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Ethno-Statal Speculations

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Suffrage should be granted to married fathers and mothers with children, who are not social misfits. For these have shown responsibility, have rendered service to the community by perpetuating its lineage, and have a stake in its future.

Perhaps suffrage should be proportional to the number of children raised.

Suffrage should be granted to soldiers and veterans. For these have shown responsibility, have shown thumos, and have rendered service to the community by risking their lives for its perpetuity.

A House of Fathers and Mothers, and a House of Soldiers, could hold legislative powers together.

The classroom should be exclusively reserved for teaching how to read and write. The post-primary classroom is hereby abolished as a historic mistake, suitable only for making human beings into overgrown gerbils. (Come to think of it, bug or feature?)

Education should be carefully personalized according to the abilities and interests of each individual. Emphasis should be on the development of skills, training (singing, playing instruments, art, trades . . .), and, if appropriate to the child’s abilities, cultural classics and science. Education should take place through long-term mentor-pupil relationships and group activities. (And, again, not a dozen annually-changing classes with annually-changing teachers.) All children however must learn right values.

The Constitution will be a biocentric founding text and way of life, aiming to the genetic and cultural flourishing of the European peoples and Western civilization. All laws or government actions contrary to the European peoples’ ethno-genetic interests and harmony with nature, including environmentally unsustainable consumerism, will be unconstitutional.

The Constitution will be protected by a European Order, serving as a military-spiritual elite. Members of the European Order engage in military and police service, undertake daily philosophical exercises, and have a systematic education in cultural classics and biological science, from Plato to Darwin, and beyond.

The judiciary, which will be empowered to strike down unconstitutional actions, will be made up exclusively of former officers of the European Order. These must have shown excellence in their military or police service (ideally having risked their life for their nation and Europe), philosophical practice, and cultural and scientific education.

Perhaps the Head of State should be the head of the European Order, choosing his successor by adoption and/or council, as did the Roman Empire at its height, as has the Papacy for millennia. The Head of State’s powers are purely executive, implementing the laws of the House of Fathers and Mothers and the House of Soldiers, all constrained by the Constitution as interpreted by the judiciary.

Those who have lawfully slain an enemy of Europe in battle will be eligible for “European citizenship,” that is to say, will be treated as a full citizen of every European and Western State (isopoliteia).

Pornography will be banned.

Sexual advertisements, most forms of pop music, and indeed all memes which do not beautify the public space, and do not elevate the souls of those who live in that public space, will be banned from the public space. The public space is a sacred space.

There is no substitute for practice. I have tasted Plato’s Republic in the Zen temple and the Spartan way of life on the tatami. A higher, European way of life awaits us, for all our people, but first we must cultivate that way of life in each of us. We must plant and carefully tend to fine seeds now, so that in the long decades ahead, the most beautiful flowers will one day bloom.