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On Misogyny in the Alt Right

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Recently, I had an experience at the bank which I will never forget. It has, in my opinion, special relevance to the latest controversy regarding certain high-profile women in the Alt Right, most notably YouTube sensation Tara McCarthy and Alt Right journalist Lauren Southern. 

Really, it’s not much of a controversy given that an army of trolls have decided to gang up on these two and other women for reasons which are, frankly, unreasonable. In McCarthy’s case, one major charge is that she was trying to manipulate Alt Right men by calling on them to help ease the heat she was under from the aforementioned troll army. And in Southern’s case, the gripe was that she once briefly dated a half-black boy a few years ago. Other charges include these women being too successful, being frivolous with their money, being attention whores, being feminists who like to collect white knights, and being hypocrites who preach traditionalism yet have no children themselves. Petty stuff like this. Sadly, the abuse these women have endured from a large number of male viewers is not petty at all. In fact, it is vicious. It was also, in many cases, coordinated by people not on the Alt Right who wish to take advantage of the insecurities of many of us who are. Millennial Woes provides a thorough rundown of the affair, and Greg Johnson gives us all the reasons for remaining in the movement in spite of it. Like these two men, I lend my unconditional support to the women who have received this nasty and completely uncalled for harassment.

My trip to the bank about a month ago was somewhat unusual, and I knew it would require special attention from a teller. I estimated the transaction would take about fifteen minutes. Right away, I found my teller, and I couldn’t believe that this person was the person with whom I was about to interact. What I was seeing was a beautiful woman. She seemed in her mid-twenties, about five feet seven or eight inches tall. She had exquisitely smooth and lustrous brown hair, arresting brown eyes, and a classic movie-star beauty which reminded me of a young Ingrid Bergman. As I was preparing myself to deal with such a stunning specimen of womanhood, I asked myself, “Why is she here? Why is she not working for a modeling agency selling perfume or diamonds?” I asked this because in my line of work and the circles in which I travel, you don’t often find jaw-droppingly beautiful women who are just standing there waiting for you to come up and talk to them. During our encounter I had to look away from her a few times because I didn’t want it to seem as if I, a happily-married husband and father, were mooning over a girl practically young enough to be my daughter. (The temptation was there, believe me.)

Anyway, she was perfectly nice and professional, and our entire transaction took about ten minutes. I left the bank satisfied that I had completed that errand and was free to run the next one. Yet as I stepped into the parking lot, I experienced a thoroughly unwelcome emotion, one I hadn’t experienced in a long time: heartache. A nice, jarring stab of it, too. And this wasn’t even mature, manly heartache, the kind no one could really blame me for having. No, no, this was a return of the angsty, juvenile heartache that everyone over thirty wants to forget. This was the heartache that plagued countless lonely nights throughout my pretty goddamn pathetic youth. I remember them well.

I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.
I do not think that they will sing to me.

Of course, I never once felt any resentment or anger towards the nice girl at the bank. But I knew she was the cause of this heartache. But how? Why? The answer came to me immediately: she never smiled at me. Not once. For me, she was nothing less than a vision, the epitome of what the human form can attain. For her, however, I was just another customer, deserving of prompt service and common courtesy and nothing more. This beautiful creature couldn’t even spare me a single solitary smile.

Realizing this made me feel so mean.

Thankfully, I have a lot of control over myself and my life, so I got over these doldrums in a matter of seconds. That girl was way out of my league anyway. Even if I were single and in my prime, a girl like that would have no business giving me anything more than the time of day. That’s just the way it is, and I accept it. Plus, it’s not like she did anything wrong. Her behavior as my teller that afternoon had been impeccable. If she had been any less attractive and behaved in the exact same way I probably would have forgotten all about her as soon as I left the bank like I have done countless times before with countless other tellers. But because this particular teller was beautiful, I inadvertently placed unreasonable demands upon her. Not fair, I know. But there it is.

This leads us to the current issue with the online abuse of Alt Right women. Yes, the victims are all women, but what’s more, they are attractive women, especially McCarthy and Southern. This, I believe, is the main reason why their male followers place unreasonable demands upon them, demands that they would not place on their male counterparts. This also explains why the emotional responses to their foibles or past indiscretions have been so heated and cruel. Through no fault of their own, these women have the tendency to make young, insecure men feel mean.

Here is a thought experiment to illustrate this point. What if Tara McCarthy or Lauren Southern were significantly less attractive. Suppose they did and said the same things they do now, wore the same kind of clothes and makeup, and comported themselves in the exact same manner, but all the while looking like Lena Dunham and Rosie O’Donnell.  Would people still care as much that one of them dated a black guy once? I really don’t think so. Sure, we would disapprove and criticize, but there would be less vitriol behind it, fewer bad intentions. In general, the less attractive a woman is, the less emotion she will inspire in men. Conversely, the more attractive a woman is, the more emotion she will inspire in men. Again, that’s just the way it is.

I wish to impress upon you the irrationality behind the attacks upon these women. I believe they spring from the same place from which my heartache sprang that afternoon at the bank. We all want what we cannot have, and contemplating this hurts. So to ease the pain, we lash back at what we cannot have by placing them in damned-if you-do, damned-of-you-don’t situations. Really, we just want them to go away and to take our pain away along with them. Of course, I’m not talking about valid criticism or perfectly reasonable objections to feminism (for example, believing—as I do—that women should not have equal political rights as men in a white ethnostate). I’m also not talking about invalid or even sexist criticism as long as it remains somewhat civil (for example, a man has the right be dismissive of women if he wants to—haughtiness is not a sin, after all). One does not have to feel spite towards women or threaten violence against them in order to be this way. But incessant spite and threats are what these women have been receiving as of late. By any objective measure, do they deserve it in the same way a man would for doing the exact same things? Absolutely not. And yes, I am aware that many of these attacks were coordinated from without. But I simply cannot believe that none of the people piling on these women are part of the Alt Right. No, this is our thing, and we need to own it.

Like any other movement, the Alt Right—which is sort of an edgy, online clique within the greater Dissident Right and white identitarian and nationalist movements—craves to be taken seriously. In order for this to happen, its members must share certain values and ideas while remaining focused on winning. Repeatedly referring to Lauren Southern as a “mudshark” does not get us closer to winning. Threatening to break Tara McCarthy’s jaw does not get us any closer to winning. Even if these women were as guilty as people say they are, it still wouldn’t get us any closer to winning because it serves to repel people who are curious about or sympathetic to our movement and disgust those of us who are already in it. And this says nothing of how ugly and immoral it is in general to just trash the rights of these women who, like all of us, deserve to be treated with a certain level of civility online and everywhere else . . . even if they make you feel mean.

Since complaining without offering a solution sounds a lot like whining, I would like to offer a way out. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to have less control over my life than I would like, and in my youth I have felt the temptation to lash out at attractive women I knew I could never have. Of course, choosing a career, working hard, doing something productive, and spending less time online will help, but you already knew this so I will not lecture. What you definitely don’t already know about, however, is the process of transubsumfication (and I know you don’t already know about this because I am making this up as I go along).




  • The process by which one gives up on his own ambitions and assumes the ambitions of others as his own.


  • Latin trans- across + sub- from below + sumere- to take up + ficare to make.

Take, for example, the star high school athlete who dreams of playing his sport professionally. Things are going great for him until he reaches college, whereupon he discovers what real competition is like. Soon after, he comes to the painful realization that no matter how hard he trains he will never be talented enough to compete on a professional level. (I am sure this haunts more than just a few of us.) At that point, he stops being an obsessive athlete and starts being an obsessive fan. He transubsumes his personal ambitions into the ambitions of those who do have the talent to compete. So, if he played quarterback in high school, he may take particular interest in the professional quarterbacks who came from his college or grew up near his hometown or play for the city he lives in or share his ethnic heritage or what have you. This, in fact, is a perfectly natural and productive transition. It also beats the alternative which would entail continuous failed attempts at playing professionally and the soul-crushing frustration which results.

It’s the same thing with the attractive women of the Alt Right. The trolls and abusers should realize that, by virtue of being successful media personalities, these women are just out of their league in the same way that beautiful bank teller was out of my league. Not every high school hotshot is going to make it in college, right? So instead of harboring bitterness for what we cannot have, we need to transubsume this personal ambition into something much bigger. For example, we can say, “Hey, the Alt Right is the best political movement around! Not only do we have the deepest thinkers and the wittiest writers. We also have the hottest babes!” Leaving aside the fine quality of their work (which I appreciate) this is the attitude I can’t help but take whenever I see Southern or McCarthy or the others on the internet. These are unquestioningly lovely girls, and I take pride in the fact that they choose to share a movement with the likes of me. The pain is still there, no doubt, but transubumification assuages it somewhat, perhaps even sweetens it, and turns me into a better person.

This is the reason why men have been painting beautiful women since forever. To behold a beautiful woman is equal parts agony and ecstasy, and instills in us a sense of breathtaking wonder. And when, on top of that, such women are righteous the way Southern and McCarthy are? That only makes me glad to be alive.

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  1. Michael Woodbridge
    Posted December 13, 2017 at 2:13 am | Permalink

    The answer to the dilemma poised by Mr. Quinn is by recognising that our modern society fails to honour sexual difference, by failing to segregate male and female in the same way that traditional societies have done in the past. I well remember an occasion in England, where the older boys and girls of two sexually segregated schools got together for a ballroom dance whereupon the Headmistress of the girls school spent most of her evening trying to ensure that no boy or girl danced too closely together. Naturally whilst this episode caused much amusement it didn’t occur to anyone that as a general rule the sexes should not observe a certain decorum. We have a saying that “familiarity breeds contempt” and I suspect we may find inappropriate familiarity to be at the root of many of our modern problems.

    • JimB
      Posted December 13, 2017 at 4:26 am | Permalink

      “…I suspect we may find inappropriate familiarity to be at the root of many of our modern problems.”

      I agree, Michael. Excellent observation!

    • Gutenberg
      Posted December 13, 2017 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

      Women are more desired and treasured the less we are familiar with them.

      • JimB
        Posted December 13, 2017 at 8:27 pm | Permalink

        “Women are more desired and treasured the less we are familiar with them.”

        Another way of saying “Familiarity breeds contempt”, methinks. And not always true.

        For some of us, familiarity draws others closer to the heart. Familiar… as in Family. Whether one desires another, treasures another, or just the opposite, it all comes from the inside of each person and is entirely subjective.

      • JimB
        Posted December 13, 2017 at 8:38 pm | Permalink

        Michael’s statement above about “inappropriate familiarity” bears a little more thought, because it’s not simply about familiarity… but inappropiate familiarity. An entirely different ball of wax.

        Think about it.

  2. Leonie Blah
    Posted December 13, 2017 at 3:02 am | Permalink

    Wow and they criticise women for being emotionally irrational. Why cant people just focus on the women’s work? There are way too many double-standards in the alt-right.

    • Enough
      Posted December 13, 2017 at 8:24 am | Permalink

      New people enter the movement every day and from various backgrounds. Some come from NRx, some from HBD, some from National Socialism, some from Libertarianism and some come from MGTOW and r/TheRedPill
      We cannot control it, and the people of the larger “AltRight” movement have different degrees of knowledge about the various issues.

      The redpilling journey (the real one, not the reddit one) is about knowing the truth in every field, it is long, requires much time and reading and it is for the intellectually curious and honest – not something for everybody, and we have everything, from the lowest IQ to the most brightest.

      “Old fags” aren’t the ones doing this, but post-Trump new blood, specially people who has no knowledge of anything, real poor-quality people.
      You can see that 4chan is dead and so is 8chan recently – our best were bested by an unending influx of madness, from Alex Jones viewers to Flat Earthers to MGTOWs.
      We who are on the front lines have resisted massive shill attacks, from paid companies even, but we’re not holding right now.
      You guys from the blogspheres should at least ackowledge this stuff. Do you even go on the Chans? When have you ever contributed there? We are the front door and yet we’ve been left to die by the rest of the movement.
      Then people complain about the lack of quality, really, this just shows the utter unawareness of you people, who think things like that “fell from the sky” suddenly, now that it finally reached your castles – but no, these are waves that we’ve been fighting for years, without your help actually, “Nobles”.

      Don’t give me your false outrages, and now I’m talking to everyone here on Counter-Currents.
      You knew of all this and did nothing.

      PS: And stop defending Lauren Southern’s ideas! She’s NOT AltRight, she’s AltLite, she DISAVOWS White Nationalism and is for Civic. She actively and intentionaly acts as a Gate Keeper against us.
      If she was a man and received this avalanche of criticisms, no one would be batting an eye.
      Oh, but it’s an attack on women, not only her
      I already explained this above, lesser people are jumping in the mess and people are even inciting those lesser people, such as Andrew Angling and Counter Currents with these unending wave of articles who add nothing to the discussion, just keep the fire alive, specially because they don’t address the bigger pictures, which is the inability to keep redpilling due to the income volume and how the AltLite is acting to sabotage us.

  3. Neg-ative
    Posted December 13, 2017 at 3:10 am | Permalink

    We have wonderful women on the Alt Right. From Tara to Lana to Pettibone to wife with a purpose, they’re all leaders. Brave and level headed. Smart and self sacrificing. Margot and Juleigh write great stuff for this site.

    However, I would like for more women to step forward and show intellectual leadership. You know, constructing theories, doing research–that sort of thing. I’m grateful for what we have but would like to see more.

    I cannot say for sure what has motivated the hatred of McCarthy et al. It could be anger over rejection. It could be (((agents))) posing as us.

    Finally, the only real hottie in the Alt Right is Evalion. The rest are certainly nice looking in a newscaster way but not an Instagram phenom way. Oh and Claire Jordan is pretty hot too, but Evalion is married and Claire is probably not single.

    Honestly, beta orbiters should not watch women unless they can focus on what they say rather than how attractive they are. So only watch them if you’re not hot for them. If you merely like the way they look but Cupid doesn’t shoot his arrows into you, then you’ll be okay. But if Cupid shoots you, it’s not worth your time unless you’re as public as she is and she is single and you’re actually talking to her on Skype or IRL and she actually seems to be attracted to you. If you aren’t gelling IRL, don’t bother her online.

    • JimB
      Posted December 13, 2017 at 4:29 am | Permalink

      “Finally, the only real hottie in the Alt Right is Evalion.”


      No way, man! Tara and Lana have that youngun beat by miles!

    • Steve
      Posted December 13, 2017 at 4:55 pm | Permalink

      Very curious that you would think Evalion is the most attractive. To me she looks like a child, and not a particularly pretty child either, but plain and bordering on ugly. She’s also childlike in her demeanor and thinking like the way she giggles at her own not-very-funny jokes or the way she snorts her mucus in public videos without a hint of embarrassment. Although I haven’t seen anything by evalion in a while, maybe she’s matured some since then. But when I did watch her she struck me as a bit… creepy.

      • JimB
        Posted December 15, 2017 at 11:46 am | Permalink

        I agree. Creepy. Oh, she’s a commie now, last I heard. With some guy (married? not sure) who’s a communist. She’s an idiot kid. I wasn’t into her at all back when she was baking Hitler birthday cakes and talking about how evil the Jews are. Not that I like Jews, mind you, because I certainly don’t. But I could tell that the silly trollop was just repeating indictments against the Jews that she’d heard from others. And her little-girl giggling, pouting, and sultry affectations (while showing a lot of cleavage) was indeed creepy. Made me feel like a pedo just looking at one of her vids…

  4. JimB
    Posted December 13, 2017 at 3:24 am | Permalink

    Great article, Spencer. And I agree with every point. Psychology (true psychology, not the crap that passes for it) is a wonderful thing. Studying how the mind works… and going even further than that, contemplating what exists behind the mind. That’s why I’ve always held a very special fondness for the 12 or 13 years that I was a student of what’s called Siddha Yoga, way back when I was beginning my 30s. Because, at its essence, it was true psychology. So I most certainly can relate to your perceptive posit that the majority of the guys who’re coming down on these gals so hard “suffer” from a form of very subtle, but powerful, anger stemming from feelings that arise within themselves when they see a beautiful woman who, to them, seems unattainable and/or uninterested in them.

    All that being said, understood, and agreed with (on my part, at least), I do also have to recognize, as should yourself, that not all of these “trolls'” grievances with some of these women are coming from that psychological sphere; there are some actual legitimate criticisms directed solely at these women’s (and men’s) race-mixing behaviors, past or present, which aren’t coming from a “mean place” in the critics’ minds. And, too, not all of these critics are “purity-spiraling” against these very public people. Being so high-profile in the movement, and supposedly racially-aware, lends a certain responsibility to present oneself a little better than the average citizen of Wiemerica. Maybe not so much a thing when it comes to, say, Lauren Southerland, who doesn’t explicitly present herself as a “red-pilled” (in the way we WN understand the term) spokesperson… but it does apply to folks like Tara McCarthy and some of the others which include Oriental-dating men.

    Nobody’s going to be “perfect”, this we all know. Perfection is a fool’s errand. And, yes, there are a lot of trolls and mental-midgets out here in Internet Land who go off the deep end and expect the impossible. These types consider themselves “mini Hitlers” or something, even though Adolf Hitler himself wasn’t THAT much of an asshole about condemning people for past slip-ups! Not that he was an asshole at all, I’m just trying to make a point here.

    I like Tara. I like Bre. I like Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast, I even like Lauren… and some of the other folks considered “alt-lite”. And I criticize some of them for their beliefs and their life-styles at times, as tactfully as possible, when appropriate. But I am never pissy about it, mean or psycho. I appreciate these folks… at whatever level they’re at in awareness. They’re valuable, their content is needed. Well, that applies to some. I can’t stand Paul Joseph Watson and his ilk! lol

    End of text-wall. Sorry for the book!

  5. Peter
    Posted December 13, 2017 at 3:36 am | Permalink

    How to deal with female attractiveness

    I would like to comment on the attitude of those “harassers”, on the attitude of patrolling, and White Sharia: I do very well understand that ! It works simply like this: the sight of an attractive woman causes a reaction in the man. It, on a primary level, provokes to take action ! It is a provocation. Nature made it that way for good reasons.
    So: the impulse in a man upon seeing an attractive woman is to take action… of-course action to mate with her. Now that can´t possibly happen -> so what is then the appropriate action? Well… it´s about to deal with the stimulus. So one way is to kind-of release some tension; another would be to make the stimulus go away. Release the tension: among pubescents, that´s playful fighting and rivalry. Making the stimulus go away: impose restrictions upon the females, how to dress, how to move, to behave, so that they are less provocative.

    So: I understand the impulse to restrict females; it´s a result of our instincts and of female attractiveness.

    But: we aren´t pubescents, we are adults and westerners / Whites. We have weaker impulses, hence we can allow for a higher level of visible female attractiveness. It serves for our joy and entertainment to be exposed to a certain level of stimulation by female attractiveness.

    The “thot”-screechers are stuck with the first part: they feel the stimulus and, pubescently, think that feeling tickled gives them permission to screech around and run to the girls and impose restrictions upon them. The “thot”-screechers need to realize that we are in adult company now, and they need to apply the respective standards.
    Simple as that.

  6. Danny Rock
    Posted December 13, 2017 at 8:18 am | Permalink

    I admire the courage of all these women. These baseless attacks should be turned on the attackers.
    Who among us is so pure, we would show our faces and have our worst enemies digging through our past to embarrass us?
    The harm done is not only to these hard working women but one must wonder how many other women (and men) that might have come forward for our movement will not.

  7. DaysOfBrokenArrows
    Posted December 13, 2017 at 11:29 am | Permalink

    “No, no, this was a return of the angsty, juvenile heartache that everyone over thirty wants to forget.”

    1). I would enjoy these feelings, as uncomfortable as they may be. In about 10-15 years, they’ll disappear and you’ll look at younger, beautiful women and see them more as grown kids than anything. The lust gets replaced by a pseudo-parental feeling, at worst, or an unfeeling non-sexual “appreciation” at best. Be happy being young(ish) while you can, and embrace both the good and the bad because you’ll miss them one day.

    2). The main criticism I read about Lauren Southern is that she’s not practicing what she preaches. She promotes marriage and family while being single and enjoying the attention that brings.

    This would be a valid criticism IF THE PEOPLE ATTACKING HER WERE NOT GUILTY OF THE SAME THINGS THEMSELVES. Very few writers and commenters in the manosphere are married with kids, especially some of the most vocal ones on this matter. So where do they get off imposing rules on Lauren and Lauren only without living by those same rules?

    3). If there is any criticism against Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast or any other good-looking right/alt-right YouTube personality, it’s that they’re boring. They repeat manosphere cliches from years ago.

    However, even that’s OK because they’re serving as ambassadors for difficult ideas. The manosphere has long needed a commercial “face” or two, and anyone who has studied advertising knows that associating a female with a product will increase its viability to the masses. Critics of Southern and her ilk apparently don’t know this or don’t care.

    Excellent post, by the way.

  8. Dave Marshal
    Posted December 14, 2017 at 6:56 am | Permalink

    Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer injected a brutal extreme misogyny into the Alt Right- part of the divide and conquer strategy of our (((enemy))). Alfred Rosenberg, Oswald Mosley, Franco, Enoch Powell, George L. Rockwell, Dr. William Pierce etc. never spoke this way about women. For this, even if he is an insincere troll, Anglin should be quarantined.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 14, 2017 at 12:35 pm | Permalink

      We really need to resist this tendency to proclaim anyone in the movement who behaves badly as an enemy agent. It is a way of not owning up to problems that are really OUR problems. It also paints us into a corner when one reflects on what to do about such people. On your account, we have to get rid of them. But if they really are our people, just misguided, then we have enough common ground with them that we might be able to persuade them to think and do better.

    • Nestor
      Posted December 14, 2017 at 2:15 pm | Permalink

      Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, on the other hand, were very critical of women.

      I personally think that they had it right. And I see no empirical reason for believing that today’s WNs who rush to defend women from all criticism are more accurate in their assessment than were these two, greatest of all German philosophers.

  9. Twin Ruler
    Posted December 17, 2017 at 3:14 pm | Permalink

    Please, let us treat women with respect. That will differentiate us from Muslims and other enemies. What we need to do, most vitally, is to reintroduce the conception of Chivalry– that British and European equivalent of what was termed Bushido in Japan. Only then, by treating the fairer sex right, can we hope to prove ourselves more worthy, morally, than the Islamists.

  10. ex South African
    Posted December 20, 2017 at 1:54 am | Permalink

    Presumably if internet porn gets prohibited, the police more powers to stop vice and the political leadership replaced with one that takes its country’s interest at heart, instead of foreign interests, all these issues will come to an end and one would not even get ideas like “white Sharia”, and the relationship between males and females would normalize as nature intended it to be.

    This is like the old South Africa was under Apartheid (for that matter, also under the Third Reich – the relationship between the sexes – this would be worth a topic on its own), and as Apartheid started getting negotiated out of the world stage, and the country opened up to the “democratic” world, all the subversive evils and vices of the so-called “free world” started to penetrate our society, so that we have become part of the main stream narrative. White South Africa still has some accumulated conservative capital left in its blood from the Apartheid days, but as time goes on it is not unimaginable that American conditions will start taking over in that country.

    I am a time witness, I saw it happen. And something that happened, can be reversed again by implanting the culture in healthy soil again. Someone must just start this process and persevere with this process.

    And one must never forget – health can be contagious!

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