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The Secret to the West


Grant Wood, Parson Weems’ Fable (George Washington and the Cherry Tree), 1939

987 words

Truth Telling Regardless of Cost

The rise of the West is due to a single accident: we discovered truth telling. We are the only people who discovered it, and we paid the high cost to establish it as a commons – as normative infrastructure – in manners, ethics, morality, law, philosophy and science. It is truth telling that separates the West from the rest. All Western excellences are the consequential result of truth telling. The ‘killer apps’ of Western civilization are the product of a single technology: truth telling.

Science at its purest is nothing but the art of separating that which is truth from that which is not. Today, if not throughout history, we see science as physically constrained and separate from social, moral, and spiritual subjects. It is less ‘troublesome’ to speak the truth about the physical world than it is about human affairs. As such science tried to constrain itself to those areas, except where brave souls like Aristotle, Livy, Machiavelli, Smith, and Hume, and most importantly Darwin. The synoptical historians Toynbee, Durant, Quigley, Huntington, Mallory, Keegan, and intellectual historians Duchesne, and Hicks. The social scientists: Weber, Pareto, Michels, and Durkheim. And today’s cognitive scientists, and experimental psychologists: Searle, Pinker, Kahneman, and Haidt.

But these empirical souls could not compete with the propagandists who tried to unseat them. From Freud’s attempt to obscure Nietzsche using pseudoscience. To the psychologizing of the postmodernists. From Boas’s pseudoscience in an attempt to obscure Darwin. From Keynes’s use of pseudoscience to obscure the empiricists and moral “conservative” economists, through today’s combination of Krugman, DeLong, Stiglitz, and their allies who advocate ‘immoral economics’ if consumption is maintained, even if consumption could be maintained in exchange for moral reforms of immoral bureaucracies, tax evasion, and unproductive working hours.

The German Rationalists, the Jewish Cosmopolitans, the Anglo neo-Puritans, all seek to create a new authoritarianism justifying their control of society, The Indo-Europeans, the Greeks, Romans, Germanics, Norse, and British, sought to control society with truth, property, law, and jury. The British nearly perfected the technique — evolving the common, organic, law of property rights, through trial and error, and a means of voluntary exchange between the classes by using multiple houses of government. But the truth without authority frightens people who do not live on islands, and do not have control of their domains. How could the Germans maintain unity in the absence of church authority? How could the Jews maintain unity in the absence of dual-standard ethics and a contravention of their separatist morality? How could the Anglo neo-Puritans maintain status and power, and ensure they wouldn’t be outnumbered without the imposition of their ideology by force?

It is one thing to use propaganda to make the world safe for Jews by advocating diversity so that they can maintain a separatist and often parasitic, dual-ethic society inside host societies — it is a necessary strategy for them even if damaging to host societies. It is another thing for northeastern American puritans to justify their conquest of territories. It is yet another thing for Germans to try to conflate morality, truth, and duty so that they can maintain their stoic, paternal society.

But of these, the damage has been done most severely by the American use of altruistic punishment and moral justification for violence, and even more so by the Jewish use of their main skill-sets: propaganda, pseudoscience, and deceit — the Germans merely armed the Jewish socialists, neocons, and libertines, and the Anglo neo-Puritans. The actual damage done by the Germans themselves was relatively limited. They were merely conquered and have been held from ruling Europe for two generations by American dominance — a period which is coming to an end. The damage done by the Anglo ideology is currently self-correcting via post 1990 science (my generation), and the collapse of the postwar-mythos along with the rise of world consumer capitalism eliminating American military advantage. The damage done by the Jewish propagandists is probably irreversible, and unless we break up the continent into smaller regional states, we face becoming another Brazil, thanks to the Jewish destruction of history, philosophy, truth telling, law, ethics, morality, and science by successfully manipulating the neo-Puritans, and mobilizing women sufficiently to follow their socialistic reproductive strategies — at the expense of the family. (See Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique.)

We see today the perfect culmination of Anglo imperial militarism, and Jewish propaganda, in Putin’s combination of multiple strains of propaganda, each of which appeals to the same moral bias, even while they are cumulatively self-contradictory. (Google Yale University’s Timothy Snyder.)

The West: Adaptive Velocity

The secret to Western civilization, besides being a small, relatively poor population on the edge of the bronze age, is that by the choice of voluntary militia, military tactics of maneuver requiring contractualism, and heroic sovereignty (ownership of gains), we necessitated natural law, and markets in everything. And as a consequence the West was not first, but in every era we were fastest. In other words, truth, promise (contract), natural law, and jury allow us to adapt faster than every other known method of human cooperation.

Innovation > Heroism (Risk) > Meritocracy > Sovereignty > Natural Law > Markets in Everything > The Most Rapid Adaptation Possible > The best evolutionary strategy possible

Propertarianism Provides the Restoration: Truth

With Propertarianism, we have restored and completed the re-enlightenment, and we come as close as we can to restoring Western civilization’s ancient uniqueness — expressed in Roman ritual and mythical religion, Stoic and Epicurean philosophy, scientific technology, and empirical law, and the reasons for our extraordinary success in the ancient and modern worlds. As well we have explained the causes and consequences of the dark ages, and the competing ‘counter-enlightenments’ throughout time, as a competition between truth producing eugenic evolution of the homogeneous European West and eastern Han China, and the falsehood producing dysgenic devolution of the heterogeneous tribal peoples in between.