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The Five Types of Warfare that China Is Waging on the Western World

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[1]In my previous article [2], I introduced an essay written by a certain semi-official Chinese expert and widely circulated on the Chinese web space which revealed the overarching ambition and pernicious agenda of today’s China vis-à-vis white Western nations. In this article, I’ll focus on the five major types of warfare that China is conducting against the West and discuss in detail the manifestations and insidious effects on Western society of each. I made this summarized classification based on my honest and intimate knowledge about China acquired from long personal experience, including extensive reading and in-depth observations.

Type I: Economic Warfare. During the last 30 years, China has amassed a stupendous amount of trade surplus that continues to this day and will extend into the foreseeable future. It has established predatory trade with the former “First World” countries including the US, Japan, and Western Europe, thanks to the dominant international trade scheme formulated by globalist Western elites. These elites are composed of a purposefully deliberate panda-hugging Jewish political and media establishment; and a greedy, shortsighted, and reckless gentile economic and industrial establishment that worships the “free trade” mantra and market fundamentalism, and is enamored of China’s huge market and cheap labor. These elites have zero concern for the vital interest of the white middle class and working class and the long-term national security of white nations.

The high mark of China’s entry into this game was its monumental 2001 WTO accession, enabled primarily by the treasonous and venal President Clinton and the globalist financiers who stacked his administration. The Western elites — Jewish and gentile alike — courteously offered the best chance of economic and industrial empowerment to China on a silver platter, knowing that the latter would not hesitate to rig, manipulate, and abuse the unsound system of global free trade to fatten itself and further its sinister agenda. They gleefully sacrificed the collective interests of white working Americans and Europeans on the altar of global trade. Note that the rise of China’s trade surplus and concomitant rise in power proceeds in inverse proportion to the status of white Western nations. As the former gains steam with each passing day, we see an ineluctable trend of decline and dispossession on the part of the Western nations evidenced by astronomic trade deficits, factory closures, job losses, an exodus of capital and technology, wage reductions, etc., with white workers bearing the brunt of the damage and suffering.

An emboldened, muscular and jaunty China has started to wage a systematic, aggressive and all-rounded offensive campaign against the West. China uses the huge wealth it has garnered from trade with the West as the basis of its ambitious expansion by constantly increasing its military budget (with double-digit growth annually for the last 20 years) in order to threaten, intimidate, and browbeat other nations — including smaller neighbors such as Taiwan and Vietnam as well as bigger powers such as India, Japan, and even the US now. Showing off its bloated pocket and brandishing a stack of cash, the Chinese also actively buy up real estate in Western societies, and voraciously hunt for high-tech enterprises of the West and precious natural resources — from oil to metals to forests to water — worldwide, by capitalizing on the current financial difficulties of many Western countries. Backed by its tremendous economic clout and crafty commercial and diplomatic maneuvering, China is also marching to Africa and other underdeveloped and resource-rich places in the world with its ravenously expansionist, neo-imperialist, and neo-colonialist policies in order to seize geostrategic advantages, explore its overseas Lebensraum, and exploit local people and resources with virtual impunity and limited opposition. No wonder the Chinese scholar in my previous article [2] could hardly conceal his exaltation when he exclaimed excitedly and bluntly that “among all of these existing world powers, only China is benefitting from the current global structure.”

Type II: Market Warfare. This one can be viewed as a supplement to the previous type, but with its own distinctive features. China frequently brandishes its large consumer market as a weapon to intimidate and blackmail other nations at every turn. For example, when tension arose following the Philippines suing China in the Hague International Tribunal due to China’s unlawful invasion and occupation of Philippine waters and islands in the South China Sea, China bullied its much-smaller neighbor and unilaterally declared trade sanctions on the Philippines with boycotts of Philippine banana imports and other agricultural products.

China pushed its level of arrogance and bullying to new heights during the latest dispute with South Korea over the latter’s decision to deploy the US THAAD anti-missile system. China took unilateral and drastic actions against private Korean companies and civilians with a business presence in China as an act of reprisal on South Korea for an issue of a purely diplomatic and inter-governmental nature. The Chinese government punished the South Korean commercial conglomerate Lotte by various nasty and vicious means such as finding fault with the sanitation and firefighting facilities of the Lotte department stores in various Chinese cities, inciting hundreds of Chinese “red-blooded patriots” to gather outside those department stores in order to make passionate condemnations and to prevent customers from shopping there, forbidding local TV stations to broadcast popular Korean teleplays, and ordering entertainment companies to terminate business contracts with many South Korean entertainers popular in China. As much a lurid and appalling double standard as China’s claim that it was its own inviolable sovereign right to develop and deploy all offensive weapons from aircraft carriers and next-generation stealth fighters to satellite-shattering missiles while denouncing and penalizing other countries for their own purely defensive measures — labeling them as acts of “provocation” and “destabilizing to regional peace and security” — this double standard was completely ignored by the Chinese government and its brainwashed masses.

All these utterly absurd, thuggish, and unjustifiable actions evoke vivid memories of a string of similar events in China since 2005, demonstrated by massive and frenzied protests and boycotts against Western businesses in China including the French supermarket chain Carrefour and the American fast food chain McDonald’s; and culminating in violent riots of Chinese mobs smashing Japanese cars in the street, storming Japanese department stores, and beating up Japanese students and Western journalists, all in the name of Chinese patriotism.

Type III: Resources Warfare. Similar to type II, this one can also be considered an auxiliary or appendage to Type I, albeit not without its own distinctions. The term “resources” includes both natural and human resources. As mentioned before, in an age when Western countries, including the old colonial powers with a heavy historical presence in Africa such as UK and France, are rapidly exiting the African continent — both in terms of business and human involvement — China is making bold strides and charging into Africa with an astonishing speed and scale. China goes to Africa, bringing along huge investment and labor forces of its own to explore and extract African natural resources in a primitive fashion, disregarding environmental protection measures and exploiting both nature and humanity there in a trademark Chinese manner of callous cynicism. China bribes the leaders of African governments, employs some local people to work for Chinese companies under crude conditions and minimal safety standards, reneges on their pay, and turns a blind eye when discontented and defiant local laborers are beaten up. This has predictably resulted in increasing tensions between the Chinese and the local populations and has invited mounting and well-deserved disaffection and resentment from the latter, which China handles by using yet more bribes and brute force to pacify the situation.

Simultaneously, like Jews, the Chinese have the chutzpah and temerity to paint things in its own favor. China spares no propaganda effort to muddle the picture, distort the reality, whitewash its own sins and glorify itself in an unashamedly self-serving and self-celebrating fashion. Lately a new movie was made in China titled “Wolf Warrior II” (战狼2), depicting a former Chinese special forces officer and a Rambo-style lone “hero” who fights his way through hostile terrain and deadly hazards to rescue some Chinese company staff and local employees in Africa who have been seized by a band of vicious mercenaries dispatched by a certain Western state. Of course, the Chinese win gloriously at the end: winning not only the fight, but also the hearts and souls of the African people. What a disgusting fabrication and a travesty of truth! This movie, due to its naked appeal to (warped and bloated) Chinese nationalism, its typical bloody and adrenalin-pumping combat scenes created by numerous stunts and special effects, and the “hero” character played by a famous Chinese kung-fu star, together with its emblematic and grotesquely minatory and catchy slogan — “If you dare to offend our great China, we will hunt you down and destroy you, no matter how far you are from us.” (犯我大汉者,虽远必诛) — gave the Chinese masses a collective orgasm and allowed the film to become a gigantic commercial success in China, sweeping the box office with unprecedented sales, and setting an all-time record in the history of Chinese film (netting a total revenue of over $800 million USD since its release on July 27 of this year).

On the aspect of grabbing and utilizing human resources, China also displays unrivalled zeal and avarice. China uses both money and smarmy talk to attract and recruit some idealistic and ambitious top-notch Western and Japanese scientists to conduct scientific research in fields that cannot be pursued in the West due to being politically incorrect, to the great benefit of the Chinese industrial and military complex. It also uses money and/or deceit to rope in some Western mainstream liberal scholars in the subjects of the humanities to endorse views and parrot official lines of the Chinese government, in order to spread misinformation and attack China’s major adversaries like Japan on issues of history, politics, and international relations. In addition, since the Olympic Games are a huge matter in China — as they are used as an effective tool to galvanize the Chinese masses, highlight “patriotism,” glorify the regime, promote domestic cohesion, and distract the population from China’s entrenched and severe social problems — the Chinese government has long attached great importance to winning gold medals at the Olympic Games. Wielding its fat wallet, China actively recruits many Western sports experts to be coaches, trainers, or technical advisers to its various national sports teams competing in the Olympic Games and sends its own gold medal-crazed athletes abroad to the US, Europe, and Australia to be trained by foreign experts, all to the great advantage of China and the detriment of Western countries. Some notable sports handled in this regard include swimming, soccer, tennis, hockey, boating, and cycling, with swimming topping the list. In all these fields, from the crucial ones like science and technology to the less-important ones like athletic sports, the Chinese monetary offensive combined with Western man’s cardinal mental defect — his self-righteous and self-defeating altruism — have contributed to a continuous beefing-up of China’s strength and chiseling-away of Western advantages.

Type IV: Psychological Warfare. The Chinese, on a par with Jewry, are an exceedingly and habitually mendacious, disingenuous, cunning, and duplicitous people, whose unparalleled capacity for glib and dexterous deceit, deception, and disguise is an innate and intrinsic skill that has been annealed and honed through 4,000 years of ruthless and incessant internal struggle characterized by immense bloodshed and treachery. The Chinese have always thought highly of and attached great importance to psychological warfare since ancient times. They have a maxim which says, “out of a hundred tactics, attacking the mind is the superior one” (攻心为上), affirming the superiority of “psychological manipulation” aka “mind-attack” in Chinese warfare traditions. Hence they constantly use propaganda to lie about both historical and present reality in a manner that whitewashes and glorifies themselves, and smears and traduces their enemies. Moreover, in the arena of government-sponsored propaganda — pervasive and ubiquitous in China, dictating all historical, political, and cultural domains — it is also of no surprise (albeit deeply disgusting and detestable) to see that many foreigners, such as Japanese and Western individuals, due to the combined effect of China’s lobbying effort and their own pathological altruism and pathetic sense of masochistic self-guilt, have willingly assisted the current Chinese regime in its propagandistic effort to falsify or distort historical truths and promote a velvet image of China on the international stage.

For instance, in recent years a few Japanese movie actors have been actively participating in China’s anti-Japanese war movies by playing leading villains such as imperial Japanese officers, in roles where they are ridiculed and smacked by the “heroic” Chinese military. Such films are too numerous to name, to the extent that if you turn on a TV set in China any moment, you’ll literally discover a number of such movies being played on a dozen Chinese TV channels ad infinitum. Recently the range of themes of such films are enlarged from the so-called “14 years of anti-Japanese wars of 1931 to 1945” to include some dubious Chinese-Japanese armed conflicts of ancient times such as a series of low-intensity skirmishes along the eastern coastal areas of China in the mid-17th century. One example pits the imperial army of China’s Ming Dynasty against a loosely-knit, combined pirate force (倭寇) consisting of 30% Japanese samurais and 70% Chinese outlaws, in the quite-new Chinese movie “God of War” (荡寇风云) released in mid-2017 that also features Japanese actors in villainous roles.

On the Western side, many leftist-liberal actors and actresses have also been aiding China’s historical propaganda campaign by voluntarily enlisting themselves in China’s “politically correct” anti-Japanese or anti-Western movies out of their sense of “social justice”. The American actor Christian Bale starred in the flagrantly lying anti-Japanese 2011 Chinese movie The Flowers of War (金陵十三钗), which dwells on lots of lurid and sensational depictions of the phony “Nanking Massacre,” a diehard topic and perpetual fixation of the Chinese, and a “wonder weapon” to demonize, demoralize, and extort Japan just as the Jews use “the Holocaust” on Germany. Some White Nationalists may think white Westerners participating in China’s anti-Japanese movie production is hardly a concern to whites, yet China also makes quite a few anti-Western (read: anti-white) historical movies with the avid participation and cooperation of Western actors. The aforementioned movie Wolf Warrior II certainly falls into that category with its main villain roles, such as the head of the mercenary army and his close aids being played by white Westerners. And the latest example is China’s anti-French war movie The War of Loong (龙之战), just released last month, that portrays the historic Chinese-French War of 1883-1885 in which China lost to France despite winning some battles. However, in this movie with tons of gory and violent battle scenes where blood flows like a river and flesh and guts fly in all directions, China was depicted as the ultimate winner and hero, and the French as the abject and humiliated losers and villains. The French troops featured in this movie, both officers and common soldiers, are played by white Westerners. The leading French general and his adjutants seem to be played by real French actors, while the ordinary soldiers are possibly played by Western students studying in China, all persuaded by China through cajoling, bribing, and/or brainwashing to participate and act in a film that slings mud on the faces of their ancestors.

Type V: Intelligence Warfare. As was mentioned earlier, China is a country that doesn’t hesitate to steal, deceive, and lie in order to get to the top. The technological advancement of China has basically depended on stolen technologies from Western countries including both the white nations and Japan. Chinese industrial spies are prevalent and pervasive throughout the Western world, infiltrating and permeating all major sectors of industry. China is also increasingly using its specially-trained hackers to conduct persistent and coordinated spying and sabotage in cyberspace, in order to steal valuable industrial and military information and effectuate endless damage. Equipped with a powerful and extensive intelligence network that constantly grabs intelligence everywhere, along with a peculiar mentality and an active willingness to operate with no scruples or restraint for the sole purpose of attaining global dominance over all other nations, the Chinese have sedulously advanced themselves in a few avant-garde realms including some research fields disallowed in the West due to Westerners’ attitudes on race and ethics.

China has made large and impressive strides in developing various advanced military technologies, which already rival if not surpass the West’s, thanks to its espionage in the West as well as the unstinting cooperation of Western elites and particularly the State of Israel, by providing China with the latest Western military technologies. The war-changing technological pearls with which China is obsessed range from military drones and combat robots to cutting-edge electronic components, stealth technology, artificial intelligence technology, missile launch control and guidance, engine and propulsion etc., but the most intriguing and tantalizing one China currently pursues is eugenics and genetic technology, a research area unthinkable in today’s self-censoring West besotted and handicapped by political correctness and other ideological red tape. This technology is meanwhile being clandestinely and strenuously researched and developed by the Chinese government with its military-centered, ambition-driven, and purposeful science and technology policy. While the West binds its own hands and feet with self-imposed rules and vacuous and inane moralizations, languishing in lethargy and inactivity, China seizes every moment to carry out eugenic and genetic research with the aim of producing a synthetic breed of superhuman of outstanding intelligence and physical fitness, not merely for winning more Olympic medals but for wining future wars of annihilation and conquest over white people in order to realize its ultimate dream of world domination.


To reflect upon the ever-increasing and ever intensifying all-around Chinese offensive on the white Western world as sketched above, an interesting comparative pattern of similarity and difference between the Chinese and the Jewish styles of war on the West surfaces to mind, which can be perceived by any observant eye. The Jewish style of war on the white race is primarily of a destructive parasitism, of internal domination and control, and erosion, vitiation and degradation of the white societies. To the outside world, Jews opt to masquerade as whites to incriminate, smudge and vilify the white race before the non-white world so as to reap fisherman’s benefits and profit from the hostility and confrontation between whites and non-white peoples.

By contrast, the Chinese living in white societies largely don’t mask themselves with fake white identities but instead act as clear outsiders, which obviously doesn’t stop them from gaining all the benefits and advantages by profiting from the multiculturalism created and advocated by Jews. With their steadily-increasing economic and financial clout, they are also increasingly acting as a Fifth Column for their home country China (analogous to diaspora Jews in their relations vis-à-vis Israel) and hence constitute a time bomb to their host countries in the long run. The thrust of the Chinese menace as a future existential threat to white people, however, comes from the external onslaught on white nations posed by China as a political entity and sovereign state, which are manifested in the above five types of war. China can only be conclusively defeated and defanged by a thorough demolition of the dominant Jewish and globalist stronghold in white nations and a subsequent comprehensive disengagement from China.