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My Conversation with Andrew Anglin

1,700 words

On Monday, August 28, Tara McCarthy invited me to have a conversation with Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer on her Reality Calls Show. I enjoyed the debate between me and Vox Day she hosted on August 17th, so I accepted. Tara made it clear that we were to be having a conversation, not a debate, and the topic would be the current attacks on white advocates and the way forward from here. I need to make this clear, because Andrew is now billing our conversation as a debate

The conversation was held as a live Google hangout on YouTube, but when it was over, Tara uploaded it to BitChute, a new censorship-free video platform. I thought this was a good idea, not just to prevent YouTube from censoring it, but also as a way to lead my followers and Andrew’s to discover BitChute, which is a platform worth promoting. You can listen and comment at BitChute here.

Some of my friends expressed surprise that the conversation was so friendly. It was my first public conversation with Andrew, but we have spoken before on Skype. We disagree on a lot of matters, but our interactions have always been collegial. I think The Daily Stormer is tasteless and probably a net negative for white advocacy, but I have defended Andrew from baseless charges by Colin Liddell and others that he is an enemy agent.

Andrew and I agreed on many, perhaps most, of the points we discussed. In particular, we agreed that Nazi flags are bad for optics at public rallies like Unite the Right in Charlottesville. Andrew went so far as to recommend that at future rallies, there should only be American flags. If this had been the case at Charlottesville, the normies of the world would have been treated to the spectacle of a rabble of grungy freaks carrying Communist flags assaulting clean-cut white men carrying American flags, which would have made it very difficult for the establishment to sell its now collapsing narrative that Unite the Right was responsible for the violence.

I was somewhat surprised that Andrew and I share the same basic view of the harm caused by Nazi aesthetics at protests, and I gently challenged him to apply the same thinking to The Daily Stormer.

Andrew claimed that I misrepresented his views on this matter in my discussion with Vox Day. I don’t recall saying that. (Listen and let me know.) I do recall criticizing Andrew for insisting on claiming the Alt Right “brand” for white nationalism alone, and applauding hailgate for polarizing between the Alt Right and the Alt Lite. The Alt Right worked best by being a big tent. Now the Alt Right is increasingly marginal, and the Alt Lite is dedicated to combating ethnic nationalism.

Our main disagreement was about the Third Reich and the Holocaust. Andrew insists that since our enemies stigmatize all racial nationalists as Nazis, we must combat this by rehabilitating the Third Reich, including denying the Holocaust. My response is that we should simply focus on the injustice, absurdity, and neuroticism of the charge that all forms of racial nationalism, and nationalism in general — and, really, everything that the Left hates — is “Nazi.”

Andrew’s position on the Holocaust boils down to: It never happened, but it should have. This is completely indefensible.

First, it is factually indefensible. No honest revisionist claims that the Holocaust never happened. (Robert Faurisson does claim this, but only by insisting on a particular definition. His argument is too clever by half and cannot be taken seriously.) Even if one grants every serious revisionist argument, what remains is Holocaust enough for most people. Andrew claimed that his approach to the Holocaust was to offer mockery, not arguments. When I countered that revisionism is a rather intellectually demanding body of literature, he made it clear that he simply does not care if his positions are intellectually defensible. Unfortunately, intelligent and thoughtful people do care about things like that, and we want to attract them to our movement, not repulse them.

Second, I would love to see Andrew venture a moral defense of his position. Given the Jewish establishment’s enormous investment in stigmatizing National Socialism and the Holocaust as the ultimate evil, it strikes me as a blunder for white advocates to take such positions. That’s what the Jews want us to do. The Jews have cast racially-conscious whites into a pit of moral obloquy, which Andrew is simply deepening. But when you are in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. White Nationalists actually occupy the moral high ground, and we need to act like it.

My position on the Holocaust is explained in two articles:

Basically, I argue that trotting out the Holocaust — and sometimes the specter of “another Holocaust” — to stigmatize every expression of white racial consciousness and self-assertion is a moral fraud.

First, the lesson of the Holocaust is not that the planet must submit to Jewish emotional blackmail until the sun burns out, lest we sin again. The lesson is that stateless peoples living in multicultural societies are vulnerable to genocide when the tensions caused by diversity explode into violence.

Second, Jews are no longer in danger of “another Holocaust” because they have their own ethnostate with a huge arsenal of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

Third, while Jews are in no danger of “another Holocaust,” white genocide — by means of low fertility, miscegenation, and race-replacement immigration — is real, and it will lead to white extinction unless we turn these trends around by embracing White Nationalism and creating homogeneous homelands for all white peoples.

It is a moral absurdity for Jews, who are in no danger of another genocide, to morally blackmail a people that is facing genocide into doing nothing to resist it. In effect, they claim that because the Holocaust happened, the white race must die, which is a transparently bad argument that springs from an ugly spirit of vengefulness. It is, moreover, a moral obscenity when one comes to realize the role that Jewish influence played in setting white nations on the path to extinction in the first place.

Jews are manipulating our sympathy for a select set of innocent victims as a weapon of political and demographic warfare against whites. We have to make our people immune to this manipulation. Why the selective focus on Jewish suffering? Why do most Americans have a ready answer to the question “How many Jews died in the Holocaust?” but have no idea how many Americans died in World War II?  Why are we bombarded with the fake moral imperative that whites must never unite to protect our ethnic interests again because of the Holocaust? Why are all whites now stigmatized as perpetrators — or enablers, or potential perpetrators — of the Holocaust, even the nations that fought against the Third Reich? The way to stop the weaponization of the Holocaust against whites is to expose this sinister moral swindle, not to fiddle with the numbers — which at their largest have never approached the crimes of Communism, and which at their smallest will never reach zero anyway.

At one point, Andrew claims that the Holocaust is the foundation of the whole white-guilt complex, although he immediately backs away from that claim by mentioning that slavery and colonialism are put to the same use. In truth, the Holocaust is not the foundation of Jewish power, as Mark Weber has pointed out. Jews were powerful long before the Holocaust. Powerful enough, for instance, to deliver the United States into two World Wars. The Holocaust has been weaponized against whites because of pre-existing Jewish power in the media, academia, business, and politics. And if the revisionists really had a magic bullet that would destroy the Holocaust as a historical event, the Jewish establishment would smoothly and shamelessly pivot to accusing the Allied governments of perpetrating a huge crime against the Jewish people, for if the Holocaust really is a big lie, then countless families were never reunited because they simply assumed all their relatives were dead. And slavery and colonialism would be promoted to the chief tools of raising white guilt and lowering white resistance to genocide. The holocaust is just one tool of Jewish power, not the cornerstone. It is not the matador, just one of his capes that revisionists foolishly keep charging, thinking it is the man himself.

One final point: I agree with Andrew that it is important to use mockery to counter the weaponization of the Holocaust. But we have to be very careful in choosing our targets. We need to mock the lies, the sanctimony, the selective moral outrage, the implicit Jewish supremacism (only Jewish victims matter), and the cynical political opportunism connected with the Holocaust. But we have to remember that the lies were told by the survivors and Allies, not the dead, most of whom died simply because they were Jews. If our goal is to immunize our people from being emotionally exploited by Holocaust propaganda, we need to raise their moral indignation against the enemy, not against ourselves. So it is self-defeating to mock the victims.

I want to thank Tara and Andrew for an enjoyable and stimulating conversation. I want to encourage her do to more such discussions. I am certainly happy to take part in them. I also think it is important to promote new platforms like BitChute by giving them exclusive content.

In that spirit, I want to end by repeating a friendly challenge to my listeners and Andrew’s. We both have Hatreon accounts. Right now, Andrew is the #1 Hatreon creator with 65 patrons and $1176.93/month. I currently have 27 patrons and $449/month. Naturally, I want to be #1. So if you are my supporter, please click HERE, use the invite code BNIHVDDYXEHW, and make a monthly pledge. Naturally, Andrew’s supporters will try to keep him #1 by also pledging. Thus this is a friendly sort of rivalry that will help all parties, including Hatreon.

So what are you waiting for?

Thank you for your loyal readership and support.

Greg Johnson

* * *

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  1. Afterthought
    Posted August 30, 2017 at 1:41 pm | Permalink

    This is the kind of opportunity that working with the “alt lite”, in this case Vox Day, opens up: it forced Andrew Anglin to seek a rebuttal, because the currency he deals in is attention, whether page views, or otherwise. If the good men of this movement move towards saner climes, it will force the attention seekers to scamper afterwards or become totally irrelevant. WE are THEIR bridge to the mainstream and they depend on us – we hold all the cards, as our target audience is not the converted, but the convertable – which I view as 80% of whites.

    Greg was VERY collegial in dealing with some of the posturing of Anglin, such as that he is not quite sure if annihilating other races is or is not the way to go. I, and most white people (90%+) are QUITE sure, and no opportunity to hammer such vile garbage out of the movement is to be missed.

    I was happy to see that after the initial inchoate posturing of Anglin was passed through like a storm, peaking through the clouds was the bright sun of Anglin’s Aryan soul, speaking of transcending the material, fighting Darkness and Evil and seeking Truth, Order, and the Right. This is exactly where this movement needs to go, if for no other reason as all other avenues are closed due to the debacles of the post-Alt Right Press Conference (9-9-2016) annus horribilis. Let us build bridges to people like Jordan B Peterson and Stefan Molyneux as we do the internal housekeeping needed to get this movement on the spiritual footing needed for victory.

    The way ahead for the movement is to get back to Ordered Liberty + the Mantra against white genocide. Our goal of ethnostates is best achieved by helping the civic nationalists not harassing them. Later, when tasks such as securing free speech and staunching the demographic bleed out with walls and immigration reform are achieved, we will be in a viable position to go for the ethnostate.

    Meanwhile we need to diversify our message and tackle things such as the replacement of humans by machines; in addition to everyone’s self interest here, we also have the benefit of hurting Big Tech, as well as promoting the same style of thinking that undergirds Respect for Nations, and pro-White politics. If people can accept that humans have a right to exist and a have a moral basis for “taking our own side” then it is but a hair’s breadth away from substituting whites for humans.

    Right makes might.

    Thanks for your leadership, Greg.

    • Pietas
      Posted August 30, 2017 at 6:33 pm | Permalink

      Just like Buckley, purging the right of “racists and Birchers”!

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA
      Posted August 31, 2017 at 5:28 pm | Permalink

      This isn’t just about having the GOP win bro.

    • 5 dancing shlomos
      Posted September 1, 2017 at 9:45 am | Permalink

      stefan molyneux cannont be trusted and by his own words is a jew.
      like other jew, e.g., michael savage/weiner, will say things many want to hear but his assignment is to protect israel and holocaust.
      from far left to far right jew is there to protect jewry.

      peterson will not talk about jew nor israel. he will attack and say jew words regarding islam/muslims.

  2. London forum chap
    Posted August 30, 2017 at 2:26 pm | Permalink

    You encapsulated my thinking better than I could. Again. Thank you Greg.

  3. Pietas
    Posted August 30, 2017 at 2:59 pm | Permalink

    “It is not the matador, just one of his capes that revisionists foolishly keep charging, thinking it is the man himself.”


  4. ThuleNord
    Posted August 30, 2017 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

    I agree with Anglin more in this regard. The holocaust issue must be black and white, leaving any gray area will eternally open the door to white guilt-shaming and endless social engineering. The holocaust virtue signaling simply must be thrown out to the curb if we’re ever going to create a strong, confident, racial spirit of unity.

    You can’t deny the holocaust hasn’t been used as the number one tool throughout the western world to keep the moronic Ponzi scheme of racial psychological suicide going in the west. The wheels keep on turning, even today. The narrative needs to be put into question so people start to doubt its legitimacy.

    Yes, the Nazis locked people up in camps and yeah lots of people died, but the absurdities and false claims regarding what actually happened during those 3 years is highly debatable. Maybe it’s time to shine the light on the revisionist history on other side and label them as the revisionist for a change and question their baseless “historical evidence”

  5. Posted August 30, 2017 at 4:50 pm | Permalink

    First, it is factually indefensible. No honest revisionist claims that the Holocaust never happened.

    If they don’t, they should.

    The Holocaust exists physically in monuments and museums in almost every major Western city. It makes the implicit (and often explicit) claim that Jewish suffering during World War II was vastly more significant than any other suffering in history. Hence the need for so many monuments and museums and movies to properly commemorate it, and hence the absence of similar acts of commemoration for other suffering. Since the claim of preeminent Jewish suffering is obviously false, and since the Jewish Holocaust is the propaganda vehicle for making that obviously false claim, it is reasonable to say that the Holocaust never happened.

    That may not be a useful argument for everyday politics. But it is a useful argument — really a truth — for anyone who opposes Jewish power.

    I agree with Andrew that it is important to use mockery to counter the weaponization of the Holocaust.

    Anglin has done many great things, but one of his most valuable accomplishments is to turn the Jewish Holocaust’s more outlandish (and “factually indefensible”) claims — Jewish soap, lampshades etc — into comedy-laden weapons.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted August 30, 2017 at 5:48 pm | Permalink

      The Holocaust is a great big pile of dead Jews, not a normative claim that Jewish suffering is more important than non-Jewish suffering. You can drop that moral absurdity, but there’s still a great big pile of dead Jews.

      Beyond that, I don’t find the Stormer all that funny.

      • Pured1989
        Posted August 31, 2017 at 4:04 am | Permalink

        Were some brackets missing there? I found this remark unclear.

        ‘They’ DO exploit (wrongly, too) the ‘moral’ extrapolation of the ‘facts’ of the lie.

        JEWISH WEEK, 29 April 1979: “The Holocaust is our strength. We have been shielded by it for a generation.” cited in page 40, ‘The Yellow Peril’ by Revio Oliver.

        Presumably your ‘great big pile of dead Jews’ doesn’t signify endorsement of the Talmudic 6mio or a purposed act of genocide.

        Pierce I thought expressed it well in “Thoughts on the Holocaust”:

        I know that Jews were killed during the war. I’ve talked with German soldiers who shot Jews. In
        the war against the Soviet Union and Communism, the Germans found that virtually all of the
        Jews they encountered on the Eastern Front were Communist partisans, that Jews were heavily
        involved in Communist guerrilla activities, in sabotage, and in other hostile actions against the
        Germans. Often the only way to pacify an area was to round up all of the Jews and ship them off
        to a concentration camp or to shoot them. Most of the other folks on the Eastern Front — the
        Poles, the Ukrainians, often even the Russians — were happy enough to have the German Army
        get the Communists off their backs, but the Jews were fanatically pro-Communist. The Soviet
        Political Commissars who were attached to all Red Army units to spy on ordinary Russian
        soldiers and look for any signs of Political Incorrectness nearly always were Jews, and the
        German Army in many cases separated these Jewish Political Commissars from their Russian
        prisoners of war and shot the commissars.

      • Posted August 31, 2017 at 9:45 am | Permalink

        The Holocaust is a great big pile of dead Jews…

        Since there have been many piles of dead bodies throughout history, especially during wars, the Holocaust cannot be “a great big pile of dead Jews.” It is instead the claim that this particular pile of dead bodies is vastly more significant than other piles of dead bodies.

        Since the most important claim of the Jewish Holocaust is that this pile of dead Jews is devastating evidence of our wickedness, we are obliged to recognize and attack the Holocaust as a propaganda weapon. It is not a claim about events during World War II; it is an assault on us and was designed as such. Mockery of the Jewish Holocaust is therefore valuable, and Anglin is especially skilled at doing that.


        “study of the Holocaust is also to study the pathology of Western civilization and its flawed structures” (Marcia Sachs Littell, Holocaust Educator.)

      • Captain John Charity Spring MA
        Posted August 31, 2017 at 5:21 pm | Permalink

        Ive done research on my family tree and I’ve got 4 men who died in ww1. One of them gassed and machine gunned the other three machine gunned.

        The survivors of that war in the fam fought against Germany again in ww2 none dying. Two were at Dunkirk One in Egypt etc.

        I resent that Jews effectively very dodged the wars and then stole the victim status from that war anyway.

        Bunch of cowardly sneaky people!

      • 5 dancing shlomos
        Posted September 1, 2017 at 9:26 am | Permalink

        a pile of dead jew.
        not as great as the pile of dead germans in, well, pick any german city after the brits and amer finished firebombing and in the post war camps filled with germans soon to be piled atop those piles of dead german bodies.

    • Riki
      Posted September 1, 2017 at 12:17 am | Permalink

      I have always deeply respected and admired Greg and his brilliant thinking and writing, and have seldom if ever found myself disagreeing one of his ideas. But this time, I must say I concur more with and support Mr. Irmin Vinson’s dissension from Greg and his defense of Andrew on the very pertinent and significant issue of “Holocaust”.

      First, Holocaust in the Jewish mindset and their powerful, extensive propaganda machine simply is not restricted to a “great big pile of Jewish bodies”, the concept has been sanctified, made completely sacrosanct, unquestionable and unique, which as Irmin points out, means Jewish lives are far more valuable than other lives and the death of the former far more tragic and lamentable than the latter, which of course is patently false and only exposes the racial megalomania of the Jews and their utter contempt and dismissal of non-Jewish lives.

      Second, there are far more lives killed in WWII, White lives of Allied and Axis nations alike, than even the most loosely calculated numbers of Jews killed in fact. Plus a highly salient and noteworthy and honest observation that the war was actually caused, or at least, deliberately enlarged, intensified and prolonged by Jews, a statement solidly backed by historical facts. Therefore, even the fact that many Jewish lives sacrificed in the War (again, greatly dwarfed by non-Jewish lives killed) was, to a large extent, self-inflicted and hence well-deserved of the Jewish race itself.

      Third, “Holocaust” by its natural definition means a premeditated, purposeful and deliberate act to eradicate the Jewish people as a race, imputed to the National Socialist Germany and its lead Adolf Hitler, which we all honestly know is an absolutely a fraudulent charge lacking historical and evidentiary support, and concocted and spread with ulterior motive on the part of the accuser i.e. Jews and some traitorous or brainwashed White elements.

      Finally, Since Jews invented the “Holocaust” mantra to ruthlessly advance their own vile and selfish interests, to deceive, manipulate and exploit the White western nations, and to push for vicious and genocidal agenda of demographic replacement of the western societies which ultimately leads to White racial extinction, they and their “Holocaust” deserve to be totally exposed, debunked and demolished without the slightest leniency or reservation. And Andrew Anglin’s fashion of mercilessly mocking, insulting, deriding, skewing, desensitizing and desecrating “Holocaust”, however radical or impudent or cerebrally low it may seem, is workable and effective to a large chunk of people in our society, particularly the emotionally recpetive and malleable youths. Let’s not forget our enemies have used visual-signaling and emotion-appealing to brainwash the public successfully about the Holocaust, we may as well adopt this same effective method for our good and just end.

      • 5 dancing shlomos
        Posted September 1, 2017 at 9:39 am | Permalink

        “leading to white racial extinction”
        dont forget palestinians who each second suffers at the hands of these demented monsters.

      • Jaego
        Posted September 1, 2017 at 6:24 pm | Permalink

        Well said. One of the greatest posts ever on Amren: Your enemy knows you far better than you know yourselves and uses that knowledge with devastating effect.

        We are still, even this late in the game, far, far too nice. Anglin sees where we have to go and what we have to become. We have to stop caring about non-Whites and stop caring about the Jews and their feelings. News flash: concern, caring, and compassion are limited resources. The more you expend on other peoples, the less you have for your own. Do that for generations and don’t be surprised to find your people with their backs against the wall. Jews want as much of our compassion as they can get out of us. What’s left they want to go to non-Whites. And they absolutely can’t stand any of it going towards our own people.

        If people can feel this strongly enough, they don’t even have to decide about the Holocaust. The mantra, “Who cares” just eliminates such petty concerns. They’re not White and they’re not allies. End of discussion. The La Raza motto is quite good: For our Race everything, for other races nothing. Once we have secured our existence, the first morality, then we have the luxury of caring about others again. But we must realize our weakness in this regard and ever be on our guard.

        • Proofreader
          Posted September 1, 2017 at 8:26 pm | Permalink

          I like the Irish phrase, “sinn féin amháin” (ourselves alone).

          The Jews want to maintain our people in a state of debt slavery for perpetuity. These debts are financial (to use the words of Robert Blatchford, “the Jew gets his interest forever”) as well as moral (guilt for being White, guilt for anti-Semitism, guilt for the “holocaust,” guilt for racism, guilt for slavery, guilt for inequality), and they are unrepayable and inexpiable, for they were designed to ensure that we serve the Jews day and night, just as the Torah and the Talmud instruct. They involve highly irregular forms of accounting, but few among us seem to notice or to mind. It’s time to smash these rackets and the racketeers responsible for them.

  6. FX Enderby
    Posted August 30, 2017 at 5:32 pm | Permalink

    You were both great. Excellent podcast! I think Anglin’s attitude is that Whites and Jews have been deadly enemies locked in a power struggle for a very long time. Jews have destroyed many White lives and don’t show any signs of bad conscience. Frankly they seem to revel in our abasement and ruin. However many died in the supposed Shoah, I doubt that the morally upright Germans killed out of malice – or in industrial “death factories.” But it is a nasty subject.

  7. Posted August 30, 2017 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

    One of the best things Ive heard.
    Congratulations to all three of you.

    • Posted August 31, 2017 at 3:51 am | Permalink

      I forgot,
      I dont care if Greg and Andrew disagree on this or that.

      All I care about is that 2 leading figures who had rarely communicated before had the fortitude to jump into a public discussion at a critical time for our movement and put aside their differences. And that they were open and respectful and engaging and challenging and listened to each other etc. At no time did I get a sense of either of you guys wasting any time trying to score meaningless points on the other etc.

      Its imperative that this be the first of many discussions like this.


  8. ChrisAndrews99
    Posted August 30, 2017 at 9:17 pm | Permalink

    Your essay is cogent, but it still baffles me that there is a masochistic inclination to dredge up WW2 yet again and, to paraphrase you, “to fight the enemy at its strongest point”
    The biggest problem with AA & DS is that they dabble in cartoonish, ill conceived ideology which looks asinine to normies (though perhaps thrillingly provocative to young guns). Did any of the following, extremely hard fought Nationalist Wins come because WW2 Axis symbolism was used for their promotion?

    -Props187 & 227 (Cal) & Prop200(AZ)
    -Pat Buchanan’s 1996 NH Primary win & 2nd overall nationwide in GOP primaries
    -Citizens Defeat of Measure 88 (Oregon)
    -Trump’s 2016 win & wins by patriots like Gov LePage (Maine), Gov Brewer (AZ), Abbott (TX)

    The above Wins happened because voters were appealed to on the basis of their patriotism, noblesse oblige towards their fellow citizens, desire for sovereignty & continuity

    So, let’s stick with what works, and keep the Larping nonsense at the kiddie table.

  9. Voryn Illidari
    Posted August 31, 2017 at 4:43 am | Permalink

    Greg is a brilliant writer and thinker, and is an excellent networker of people. My writings are on here (different pseudonym) because I was fortunate enough to meet him at an event many years ago. Andrew Anglin is also a great writer and I would also say comedian, as well as a skilled propagandist and meme-creator. His website helped bring me out of a black-pilled state a few years back, and made me realize that there is a massive body of young people becoming receptive to White Nati0nalism.

    Both Counter-Currents and the Daily Stormer offer something important to the Alt Right. CC offers the intellectual and philosophical material that appeals to the more cerebral elements of our people. Meanwhile, the Stormer is like the Salon and Buzzfeed of the Alt Right in that it appeals to large numbers of impressionable young people. And for the record, the Stormer IS funny. It is bloody hilarious, and I find it outrageous to see people on here deriding it as somehow “bad” for White advocacy. If raking in huge numbers of high school and college age boys and getting them interested in our message is bad for White advocacy, then yea I guess Anglin is enemy #1. If trolling our enemies publicly and making people realize that it’s okay for them to mock the Leftist narrative is somehow detrimental to the Cause, then yea, I guess DS is awful. I think the real issue here is a generational thing: Boomers and Xers simply don’t understand sarcastic Millenial humor. These same Boomers will then scratch their heads at why The Daily Show and Colbert Report was so successful at making millions of Millenials into liberal Obama-voters.

    Counter Currents and Daily Stormer are both crucial components to our movement. We need both, as each appeals to a different section of our numbers and helps to foster diversity of thought and personality among them.

  10. Aurelius
    Posted September 1, 2017 at 5:40 pm | Permalink

    Not a fan of the Daily Stormer. I don’t think anyone can truthfully deny that websites like that repel far more white folks than it attracts to our cause.

  11. Jack Rurik
    Posted September 3, 2017 at 5:00 pm | Permalink

    It was a good talk and I’m glad you elaborated on it here — particularly the Mark Weber bit, which makes the power origin argument much stronger.

    I however agree more with Anglin on the central point of the discussion. There’s a slight strawmanning of that argument here — it’s not that the Holocaust must be deconstructed, Anglin argues (and I agree) that the pavlovian response of the white public to the Holocaust foil is what must be deconstructed and destroyed.

    And we could go back and forth about that, but at heart, I think it comes down to whether you conceive of Man as an animal or a super-animal. The latter is the more popular construction of the day, whether for Christians, average Americans, or thinkers. (Different reasons of course: designation as “ruler over the beasts” by the Abrahamic god, the simple disconnection from and learned fear of Nature, or a supposed feat of mind-over-matter or willpower over base impulses, respectively.) However, I myself believe Man is an animal who—while the best specimen the world has ever known—only deludes himself about his escape of animal instincts. Serious studies of the brain and willpower over the last few years give weight to this theory of Man as animal.

    Thus, the pavlovian fear and panic response that has been inculcated into the white populous is uncontrollable by reasoned argumentation, facts, and even emotive and moral arguments (which are weaker and less controlling of Man’s animalistic impulses than fear or panic). And as anyone who starts to study Rightist philosophy knows, NSDAP Germany is an eye of the needle through which all modern Alt-Right and ethno-nationalist ideas have passed. Thus any politician, any idea, any grassroots movement that rises up and reverse-engineers these same ideas—independent of any knowledge of WWII—will eventually be foiled by Jewish gatekeepers at critical junctures.

    For once, they will not need to lie about how this or that perfectly rational, normal, and right white self-preservation idea was also an idea “once touted by Hitler himself.” And people will think you are a) trying to trick them into a “fascist” tyranny b) foolish in the ways of the world and history and not worth listening to or c) well meaning but wrong and perhaps sinful. I understand that this is not how thinkers think, but this is how the animalistic masses think. This is something the Jews frankly understand better than we do.

    And so I do agree with Anglin that larger and larger portions of the public should be desensitized to the Jewish Holocaust mind-weapon. This is a low-time perference strategy of course.

    The solution, as I see it, is for Andrew to continue doing exactly what he is doing. It is very effective with, as he said, people under 30. However, this is a case where diversity is actually strength, and so you should also keep doing exactly what you are doing. And in time, this point of contention will be forgotten as the hegemony (Jewish or not) no longer contains this pavlovian trigger.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted September 3, 2017 at 5:55 pm | Permalink

      If your goal is to undermine the public’s conditioning, it is a very bad strategy to do it by making statements that are factually and morally indefensible.

  12. ex South African
    Posted September 6, 2017 at 8:33 am | Permalink

    I must mention the fighting spirit of mr. Anglin has made my heart beat young again!

    I come out of a different era, am a child of the Cold War in Africa, when the internet still was a far off in thte future dream. The web creates possibilities which were unobtainable in our days. It could have been a sanction breaker for us.

    I am sure one can learn from both of you. The one with a slightly more youthful approach, the other one with a more intellectual approach, if I may try to describe it as such.

    I wish you both all of the best!

    • ex South African
      Posted September 6, 2017 at 9:58 am | Permalink

      Just as an afterthought: Mr. Anglin, just take it easy on the ladies. One must win them over, not loose them. However, I can understand your position on this topic.

      But I come from an era where they were quite different. Even today there is no strong feminism in South Africa (we also seem to have missed the Antifa phenomena). But we can see how the post 1994 (the fatal year when a black majority government was introduced) system tries to corrupt our women into leftists feminists, because all the actions are still quite recent. You could literally see how the events started to unfold. Some people are easier influenced than others, that lies in the nature of things.

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