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Joan of Arc at the Stake, or: Feminist beta farmer finally gets her comeuppance from reeeing INCEL thot-patrollers

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Recently, I took part in a ladies’ roundtable discussion [2] on Red Ice Radio on the topic of whether or not nationalism is hostile to women. Five of us nationalist women made the case for over an hour that nationalism is not a hostile ideology for women. Within about a day, suddenly it seemed like women on the right were being aggressively attacked by (allegedly) right-wing men, claiming women have no place being involved in “politics.” The women who are being relentlessly bullied are those who are taking a public stand, sticking their necks out on the chopping block, in an attempt to put forward a pro-white message. And they are seemingly being cut down and demoralized by people who are supposed to be on their own team.

First of all, it seems really suspicious that the He-Man Woman-haters Club has suddenly come out in full force, often hiding behind fake names and new accounts. These are not people who stick their necks out for our cause. They are spending huge amounts of time online trying to drive women away from our movement. Are these men really nationalists? I don’t think so. Many of them are probably infiltrators. If I were the enemy and I saw the kind of momentum nationalism was suddenly gaining and saw how many beautiful young women were gaining large followings for promoting a pro-white message, I would attack those women and try to crush their spirits and enthusiasm. Anyone who attacks white women spreading a pro-white message is doing the enemy’s work.

Ten years ago, there were almost no women in pro-white circles. You had your occasional misogynistic loony who would rant and rave about women, but there just weren’t really enough women involved to take note of or to target. And the movement languished for a long time as a fringe movement filled with angry, old, white men, who were, nonetheless, mostly eager to recruit more women. Fast forward to a few years ago, and all of a sudden, there were young people, including a lot of women, jumping onto our bandwagon and spreading our message very effectively. And it seemed like overnight we had gained the critical mass and a better aesthetic to spread our message far and wide. You would think that would be a win, right? I certainly think so.

We don’t gain anything by driving new people away, whether woman or man, young or old. We wrung our hands for years about the lack of young women in the movement and now that they are finally showing up in droves, it makes no sense to discourage them or turn them away. The people we should be turning away are the ones who try to cut down their fellow white people.

It can be really discouraging to spend hours and hours every week trying to create content, diligently doing your bit to help wake up other white people, only to be confronted day after day with a Twitter feed or YouTube comments filled with nasty, hateful, critical messages from people telling you to get back in the kitchen, that you’re worthless if you don’t have babies by the time you’re 23, that you’re stupid or ugly, questioning your loyalties or motivations, or whatever. These comments can be personally hurtful or just depressing in a general sense. You probably work really hard to create your content and it is probably a labour of love more than anything profitable. You’ve probably paid a high social price for this, too, losing friends, jobs, even family members. Then, when you complain about your bad treatment, you are told to toughen up by people who justify the abuse you’ve been receiving. Of course you might start to think, is this worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. This is our movement, too, because it is our children, our race, our culture, and our future that is equally at stake. “Women don’t belong in politics” is the common refrain, or even “women don’t care about politics.” (Don’t you just love it when someone else tells you what you do or don’t care about?) Politics cares about everyone and politics is interested in everyone. When it comes to formal politics, yes, you’ll find fewer women there. But when it comes to community activism and advocacy, it is often women who are leading many of these organizations. Go join almost any volunteer organization and you’ll find they are mostly driven by women. Women are the heart and soul of this brand of politics. These issues affect us, they interest us, and we have skin in the game. We have a right, even a duty, to speak up about these issues. Nationalism cannot be a “men only” club. It must involve the whole tribe.

I’ve heard a few ladies say, both publicly and privately, that they might take a break or quit altogether. Don’t. Don’t give those bullies that much power over you. Don’t let them have a victory by driving away a valuable person such as yourself. You do more for us than they do, with their divisiveness; let them be the ones to leave if they don’t like having women around. If you cave in to them, all you’re doing is telling them that harassing women is an effective strategy and when you drop out, they’ll just move on to the next woman and do the same thing to her. Remember that the people abusing you online are not “our people.” Real nationalists support and love each other. Look to the men in your life who know you — don’t you have their support and encouragement? Those are the men who have your best interests at heart and their opinion should matter more to you than that of some anonymous troll.

So ladies, I have this to say to you:

It is not going to be easy. This is going to be a hard fight. People are going to say vicious things about you and try to shut you down. They will hate you and gnaw at your nerves until you want nothing more than to give up the fight and go home. Well, let them do their worst. Let them hurl insults and verbal abuse until their fingers are bruised from punching their keyboards, because we will not give up. We cannot give up this fight. This fight is not just about me, or you, or a handful of other women; it is about all of us in this movement. We are all Europeans and we are nationalists. We are in this fight for our people and for the future. Our cause is just, so let the devils come at us and hiss their pejorative diatribes in our faces. It will not stop us. We are here to fight, we are here to stay, and we are here to win no matter how long it takes, no matter how many enemies we ultimately need to defeat, we will meet the oncoming storm and we will prevail.