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The White Nationalist Who Stole Christmas

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Overall, the White Nationalist movement is positive. The “positivity” of the movement emanates from our collective ethnonationalistic desire for transformational change. Above all, we ethnonationalists aim to preserve the White race via the creation of racially homogeneous ethnostates. In channeling the ancient Greek lyrical poet Pindar, Friedrich Nietzsche urges us to become what we are (German: Du sollst der werden, der du bist). More importantly, it is through the Nietzschean action of becoming, of manifestly exerting the core of our European Faustian soul onto the existential world, by which we Europeans can transfigure objective reality into something greater. Nietzsche’s entire philosophical corpus can be defined by a sense of active nihilism; nihilism as a process of transformation. By default, as ethnonationalists we are the ultimate Nietzscheans: eschewing the false artificiality of the reigning order, we seek its destruction, and by extension, racial and civilizational regeneration. As Europeans we seek to transcend the boundaries of human experience, and by our deeds pay homage to our Faustian souls. As ethnonationalists, we seek revolutionary transformation in the service of a revitalization of high culture. To achieve these ultimate ends, we must first reassert control over the symbols of our racio-historic past.

Perception is key, and optics everything, yet the true positivity of our movement is obscured by a sundry of entrenched powers, who oppose not only our ethnonationalist movement, but White racial identify as a whole. In point of fact, as a group, and regardless of nominal gains into the mainstream, we are a marginal movement, not for a lack message or purpose, but rather because collectively we are perceived as being tantamount to a gaggle of Seussian Grinches. The establishment is our bête noire, and we are its, and as such it will do everything in its power to annihilate us, and vice versa. Democracy, wearing the veneer of liberal-humanism, is both our greatest enemy and our temporary savior. Though ultimately soul-crushing, the inevitable course towards racial extinction that we Europeans currently find ourselves on at the behest of the current system is set to slow-burn. Oswald Spengler posited that history has a tempo, and by proxy White racial annihilation, as a historical process, is beholden to the tempo of history. Democracy as a system of government suffers from a series of deficiencies, and its outright inability to move beyond its humanistic dogma, most notably an ever shifting definition of so-called human rights, will be our people’s saving grace. Our ultimate objective is to shatter the fever dream that is the reigning multicultural order, and because of this, the movers and shakers of opinion, the peddlers of the twisted liberal-humanist ideology so contrary to our racial soul, will ostracize us through marginalization, as they are incapable of doing anything else. Our goal as individuals, and collectively as a movement, is to evade ostracization by conforming externally, but revolting internally. Eventually as our numbers grow we will achieve a point of critical mass and shift the direction of politics, but until this event occurs our only duty is to survive.

In order to overcome those who oppose us, we must adopt an asymmetrical metapolitical strategy. Part and parcel of this asymmetrical strategy is the adoption of the traditional iconography of the American and Western sociocultural milieu. Case in point, the swastika is a beautiful religious symbol, and part of our greater European racio-cultural patrimony, yet for all intents and purposes its utilization only furthers the agenda of those who seek to relegate us to the fringes. Rather than the swastika, we should be proudly displaying the American flag and interrelated mainstream imagery. As a movement our main objective is to expand, and inversely not to further own demise by tacitly aiding the establishment in our own racial annihilation. When one boils down the movement to its constituent parts, we are seekers of racial revitalization, and this is achieved first through the reclamation of the symbols of our ancestral past; of the symbols forged by the blood, sweat and toil of our people. In time, the swastika can be reappropriated, but in the present, symbols like the American flag and more specifically holidays like Christmas, are propagandistic vessels better suited for the attainment of our pragmatic ideological objectives. Politically, we are at a distinct disadvantage, despite any fleeting momentum, and as such our pragmatism must be opportunistic in orientation.

Pragmatically speaking, the Grinch — like Christianity — has a Semitic origin; but at its heart, everything great about both is quintessentially European, or more aptly, Germanic, in nature. Historically speaking, as the Germanic tribes of Europe converted to Christianity from roughly 300 to 800 A.D., their conversion catalyzed a concomitant “Germanization” of Christianity. In short, everything good about Christianity, from sacral kingship to its vitalistic warrior ethos was a byproduct of this process of “Germanization.” Christmas was one of the many socio-religious aspects of Pagan Europe adopted during the “Germanization” or “Paganization” of Christianity, and thus is intrinsic to the spirit of Europe which resides in all Europeans. As such, Christmas, like the American flag, is a symbol that as a movement we should be seeking to reclaim. Like the American flag, Christmas has been co-opted and weaponized by the enemies of our race, for the purposeful, if indirect, destruction of our people. In times past, Christmas was a sacrosanct day of thanksgiving, with numerous socio-religious, Pagano-Christian overtones. It was a holy day for honoring our ancestors and the Germano-European spirit of Christianity, i.e., family and community, until its commercialization, or rather its “Judaization,” began earnestly in the early twentieth century. In a process not entirely dissimilar to that which deracinated and in turn desacralized the American flag, Christmas was, and still is being stripped of its ancestral European core, and is being replaced with the amorphous black-heart of a vapid and soulless consumerism. Interchangeability is the end-game of our Judaic masters and the global elite, and the interchangeability of people, of our people’s transformation into the lifeless cogs of the machine that is global capital, begins first with the destruction of our symbols, and ends “Not with a bang but a whimper,” as our race spirals towards dissolution.

But despair not, fellow traveler, as there is hope for both the White race, and for the rich tapestry of symbols which constitute the metapolitical framework of our racio-cultural patrimony. In fact, the reclamation of our European symbols, symbols like Christmas and the American flag, are not only acts of defiance, but badges of honor to be proudly displaced and used for the purpose of semiotics. The founder of contemporary geopolitics Karl Haushofer wrote that “war was the last great test of a nation’s right to exist,” and as our current war is a metapolitical struggle of attrition, final victory will only come when we begin reappropriating, and in turn, once again begin taking pride in our ancestral past. The adoption of the symbolic traditions of our European past is the opening stages of a much larger asymmetrical metapolitical revolt, whose ultimate culmination is the recreation and ascension of a White-European ethnostate. As George Orwell wrote in 1984, “he who controls the past controls the future,” and as we gradually start to reassert control over the symbols and traditions of our ancestral past, we will be endowing ourselves with the instruments of power necessary to shape and define our racial future. Like the Grinch who stole Christmas, we must once again “steal” Christmas from those who’ve despoiled and weaponized it, and like our Germanic ancestors, reinvigorate it with the spirit of Europe, so if only to give it back to the normies of “Whoville,” regenerated and revitalized.