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Sub-National & Trans-National Identity as a Response to the Loss of Nation-Statehood

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For the most part, Western nations are over. There will only be the diaspora, or there will be nothing at all. We are faced with the choice of being absorbed into a materialistic, multicultural mess, or becoming who we are, that is to say, exiles of a defunct world.

The Fifth Political Theory (5PT) believes we should work towards becoming a diasporic tribe rather than focusing on state-level nationalism(s). In other words, we can only “save” European and Eurocolonial peoples who want to be saved by bringing them into a networked tribal community, not converting the de-nationalized masses to an increasingly occult worldview of ethnocentrism, race realism, gender norms, nativism, reactionary politics, etc. I say this not as an evil racist or fascist, but as someone who cares about the continuity of my people, who cannot exist if they are transformed from their roots into something completely foreign. While a certain amount of change and flexibility is endurable, and even in some cases desirable, total replacement is not. And because the national subdivisions of Western civilization are moribund and unable to assert their own existence, we must return to the primordial levels of human social organization if we are to keep the totality of our heritage alive while innovating for an interconnected future.

5PT means fully embracing de-nationalization and working the terms of that situation to our advantage within the post-modern, globalized world. As always, we cannot reverse the flows but only ride them out. Western peoples are going to become a diaspora, even in the West itself. Our response must be to engineer a tribe to face the problem of anomic, atomized life in our society and the failure of political nationalist movements to preserve European and Eurocolonial heritage against the decline in all its forms. We achieve this not by standing athwart history yelling stop, but by grasping the flow of history and letting it pull us as we adjust to the changes of post-modernity.

Put less esoterically, the breakdown of national borders and of national sentiment among Western peoples is not the end of Western peoples but of the nation-state as the organizational unit where our affinities stop. This collapse, rather than leading to seamless superstate blocs as predicted, has created immense identity-driven angst and convulsion as every matter of local folk resists the sprawling explosion of the soulless, materially-driven cosmopolis. These identitarian outbursts are telling us something about the fringes of Western political life. People who care about more than material growth or achieving progressive utopia are speaking up louder than ever. Yet, they often do so out of a passionate bond to dilapidated, outdated, and doomed forms of modern social organization—most problematically they do so as a minority. The ethnos squirms but the demos, which has voted for de-nationalization, retains a firm grip around its neck.

The demos are ultimately following the lead of the cosmopolis. Its paradigms demand that all “citizens of the world” are eligible to live there, whether there is work or not, whether they are assimilable or not. What matters is the ability to be an economic cog, not national integrity. So if anyone can politically belong to any “nation” and claim it as their identity simply by moving there and demanding accommodation, what is to stop the people who resist their grand remplacement from being bound into one identity, which like the one opposing it crosses all borders and subverts all national sentiments? Just as we see a current of decline, we must also look for that counter-current.

Communication technologies and our ability to correspond with one another in real-time—about the social, political, cultural, economic, moral, and spiritual challenges we face as members of the European and Eurocolonial family—draw us closer together than ever before. This happens without regard for borders and makes the decline of the nation-state all the more salient. We become less American or Norwegian or German, and more composite, more Western. Our tribe is already being created from this diaspora of of like-minded Westerners, out of our pre-existing similarities and affinities which technology has seen fit to amplify, even as our nations are being dissolved.

In the long-term, 5PT seeks to make this identity formation more geographically concentrated and clustered, while maintaining its sense of global connectivity and fraternity. We want to reach a point where we can talk concretely about the size, dispersion, and economic niche of the Western diaspora in any given country. The diaspora model thus posits the adoption of sub-national and trans-national identity as a response to the death of national identity and as an extension of the identity formation processes granted to us by post-modern technology.

By sub-national we mean that the Western diaspora will exist in any state where we intentionally form generational communities and tribal networks. Thus there will be a Western diaspora in countries in North America, Europe, and British Oceania, and perhaps further in Latin America and South Africa. There will be American Westerners, French Westerners, Australian Westerners, and so forth. These will have their own local concerns and idiosyncrasies and practices, as they must. At the same time, they will not become those local traits. The Western diaspora of France is not synonymous with “French people.” French people vote for their extinction while the Western diaspora will elect to perpetuate itself.

By trans-national we mean that the Western diaspora will not be walled off into geopolitical cells. Our congregations will be in communion with one another, and our tribal networks will be borderless. Our concerns will be mutual. Since we are all living in foreign countries so to speak, we will naturally have more affinity for one another as members of the same tribe than we do with our out-group neighbors. To be trans-national is to belong to a community not limited by territory. So the Western diaspora will exist in multiple countries, but not be of those countries. I am a Westerner if I am in Chile or in Britain, though I may have come from the Western congregation in Chile to the one in Britain. Our shared culture and values will be deeper than that we have with other peoples living in Chile or Britain.

Members of a foreign minority form their own distinct people regardless of where they dwell, so long as their ties to their own kind remain stronger than their ties to those who are foreign to them. That is the power of the diasporic model, that congregations of Westerners can exist anywhere enough former European or Eurocolonial nation-states are found, and retain their sense of cohesion. They are in, but not of.

In many ways, it is a return to the ways of the Old World and its scatterings of people across pre-modern states both large and small, such as the Jews, Armenians, Greeks, and Germans of Europe and the Middle East. This rather differs from the modern, national impulse of gathering of all X into the state of X-land, or converging all people of X-land into the identity of X. And it of course challenges the contemporary impulse of denying that X exists in the first place while claiming that X-land belongs to the world. Rather, we observe that the borders and demographics have fallen where they are, and that X can be found irrespective of where X is “supposed to be” or originally from. We are interested in the ur-identity of the tribe, not in the ancestral urheimat. This detachment will become our strength.

This is an entirely different way of thinking about ourselves and our place in the world than Westerners are accustomed to. Even the descriptive terms I have preferred to use in place of “white people” so preferred by nationalists—Europeans and Eurocolonials—reflect that older (but not primordially older) conception of geography-plus-nationality. What we are approaching now is the possibility of nationality-sans-geography. The European stock and its extra-continental stocks overseas are part of the same people. Even if all other ethnocentric and civilizational rationalizations for this could be deconstructed it would still be so that they are one people, if only because a coalition of Others have declared them so. Rome and her allies became Rome just as Carthage and her allies became Carthage.

The external pressures upon the Western diaspora will facilitate this, since those who are most ethnocentric and culturally traditionalist will react by doubling down and passing those memes and genes on, while those who are the least will leave the diaspora and fold into the identity of the state they live in and the people they dwell among. The sub-national, trans-national character of the Western diaspora will intensify as time progresses.

This is not necessarily a happy situation. But the worst that can be said about the diaspora model is that people do not want it to happen, not that it can’t work. Reaching back into history for the super-structure we called the nation-state and trying to drag it into the future is not viable. What is viable is the primordial sentiment, that most basic idea that kindred people are an extended tribe, regardless of their geographic dispersal and the composition of the polities they dwell in. If my brother lives in Britain, he is still my brother.



  1. Ken MacPhail
    Posted June 12, 2017 at 9:45 am | Permalink

    We have plenty of sub-national identities now. Most of them pre-date the states they inhabit, or are occupied by, and we need to encourage them now more than ever, especially given the abdication of power by national bodies to global governance and finance regimes.

  2. Rod Horner
    Posted June 12, 2017 at 1:58 pm | Permalink

    A compelling vision, but I wonder how these diaspora communities can hold up under the western regimes of white erasure. It was unthinkable a few decades ago that civil rights would morph into widespread affirmative action and racial quotas writ large. In a few decades hence we could be seeing anything from Paraguayan miscegenation requirements to Kulak purges. Nothing would surprise me and indeed there are esteemed academics calling for just those very things right now all across the west.

    It therefor seems important that the various western holdouts get to thinking about the diaspora process seriously. Having 95% of the western diaspora groups still hanging around in North America, Europe, and Oceania would be very dangerous. Beachheads need to be established as far and wide as possible. Connections must be made with any sympathetic or purchasable foreign entity. Inroads at this point aren’t hard to come by. I’ve visited a good number of expat communities in Asia over my years as a traveling professional and I have heard of similar digs in Eastern Europe, Eurasia, South and Central America, etc. Africa and the Mid-East are likely too unstable and hostile to merit much investment; however, as the Chinese progress in their colonization of the dark continent there may be new opportunities there as well.

    On a somewhat related note: Multi-cult religious groups with evangelical missions offer easy and cheap access to global transportation and networking. It may be that one of the best first-steps to helping a few communities escape is to have some of the more enterprising white families work their way into these organizations to scout and document which regions offer the most fertile ground.

  3. Will Windsor
    Posted June 12, 2017 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

    5PT is premature and not worth pursuing. If we lose the fight for our nations, we’ll cross that bridge (of becoming a diaspora people), when it happens. Until then, we should continue striving to preserve our nations. The institutions being built for success with Nationalism (based on shared European identity and tribalism), will easily transfer over into the diaspora age if it comes. The goal, whether we save our nations or become a diaspora, is the Ethnostate–white homogenous nations for Europeans.

    For now, there is no point in surrendering and accepting the diaspora. We’ll be in the same spot after having hypothetically lost our nations, but at least we’ll have fought the noble fight, as befitting our race.

  4. Renzo
    Posted June 12, 2017 at 4:10 pm | Permalink

    The “White Sharia” meme has drawn harsh criticism on this website.

    Interestingly, what I just read here can basically be memed as “White Judaism”.

    “The International European.”

    A cosmopolitan yet intractably ethnocentric White who survives by following a strict code of honor and relentlessly pursuing his faustian aspirations of mastering both the environment and himself (rather than being deceptive, amoral, controlling the power nodes, and relentlessly undermining anything that holds the host society together as a healthy people).

    I could almost see it, but you’ve really got to hope Whites can leverage their genes to give this rootless, semi-nomadic lifestyle a new productive, innovative twist.

    Because becoming another semitic people to whom social power is everything and truth is nothing would mark the end of European civilization just as if we were browned out of existence. Besides, we are the top innovators and producers. There’s no one left for US to parasitize.

    Also, our enemies are not trying to reduce us to a minority diaspora people, after which they will welcome us to the fold of oppressed minorities to be celebrated and uplifted; they are trying to WIPE US OUT ENTIRELY, as we are the ones doing the “oppressing” by being what we are.

    If we cannot resist their effort while we are a (dwindling) majority in our territories, what makes you think we can survive as the Wandering Scot, the Wandering Sicilian, the Wandering Frankfurter? We would make very VISIBLE “Jews” you know…

    I think losing control over our territories is probably more likely to result in our extinction than in the adoption of a “Diaspora Strategy”.

    • Frenchman
      Posted June 13, 2017 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

      >Because becoming another semitic people to whom social power is everything and truth is nothing would mark the end of European civilization just as if we were browned out of existence.

      Exactly. I don’t think anything more needs to be said.

  5. nineofclubs
    Posted June 12, 2017 at 8:52 pm | Permalink

    Perhaps there is some potential for an approach which combines 5PT – as described here – with more traditional nationalism.

    I agree with the notion that Western people in all lands should encourage tribal thinking and behaviour. As our countries become more ethnically diverse, it will be to our advantage to see ourselves as a distinct tribe (one of many) within our own country and to favour those within the tribe. There are many practical ways we could do this. In Italy, Casa Pound helps homeless Italians by finding them accommodation. We could start ‘tribal’ companies operating on cooperative lines to provide our own people with good, reasonably priced food, clothing, shelter, medical care, insurance, interest-free banking etc. In this way, our ‘tribal’ structures could fulfil the role that the state usefully might, if it weren’t so degenerate and rotten with neo-liberal delusion.

    But does that mean we need to truly become ‘post national’, in the sense of giving up the fight for territory of our own? I’m not convinced that this is necessary. Outside of the major cities in many Western countries there is still a substantial ‘Eurocolonial’ majority. It may be that in time, even if our cities become places where white people are a minority, there are still places in our countries where the white tribes can base themselves.

    On a personal level, I’d find it very hard to unattach myself from the country my forebears helped to create. I certainly feel strong kinship with other white people around the globe, but that’s not enough to make me comfortable with the idea of being a global citizen.


  6. Ben
    Posted June 13, 2017 at 9:48 am | Permalink

    Defeatist hogwash.

  7. Rohan
    Posted June 16, 2017 at 5:44 am | Permalink

    It is a formula for racial suicide. Why don’t we all convert to Judaism ?

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