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Two New Poems

[1]164 words

To Apeneck Sweeney

In what you write and ask [2]
I smell the reek of herring,
matzo balls . . . Your task
is subtle, almost daring,

to feign to be a kook,
“a white supremacist.”
No random or stray fluke
is your each phrase, the gist

of which is to smear us
in the foul broth and mire
of each Talmudic word.

But no, you won’t steer us,
only kindle fire
in photos grey and blurred.

22 November 2017


Ratko Mladić

Shout Ratko, shout out loud in court.
Shout at the judge indifferent
to Europe’s fate. Another horde
invades her shores and all dissent

ends with a sentence and a cell.
Shout Ratko, watch the old streets burn,
watch the cities go to hell.
In Brussels they refuse to learn.

Pity our mothers, wives and daughters
left to fend off “refugees.”
The crescent’s come across the waters,
like the plague or dark disease.

Shout Ratko, shout out loud in court.
The rich in spirit judge you lord.

22 November 2017