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Upcoming Counter-Currents Events
Jared Taylor at the Northwest Forum & The Francis Parker Yockey Centennial

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Counter-Currents is sponsoring two events in August and September. Both events are private, invitation-only gatherings. Who attends and what is said are off the record. If you are a friend of Counter-Currents, or if you would like to submit your name for “extreme vetting,” please contact Greg Johnson at [email protected] [2].


The Northwest Forum: Saturday, August 26th in the Puget Sound Area

At the Fifth Meeting of the Northwest Forum, we will have three speakers:

  1. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance who will be speaking on “A Quarter Century of White Advocacy” and signing copies of his new book If We Do Nothing.
  2. Augustus Invictus who will speak on “Carl Schmitt and the Failures of Liberalism”
  3. Greg Johnson who will speak on “Whitopia”

Margot Metroland will be the Mistress of Ceremonies. There will also be a party on Friday, August 25th. For more information, please contact Greg Johnson [email protected] [2].

The Francis Parker Yockey Centennial Celebration: Monday, September 18th, Somewhere in Cascadia

Francis Parker Yockey was born on September 18th, 1917. To celebrate his 100th birthday, Counter-Currents is holding a dinner. Originally this event was going to be held in New York City, but we have had to move it to the West Coast.

Again, for more information, please contact Greg Johnson [email protected] [2].