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Teaching White Nationalism in a Chinese University, Part II

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My previous article [2], which was published here last September, has drawn wide attention and enthusiastic responses from many readers, which was a great honor and pleasure to me. As I mentioned then, that particular course is called “A Guided Reading of Selected Advanced English Essays,” tailored to a small and special class of elite second-year undergraduates at a large public university in China, which I have continued to teach every year to a new student body and where I am expected to provide the students with a unique window for looking at today’s Western world objectively and examine its serious structural problems and challenges in politics and economics, as well as its sociocultural aspects, foreign relations, and the harsh realities of race-related issues. Furthermore, I seek to foster an informed and sober understanding of the Jewish question by highlighting the role of Jewry in all the relevant areas mentioned above, all of them otherwise being inaccessible and unimaginable to almost all Chinese college students. Now I am sharing with you an updated and more accentuated version of my teaching experience in the semester that has just ended.

In this semester, which was the second of the academic year 2016-2017 in the bi-semester system that starts every September and which is uniformly implemented throughout China, I adopted the same course curriculum as last year for my new sophomore students who were entrusted to me by the university. My course was designed to consist of two hours each week. For the weekly course itself, I assigned six articles for the students to read, along with my detailed and in-depth instructions and explanations of each, consisting of pertinent background information as well as political and philosophical ideas to help them see the significant substance in each article, while at the same time helping them to improve their English skills. As this year’s students seemed slightly weaker in English than my previous ones, the total number of articles I covered in my class this year was one shorter than last year. The six articles I used were:

  1. Pat Buchanan, “A Decade of Self-Delusion [3]” (on economic nationalism, political realism, anti-free trade, and anti-interventionism)
  2. Pat Buchanan, “It Can’t Happen Here [4]” (on ethnonationalism in both the West and China)
  3. Trevor Lynch, “Hidden Figures [5]” (on historical truths about race in America)
  4. Jef Costello, “In Defense of ‘Anthropomorphism’ [6]” (on human-animal relationships from a White Nationalist viewpoint)
  5. Greg Johnson, The Coming Pedophile Rape Epidemic [7]“” (on pedophile rape crime in general and by foreign immigrants in particular in reflection of the racial, political, social and moral malaise of the West today)
  6. Guillaume Durocher, “Schopenhauer & Hitler, Part 2: Schopenhauer’s Critique of Democracy [8]” (on metapolitics and political philosophy)

Again, after a semester’s intensive and inquisitive study of these fascinating reading materials that combined profound knowledge and rigorous analysis of important questions with high-level, high-quality English, at the end of the semester, I handed out an open-book, free-access final examination in electronic format to my students and required them to send the answers in by e-mail. The structure of the exam questions was also similar to last year’s, which stipulated three sections: an essay of at least three hundred English words about one’s thoughts and/or feelings on any one of the six articles  (thirty points); an essay of at least three hundred words about one’s thoughts and/or feelings on a separate and previously unassigned article (thirty points); and four paragraphs of translation, two from Chinese to English, the other two from English to Chinese (forty points).

I’d like to focus on the students’ performance in the first section, with an emphasis on the fifth article, “The Coming Pedophile Rape Epidemic,” since this is the piece that drew the most attention as well as the most intense responses from my students. In the following paragraphs, I’ll present some excerpts from my students’ writings as they were originally written, warts and all, in spite of their still immature and flawed English. The occasional grammatical and other mistakes do not, I believe, detract from their value or affect the overall comprehension of their writings, so I have presented them in their original form to give readers an authentic feeling of their English abilities as well as the style of present-day Chinese elite college students with an upper-middle level of English competency.

LJ, a male student:

The article, by Greg Johnson, which I learned during the English class, impressed me a lot with the author’s creative idea and convictive words.

Based on this article, what I learned is that things are easy to lose the way that people think they should keep, when the things are in the control of a politician. Politicians are mostly, from my point of view, selfish. Instead of putting the people’s interests in the first place, they take an advantage of anything they know to make profits in their own political life. On the other hand, common people are so innocent that it’s a piece of cake for politicians to make them deceived. Like what are happening in some west countries, when white women are raped by refugees, some politicians call on sympathy to these refugees for they have lost their country and suffer a lot, and urge the public to receive more refugees, as a result of which more and more white women get raped and they, the real victims, are not able to get a fair treat. So there is a need of rational brains in today’s world. Though it’s not that easy that every common person is intelligent, people caring public’s interests in heart are supposed to stand out and argue or fight for compatriots.

Pedophiles are born with abnormal brains indeed, but does it means that they are born to deserve sympathy? Of course not. Even an animal is born with disability will be washed out by the nature. Yeah, we now live in a civilized condition, but we need to ask what do pedophiles do for our civilized world? Nothing but rape and hurt to our world.

CJQ, a female student:

Loads of serious social problems in USA illustrates that what the liberals did in the first decade at the beginning of new century made Americans undertake the unimaginable consequences.

According to Pat Buchanan’s view, the United States ended the first decade with a deficit of 10% of gross domestic product, as well as the employment rate dropped dramatically. People in USA has been hammered by the devaluation of dollar and sinking home values. Worse still, a U.S. debt default may let us struggle in the painful abyss.

Unfortunately, liberals are still stubborn under such circumstances: they believe that, the government should eliminate every disaster and hold the belief that human is kind by nature.

Politically, liberals stand up to build a big government and show their friendly attitude toward illegal immigrants. By introducing such a policy, Illegal immigrants have posed potential security risks for local residents, occupying a large amount of resources with less real returns.

At the aspect of economy, they support the big government that charges high taxes, the government can regulate the free market and intervene on big enterprises. Because of this, the U.S. government were heavily indebted and found it was extremely difficult to repay, accompanied by deficits in the country’s finances. A large number of foreign workers flooded into America, which let their own people suffer from the pressure of unemployment.

liberals preached the benefits of globalism, and brainwashed the contemporary American youth in all sorts of media. A previous survey shows the fact that, 61% of journalists in America agree with liberals, 15% of journalists agree with conservatives, and 24% remain undecided. Media practitioners will reflect their views on their news reports, and most American media are biased towards Liberals. Such bias has made many young Americans become radical leftists – mainly in California and New York. And it seems that they do not know, what globalism brought to them.

ZBH, a male student:

Recently the famous Chinese actress Yao Chen posted a microblog implies that China should receive refugees from middle east, causing quite a stir. Supporting refugee problem as UN goodwill ambassador seems reasonable for Yao Chen. But the commons didn’t buy it and feel so angry because they don’t believe a clown would often visit refugee camp around the world at all.

From this class we have already understood that refugee problem ruined the Germany like pestilence. Pathetic egalitarianism indulges illegal refugee running amuck in their homeland. Daughters been raped; stores been robbed. China disinclines those scene happening in her land.

To clear the mind, let’s get back to the origin of the problem. What causes the refugee in Syria and middle east? The answer is obvious: the western world destroyed the middle east with armies. People lost the home just for petroleum under the land. There is no reason that China as a developing country should bear the brunt of consequences caused by a group of developed country.


(Probably just one more show of our great actress.) Note: the picture and caption are from the student himself.

Yao Chen’s movement is a kind of false mercy. She didn’t even realize that how serious the refugee problem is for a country. Refugee is supposed to be sympathized morally and rejected politically. There is no conflict between two attitudes. Besides, China have great number of children who have no access to education in western distant poverty-stricken areas. In my opinion they need rescue from nation much more a bunch of foreign refugee. Is there anything more important than the development of our own children?

More and more African have swum into Guangzhou, which causes a series of social problems. As one of the yellow race, I think guests number for the party are just perfect now. So if Yao Chen likes refugee from middle east. They can all together live in Yao Chen’s home with happiness.

ZYD, a female student:

After reading the essay ” The Coming Pedophile Rape Epidemic”, I caught a hint of sarcasm about how the bureaucrats spare no effort to find make-ups for pedophiles to avoid racial conflicts. Noticing that the reality of sexual crime is not optimistic and it already become an intractable worldwide issue, especially in child rape, I strongly argue that those sex offenders should be severely punished instead of protected by political correctness.

Firstly, who is the real victim? The hypocrites claim that pedophilia is kind of mental illness, therefore pedophiles deserve sympathy and tolerance. But how about the children have been raped? Nobody can lighten their miserable future. I am absolutely opposed to the proposal that evades the reality, turns morality inside out— sex offenders suddenly perfectly turning into the victims, making real victims dare not tell the truth or they may suffer persecution. This is definitely nonsense! How could you imagine laws are not to protect the real victims of sexual crime but to hypocritically show mercy to pedophiles?

So no more excuses, just do something for real victims!

HCD, a female student:

Today I am going to say something about the text “The Coming Pedophile Rape Epidemic”, I remember I once watched an American drama “Criminal Minds”, in which numerous children who are affected have something to do with pedophilia. Unlike homosexuality where homosexual groups fall in love relationship voluntarily without damaging the interests of others, the majority of pedophiles are male, and the most victims go to boys who are forced to have sexual relations with pedophile. So pedophilia does great harm to children. The male victims takes a larger proportion, as boys pay more attention to manhood, they are reluctant to call the police, which gives the pedophile greater space to go beyond the arm of the law.

I cannot understand some Western groups who hold the flag of tolerating pedophiles. First of all, pedophilia has been clearly identified as a crime in medicine and the law, secondly, if we are tolerant of pedophilia, then who will understand the parents who lost their children due to pedophilia? Who will soothe the traumatic minds of children? For those who raise a voice for pedophile, have they ever thought that if the victims are their own children, would they forgive those criminals calmly? Not all people can be forgiven, those who hurt the minors should pay for it. Crime is a crime, there is no excuse to exculpate the offender.

In fact, pedophilia is not rare to be seen in China, many people suffered from indecent assault by their neighbors or relatives at young age, but dared not speak out since they are too young. I often notice that numerous girls or even boys make a complaint against their suffering from pedophilia and huge psychological shadow in the micro blogging and Baidu Tieba. I believe we should increase the legal sanctions against pedophilia, enhance public condemnation of pedophilia, so that our offspring can live in a safer society free from pedophiles.

In my view , society should has zero tolerance for pedophilia, as pedophilia is only one step away from crime.

CWG, a male student:

From my points of view, the article is trying to disclose what real ideology the Jew try to pass on people behind the moral of Hidden Figures, a story about how three unsung black women worked for NASA in 1961. In order to make his arguments and conclusions convincing, the author used some evidence and logical analysis to present four interesting but ironic contradictions.

At first, he pointed out the particularities that kind of stories might happen: the characters’ IQ and the special period. That’s to say, there was an extremely tiny group of colored people having the ability to contribute to the country and was seldom to be needed, which could definitely never represent the real long-term situation of most black people at that time. Furthermore, it lowered the possibility again by analyzing ancestry and intellectual gifts of the real prototype of Katherine.

Secondly, the author mentioned Dr. Zelinsky as an example to present the similar situation how another supposed victim group suffered from white people’s persecution, which could be interpreted as a powerful support Jews offered to colored people on civil rights. And that ironically means blacks’ struggling for civil rights is actually used as a tool to realize what the Jew seek for in western society in the following years.

Then he analyzed the genre of the movie shared the same encoding strategy like target audiences, pace, content, interludes, music, acting and the moral, defining that as truism calling for “political correctness”. Especially for the idle group in the society, they have more free time to contact and consume the genre and to be potentially persuaded.

At last, here comes my favorite sentence, the black community portrayed in the movie was the product of segregation, not Civil Rights, and the blacks who terrify them today are the products of Civil Rights, not white racism. By comparing how blacks lived under separation with how librated blacks behaved today, the author went straight to the heart of the matter that the manner behavior of black people did not uplift with the development of society, but got worse on the contrary. It is weird to acknowledge that the Segregation oppressing the black made them decent while what is boosted by Civil Rights to achieve equality is getting them corrupted. That kind of sharp contrast to present the reality really impresses every reader, doesn’t it?

In fact, I have seen the movie recently to help me understand this article better. Besides the racial topics it mostly covered in this article, Soviet Threat Theory, America Dreams, feminism, relationship between human and machine could also be decoded from that movie. Faced with so many tough crises, the presentation of the black women would prove to be contributions they made to the process of American society in many aspects. However, no matter how the significant role the black played was exaggerated, the fact that the white society was a white achievement would never be changed.

ZDC, a female student:

In this semester, I have my own thoughts on The Coming Pedophile Rape Epidemic. In the article, the author analyzes not only the critical situation of the society since pedophilia was thought to be politically correct, but also a prevailing phenomenon among immigrants that is more severe. Immigrants harassed the local residents without punishment under the cover of political correctness. What can be more disappointing than the fact that native officers remained silent for fear of punishment if they strayed from the “correct political orientation”?

Such incidents take place not just in Rotherham. It could be cruelly remarked that Europe is once again imperiled by outright catastrophes from the East, long after it lay trampled under Genghis Khan’s iron heels. Great gifts coming from the refugees were sent to Germany, France and Sweden ever since the refugees poured into Europe. European women became victims of sexual assaults, while the assaulters received merely mild punishment. What’s more, even the women victims excused their cruelty by condoning the assaulters. As the case stood, we ought to get clear about the fact that what lie behind the riot and horror brought by refugees are the overcorrection of European social structure and the conceivable consequence for quite some time. Europe, a territory where the white race originally took residence, might soon be stained with blood of the white, when everyone in the country, from the news media to political officers, cheered for political correctness, except for families of victims who wept over their misfortunes.

In the past few days, some Chinese media prompted their calls for governmental adoption of refugees from the Middle East. As for me, media and public intellectuals, who stand with the refugees and call on China to act responsibly, are addicted to a sort of vice originated from Europe and America. That is political correctness. Leaving aside the result, we should, first and foremost, take China’s actual situation into account.

To begin with, UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) kept piling up pressure on China, urging Chinese government to adopt some of the refugees, while the final standard on refugee admissions has not yet been issued. In other words, refugees are unable to live with a legal status in China. Next, a vast majority of the refugees are Muslim. In the light of the East Turkistan Insurrection in recent years, ethnic problems and conflicts have become sensitive topics in our country. Besides, refugees will be met with disapproval and provoke more conflicts between the Han people and themselves as the number of Chinese Muslims grows and the tension between Han Chinese and Muslim rises.

Judging from the consequence, we can see that the hard-earned lessons drawn from Europe may cause alarm among Chinese people. Numerous women are doomed to suffer rape and injury if refugees are allowed to enter China. Moreover, refugees will do evils with impunity. More mosques will spring up across the country. Once we have another town named Rotherham in China, the day may not be far off when bureaucrats and media shut their ears, and the vast land of China is reddened with the blood of Han people.

GJY, a female student:

To be honest, 2 years ago, when I saw a photo of Aylan Kurdi lying face-down in the sand, I was very sympathetic to the refugees like him. This photo also gave rise to great sympathy in the Twitter, and sparked calls for the Government to take in more refugees. On the contrast, a few month ago, Ebba Åkerlund, an eleven-year-old girl, was struck by an Islamic truck of peace on her way home from school. But little Ebba’s tragedy didn’t arouse widespread concern in the Western Europe. Maybe the reason is the same as what we have learned in a text: it was better that an innocent girl was killed than people to feel fear and hatred toward outsiders. And this sentence reminds me of another attack that made me more distressed.

Before I took this course and followed some accounts in Weibo, I knew nothing about the seriousness of the European refugee crisis and the consequences of it. But when I learn deeper about this crisis, seeing news about refugees’ crimes every day, gradually I have my own view. And a terror attack happened in Manchester in May strengthened my view.

It’s one of my hobbies to see the concert and I understand the joy and happiness of seeing favorite singers. But the young girls, excited, filled up by life after watching Ariana Grande perform, died from a home-made bomb. What’s worse, the mayor of Manchester still tell us it would be business as usual. The 22 young victims have lost their future, I don’t understand how they can get to carry on as normal. Theresa May also said” The terrorist will never win.” If terrorists have caused 22 death in the attack, and they are still losing, I can’t image what will happen if they really win.

The tragedy in Manchester isn’t an accident event, if they don’t take any action against the terrorism, I don’t mean actions like holding a charity concert, I’m afraid more terrorist attacks will happen. Of course, the terrorists are evil, but only by the word “evil”, it’s hard to identify their property. It’s a truth that most of them are Islam terrorists, but some politicians are still reluctant to admit this fact, and continue to let more potential terrorists enter the borders. This is too horrible for the general public. In the face of refugee problems, I’m glad I am in China.

HYL, a female student:

On June 20, World Refugee Day, Yao Chen, a well-known Chinese actress and also UN Refugee Agency Goodwill Ambassador posted words on Weibo calling on China to invest more resources to help refugees, which aroused volleys of invectives hurled by Chinese netizens. Actually, the issue about refugees has already been prevalent in western countries.

When I searched the key word “refugee” on China Daily, most articles are related to Barack Obama, reminding me of his frenemy Hilary Clinton, who was just defeated by Donald Trump in 2016 American presidential election. Speaking to refugees, American Democratic Party is always inclined to accept refugees as they accolade “humanitarianism”, something that makes homosexual marriage, marijuana abuse and even pedophile pardonable. To some people, this is exactly what they are proud of America, the tolerance that creates multiculture. However, what did the “multiculture” bring to America? I’ve been to Los Angeles, one of the most tolerant and multivariate city in blue state California, the symbol of American culture, and I was totally freaked out when I first accidentally broke into downtown in the morning. There were many vagrants on the street, most of whom are blacks, lunatic and talking to themselves. They all wore scruffy clothes that were picked from dump and held a rag bag with some wine bottles in, sometimes they hurled the bottles toward me. And that was the last time I went to downtown as there were full of vagrants and no decent peoples, which seems that the downtown has been occupied by those vagrants. Not surprisingly, this is not rare in other cities of America.

In the article It Can’t Happen Here, the author wrote: “The city farthest along the path is Los Angeles, famous worldwide for the number, variety, and size of its ethnic and racial street gangs.” Both the government and main stream media of western countries call on accepting those refugees to highlight humanitarianism, the thing that can show their political correctness. Now even in China, the actress did it to tell the world that she was virtuous. Does admitting refugees to my land mean humanitarianism? I deny it. I don’t want to be trembling while walking on the street during daytime just because I have refugees as my neighbors. I don’t want my posterity to encounter the same thing happened in Rotherham some day, just for my country having taken refugees in to highlight humanitarianism before.

I appreciate the view of Wang Yi, the Foreign Minister of China, that refugees are not migrants, all we should do is to make conditions for them to return to THEIR homes instead of admitting them to OUR land. Don’t open the door for refugees, it’s not our obligations!

CYY, a female student:

From this text, we know that although pedophiles are threatening and dangerous, some people argue that it is only a mental illness in order to make an alibi for the non-white pedophiles. In order to cater to the politically correct liberal cause (people from all over the world are equal), the local police and government judge that it was better that English girls continue to be raped by non-white than the English to feel fear and hatred toward outsiders.

But as far as I’m concerned, the political correctness is a great mistake and it is not equal for everyone from the entire world.

Firstly, it is unequal for whites. The government thinks that non-white people are vulnerable groups, so when the policy starts to operate, it is more preference towards non-whites. But as whites continue to decrease, whites gradually become disadvantaged. On the one hand, they will be bullied by non-whites. On the other hand, they are taught not to fear and shun non-whites lest they commit the sin of racism. But in fact, everybody has the right to shun anyone they dislike. However, the PC is forcing people to do what they do not like to do.

Secondly, it is unfair for white girls. Because of PC, white girls have to contact with non-white pedophile to show that they are not racists. But it increases the risk of being raped. And if they are really raped, the police will not accept their cases, and they will cover up and enable the crimes. Crime victims cannot protect themselves from being infringed or punish those who are perpetrators. They only suffer their own pains simply because blacks and Muslims is a politically correct protected group.

Last but not least, it is also inequitable for the victim’s parents. They cannot avenge their daughters. If they do that, they will be regarded as racists. Therefore, they can only swallow the broken teeth.

All in all, although political correct emphasizes equality for everyone, it is not fair for whites, sexually assaulted girls and victim parents to cover up for the non-white pedophiles. Therefore I recommend that the Western governments face up to the problem of non-white pedophiles rather than blindly shelter them.

NXY, a female student:

As is referred in the article, some people (especially Jews or some poor guys who think they have been hurt and discriminated by others) speak for pedophiles that they are not criminals who should be punished but disturbed guys who deserve compassion. As for me, on the contrary, pedophiles are a group of rather dangerous potential criminals and pedophile rapists should undergo chemical castration or even death!

Firstly, I’d like to quote a sentence from the article” Pedophiles by definition are not attracted to adults, and non-adults by definition cannot consent to sex, therefore, pedophilia is by its nature a desire to rape, and rape is a crime.” So pedophiles are potential criminals by definition. Actually, these days I am shocked to find that some scientific researches show that pedophilia is a normal sexual orientation just like homosexual. Isn’t it familiar? Yes, In my memory, it’s just the way how homosexual gradually became legal or politically correct. Start from “scientifically” right, then “publicly” (public mentality) right, finally political correctness protected by law. Pedophiles are also different from homosexuals for the mental and sexual desire is not bidirectional, which is to say that pedophilia is more like a unidirectional seduction and crime.

Secondly, I cannot imagine what these children who should live a happy childhood suffer mentally and physically from those abnormal evils when they get chances. Last year, I saw a movie named Su Yuan (actually translate into Hope abroad),telling a heartbroken story about an 8-year-old girl raped by a tramp, losing the ability of fertility and excretion, since then she has lived by an artificial anus. Every moment I read this article, Su Yuan’s innocent big eyes, bloody skirt hemline and the plastic bags under clothes will emerge in my brain. How can anybody hurt such a cute girl? Why the scum was just sentenced to 12 years in prison rather than death? I asked myself over and over again. Now you Jews tell me, instead of sentencing those evils to death or prison, we should give them sympathy! Are you worthy of those kids hurt, raped and even killed by those pedophiles? People who take this kind of view are tantamount to opening doors and greeting the coming pedophile rape epidemic, announcing that ”come on, you poor guys can do anything to my goy neighbor’s daughters or sons.”

Finally, pedophilia does exist. Though we cannot kill it thoroughly, we can protect children by effective ways:

1. Publish the information of pedophiles.

Let parents know if there are pedophiles nearby and protect their kids better.

2. Set more laws to punish pedophile crimes.

These scums should be sentenced to more than 20 years in prison or even death. Don’t let them exploit loopholes of laws.

3. Children should learn some sexual knowledge.

At least they should know private parts shouldn’t be touched by others.

In summary, nobody has the rights to shelter pedophiles in any way and pedophile rape should be punished seriously!

Think about your own kids!


These are all passages selected from the exam essays of my students. Since the class is intended to prepare students for pursuing advanced studies in the liberal arts and social sciences, the female students are apparently overrepresented (in tandem with mine, there is a similar elite class of natural science and engineering students whom I do not teach). Going by the writings of the students and my general teaching experience, I want to share with you two of my observations.

First, the students (who have a collective average IQ above 115, in my estimate) possess a strong nationalist and traditionalist way of thinking, a firm moral compass, and clear common sense, with the female students being as strident, if not more so, as the male students in upholding (usually ethnocentric) traditional values and detesting the alien, decadent, and poisonous nation-wrecking ideas of multiculturalism and egalitarianism of today’s West. They are largely able to articulate and advance their admittedly immature but logically sound arguments coherently. Compare the lucid understanding and the unabashed, hard-hitting views of these Chinese female college students concerning race, nation, society, and culture with those of Western female youths, and get ready to marvel at a world of difference as far apart as heaven and earth.

Second, the Jews are quite evidently vigorously working to spread their pestilent and corrupting ideas to China in an attempt to gradually influence the public opinion of Chinese society through their proxies, who are mostly self-righteous, preening, feel-good celebrities and intellectuals (similar to those in the West) who indulge in vainglory and perform all the requisite moral posturing and virtue signaling to mislead the public from a specious moral vantage point, either purposefully or involuntarily. My premonition is that the racial and sociocultural long-term prospects of China, in which two antagonistic forces are pitted against each other in a prolonged and unremitting struggle for social and cultural dominance and for the winning of hearts and minds, are quite tricky, volatile, and mercurial, with the final outcome being too hard to predict at present.

Finally, although it is my repeatedly voiced opinion that China is a dangerous adversary that poses a genuine and grave threat to both the West and Japan, and since the current Chinese regime works hand-in-glove with international Jewry to further its agenda of undermining the health, vitality, and security of the white peoples and the Japanese nation, it is nevertheless of great importance to awaken and salvage at least a portion of the Chinese population so that it can become enlightened regarding the Jewish question. By doing this, we can potentially make them our allies, or at least sympathizers, in the long run; in the meantime, we can also try to drive a wedge between the Chinese and the Jews regarding the long-term strategic advantage of cooperation with the West and Japan in an objective and coolheaded weighing of racial, national, and geostrategic factors, taking into consideration China’s vast size and growing strength. Such thoughts have continued to motivate and energize me to dedicate a large amount of time and effort to my teaching job in China.