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E. Michael Jones on Harvey Weinstein

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I am not a Catholic, or even a Christian, even though I was brought up in a liberal Protestant church, but sometimes I do appreciate E. Michael Jones for his insights about people. His latest discussion on YouTube [2] about Harvey Weinstein is particularly interesting, as he declares Harvey to be the official scapegoat for Jewish Hollywood. The idea of the scapegoat is an old Jewish custom. The people would gather and place all their sins upon the goat, and then the goat would be killed or sent out into the desert to die. The people then could go about their business free of guilt.

Basically Jones is arguing that Harvey was being a good Jew. He was seducing and befouling shiksas, which is a derogatory term for non-Jewish women, and undermining the goyim’s morals and way of life in his movies. This is their revenge for all the humiliations and insults they have endured forever at the hands of white people. So why is he the Hollywood scapegoat when he has been such a good Jew? Well, he was the best one at it, I suppose. It is not a sacrifice if you don’t hand over the best.

The most interesting part of Jones’ argument is about the white starlets whom he “victimized.” Their shame is demonstrated by this display of victimization where each of them denounces him now, but not when it allegedly happened. Each one of these fame-obsessed women went on to star in a movie, and particularly by taking of her clothes, and some even got starring roles in holocaust porn. He calls out in particular Kate Winslet, who won an Oscar for her role in the holocaust movie The Reader where an older woman seduces a 15-year-old boy. Now, where is the shame?

  1. Her meeting with Harvey.
  2. Taking off her clothes in a movie.
  3. Seducing a child in a movie.
  4. Playing a “bad” white in a holocaust movie.
  5. Getting an Oscar for submitting to Harvey and getting an Oscar for playing a pedophile in a holocaust movie.

If movies are to have effects upon the audience, what effect does it have on the actors? Oh, someone got these career-obsessed women to totally debase themselves as white women, hence their shame and guilt and the projection upon poor old Harvey who was just being a good Jew. After all, as Jones stated, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has not taken back his Humanitarian award which he won just two years ago in 2015. He is a good Jew, and an outstanding member of the tribe. However, the tribe needs a scapegoat, and so he loses all those other awards and status. I am sure a good Jewish therapist will help him cope.

This reminds me of Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery [3],” which was first published in The New Yorker in 1948. People were so outraged that they cancelled subscriptions and wrote nasty letters. It is a wonderful story and everyone should read it. It is only eight pages.

The other interesting tidbit that Jones discusses is that the relaxation of censorship laws in movies was first allowed for holocaust porn movies. From there, it is anything goes. He also talks about the book Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth, where the Jewish obsessional fantasy with sex with white women is thoroughly discussed. I have heard it called the adolescent’s bible.

Jones segues into a discussion of gay pride parades by means of the allegations of males who had been abused by older men when they were young, which would be pedophilia, and actually not just homosexual pedophiles, but he does not say that. He thinks gay pride parades are also a demonstration of shame for their behavior by exaggerating it and performing in public and demanding public acceptance.

If Jones’s theory is correct, we can apply it to feminists, who insist that women who have been raped and beaten by immigrants or refugees keep quiet about it and don’t rock the boat of equality and multiculturalism. It seems to me that this is the height of hypocrisy, for the women’s movement was supposed to be about improving the lives of women and they scream about rape culture. So what is going on? Where is the shame? If you have invested your whole life in an ideal that has been hijacked by another group and you are getting rewards and a good career, how do you declare that it has proven to be a failure and actually wrong without condemning yourself and all the time and investment you have put into it? They don’t. They go along with the new game plan and find rationalizations to deceive themselves. This is the feminist double-down syndrome. However, they have effectively betrayed the actual victims of crime who were supposed to be the women whose lives they were to improve. Their hysterics about the poor refugees is how they disguise their shame and totally befuddles any thinking person. It is very hard to admit shame in a shameless society when shamelessness is rewarded by others who do not want to admit it to themselves either. The bikini or the burka becomes the amusing dichotomy for feminist as movies about sexual abuse of fifteen-year-olds are presented as attractive, and stories about women taking refugees as lovers proliferate in social media. Sexual shame exists, and denying it just makes it worse for everyone. In a moral society, discernment and discretion also exist. I believe there is a tribe who do not care or think about this and advocate transgression in every aspect of life, especially the lives of normal white people who feel confused and degraded.

I don’t know if making Harvey the scapegoat will save Hollywood. It seems a lot of people are avoiding movies these days according to box office reports. Perhaps the goyim are waking up. We have been had.