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Yes, Virginia, There Is a White Culture

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The Left lies, it lies about everything, and it lies all the time. One of the most egregious lies of the Left is that, while negroes and mestizos are said to have their own racially-identifiable cultures, white people do not possess a uniquely white culture. The disingenuousness of this lie is exacerbated by the Left viewing negroes and mestizos as cultural monoliths while treating whites as a collection of disparate ethnic entities.

The left cunningly advances its false narrative by deliberately contributing to the confusion between two terms: culture and civilization. Simply put, a civilization is an overarching (continental) commonality of shared genetics, religious beliefs, and political, artistic, and linguistic characteristics. A civilization is generally racially identifiable: African civilization, Asian civilization, and white European civilization. A civilization can have any number of constituent cultures. The culture of the Danes and that of the Poles are very different in superficial details, but they are both immediately identifiable as belonging to the same Western civilization. Africans are similarly divided among a variety of culture and ethnicities. This realization is covered up by the Left in order to avoid uncomfortable truths, such as the Hutu-Tutsi genocide and the fact that the slave trade was originated by Africans themselves aided and abetted by their Jewish middlemen.

By falsely claiming that culture is racially based for negroes and mestizos while it is non-racially based for whites, the Left can claim that there is no such thing as white culture. This is the main source of the leftist howling about cultural appropriation. Every time a white person eats fried chicken or uses grammar incorrectly, the Left screams cultural appropriation; yet, no such complaints are heard when negroes engage in activities that they appropriate from white Western civilization, e.g., the use of the wheel, written language, civil discourse, the scientific method, etc.


The truth of the matter is that white culture as defined by the Left is actually Western civilization with its roots in Europe and the Indo-European family of languages. The various cultures of white Western civilization were held together by Christianity (of the non-Judeo variety) and the use of Latin as a lingua franca. White Western civilization (culture) is pan-European and has been culturally unified since the time of the Roman Empire. White culture as defined by the Left includes all European political, philosophical, scientific, and artistic achievements from the time of the Trojan War to the 20th century and beyond.


As white people began to explore and settle outside of Europe, white Western civilization (or culture as defined by the Left) spread with them. Western civilization would not have spread without white people. It cannot be maintained without white people because it is genetically based. This, in many ways, explains why academic failure and criminal behavior are so prevalent among negroes. They are simply competing in an arena in which they are at a genetic disadvantage. In an interesting way, negro activists and their white liberal apologists are on to something when they say that logic, mathematics, proper grammar, the scientific method, and good manners are racist, but what the Left views as racist are really genetically-based characteristics of white culture.

White flight and a concomitant influx of negroes inevitably bring about squalor. Negroes appear to be incapable of maintaining the infrastructure that whites have left behind. With such high rates of unemployment and welfare use in negro communities, it seems strange that filthy homes should be so common given that their inhabitants have nothing but time on their hands.

This, then, is another possible psychological reason for the denial of white culture. Since negroes have such difficulty adapting to white culture and very few are able to achieve much without affirmative action and lowered standards, the denial of white culture is a way of avoiding the reality of negro failure. One cannot fail at something that is said not to exist.

Western civilization is not a fungible commodity. It cannot be implanted into an unwilling host. John Locke’s tabula rasa has as much scientific validity as phlogiston, and neither a throwaway phrase from the Declaration of Independence nor a third-rate poem appended to the base of the Statue of Liberty can alter that fact.

In sum, the claim by the Left that whites do not have a culture is as ridiculous as saying that Bill Gates has no money. White culture is Western civilization. Whites created it, only whites can maintain it, and everyone else who receives benefits from it is merely a guest.