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Faustian Civilization & the New Patriarchy

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The reality about women and gender relations is usually the last red pill for a man to take. It is also the hardest and the most emotionally devastating one. While understanding inherent biological racial differences, the truth about Hitler and WWII, and the Jewish Question proceed seamlessly provided a good amount of open-mindedness and critical thinking, getting red-pilled about women is initially met with a lot of denial in the process of a man’s enlightenment. It is, after all, difficult and shocking to accept that beings one thought of as fragile, sensitive, and in need of support in fact operate in a completely different moral universe at odds with a man’s understanding of decency and honor.

When discussing the devastating effects of “women’s liberation” on our society, emphasis is given on the inducement of women to flout their traditional responsibilities and functions, which had hitherto served to uphold its stability. Its most devastating effect on society and civilization at large was, however, distracting men from and eventually hampering their civilization-building tasks.

One of the indispensable pillars for the establishment and continuation of a civilization is the coupling of mate choice in women to real-life success in men. What feminism and sexual liberation have brought about, and what is the main source of our societal ills, is the decoupling of civilization-promoting endeavors in men from their success in finding mates.

In a healthy society, relative success in finding a girl for marriage is directly dependent on a man’s possession of character traits that are conducive to building and promoting civilization – e.g., conscientiousness, reliability, hard work, and intelligence. The twist here, and the source of the primary shock experienced while getting red-pilled about women, is that these are not the qualities that women find arousing. On the contrary, they are rather off-putting to them, and men for whom they are their main personality assets are seen as boring by women.

Therefore, from time immemorial, it was seen as imperative to refuse women the freedom in choosing their mates, or at least to minimize it as much as possible. This is because the qualities in men that women find charming and arousing are inherently destructive to civilization.

What is more, any constellation that allows freedom of mate choice for women is bound to distract a man from his primary, civilization-building vocation by forcing him to devote a certain amount of his energy and time to finding a woman, and then, if he succeeds at keeping her bound to him by constantly evincing the character traits that are attractive to her. In other words, under the conditions of women’s liberation, finding and keeping a mate for a man becomes a separate endeavour in itself, uncoupled from his success at his primary vocation. And it was exactly this scenario that traditional moral codes had tried to prevent.

In modern Western society, most white men are now forced to squander their energy and time to find and maintain a woman. With women’s liberation, men are no longer able to concentrate fully on learning and professing their vocation, be it science, a craft, or an art. Getting married doesn’t eliminate or even reduce this strain either. With lax no-fault divorce laws, men who want to keep their marriage from falling apart have to constantly maintain their charm and alpha attitude, in other words, constantly remain exciting to their women.

Building and maintaining the greatest civilization in human history is an onerous task. White men are busy building spaceships, unraveling the mysteries of human nature, sequencing genomes, etc. Such activities require utmost concentration, efficient usage of valuable time and energy, and full dedication. Inevitably this necessitates long working hours and often sleep deprivation, which is, among other things, known to negatively affect testosterone levels. Keeping a woman bound to him, while at the same time making a contribution to civilization therefore becomes a huge burden on the white man under modern circumstances. His energy should not be squandered on finding and keeping a woman if our great civilization is to sustain itself.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that Western society is re-arranged in such a way that a decent white man can find a suitable woman and keep her in marriage with minimum effort and without the need to be constantly exciting for her, the latter quality being entirely dependent on womens’ attraction to civilization-destroying traits in men (narcissism, Machiavellianism, sociopathy). That potential effort is better spent on civilization-building activities.

Our Faustian striving for infinity induces us to dissect natural phenomena and to understand their roots. This applies also to long-established customs. In our insatiable desire to reject anything that does not conform to rational explanation, we have rejected long-established traditional gender roles and removed social mechanisms that had served to restrain women. This unique aspect of ours is the source of our greatness but also at the same time has been our tragedy. By breaking the social mechanisms that had served to put a check on women, we had the unique experience of observing and thereby unravelling their true nature. And now we recoil in horror from what we have learned and are experiencing a civilization-wide trauma.

White men are trustful and idealistic, the qualities that manifest themselves also in our treatment of women. Therefore, as a civilization we idealized them. However we are becoming disappointed and growing cynical now that we realize the detrimental results of our naivety.

We have been naïve as a civilization in our belief that our women will be grateful to us for having removed obstacles in their lives, for granting them equal rights and the freedom to act according to their desires. We did not see any logical reason to restrain women’s sexual choices and hence dispensed with long-established customs serving that purpose.

We can, however, commend ourselves for being unique in human history to have systematically dissected and understood the true nature of women, this most mysterious of all phenomena that has taunted the ancients. In fact, the emergence of manosphere with its utilization of the concept of game, with its scientific/systematic approach to understand the sexual behaviour of women and utilize that knowledge to seduce them is also something that could have occurred only in our Faustian civilization. Our inherent qualities that make us strive to overcome nature using empirical knowledge also made us develop an empirical system designed to overcome women’s sexual instincts.

Coherent, useful, and corroborated with robust empirical evidence though it may be, the manosphere does not have the potential to save our civilization. After all, since the end goal of game is the seduction of women, its essence inevitably involves satisfying their sexual instincts. However, the pillar of all higher civilizations from time immemorial has not been satisfying women’s sexual instincts but dismissing them, since, as mentioned above, the character traits that arouse women are inherently civilization-destroying.

If game does not have the potential to save our civilization, what does? The answer is the restoration of patriarchy, e.g. ending sexual liberation, strengthening the marriage bond, and involving parents in the choice of a mate. But there will be an important difference. This New Patriarchy will be established in light of the empirical evidence and our traumatic experience of witnessing the true nature of women once the social customs designed to put a check on their sexual choices have been dispensed with. This new patriarchy will be in a sense superior to the original (i.e., traditional) one, since tradition presupposes blind obedience to customs, whereas we now have scientific/empirical understanding of their utility.

This longing for a New Patriarchy is first and foremost the revolt of honorable, and at the same time naive and trustful white men, who had the chance, or rather the misfortune, of glancing into the abyss of sexual freedom and acquiring knowledge of the hidden nature of women. It is the reaction of honest red-pilled men who are aware of woman’s essence, but who are not of the scheming and manipulative nature to utilize that knowledge as pick-up artists do. It is in essence the revolt of white Faustian man’s frankness against hypocrisy pervading gender relations in our modern age.

It is a revolt against the hypocrisy of women who believe themselves to be strong and independent, yet at the same time are ready to submit to the first dominant and abusive male. It is also a revolt against other men, who enjoy relative success with women, yet at the same time continue spouting PC talking points by claiming to value gender equality and respect women as individuals, unaware that their very success with them belies those assertions.

Moreover, this New Patriarchy is primarily a guide for white men on how to treat themselves, and only after that about how to treat women. Its concept is meant to relieve the white men from the burden of dealing with women as a separate endeavor in itself and instead encourages them to fully concentrate on improving their civilization-building qualities. It instills in white men the rightful entitlement to their women, by virtue of them being the builders and guardians of the greatest civilization in the history of the humankind. This alone is sufficient justification for white men to have wives, without any other qualifications.

The New Patriarchy removes the satisfaction of women’s sexual preferences from the equation. But, as game would predict, once this attitude is internalized by white men, it will actually sexually arouse women and lead to success with them as a corollary effect – which, needless to say, is necessary for the propagation of our race and civilization. It is important to note however that, unlike in the worldview of pick-up artistry, the satisfaction of women’s sexual instincts is not its primary goal, but rather simply a fortuitous by-product.

The New Patriarchy is therefore bound to herald a new development in our civilization. As a teenager or youngster becomes wiser with regards to women and relationships as he matures, so does our civilization. In our youthful idealism and romanticism we had idealized women and cherished romance. Through our unique experience of having to witness the bare instincts of women left unchecked in real life, we will become more cynical as a civilization.

In fact, the notion of romance is usually regarded as a uniquely Western phenomenon. This is probably due to ours being a relatively young civilization in comparison to others. Though it may sound upsetting to some, one can certainly foresee the disappearance of romance from our civilization as well. Gender relations will henceforth be regarded in strictly functionalist terms and with a certain dose of cynicism in light of the traumatic experience of our generation. We will, however, make sure that this unique experience of ours and the valuable knowledge obtained thereof is carved in stone and serves as a guiding principle for the future generations of white men, so that they do not make the mistake of letting women run wild ever again.