan was seriously attempted?

    Harold Covington, who is a self-admitted neo-Nazi and has no problem with murder as a tool of ethnic cleansing (having written a whole novel series on it) at least realized that taking back all of the USA or most of North America would be impossible, so set his sights on “The Northwest Republic”, comprising modern day Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

    But even there the same question portends: what do you do with all the people already there? There are a lot of immigrants in these states, to be sure, but again you have many many 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation non-white groups. Non-Hispanic Whites are 69% of Washington, 76% of Oregon and 82% of Idaho. Do the math and you have about 3.5 million non-whites out of a population of 13 million.

    This is in the face of Harold and other White Nationalists calling for whites to in-migrate to those states. The homecoming isn’t happening fast enough to even keep the ethnic balance where it was in 2000. Each year that goes by the odds get worse and worse in this area. (I know, I live here.)

    So, the Northwest is not a lot more promising as a place for ethnic cleansing than the South. Covington’s books make for fun reading, and at least he is willing to frankly confront the terrible level of violence that would be needed to force millions of people into being refugees. But again, these people are not poor African subsistence farmers, one has to expect a pretty vicious armed resistance to ethnic cleansing by a empowered White Nationalist government. (even leaving aside response from other States and Nations).

    Over and over I see White Nationalists skipping over this issue. Saying the odd American with a Japanese wife can move to Japan is just a complete dodge. Pierce County Washington (Tacoma, just south of Seattle) is a highly urbanized highly minority county. Something like the “Warsaw Rising” is probably the realistic result of trying to ethnically cleanse such an area. That is: complete destruction of the city and massive casualties on both sides. 25,000 military casualties on each side, 150,000 to 200,000 killed, and 800,000 made into refugees.

    The casual dismissal or refusal to deal forthrightly with what would really be required to ethnically cleanse any of the proposed future North American White Ethnostates (not to mention the entire USA which many WN’s advocate) is a huge weakness of the movement.

    Everyone is dreaming about what “comes after” we create our ethnostate. No one is talking about how that will happen (except for one old sociopathic sci-fi writer in Tacoma). The right-wing “patriot movement” has a similar failure mode. Their fantasies of setting things right begin with the “SHTF” moment when all modern systems fail (usually attributed to a banking crisis), and a purge situation and massive die off of those who didn’t prep adequately “clears the land” for the faithful patriots to re-establish a true Constitutional Republic.

    But in both cases without the highly unlikely percursor event both groups remain pretty powerless. Planning to do great stuff after an event that never happens doesn’t result in much positive change of the things you’d like to see changed.

    Which is why I continue to urge leaders of the WN movement to put aside the dark fantasy future sci-fi scenarios and work on more realistic plans that can actually benefit out people.

    Finally, I’ve not talked about the white deaths resulting from your ethnic cleansing plan. But I think many of us, looking back at the 20th Century feel that the deaths of millions and millions of European males in the prime of life in the two useless World Wars were, in fact, the worst thing that has ever happened to white people. Just in terms of demographics, it seems like you haven’t learned the same lesson many of us have. “No brother wars”. A war of expulsion, while ostensibly against other races and ethnic groups, would undoubtedly, (in the modern American context) result in many millions of white deaths on both sides of the conflict. Is that really a path to ensuring the survival of our people? I think not.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted January 7, 2018 at 10:54 am | Permalink

      This strikes me as boomer-cuck defeatist concern trolling.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Posted January 7, 2018 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

      There are about a 100,000,000 non-Whites in the USA. To remove them you need : 1) The political will and power, 2) The means of transport. 3) The money.

      To bring the idea of removing them somewhat closer from fantasy to reality, let us first talk about 2) and 3) and then about 1).

      2) TRANSPORT. Let us assume that on average it takes no more than 12 hours to transport a person by airplane from the US to his destination, so that the airplane can return to the US within one day. A jumbojet can transport up to 660 persons per flight. If you want to remove all non-Whites in 10 years you need to transport 10,000,000 persons per year, that is 27,397 persons per day. For that you would need 41,5 say 42 jumbojets. If you want to “take it easy” and transport them in 25 years, then you need to transport 4,000,000 persons per year, that is 10,959 per day. For that you would need only 16,6 say 17 jumbojets. Does that sound “impossible” to you ?

      3) MONEY. If you want to financially compensate those who are to be removed with say $10,000 per person (and that includes little babies) then that would cost one trillion dollar ($1,000,000,000,000). If we assume that there are 200,000,000 Whites in the US who have to pay that cost by an extra tax, then every white American would have to pay $5,000. If you choose the short removal period of 10 years, then that would cost on average every white American $500 per year, that is $41.67 per month. If you choose the long removal period of 25 years, then that would cost every white American $200 per year, that is $16.67 per month. But suppose you find $10,000 compensation money too little and want to give $20,000 per person. Then the cost per white American would double to $1,000 per year, or $ 83.34 per month for the 10 year removal period or $400 per year or $33.34 per month for the 25 year removal period. Does that sound “impossible” to you ?

      1) POLITICAL WILL AND POWER. Assuming that a White Nationalist party has taken power in the US, then by definition the political will would already be present. But could such a White Nationalist government implement its removal program against the will of (leftist) Whites, the non-Whites and the will of the governments of the receiving countries ? You do not need a majority approval of the white population. Keep in mind that the 1965 change of immigration act was achieved by Jewish lobbying behind the scenes and not by mass approval. If the removal is implemented in an orderly and humane way, divided over a period of 10 or even 25 years, there still will be protests and demonstrations (similar to the election of Trump), but no mass insurgency. The non-Whites will be gradually excluded from social benefits until they accept reality and cooperate. Governments of the receiving countries can be bribed or lured with useful development projects. Israel has successfully bribed African countries to accept its African refugees. In spite of the “racist” idea implicated, it works. So politically it will not be easy but not impossible either.

      As for poor American Japanese who will have to learn the Japanese language, that is a burden every immigrant has to bear. Most immigrants in the US didn’t know English either. Hawaii could be a destination for Eurasians. It has already a considerable Eurasian population. Part of the archipelago could be reserved for them and given independence.

      But first we will have to change the regime and for that we will have to change the culture and engage in what Greg Johnson calls “meta-politics”, quod agimus.

  7. Hoppean-Bolshevik
    Posted January 6, 2018 at 10:00 am | Permalink

    The questions about “government control” are an attempt for him to attack the alt-right as “Communist”.

    This is especially hilarious considering he himself support socialized medicine.

    It’s a frequent tactic of Sargon to shift around the definition of a word from sentence to sentence for his own benefit.

    If he supports socialized medicine, that’s “not Communism” because he’s not proposing to outlaw money or private property.

    If someone he doesn’t like proposes socialized healthcare though, or even mild economic regulation, the kind of which already exists in every Western country, then he declares that to be communism. Because now the definition of Communism has changed from a strict classical Marxist interpretation to just any old thing that isn’t hardcore autistic libertarianism.

  8. Captain John Charity Spring MA
    Posted January 6, 2018 at 11:27 am | Permalink

    Firstly let’s call this Sargon by his real name.

    Carl Benjamin.

    Benjamin comes out swinging on behalf of the Liberal Democratic status quo. Benjamin denies the existence of a white race. Benjamin is very concerned about what violence the Ethnostate night have in store for Jews, Blacks and assorted minority groups. It’s all very high minded.

    He repeatedly states that he couldn’t care less what happens to white people in the current trajectory or direction things are heading. Minority status for whites in their various homelands.

    Benjamin presumably thinks that the manifestation of Democratic Liberalism we now suffer is the optimal political expression of The Good and that it is Wise.

    Yet it’s propped up by a bloodbath war every decade to plunder some troublesome Neo-Hitler and propped up by heavy taxation on productive whites to pay subsidies to less productive and destructive blacks.

    He argues like a Rabbi as he ignores this reality.

  9. Captain John Charity Spring MA
    Posted January 6, 2018 at 11:29 am | Permalink

    You have compulsory education now.

  10. archiloc
    Posted January 6, 2018 at 1:27 pm | Permalink

    Good answers

  11. K
    Posted January 6, 2018 at 10:47 pm | Permalink

    Individualists like Sargon need to work and live in one of China’s major cities. Let’s see how much he would like the incredibly low-trust and constant back stabbing of radically individualist Chinese.

  12. Proofreader
    Posted January 7, 2018 at 1:12 am | Permalink

    Sargon of Akkad is reported to have tweeted interracial homosexual pornography to troll “alt rightists.” If this is true, it says all you need to know about his character.

  13. Dark Enlightenment
    Posted January 7, 2018 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

    The idea that the state doesn’t control the education, media and economic life of the nation already is absurd.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted January 7, 2018 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

      They are controlled, but ultimately not by the state — because the state is controlled by unaccountable non-state elites, who simply use the state as a tool of control. Having actual state control would be better, because the state is in principle accountable to the people. And by accountable, I mean that the people who exercise power are known and can be installed or deposed by the people, and if they commit treason or violate the laws, they can be punished.

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