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Time For Anti-Com?

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[1]There’s not going to be a “civil war” on November 4th. Let’s get that straight right off the bat. The excitable predictions of an Antifa “uprising,” the foolish claims “Antifa supersoldiers” will be “beheading” [2] people credulously published by sites like Gateway Pundit, the shadowy “sources” claiming President Trump is preparing for martial law and the chest beating predictions about conservatives ready to gun down Leftists in the street is all nonsense.

But that doesn’t mean nothing is going to happen. It doesn’t mean a situation might spiral out of control. And it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t want conservatives to pay attention.

On November 4, “Refuse Fascism,” the latest front group [3] for the cult-like Revolutionary Communist Party, will try to pull off a nationwide “Occupy” movement. While violence is likely, it will be the kind of spontaneous disorder which characterized the original “Occupy” movement, not some disciplined coup attempt. And rather than a Maidan type event which will drive Trump from power, we might see something along the lines of the mass protests in favor of immigration liberalization in 2006 or the protests against the second Iraq War — both of which failed in their objective.

Still, the fact the average conservative is talking about “Antifa” is deeply significant, even if it is being interpreted in the typically conspiratorial and nonsensical manner of the American conservative movement [4].  One year ago, the average Republican would have regarded a self-professed “anti-fascist” or “anti-racist” as someone who is fighting for the Right cause, just with unacceptable tactics. Today, the average conservative knows the black-clad Leftist extremists are his enemies. He may not fully understand them, he may have some absurd theory about how “they are the real Nazis” or “they are all funded by George Soros,” but at least he recognizes this is a problem. This is progress.

But it is limited progress. The average conservative may now be willing to put “Nazis” and “Antifa” in the same category, but this is hardly accurate [5]. The most stereotypical “Nazi” with “bad optics” doesn’t march down the street smashing shops, attacking random passersby, starting fires, and screaming obscenities. This is precisely what characterizes Antifa behavior. The anti-white Left’s control of the media is so total that masked protesters who burn American flags, destroy shops (including those owned by nonwhites), punch innocent people (including journalists themselves), and deliberately make themselves ugly, smelly, and revolting are treated as heroes. Meanwhile, white polo shirt, slacks, and styled hair is taken as the ultimate proof of evil.

Yet there is nothing new about this situation. One of the key realities of American politics is that the anti-white Left is far closer to total mobilization than the American White Right. Indeed, the average white conservative is only dimly aware he is in a conflict at all. The concept of attacking his political enemies, shutting down their businesses, getting them fired from their jobs or even defriending them on Facebook is entirely foreign to him. Meanwhile, the American Left, defined and controlled as it is by mass culture, is utterly relentless in its desire to purge anything outside the sphere of what it regards as permissible opinion. The brutal truth is that expressing your support for the current President of the United States is far more likely to lead to you being attacked physically or economically than displaying the hammer and sickle, the symbol under which more innocent people died than any other sigil in history.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. Our current mission is to make the average white person aware of what is going to happen to him and his family as the governing principles of our society are taken to their logical conclusion. His complacency and refusal to ascribe malevolent motives to others are the biggest obstacles we face. The greatest enemy is not some Ethnic Studies affirmative action student repeating the same chants the Left has been using for 20 years. It’s the hapless Boomer who donates to his college, the Republican talking head apologizing to the likes of Van Jones for “identity politics,” or David Cameron signing up to co-sponsor Unite Against Fascism.

The main struggle for the American Right is getting the average white American to understand he or she cannot stay out of this conflict [6]. They are coming for you, no matter how much you apologize, no matter how far you run, no matter how much money you have to try to buy them off.

A new ebook from WND, a website popular among Trump supporting evangelical Christians, Antifa: What Americans Need To Know About The Alt-Left, [7] represents progress on this front. Unfortunately, it slams racially conscious Americans, including the demonstrators at Unite the Right, as part of the problem. But it does criticize Republicans who are not willing to confront Antifa openly. More importantly, it avoids the hackneyed “Antifa R The Real Nazis” sloganeering of hucksters like Dinesh D’Souza [8].

The report provides a fairly accurate way of viewing “Antifa,” not as a group in their own right, but as a “brand,” a front, for already existing Communist and anarchist activists.

The story of Antifa is at least eighty years old. It goes back to the postwar days of Communist revolution, organized street violence and a class warfare in the cities of post-World War I Europe. It’s a story of violence, murder and intimidation, a war which has been going on for almost a century.

Unfortunately for the world, all too often it appears only one side is fighting in this war. And far too many conservatives, including Republican leaders such as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, take Antifa at their word when these radicals claim to be fighting against ‘racism’ and ‘fascism.’

Of course, this tactical positioning is precisely what will be happening this weekend. Indeed, as the report points out, it makes more sense to say “fascists are the real Antifa” than “Antifa are the real fascists.” Fascism arose as a reactionary response to the threat of Communist revolution. It was a genuinely new force, as opposed to “Antifa,” which was just rebranded communism.

In this sense, the book is an attack on those Beltway Right propogandists such as D’Souza and Jonah Goldberg who dishonestly insist on explaining fascism as a phenomenon of the Left. As the report shows, fascism was fundamentally an impulse of the Right, drawing support from the propertied class as well as workers who saw no reason why their countries should be abolished in the name of Bolshevism.

As James Kirkpatrick points out at VDARE.com [9], Antifa is inherently totalitarian, as are the journalists who work with them (or, more accurately, who can de facto be counted as Antifa themselves). Also as Kirkpatrick notes, Conservatism Inc. has a vested interest in working with Antifa to police the conservative movement [10] and prevent the rise of any politics which would allow white people to take their own side, instead of taking the side of the cheap labor lobby.

For many years, this silent partnership worked well. What destroyed it, and what has awoken conservatives at least somewhat to the threat of “Antifa,” was Donald J. Trump, the great Wrecking Ball of American Politics.

Why this broke down requires some explanation. The purpose of Antifa is not to dissuade truly committed activists from being involved in white advocacy. No Antifa attack is going to stop someone who has made this cause his life’s purpose. Sometimes, Antifa may even increase someone’s commitment, especially if they leave someone no way out, no path back to normal bourgeois life.

The purpose of Antifa is to increase the cost of casual involvement, to ruin the lives of the random kid who shows up to Charlottesville, to dox the lawyer who attends an American Renaissance conference, to expose the businessmen who funnels a few dollars to the Daily Stormer via Bitcoin. Antifa aren’t attacking a fortified position; they are attacking the supply lines, disrupting the logistics of the Identitarian movement. This is why there should also be no distinction between Antifa and Leftist journalists — both pursue the goal of total social control simply via different tactics. Journalism itself is not a profession but a tactic [11].

And thus far, it’s a successful one. Anyone who is involved, even tenuously, in white advocacy is familiar with the look over the shoulder, the hushed whisper about what websites or authors are read, the passionate discussions about how to avoid being found it. As even websites like The Daily Caller point out [12], contemporary America is in many ways less free than the Eastern Bloc under Soviet domination.

But this breaks down if white advocates have a sufficiently large space in which to “hide.” Most people are as Right wing as they are “allowed” to be. Journalists complain websites such as Gab and /pol/ are “safe spaces” for racism, but they are simply places which allow free speech. If free speech is permitted, and people are not personally attacked or economically punished for their beliefs, the center of political debate shifts dramatically to the Right. If social control breaks down, even for a moment, the Left has nothing to fall back on but hysteria and repression as they desperately seek to re-establish cultural hegemony.

Thus, the upcoming Antifa demonstrations are a sign of desperation, not strength. It is obviously absurd to claim President Donald Trump is “literally” a fascist, else communists would not find it so easy to organize. Yet this is precisely what the Revolutionary Communist Party, the main organizers of these demonstrations, is claiming. They are doing this because President Trump has given ordinary Republicans the safe space to “hide” in, to build an implicitly white identity politics which could eventually transform into explicit white advocacy.

For this reason, as the WND Antifa: What Americans Need To Know About The Alt-Left [7] report notes, Leftists are eager to inflict physical punishment on ordinary Republicans, who are coming dangerously close to fighting in their own defense. Mark Bray, who is given a platform on major network political programs and authored Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, is quoted in the WND Report [7] as saying: “Our goal should be that in twenty years those who voted for Trump are too uncomfortable to share that fact in public. We may not always be able to change someone’s beliefs, but we sure as hell can make it politically, socially, economically, and sometimes physically costly to articulate them.” Needless to say, this thug is a university lecturer employed at Dartmouth, and he will never have reason to fear for his job.

Still, the crudity of the Antifa approach, and the very fact this report was published by a somewhat mainstream site, suggests a possible way to explain the situation to ordinary whites. As the report notes, the logic of Antifa could be more appropriately applied to Bray himself. After all, as the WND report reads, “[People] might say that since Bray is an avowed supporter of the most murderous ideology in human history, his sheer existence is an insult to its victims.” The report quickly backtracks and says freedom of speech must be guaranteed to avowed enemies. But is it really necessary to guarantee freedom of speech to those who are explicitly dedicated to denying it to us?

Perhaps the time has come for “AntiCom” as a concept and a brand. Antifa, their allies in the press, and those politicians and celebrities who are willing to defend them are openly aligning themselves with an ideology far more murderous than fascism or National Socialism. Though many Americans are desensitized to Communism, constantly identifying this double standard also has the effect of desensitizing people to “fascism” and slowly building a political culture in which the Right does not constantly have to signal against its own extremes.

It also forces conservatives to choose between the far Right and the far Left. Say what you will about Boomer conservatives, but none of them have any patience for communism or any illusions about what it represents. The tactical unity of the Alt Right and Boomer conservatism was, after all, what gave victory to Donald Trump. As the Trump campaign has shown, whatever the inclinations of the Beltway Right, the grassroots may not be willing to go full fash, but they will not side with “fascism’s” most stalwart opponents, especially when the Antifa are telling everyone President Trump is literally Hitler and anyone who isn’t confused about what sex they are is a “fascist.”

Activists should not take the bait this weekend and try to kick off the civil war themselves. They should avoid violence, and let’s have no more Dodge Challengers of Peace. Instead, racially aware conservatives, nationalists, and the Alt Right should simply pressure ordinary Republican activists and Republican politicians to countersignal Antifa, and count on the communists and the anarchists to overreact. They always will. Let the antifa unleash themselves on the police, on passersby, on private property. In their overreaction is our opportunity.

We do not want white people to avoid conflict. We do not want them to be able to sit back and calmly watch the NFL. We want them to have it rubbed in their face what is happening to them. And we want them to make a choice. If this weekend’s communist protests further that mission, then the RCP might as well be working for us.

Ordinary white people in this country are our army; even if they are not volunteering, it is our job to draft them, to make them understand they can’t back out of this fight. But we don’t have to start this fight ourselves. After all, no one but the most idealistic person thought President Trump would accomplish national reclamation all by himself.  But many of us voted for Trump in the hope that if he win, the Left would kick off the revolution for us.

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