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Whigger Sharia

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One can quickly gauge the depth of infiltration of any given colonizing force by measuring the extent to which the subject peoples incorporate the ideological framework and symbology of their oppressors into their own thought processes. White Nationalists tend to be highly perceptive and thus particularly sensitive to the ubiquitous narratives of our displacement and marginalization. We are quick to spot examples of anti-whiteness wherever they are found, from pop culture to politics, and do a supremely admirable job of exposing such things so that others can judge our claims for themselves.

However, try as we might, we remain (for the time being) physically and mentally embedded in an anti-white system, and so cannot help but absorb some of its effects. This includes the notion that non-whites are somehow morally and racially healthier, abler to be themselves, and are justifiably liberated from the burden of self-effacement. Unable to be freely and unapologetically white in our very souls, unable to harness the cultural and demographic trajectory of our own countries, whites often turn submissively to other races for identity, for that glimmer of rootedness which we have been denied. We see this in others frequently and rightly call them out on it (e.g. “cucking” for Israel), yet White Nationalists – those who should be acutely aware of this type of thought process – sometimes fail to see how it infects their own behavior. This is the psychological underpinning of the “white sharia” meme.

As is the case of those who find personal meaning and community by subsuming themselves into the racial “other,” those who advocate “white sharia” are merely shining a light onto a tragically empty space in their souls. They have yet to mentally decolonize themselves. Rather than channel their anger towards the real enemy, and rather than reflecting on their own personal level of anti-white indoctrination, they lash out uncritically and valorize non-white culture for its perceived organic health and its “edginess.” It is yet another of the subtle effects of Jewish cultural control.

What is “white sharia”? It is a rejection of and a reaction to feminist excesses and the resultant diminishment of the male self which takes Islamic religious law as its model (whether used literally or not is irrelevant). Though there are other dimensions to the idea of “white sharia,” this, coupled with a general dislike and/or distrust of women, seems to be its primary manifestation. Looking critically at feminism is healthy. There are, however, so many resources to which one can turn to find the truth about the “wage gap,” “rape culture,” and other such absurdities that there is no need to rehash any of it here. It is sufficient to say that feminism as understood today is yet another aspect of the Jewish long con against white men and women. On this, most of us would certainly agree. What interests us here, however, is not that particular idea but rather the bizarre way in which some White Nationalists have reacted to it, and what this reaction suggests about the level of pressure placed on us by our Jewish overlords. Advocating “white sharia” is, in most cases, probably just a childish troll but, given the gravity of our situation and the importance of getting the solutions right, everything needs to be critiqued and contextualized. Damaged thinking cannot go unremarked.

What is it that compels those who are otherwise pro-white to resort to fetishizing the culture of barbarous foreign peoples? The same thing that causes a “patriot” to simultaneously believe that one should not be a minority in the country his ancestors built while advocating death and destruction for any group which threatens the integrity of Israel: it is carefully inculcated self-hatred from above and the internalization of white subservience. “White sharia” is an implicit admission that what is authentically white has little value and is intrinsically incapable of dealing with contemporary historical contingencies.

White Nationalists have intellectually freed themselves from the toxic idea that whites do not have a right to exist on our own terms in our own countries, but the psychological effect of a lifetime of living in a system designed to prevent it will manifest itself in many areas of one’s life so that thought and action do not always converge. White Nationalists must struggle daily to create this convergence on an individual and collective level. One of the undertakings necessary for this to occur is the questioning of one’s personal, often subconscious, entrenchment in the system. In the case of “white sharia,” those arguing for it (again, whether in jest or not is irrelevant to this discussion) need to ask themselves why they are attracted to the brutality of the Islamic world. What is it that compels them to turn towards foreign religious law as a model for white advocacy?

Just as a white man might seek “traditional” Asian women, a white woman might seek “hyper-masculine” black men, or a white teenager might see black culture as more authentic and “cool” than his own, those who are attracted to “white sharia” are driven to it because they cannot find the corresponding values they seek in the white community. Why? Because whites have been taught that whiteness has no value, that that which is white is pedestrian and facile, that excitement and vitality are only to be found by embracing the cultures of non-whites. Our culture is being deliberately destroyed. We are everywhere confronted with messages claiming that we are unworthy of collective self-defense and that our traditions and values are pathological. White Nationalists are in a position to know this and remedy this problem, but some (a minority, fortunately) seem to have abandoned such things either for the sake of humor or because they actually believe that the primordial, mystical savagery of Semitic peoples can be transposed onto white societies and channeled into sound political action. Saving the white race is not a joke, and incorporating the social norms of desert-dwelling primitives into white societies is a colossal strategic mistake. It is neither sustainable nor desirable.

Any White Nationalist who engages in talk of “white sharia” needs to do some serious self-reflection. Is it necessary to ape non-whites in order to attack the imposed system of white destruction, that can be critiqued on entirely rational grounds using white, Western traditions and conducted within the bounds of white ethics? Absolutely not. We can and should attack the system on our own terms. Is the advocacy of a white version of a non-white idea based upon admiration or jealousy of that particular non-white culture? If the former, there will inevitably be a white intellectual tradition from which to draw deeper and more nuanced inspiration; if the latter, then one should question the factors by which value is sought in non-white cultures rather than from within one’s own racial tradition. And most importantly, of course, what precisely do advocates of “white sharia” want? A perusal of some of their texts would suggest that they want sheer brutality in place of order, blind rage in place of targeted anger, anarchic childishness in place of seriousness, and that policing white behavior is more important than defending white communities from invasion. None of these furthers our cause. Encoded in the word “sharia” are images of rape, stoning, torture, genital mutilation, acid attacks, honor killings, purdah, and a distinctly non-white incivility and mercilessness. Is this really a sound strategy for white advocacy? These are not things to which whites are naturally attracted. Indeed, we are repelled by them. We generally try to end such barbarity wherever we go – even when doing so does not directly benefit us. The “white man’s burden” is an idea that is unlikely to be all that prevalent in our future global dealings, but it originates from our innate, biologically-based drive for justice and order. It is both a blessing and a curse, but it is who we are.

“White sharia” is nothing more than advocating for the subjugation of white women and others as punishment for their having been victims of Jewish lies and deceptions. It is yet another manifestation of the “white suicide meme” posing as a new paradigm for racial salvation. This kind of internal behavior will in no way convince anyone but sociopaths of the righteousness of this movement, let alone of the problems in feminism or any other “ism” being used as a tool for white displacement. Most White Nationalist women seem to readily accept that they have been victims of Jewish lies, and they are doing a noble job in advocating on behalf of white women. But we need more of them, and this will not happen if they are alienated by the unleashed anger of some loud, reactive young trolls who do not seem to understand the importance of growing this movement and who find something valuable in the superficial “edginess” to be found by incorporating the behaviors and symbols of our enemies into White Nationalist discourse.

If “white sharia” does not sound as ridiculous to you as “white Zionism,” then it is time to take stock of who you are and for what, exactly, you are fighting. In doing so, not only will you naturally arrive at a more workable political strategy, but you will have eradicated one more remnant of anti-white indoctrination from your core being. There is no reason for whites to see themselves only through the ideological lens and cultural filters of the colonizers. Whites who push this meme are still stuck in the nauseating muck of anti-whiteness, subconsciously constrained by the forces they wish to resist, and will ultimately fail in their project because “white sharia” cannot be anything other than a joke and a distraction. It is an unfortunate but necessary reminder of how much we still have to do within our own movement to eradicate the residual poison of Jewish occupation.