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Diversity & Inclusion, the White Nationalist Way

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“Diversity” is normally bemoaned and rightfully criticized in White Nationalist circles, but I have yet to see the policy referred to by its full name of Diversity and Inclusion. This voodoo magic phrase is a sacrament of corporate and government bureaucrats, and is a used to banish the lurking demons of Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, and so on. Its use is a neat illustration of the circular logic that incarcerates the Overman and keeps the white collar Tyler Durdens of the world in check (the movie character, not the Kremlin asset at Zerohedge). Human resources catladies, Catberts, Pointy-haired Bosses, Shylocks, Hipsters, and Jewish fashion magazine publishers, amongst other shock troops of the Kulturkampf, clamor for legislative protection of Diversity and Inclusion. This legislation then mandates compliance with Diversity and Inclusion, thus creating yet more social pressure for reinforced and expanded Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity is good because to disagree would be racist, and racism is bad because Diversity is good. Round and round we go. “In shape it is circular, and by nature it is interminable, repetitive, and nearly unbearable,” as Flann O’Brien describes Hell in The Third Policeman.

Diversity and Inclusion material espoused within UK Cathedral is shockingly explicit about its aims to reduce and undermine “white males” demographically within its institutions. Society is becoming more diverse, so the reasoning goes, so we must become more diverse also. Otherwise, something is awry. Presenting and insisting upon this is the job, goy, and if you want the pay, you must obey. Therein lies another success of the (((liberal))) paradigm — the ability to assimilate into itself all possible opposition, and create financial and social dependence upon espousing its values. Fags and Dykes unite, you have nothing to lose but those who seek to destroy you anyway. Single mothers, women with Tramp Stamps, the Irish (potatoniggers), Beta males, Omega males, Gamma males, MGTOW, those who are uncertain to pass the entrance criteria for the Great White Alt Right Ethnostate (Trumpenreich?) are many and varied. 100% Pure Bavarian Phenotype only.

Diversity and Inclusion is a subterfuge created by corporate interests in order to conflate interpersonal respect within the workplace with acceptance of the extreme Left-wing policy of race replacement. You wouldn’t suddenly smash your Muslim co-worker’s face in and throw him into the street at your place of work, because your pay depends on it. Therefore, we all need to learn the importance of Equality, Diversity, and Tolerance, so we can get along and work together on our shared goal of improving our corporate bottom line and avoiding corporate liability for Racist outbursts. We all need to address unconscious bias and prejudice and prevent causing offence. All of which is, from the corporate and governmental perspective, perfectly rational. You can vote BNP and post your thoughts under a pseudonym online in your own time, but bring it to work and you’re toast. A deracinated mass of consumers, paper shufflers, and desk slaves is part of the Matrix grand design, all working a workweek designed to leave you cash rich enough to socially signal by buying Fairtrade Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Hybrid Cars, but too time-poor to divorce yourself from financial dependence on the system. Companies and public services have a strong interest in recruiting and retaining staff from a disparate background so that the only common ground available is a consensus that they should all enjoy the respect and protection of the Diversity and Inclusion policy. The legal and social goal of Diversity and Inclusion is to ensure that everyone in the workplace, regardless of ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, gender, maternity, or disability and other protected characteristics, can enjoy a baseline of possibly grudging respect wherein they will not feel alienated, will want to remain with the company or public service, and support further Diversity and Inclusion policies and training in their benefit.

The only possible opposition comes from creating an alternate economy and breaking reliance on the system. Outliers, individuals, and lone maniacs just don’t cut it, nor do basement paramilitary groups have a snowflake’s chance against the apparatus of state. A network of secret agents at all levels in all sectors of society is the only real way to effect social change, thus the power of the Idea and metapolitical Ju-Jitsu is our only strength; only this appeal to the inner utopianism of the European man can dissolve the seemingly indestructible edifice of Diversity and Inclusion. It is in the naive and stubborn nature of the hwyte man to want to build a better world, to resist inner change, to dig his heels in and fight to the back teeth for his right to refuse to see the forest for the trees when openly confronted about the failure of his chosen policy. Only by reaching others through the written word, the tap on the shoulder, the gentle correction and explanatory speech of the ethnonationalist idea can they be converted into friends, allies, and assets. Our focus should not be on destroying the current system but building a network and state in waiting that will survive it. Who will join us? Will they do so if we are an aggressive, factionalized mob “led” by our worst impulses, chewing up internet comment threads with the tenacity of snarling rats?

The bigger we can make our crowd, the more whites we can snap out of materialism and break into a self-respecting, buoyant mindset, one of working to save our race and culture with good cheer and looking past animosity. A crowd at war with itself cannot harmonize into the “organic whole” that our cause is based on. If we are to be part of a racial organism, then we must adopt an ethic of respecting interpersonal differences and being culturally and socially sensitive to those we have chosen to work with. This is not to say that White Nationalist groups and institutions should abolish their policies and compromise what defines them in order to accept those they don’t want or those who have no place there. It is to say that in order to work together on a common interest, sometimes you have to put personal prejudices back in the working life box. Our common interest is much larger than simply staying employed in the present — it is ensuring collective survival in the eternal. To resign from a job means you can re-sign on somewhere else, but you can only go extinct once. Joining White Nationalism is to lift oneself from self-interest into a nobler pursuit. In order to make belonging to the White Nationalist movement an attractive proposition, where everyone can enjoy a baseline of respect in larger movement events and productive collaboration, perhaps we should consider a Diversity and Inclusion charter of our own.