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On the Revolutionary Struggle

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In the most literal sense might, i.e., “to be mighty,” is to be in the possession of an impressive power or strength; and this, dear friend, is the penultimate purpose of our movement, regardless of ideological slant or philosophical predisposition. For our purposes, we will define power as the capacity to exert influence. We White Nationalists, Identitarians, or whatever term encapsulates your worldview, strive for one thing, and that one thing is power. As ethnonationalists we seek to shepherd our people away from the precipice of degeneracy that is the postmodern world. To reassert ourselves and reclaim our ancestral lands and legacy, we must become the tip of the spear and battle the degeneracy that characterizes the postmodern dystopia of the West. In ancient times past, our Indo-European ancestors claimed ownership over a land, or people, by attaining dominance through combat. It was spear-won, what the ancient Greeks called doryktetos, and it is through the instrument of power that today we shall lay claim over our natural birthright.

Nietzsche believed that the basic character of all beings was the pursuit of the will to power. The philosopher even went so far as to declare that “this world is the will to power.” Regardless of the universal veracity of this statement, for our purposes and for the purposes of our racial struggle, truer words have never been written. Martin Heidegger went one step further and when writing about the Nietzschean “Will to Power,” positing that the human will is a resolute openness to oneself, and that through the attainment of this willed desire, we gain self-mastery over ourselves. As individuals, we must harness our inner power, or inner will towards both the attaining of existential and tangible success, while simultaneously cultivating our intrinsic physical and mental strengths. European civilization has dominated the planet since time immemorial because we have been the best, the strongest, the smartest, and the most ingenious. As racial revolutionaries we must cultivate this success within ourselves and project it forward towards a greater movement. In Nietzschean parlance, Macht (power with a purpose) was the sublimation of Kraft (a primal, bestial strength), towards the overcoming of some obstacle. As a movement our goal is simple, the perseveration of our race.

We can save our race, and overthrow the artificiality of the liberal-humanist world view, but only if we are strong enough, individually and collectively. Cicero wrote that the individual possesses no greater duty than to their community, and as White ethnonationalists this is a position that we uniquely understand. The community — the folk which populate the community — are a continuation of the natural world, of the ordered normalcy that we as a movement wish to restore. This world has failed because White values have been universalized and forced upon alien peoples who possess no commonality, and thus no familial ties to one and other. As revolutionaries we need to be strong enough to lay the metaphysical foundation for our future struggle, and to present a vision a clear vision for future generations of the new order. It’s easy to destroy, but it takes true character to create, and our strength must be facing towards the future.

We seek power to steel ourselves, and our movement, for the inevitable revolutionary struggles of the future. Our revolution is unique, in that it seeks a return to the normalcy of the natural order. The veneer of the postmodern world is a hollow, vacuous shell. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the specious hollowness of the postmodern world has endowed our people with the unique chance to seize the reigns of the momentum that is history and precipitate a return to the natural order. Like the Roman Emperor Aurelian, who reunited the Roman Empire and restored the cosmic order that was the Roman Imperium, our struggle requires that we possess the strength to destroy and from this destruction, craft a new order from the ashes of the old. Most revolutionary struggles falter, and ultimately collapse because they fail to create, whereas our struggle must be powered by the forceful creativity of the greatness that is the White race. By its very nature, the notion of a revolutionary struggle calls for the destruction, of the overthrow of that what exists. Destruction presupposes creation, and as a community of individuals devoted to the preservation of the White race it is our duty to formulate the shaping of this new world order. Like the delicate balance that exists in Nietzsche’s metaphysical musings about Kraft and Macht, the successful revolutionary struggle is one which balances the fury of destruction, with the ordered vitality of creation, and it is from the attainment of this balance that the falsity of the degenerate postmodern world will be laid to waste.

Historically speaking, the White race is unique in that we alone are the agents of our own change. Racially speaking, and much to the chagrin of the Marxist academics, we are not dominated by the whims of a capricious natural world, but rather agents of our own historical destiny. Our ancestors wrought change, because they possessed the inner individual and collective strength to catalyze change. If a river stood in the path of our ancestor, we didn’t roll over and submit, we pushed forward and overcame the river. We now once again find ourselves with a decision, probably the greatest decision of our racial history. Do we submit to forces weaker than ourselves, or do we reorient ourselves towards a yet unimagined future. Like the two faced Roman God Janus we must look backward and forward, and craft an order adherent to the timelessness that is the natural cosmic order, but with eye towards the victories of a triumphant future. Through strength we must seek to overcome the trials and tribulations of the “Culture of Critique” and surge forward to yet undreamt of pastures. The reigning order will collapse, whether it’s pushed or shatters of its own accord, while our goal in true Nietzschean fashion is to endure. To endure we must be strong, strong for ourselves, our families, and our folk. The natural order is truth personified, made manifest and real by the cosmos, and we as Whites, as Europeans, as seekers of truth, live by the maxim “know thyself,” and it is from this covenant with the truth of the natural world that our cause is just and destiny glorious.