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A Note on The Orville

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The Orville is a new science fiction/satire series created by Seth MacFarlane (Fox, 9 p.m., Thursdays). It takes place 300 years in the future, and MacFarlane is captain of a space ship, the Orville.

If Seth MacFarlane hasn’t read The Culture of Critique, he must have guessed what it has to say. The last episode was amazing. It was about the Krill, an alien race that have no empathy for any other beings in the universe. They believe that only Krill have souls, and that it is the will of God (whom they call Avis) for them to ravage and plunder wherever they go, and that God is their god alone. They evolved in darkness, and sunlight can kill them.

The Krill have a very old and very holy book which tells them everything about how they are supposed to live their lives. MacFarlane and his shipmates devise a plan to spy on them and to obtain a copy of their book in order to better understand the Krill. They use holograms to make themselves look like Krill, and they enter a Krill warrior ship. It ends with MacFarlane shining sunlight on them, and almost all of them die.

I’ve never “reviewed” a movie or TV show, and that’s not what this is intended to be.  I like this show a lot. I’ve heard the reviews aren’t good, but that it’s quite popular with viewers. Check it out for yourself.