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The Counter-Currents 2017 Fundraiser
Encountering Counter-Currents

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[1]Greg asked me to pen this week’s fundraiser update to bring a fresh voice and perspective. Since last week’s update, we have received 23 donations (including 12 all-important pledges of monthly support) totaling $2,045.04. This brings the total for our fundraiser to $44,973.56. That puts us just short of 75% of the way to our goal of $60,000. I want to thank all of our donors for turning good intentions into good deeds.

How did you first stumble upon this website? 

For a lot of you, no doubt, it was through an intriguing link you saw on social media. Or maybe an Amazon review of a Counter-Currents book. And then you fell into the rabbit-hole and found yourself visiting the site every day, mesmerized by its breathtaking, encyclopedic coverage of history, philosophy, and popular culture.

I found my way here three years ago, and mine was a roundabout route indeed. To recap in brief: I was trying to contact an old friend in England, Bill Hopkins (one of the Angry Young Men of the 1950s) and found he had recently died. Wanting more information, I tried looking up his best friend, Colin Wilson, but Colin had recently died too. As had the publisher in Brighton who’d originally introduced us. This was getting weird.

But wait! Googling around I found the name of Jonathan Bowden—new to me, but apparently an old friend and fan of Bill’s, with a particularly keen appreciation for The Divine and the Decay, Bill’s “Blackshirt” novel of the late ’50s. Well, you know what happened next. I thought I’d get in touch with Bowden, but it seems Bowden died a few months after Bill. I simply had to share this story with someone, so I shot off an e-mail to a publisher called Counter-Currents, which apparently had published a couple of Bowden books. Greg Johnson replied almost immediately. It turns out that we are both New Yorkers, so only a couple of days later we had lunch near Columbus Circle.

Why Counter-Currents is Different

Counter-Currents, the website, was a revelation to me. The reason I’d never heard of it is that I’d done most of my nationalist/rightist travels in the ’80s and ’90s, and just wasn’t aware how much the scene had really changed. (See how even an influential figure like the late Mr. Bowden was off my radar!)

For many years rightist periodicals fell into two basic categories. Either they went for a lurid, comical tabloid presentation (outspoken but essentially unserious and ineffectual); or they were narrowly focused and self-consciously cerebral, usually done up as scholarly journals devoted to questions of ethnology or historical inquiry. Imagine a Counter-Currents (a print Counter-Currents) devoted almost entirely to critiques of Martin Heidegger, and you get an idea of what I’m talking about. But flip through the “pages” of this site, or look at the books available, and what do you find? Plenty of Heidegger, Spengler, and ethnology, sure; but also literary and art criticism, film and TV reviews, economic and geopolitical news, and penetrating analyses of religious mythos, both pagan and Christian. You’re as likely to find a breezy romp through the metapolitics of Mad MenBreaking Bad, the Blade Runner movies, or Taylor Swift, as you are to see a toothy new essay about the ethnostate or current European politics.

There is no need to counter-signal other identitarian/nationalist periodicals and websites here. I visit several of them as often I do this one, and write for some of them as well. But there can be no question that Counter-Currents covers a broader and more interesting range of topics and idioms than anything else out there. It appeals to the university-age intellectual, but it also speaks to us oldsters who have knocked around these movements for decades. This website and publishing house set the bar for today’s rightist publications, and everyone would be much the poorer without a vibrant Counter-Currents on the scene.

Margot Metroland

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Counter-Currents, like all advocates of dissident ideas, depends upon the generosity of readers like you to survive and thrive. If you are a past donor, welcome back. If you are contemplating making your first donation, do it in thanks to the past donors that made it possible for you to find Counter-Currents, and pay if forward so others can experience the same delight in discovery. There are several ways to help out.

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Hatreon is run by a dissident Rightist like us. Hatreon is highly ethical and takes only a very small percentage of donations to cover their costs. I very much want Hatreon to succeed, so please sign up for an account today. Help Hatreon get off to a strong start — and help Counter-Currents stay in the fight.

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Winter is coming for white advocacy. We must be industrious ants, building up capital and bracing ourselves for further attacks and deplatforming. We can no longer be happy-go-lucky grasshoppers, depending on the kindness and fair play of capitalists. Fear not, we will never quit. But we need to build new institutions, an integrated electronic ethnostate offering everything from domain registration to webhosting to DDOS protection to mailing list management — all controlled by our movement. This is a huge task, and we obviously should have started building it years ago. But when you donate, you are helping us build it today.

Thank you for your loyal readership and generosity.

Greg Johnson