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New Editorial Lineup at Counter-Currents


Strength through Unity

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Beginning on July 1, 2017, Counter-Currents has a new editorial lineup.

Greg Johnson remains Editor-In-Chief and can still be reached at [email protected] [2].

John Morgan is Book Editor and can be reached at [email protected] [3].

Michael Polignano is now the Webzine Editor and Webmaster and can be reached at [email protected] [4].

Prospective book and article authors should continue to contact me at [email protected] [2]. Existing book authors should contact John Morgan at [email protected] [3]. Existing webzine contributors should submit their work directly to Mike Polignano at [email protected] [4].

These changes should help us make Counter-Currents’ Year Eight our most productive year of all.

Please join me in welcoming Mike back to Counter-Currents, which he and I founded in 2010.

Greg Johnson

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