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What Next?

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There are recent polls that indicate that 10% of Americans agree with the political positions of the Alt Right. We can assume that the actual percentage is even greater given the reluctance of many people to be forthright about holding white nationalist political views. This is an extraordinary increase in popularity for a political movement that until just recently had been virtually unknown by the vast majority of Americans.

The Russian collusion narrative has collapsed; the Charlottesville narrative has collapsed; every false narrative that the Cathedral has put forward has collapsed or is on the verge of collapse. The Democrat Party deliberately and openly abandoned the white race and will never be able to regain its trust; as such, the Democrats have become a minority party of the two coasts, consisting of an untenable coalition of rival minority groups that are diminishing in size: the negroes through negro-on-negro violence; the mestizos through deportation; and white liberals through non-reproduction. The Democrat Party is in a bad way financially and is soon to be enmeshed in a major security scandal centered on Debbie Wasserman Schultz and dozens of her fellow Democrat congressmen who outsourced their computer security to a family of Muslims of very questionable loyalty. Now is the time for the Alt-Right to make a major push towards prominence and mainstream acceptability. Here are my suggestions for the next steps that we should take.

(1) Always be on the offensive. Never forget that we are engaged in a death struggle. The Left really wants to destroy us. They want the white race to die off. They openly admit it. We need to destroy the Left intellectually, politically, and physically (in the sense of the Hoppean mantra of physical removal). Our cause is not only just, it is self-evidently moral, and this morality should be forcefully stated every day. There should be no day that goes by when the Left is not confronted with serious and numerous challenges by the Alt-Right. The Left should never be allowed to relax for one minute.

(2) A white civil rights legal defense organization needs to be established as soon as possible. Whenever any political action is taken by any Alt-Right or white nationalist organization, it needs to be accompanied by a phalanx of dedicated lawyers. At Charlottesville, there should have been lawyers on the spot to document, collect evidence, and draw up lawsuits for every illegal action taken by Antifa and the Charlottesville mayor, city council, and police department. There should have been a lawsuit filed immediately against any business that denied service to rally attendees. Many of these lawsuits would have been successful; some would not. But the Left needs to know that it will suffer financially if it violates the civil rights of white people. Even an unsuccessful lawsuit will be a financial burden on the Left and a financial boon to our movement. Every public university that denies permission for Alt-Right and white nationalists to appear needs to be sued immediately.

(3) A white nationalist lobbying organization needs to be established that will represent the specific interests of the white race in Washington, DC and the various state capitals. We need to remind politicians that if they refuse to represent the interests of the white race they will suffer at the ballot box. Furthermore, we need to normalize the idea that white people have their own specific interests and that these interests are entirely legitimate.

(4) We need to establish the White Nationalist equivalent of the SPLC. We need an organization that is a clearinghouse for information about organizations and individuals that are opposed to the interests of the white race. These groups and individuals need to be identified and shamed, and campaigns need to be initiated to defund and bankrupt anyone who opposes white interests and white civil rights. An important part of this organization’s work should be dedicated to exposing the intellectual corruption and anti-white animus that is endemic to the American educational establishment. We can do great damage to the Cathedral by exposing the corruption in higher education. Already the University of Missouri and Evergreen College are experiencing extreme financial hardship as their corruption becomes public. Corrupt professors need to be exposed to the point that their employment becomes untenable. For example, one professor in the English faculty of Ole Miss uses her Shakespeare “scholarship” to promote and normalize bestiality (or as she terms it, “inter-species eroticism”) One can’t imagine that the taxpayers of Mississippi approve of state funds to support bestiality proselytizing. There are hundreds of examples of this in higher education that can be used to red pill normies and defund the Left.

(5) There need to be greater coordination and regular consultation among the various organizations of the White Nationalist community. We do have limited resources and they need to used wisely. We can also work more effectively if the leaders of the various groups are kept abreast of each other’s activities.

(6) Donald Trump made an excellent point during the presidential campaign when he criticized Obama’s habit of publicly revealing military strategy and tactics. The element of surprise is essential in both war and politics. If we’re going to have a rally somewhere, Antifa should not know about it until after it has happened.

(7) Enough already with the intergenerational animus. Yes, X-Gens and Millennials think that Boomers are civic nationalist cucks and Boomers think that X-Gens and Millennials are lazy, entitled snowflakes, but these stereotypes do not obtain among our ranks. Each generation has much to offer in our struggle. X-Gens and Millennials have energy, spirit, and an innate understanding of modern technology that is extremely important. We Boomers have experience, historical perspective, and money. We also have the advantage of having won the Cold War, a 45-year struggle that was every bit as much of an existential crisis as the one we are currently experiencing. Sure, there are self-absorbed Boomers, but most of my generation are extremely worried about the world we are leaving behind for our children and grand-children, and frankly, we are not going to tolerate having won the Cold War just to have that victory pissed away in a multicultural nightmare.

(8) Never accept the premises of the other side’s argument. Make the Left accept our terms of argumentation.

(9) Many people in our community are uncomfortable with the tactics of Andrew Anglin and Christopher Cantwell. Nevertheless, their civil rights are being violated not because they are vulgar, but because they are white. The typical poster on The Daily Kos says things a hundred times more vulgar than anything that appears on The Daily Stormer or Radical Agenda, but vulgar leftists are not subject to doxxing, deplatforming, and unconstitutional denial of bail. Anglin and Cantwell’s cases are of vital importance to us. They are the vanguard of a white civil rights revolution whose ultimate goal should be the overturning of all affirmative action legislation and a restoration of the constitutional right of free association.

(10) It goes without saying that developing alternative online payment systems, cryptocurrencies, social media, and a non-mediated internet infrastructure is of vital and immediate importance. Fortunately, there appears to be a lot of work going on in this area that will soon come to fruition. In the meantime, checks and money orders work just fine. White people defeated the greatest empire the world has known to create this country; white engineers designed the Apollo rockets using slide rules; certainly white Americans of 2017 have enough agency to fill out a check, put a stamp on an envelope, and mail it.

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