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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 191
Alt Tech & the Electronic Ethnostate with Louis Cypher

198 words / 47:47

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Greg Johnson, John Morgan, and Michael Polignano reconvene for a new weekly Counter-Currents Radio podcast.

This week we’re joined by technology consultant Louis Cypher to discuss the technical issues facing the dissident Right in light of Silicon Valley’s recent crackdown, and the emerging technologies we can utilize to ensure our voices continue to be heard going forward.

Topics include:

  • Introduction and background of recent events: 0:00
  • Louis Cypher joins the show: 11:00
  • The new rules of the game: 13:30
  • The Alt Tech and the development of a distributed “Internet 2.0”: 14:45
  • How to handle the challenge of getting people to adopt new technologies and practice “digital hygiene”: 17:15
  • How we can remain accessible to newcomers while securing our internet presence: 20:00
  • The resiliency of a distributed internet: 24:30
  • Timeline predictions on when “Internet 2.0” technologies will become widely available: 30:30
  • The disruptive nature of new distributed internet technologies: 33:30
  • Us vs. the Establishment in cyberspace and how technology ultimately works in our favor: 37:30
  • Using our resources wisely with “triage” in favor of what’s working: 41:45
  • Final thoughts: 45:45

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Winter is coming for white advocacy. We must be industrious ants, building up capital and bracing ourselves for further attacks and deplatforming. We can no longer be happy-go-lucky grasshoppers, depending on the kindness and fair play of capitalists. Fear not, we will never quit. But we need to build new institutions, an integrated electronic ethnostate offering everything from domain registration to webhosting to DDOS protection to mailing list management — all controlled by our movement. This is a huge task, and we obviously should have started building it years ago. But when you donate, you are helping us build it today.

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Greg Johnson


  1. Ted
    Posted August 30, 2017 at 2:12 am | Permalink

    There is a lot of food for thought in this podcast. The description at the end about a diaspora electronic ethnostate was one I liked; that is the sort of new, fresh idea that a stagnant “movement” needs more of. That Counter-Currents has some IT folks helping out is reassuring.

    We need to balance between the danger of over-reliance on the Internet on the one hand, and the power of a more effective online presence, utilizing some of the approaches discussed here, on the other. The electronic ethnostate idea I think is sound, and does not cross into over-reliance, assuming that the methods are put in place to “foolproof” it as much as possible, and that we all do not lose sight that the real objective is the real-world analog ethnostate.

    I will say however that I foresee a Red Queen situation; I am not so optimistic that approaches will be found that are strongly impervious to System disruption. They have enormous resources; I believe we will always be in a constant race of adaption and counter-adaption, until one side or the other is finally victorious.

    One final thought: it would be very helpful if Mr. Cypher (or anyone else so inclined) can put together a brief “instruction manual” that at least outlines the minimum steps online activists need to take, or – as he stated – give us the links to learn more.

    • Kelly
      Posted September 1, 2017 at 1:15 pm | Permalink

      I would like to expend the request and ask for more information as to the reference to the actual development effort of the technologies in question; url links, organizations, groups. Who can we contact in order to get involved it the above effort?

  2. madamhash
    Posted August 30, 2017 at 2:15 am | Permalink

    All your choices will fail unless you break the browser filter the people can probably help you solve that with things like browser side name resolution rather than just using the OS layer. That would allow name resolution plugins that can bypass restrictions.

  3. R_Moreland
    Posted August 31, 2017 at 3:14 am | Permalink

    White Nationalism 2.1.

    I’d recommend several books which provide strategies and tactics:

    The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling. Sterling covers the heavy handed government enforcement actions against hackers circa 1990 which rebounded with the formation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. As well, it gave rise to a wider world of cyberspace activists, user groups, hacker newsletters, free speech advocacy and role playing games, while making it “cool” to use cyberspace as a front for libertarian style rebellion against the System. Quite possibly, the reaction caused the Internet to expand throughout the 1990s and saw personalities such as Phiber Optik and R.U. Sirius hitting the international scene as cybernetic-future avatars.

    Cyberia: Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace by Douglas Rushkoff. Cyberia links cyberspace, alternative music, the rave scene, virtual reality and wetware to mobilize a larger counter culture. There’s a sort of Lovecraftian approach with the metagrid, formed by alternative communications and realworld scenes through which the cyber-activist outmaneuvers a linear System. (Incidentally, Rushkoff used the term “the matrix” several years before the film series which brought the Red Pill to public consciousness and gave rise to a central meme of the Dark Enlightenment.)

    Chaos and Cyber Culture by Timothy Leary. Yes, that Timothy Leary, who, following a career encompassing a Harvard professorship, pharmaceutical advocacy and international travel, became a proponent of the emerging front of cybernetics. There’s a lot of interesting stuff about creating Faustian futures (Leary was an advocate of space travel and life extension), while dealing with the System’s repression, though some of it is dated. Turn on the Internet, tune in to Cyberspace, take over.

    Networks and Netwars published by the RAND Corporation. The Bible for operating in cyberspace.

    To summarize…

    Politics, politics, politics: the struggle has to be framed as one of Freedom against Repression. The Alt Right are the rebels fighting for Free Speech against the System. It’s been done before (see the Sterling book), it’s a matter of re-learning the lessons.

    Personalities: you need people with whom a wider audience can identify, whether a crusader who fights censorship in cyberspace, or a Sub-Commandante Marcos who exploits the globalized media against globalism. The image of the rebel against the System is a powerful one.

    Networking: transnational communications, politics, financial operations, and everything else you need to run rings around hierarchical foes.

    Wider culture: it’s not just about the online community (though that is critical), it is in forming Temporary Autonomous Zones, whether a Lovecraft reading or Burning Man fest, where alternative communities can experience how life will be like in your future. Break the System’s hold on how people see the world and get them to take that Red Pill.

    It can all be done, the way has been paved, it’s a matter of turning the Matrix against its masters.

  4. Jud Jackson
    Posted September 1, 2017 at 6:02 am | Permalink

    It is great to hear some optimism about our current crisis. The question has always been “Will technology be our servant or our master?” In the light of Snowden, Assange, et al, and their fates, I used to think that technology will be our master. We will be slaves to technology? Will AI or Super AI will beat us into nothing? Will our future be like that of the people in Terminator 1 and Terminator 2?

    Listening to this podcast was like reading George Gilder’s Microcosm which was published in 1987. In that book, he predicted the end of the Cold War and the USSSR/Eastern Block because of the rise of Fax machines which were the new newspapers. Gilder was right; the Cold War ended; the Soviet Union broke up, and the Eastern Block was free. This podcast has given me the same optimism for overcoming our current crisis of Cultural Marxism in the West in 2017 which has replaced the Economic Marxism of the USSSR/Eastern Block in the East which ended in 1991.

  5. Derelict
    Posted September 13, 2017 at 8:15 am | Permalink

    Besides the zio-corporate services such as Goolag, Farcebook, Twits, etc. the left has other privacy-protecting Internet communication service providers that are explicitly anti-white. Look at these descriptions from two such providers:
    “About us: Riseup is a small collective founded in 1999 in order to provide digital self-determination for social movements. Our purpose is to aid in the creation of a free society, a world with both freedom from want and freedom of expression. We do this by providing communication resources to allies engaged in struggles against patriarchy, white-supremecy [sic], capitalism, and other forms of oppression.”
    “You want an email, a mailing list, a website hosted by A/I? The reason is that your privacy matters a lot to you and you would like an account that is disconnected from your official identity?
    This is absolutely reasonable, but our motivations go beyond privacy and anonymity — Autistici/Inventati is a collective that recognizes and promotes anticapitalism, antiracism, antifascism, antisexism, antimililtarism, and the refusal of authoritarianism and hierarchies. ”

    I found these services on the website, which evaluates open-source and secure alternatives to mainstream privacy-intruding computer and Internet services and software. There are several things on that might be useful to identitarians, such as the social media sites they list. There are also more complex things to do with federated networks, etc. that may be of use. They sound akin to some of the non-centralized data solutions discussed in the podcast.

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