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You Deserve Better Than This

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Posting from a tapatronic mobile phone because I’m divorced from my laptop for a little while.

It’s not been so long since the Ariana Grande concert that signalled a shift in the terror strategy to directly killing children. England has endured under-reported child-rape at the hands of Arab, Pakistani and other ‘Asian’ minorities for a long time, as well as consistent and alarmingly effective civilian killings. While the alt-right postures and swaggers about ‘kek wave’ or whatever the latest memes are, people are (to tumblrise) literally dying. So I want this to reach white Britons of all stripes and social stations, not just socially connected fashy goys.

The reason I’m writing is because violence works. It works at cowing people into silence, and it works for intimidating a crowd into policing their own thoughts and actions and those of other members of the crowd. Terrorism feeds on social stigmatisation to ensure its appeasement. Islamists and the third worlders they enlist rely on you not saying anything that could threaten their interests until the next attack, and there will always be another attack, so long as you are intimidated into silence by the prospect of another bomb in a crowded place, or ‘truck of peace’ mounting the kerb and detaching your internal organs from their correct and proper placement.

The truth is, and it is completely, and blatantly obvious at this point, that Islamic non-whites cannot exist in white societies without this lashing out. The reason for this is because they are in our (European) societies, but they are not of our society. They aren’t us. It’s not their society so they have no reason to care about it, and further they have no reason to care about or respect the welfare of us white Europeans, who, thanks to Jewish and Liberal fifth columns in media in academia, have been painted as oppressors, interloping colonists, privileged and inherently evil. There is too much bad blood between Muslims and Europeans, and between Muslims and European Civilisation. These people have to go, or there will simply be more bombs, more vehicular homicides, and more blood on the streets as the violence accelerates to drive white Britons out the cities they have raised, so that Eurabia can grow up their place.

This is happening and is being allowed to happen by a nation scared into silence by not just Islamic terrorists, but by their Jewish and Marxist enablers. The social stigma and anxiety loaded onto the any white Briton who dares utter a ‘racist’ comment by the BBC, the judiciary, the gutter press and the trendy liberals in their gated communities encouraging love, tolerance, miscegenation and passivity, is so intense as to be psychologically crippling and resign white Britons to an existential ennui, an acceptance of vaporised innocents as ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’ (Sadiq Khan). The Good Marxist/Bad Muslim game is to insist that whatever the human cost of allowing Muslim sand “people” into our society is, it’s never as great as the cost of letting the terrorist “win” by abandoning some abstract, high-flying rhetoric about democracy, equality and special commissions, grants and government organisations to protect bomb-plotters from Islamophobia. We can’t let the terrorists win, they squeal. And I agree. Which is why all Muslims and non-whites, who as Khalid Massoud proved are susceptible to using Islamic pretexts for racially motivated slaughter, need to be removed from the UK and other white countries. ASAP. It’s a life or death decision.

Every dead innocent is another victory for the forces of Sharia, enslavement, and white extinction. Eventually, enough self-defeating behaviour such as accepting the enemies premises — that non-whites and Muslims have some kind of “right” to remain in white society — will end in simple defeat. Nothing more, nothing less, and the ability to withstand or bounce back diminishes with every loss.

If “rights” mean anything at all, the most basic is the right not to live in fear for being murdered indiscriminately because of your ethnicity. If British society is going to change to protect this right, instead of crossing its fingers and hoping that the security services can catch the umpteen dozen unexploded Muslim needles in half dozen urban haystacks, then you need to change. You need to deal with the apathy and fear that has been ingrained into you that you shouldn’t speak up in your own group interest. You as an individual have the ability inside yourself to confront your fears of being called a racist, (whatever that means), of being called sexist, Islamophobic or whatever, and consider what you can do to make sure that Britain never ever again experiences this kind of horrific and vile mass slaughter.

The surest and most reliable way of achieving that is to demand the deportation of all Muslims from Britain.

Remember: It’s only unthinkable if you don’t have the courage to think it.

The fear of what others think is something that exists only in your own mind. It looms large, as does the apparatus of the state and the death pact of liberal white self-loathing. But these things are instituted and maintained by others equally afraid of what others might think of them.

Part of helping someone cope with traumatic abuse or extreme depression and malaise is being firm and consistent in reminding them that they should not deform, debase or destroy themselves to appease another. In this case, the British are being pummelled to death and are taking it for fear of upsetting the consensus that certain things just shouldn’t be said. They might be . . . in a hushed voice . . . racist.

I want you to start sticking the boot in. I want you to be honest with yourself, to dig deep and find the courage to assert that no, Muslims don’t belong here. They have proven that repeatedly and I know, even just thinking that they don’t belong here can send a spasm of guilt, that somehow you are doing something wrong, or queasy, or not quite right.

That feeling is the feeling of being terrorised, of losing your job, your home, your family and perhaps ultimately your life to Islamic murderers and the fork-tongued, demonic creatures that apologise for them.

You know you don’t need that, and so in the name of all that’s holy, it’s time to start asserting your right to survive once again.

After all — you deserve better than this.

Source: http://mynationalistpony.tumblr.com/post/161408687284/you-deserve-better-than-this [2]