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Winter is Coming for White Advocacy:
Update on the Attacks on Counter-Currents

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On Thursday, August 17th, Counter-Currents was told to find a new web host. We have now secured a new host, migrated the site there, and tested it. Soon, your Counter-Currents links will be pointed to the new server, but there may be some downtime over the weekend, since it takes a while for the domain pointing to propagate through the Web. 

I want to thank Mike Polignano, Louis Cypher, and all of our friends and donors for making this transition possible. As a result, Counter-Currents now has a faster, more functional, more resilient, and more secure presence on the Web. And we are going to save a few bucks a month, too.

On Wednesday, August 16th, Facebook deleted the Counter-Currents page. No biggie. Since the establishment began freaking out about Charlottesville and lashing out at the movement, our web traffic has nearly doubled. Leftists need to learn that the more they fight us, the stronger we become. (The converse does not hold, however. The more we fight them, the weaker they become. Sorry, those are just the rules.)

On Tuesday, August 15th, Counter-Currents was thrown off PayPal. My personal account has also been shut down. This is a big problem:

  1. We are in a cash crunch because I have salaries, credit cards, and rent due in the next few days.
  2. We cannot use PayPal to take book orders or fulfill book pre-orders. Do not worry, though, as we can take credit card payments, and all of your pre-orders will go through.
  3. The greatest blow is that the monthly donations of our many supporters have now stopped. These monthly donations — as well as one-time donations — keep Counter-Currents in business. Without them, we are through. Fortunately, we have two alternative means of receiving donations: by means of credit card and through our Hatreon account.

Therefore, I am asking all of our supporters to please step forward today and make a donation to keep Counter-Currents in the game. Please use the form below to make an emergency one-time donation to keep us operating. You can also sign up for a monthly donation, either below or at Hatreon.

We hope that we can get back all of our monthly donors, but realistically we won’t. Some people are wedded to the PayPal platform and will not use other processing systems. Some people will never see this announcement because their primary access to Counter-Currents is through Facebook, and our Facebook account has also been shut down. Others sign up with throwaway email addresses and will never see the email announcement we are sending out.

So please, if you were thinking of signing up for a new donation, or increasing your monthly donation, this would be a good time, because otherwise we are going to suffer a severe loss of monthly support.

Note: Credit card numbers are not stored on our server, and all connections are secure and encrypted.

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“Hatreon” is like Patreon but for the “haters” who are being purged from Patreon as part of the vast ongoing deplatforming of white advocates and dissident Rightists. Hatreon helps creative dissidents enjoy steady, predictable incomes from patrons who make monthly pledges of support. Just go to my Hatreon profile page and make a pledge. (If you need an invite code, use this one: MAJDRZUDYWLG.)

Hatreon is run by a dissident Rightist like us. Hatreon is highly ethical and takes only a very small percentage of donations to cover their costs. I very much want Hatreon to succeed, so please sign up for an account today. Help Hatreon get off to a strong start — and help Counter-Currents stay in the fight.

Counter-Currents also takes Bitcoin.

Our Bitcoin address is: 1ChE5DZVVZJpv8mnJ3fRrtSDrTikBh7uFL

In the coming weeks, we will begin accepting donations in all digital currencies, and we will publish a tutorial on how you can begin using them.

Finally, you can also mail donations to:

PO Box 22638
San Francisco, CA 94122

We are profoundly grateful for the outpouring of generosity from a large number of readers. But we need to hear from all of you. Especially from our monthly donors. Please renew today.

Winter is coming for white advocacy. We must be industrious ants, building up capital and bracing ourselves for further attacks and deplatforming. We can no longer be happy-go-lucky grasshoppers, depending on the kindness and fair play of capitalists. Fear not, we will never quit. But we need to build new institutions, an integrated electronic ethnostate offering everything from domain registration to webhosting to DDOS protection to mailing list management — all controlled by our movement. This is a huge task, and we obviously should have started building it years ago. But when you donate, you are helping us build it today.

Thank you for your loyal readership and generosity.

Greg Johnson

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  1. Pietas
    Posted August 25, 2017 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    That’s exactly what I thought would happen: advertising for white nationalism. This stunt, whatever it’s true embryology, which we may never fully know, probably did damage to the altright’s moment in the sun and to the trump base, but provided great publicity for venues like counter-currents. The fire in the inner sanctum will burn ever-brighter. Some viewers got “anti-woke.”

  2. Durtal
    Posted August 25, 2017 at 3:55 pm | Permalink

    Louis Cypher? A ‘Falling Angel’/’Angel Heart’ reference. Nice!

  3. Douglas
    Posted August 26, 2017 at 4:31 pm | Permalink

    How is it that the government can force a Christian bakery to bake a gay wedding cake but they can’t force an internet host to maintain a website they don’t agree with?

    Isn’t there already a precedent set by the government in this regard?

    • Walter
      Posted August 27, 2017 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

      These are questions I have been wondering about, too. I think that having the funds to take legal action would bring about clarification of this apparent discrepancy.
      Jef Costello, in his recent article titled “This Means War” suggests that media giants such as Google be made Public Utility Companies, and this overall status would reflect all the way down on the obligations of companies involved with dissemination of information protected under Free Speech.

  4. ExCathedra
    Posted August 26, 2017 at 5:24 pm | Permalink

    Sent you $200 in the mail this morning.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted August 26, 2017 at 9:20 pm | Permalink

      Thank you so much.

  5. james
    Posted August 26, 2017 at 8:29 pm | Permalink

    This is a good “teachable moment”. Back up all the content and articles of the site and always have them stored offline and not in some cloud. Always have a plan b ready.

    • Ted
      Posted August 28, 2017 at 1:36 am | Permalink

      Indeed. I was reading about Stormfront – taken offline, but their webhost is not allowing them to access their own material (!) to transfer somewhere else. Not only is that a legal issue (albeit no Fsr Right legal team at the ready), but it seems SF doesn’t have their material saved somewhere offline. I realize that’s an enormous amount of material there, but at least to save offline the last year or two of posting?

  6. Old School Ethics
    Posted August 28, 2017 at 8:22 am | Permalink

    This needs to happen one way or the other I guess. Good comes form it. It teaches you to stop relying on others, especially the establishment for your ability to exist. They hate you. They want nothing at all to do with you. If they could, you would all be in jail for opposing white genocide. Hatreon and bitcoin is a good example of WNs finding alternatives to the establishment. Neither would be attempted if they didn’t first try to silence you, so in the end, this is a benefit to the movement. It helps it adapt and become more self-sufficient in ways it never could have had it not been persecuted.

    This is always the old catalog, cash and envelope too. So even if the internet were to expunge WNs from the the entire web it would benefit WNs. WNs existed before the internet and will exist after it. People were able to organize in greater numbers in the 1800s or 1960s than during the internet age. So the internet purge will not have a impact on WNs activity, and may even make it more street and real-world oriented at a time when most of our opponents rely too heavily on the internet to function that they have either a shrinking street presence or no longer have the ability to function without it outside of drastic organizational changes.

    David Duke won a senate seat before big use of the internet by going door to door, handing out fliers, etc. The web establishment thinks too highly of themselves.

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