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“2017 is the New 1968”:
The Latest in the War on Noticing

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[1]Those of you who are not fortunate enough to manage to avoid all exposure to mainstream media might have noticed a recent avalanche from the Democrat wing of the collaborator class extolling the similarities between the social and political upheavals of 1968 and those of the current year, the Trump era. Last November these same people were telling their “literally shaking” audience to brace themselves for the end of the world as an unprecedented darkness descended upon America and, because they are at heart small-minded provincials, by extension the entire world. How in only one year have these loathsome creatures gone from sheer panic to a more seemingly objective and historically-informed view of the administration? And, more importantly, why?

First, we need to understand the mainstream liberal media audience. It is not brown people. The collaborator class knows very well that they have to do nothing to get their votes other than trot out someone of the same race (or, in a pinch, a “white ally”) to pat them on the head, blame “whitey” for whatever problems they are having, and promise to give them stuff. Plus, the vast majority of brown people pay no attention to politics in any form whatsoever and are incapable of thinking conceptually.

Nor is their audience Jews. As with brown people, Jews are a known quantity. They are going to either be liberal or neoconservative, two entirely compatible positions which, as has become crystal clear in the past two years, are not only celebrated by the system but indeed are the system. Furthermore, the system itself is controlled by Jews so there is hardly any need to convince them of anything.

So, who is left to consume their propaganda? Who cares enough to pay attention to big issues but are usually too busy working, raising children and paying the taxes which keep the refrigerators in Section 8 housing stocked to have time to investigate any issue beyond what the talking heads want them to know? Whites, of course.

Whites are still a majority in the United States, despite ongoing efforts to end this permanently. Both major political parties still need us — at least temporarily. But recent events have demonstrated that whites are starting to wake up to the reality of their displacement. The Trump presidency was indeed an implicitly white reaction to the Judeo-capitalist treatment of our country as a hybrid playground and social laboratory; events like Charlottesville and the recent, brilliant “It’s Okay To Be White” campaign have shown that whites are starting to get mad enough to put more and more on the line to protect themselves and their children.

This is utterly terrifying to our enemies. They have invested decades of time and billions of dollars in their efforts to make us accept our demise quietly. But this is not happening. It is no longer working quite as efficiently as it used to. And there seems to be no recovery for them in sight. They are stuck in quicksand. The harder they struggle, the deeper they sink. Just in the past couple of weeks, Hollywood has increasingly been exposed to average Americans as a nest of Jewish corruption and double-standards, and the Democratic Party has been crumbling under the weight of its own lies, deceptions, and hypocrisy. Even liberals are noticing.

But, as we know from Steve Sailer, noticing things is really, really bad for those who want — indeed need — to present a false image of the world in order to benefit either personally or tribally from lies. And this is why all of a sudden Lawrence O’Donnell (who has recently published a book on the 1968 elections which, to use the Jewess Ayn Rand’s words, I have not read nor do I intend to), Chris Matthews, and the other soulless traitors who line their pockets with blood money have gone from girlish panic to the pipe-smoking historian’s view from 30,000 feet: they cannot stop people from noticing, but they can make false equivalencies which can prevent people from doing the actual math.

There really is no need to delve deeply into the parallels between 1968 and 2016/2017 because they are obvious, but the gist of the argument is this: the United States in 1968 was in turmoil. Both major political parties were fractured, the Cold War was raging in addition to the actual war in Southeast Asia, and domestic social unrest was rampant, with race being a major factor. Throw in the assassination of Bobby Kennedy and the yet-to-be beatified adulterer, plagiarist, Communist, and Jew-puppet Martin Luther King Jr. and things were, in fact, much worse than they are now, according to this line of thought. The implicit message is that the United States survived that so we can survive this. But survive as what? For what? For whom?

In 1968, the United States saw an emboldened Jewish elite engaged in an above-ground culture war to an extent not seen since the Weimar Republic. But still, the sickening effects of the Hart-Celler Act had not come to fruition, and we were still an overwhelmingly white country. Our problems were still primarily ours. We could deal with them on our terms. We could debate them within our moral framework. This is, of course, not to diminish the power and devastating effects of the already long prevalent Jewish psychological warfare against us, but most Americans retained basic white social norms and subscribed to fundamentally white opinions on common decency, community welfare, and other markers of social health. Differences of opinion resulted largely from disagreements on how best to achieve white ideals. This was a luxury of 1968 that is no longer available to those of us in 2017.

In 2017, our politics involve juggling the tribal demands of the competing races and ethnicities which occupy our lands. Our leaders trip over themselves in order to appease more so than their political rivals “new Americans” with no ties to anything remotely recognizable as American, who demonstrate nothing but contempt for their hosts, who see America as a land of resources to drain and the American people as nothing but a nuisance standing in the way of their march to power, to exploit when convenient and to demean publicly and without fear of repercussion whenever the spirit strikes them. We have politicians in our government, making our laws, telling us what it means to be an American and in which direction America should be moving, who are citizens of Israel, and no one blinks an eye. And these same parasites and liars have the nerve to whip uninformed liberals into a frenzy about Russian collusion. The sickness, the rot, the evil is almost beyond comprehension.

And indeed, this too works in their favor, because it makes those of us who know about the truth of Jewish power, the effects of immigration, the climate of oppression in academia and the business world, the attacks on “thought crime” across white countries, seem like tin-foil conspiracy theorists. Whites are high-trust, decent people and they have a terribly hard time accepting that others do not have their best interests at heart. They have a terribly hard time accepting that others lie to them, easily, regularly, to their faces, and with no sense of guilt or shame or an ounce of regret. And this is why people like Lawrence O’Donnell and the white collaborator class are worthy of particularly harsh treatment: they do the Jews’ bidding but do so with the power of and, in this case, what can be called accurately the privilege of whiteness. They can legitimately say that they are us while systematically working to destroy us. One need only watch MSNBC for a few minutes to understand Corneliu Codreanu.

What the Jews want more than anything is for whites to continue to think only in terms entirely independent of race. The collaborator class is more than willing to aid them in this. In part, because they themselves have been victimized by Jewish propaganda. But not all of them. Some of them know exactly what is going on. After all, it does not take a genius to see the state of contemporary Europe and know that non-white immigration is threatening to utterly destroy our white ancestral homelands. We have even seen evidence of this knowledge in conversations from the leaked DNC emails from Wikileaks. They know but they do nothing because they do not care. Indeed, we do not even need to turn to Europe to understand what is happening. Take a drive through any major city in North America. There is simply no area of this country in which whites are a minority that is, if not already totally wrecked, teetering on the edge of collapse into a dystopian hellscape.

But now white liberals are expected to believe that this is somehow just another example of history repeating. Never mind that the parallels between 1968 and 2017 demonstrate that race is and always will be one of — if not the — single most important historical motivating force. Never mind that Jews continue to exert an extraordinary influence over the political landscape of a country in which they account for about 2% of the population. And never mind that the deep state continues to play a role in the destabilization of honest, well-meaning resistance movements now just as it did then. Lawrence O’Donnell and his fellow traitors now want white liberals to think that all of this is normal, all of this is just something that happens sometimes, all of this will right itself once we impeach Trump and get enough women, men who think they are women, and sassy finger-snapping blacks with 85 IQs into leadership positions. Oh, and, of course, a few Sikhs and Muslims would be great too (Hindus not so much).

The comparison between 2017 to 1968 is an attempt by the collaborators to defuse liberal “noticing.” By playing off the nostalgia white liberals have for their youth (mainstream media viewers tend to be older and thus more likely to have lived through the late 1960s), the Trump “resistance” can be contextualized as an extension of their half-century old utopian fantasies and their rose-colored ignorance of their role as pawns in the Jewish games of that earlier time as well. It is also a way to remind them of their past sins of whiteness: “Don’t you dare notice that MS-13 is plaguing cities around the country, that the neighborhood you grew up in is no longer safe to visit, that you can barely understand the people who work at the Department of Motor Vehicles or the post office, and that jihad — dead white children — is now met with a yawn and a ‘what’s on Netflix?’ Don’t do this because fifty years ago whites did not want blacks eating in some of their restaurants or going to school with their children. Oh, and please don’t ask any of your children or grandchildren who go to school with blacks what it’s like going to school with blacks or do any research on test scores, which schools actually get the most funding, race and IQ, affirmative action, crime statistics, or anything like that. Just trust us. We’re white too.”

It is a reminder to liberals that the answer to the problems of 1968 (despite the fact that there were, in fact, none, and things have just continued to get worse) are the same as those proposed for 2017: be more liberal, be less self-consciously white, fight tirelessly on behalf of others who despise you and everything you value, and don’t consider for a moment what the world the collaborator class is advocating will look like for your descendants.

We are witnessing social turmoil. We are witnessing the beginning of a collapse. But it is not our world. It is their world. The Jews and their well-paid stooges have been pushing a lie, a fantasy and those who have believed it are now beginning to feel a bit queasy. White liberals are starting to realize that there is a possibility that they have been sold a lemon. They might not know what to do about it but that tightness in their chests is there, that feeling of having been duped, of having been played is all too real. Don’t think for one second that the Jewish power structure is unaware of this and that they are not working overtime to counter this feeling in as many ways as their putrid, parasite brains can conjure. This new deliberately deceptive comparison between eras is just one that caught my attention recently. There will be more. Many more. But it shows their own panic. It shows their own weakness. Keep kicking them. Keep fighting. We will win. And we will shut their lying mouths forever.