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Macron: Artifact & Puppet


Macron with one of his siblings.

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Translated by Guillaume Durocher

Translator’s Note: Comments in parentheses are Faye’s, bracketed ones are my own.

An artifact is a manufactured object which replaces the real, whose true nature is distorted. A puppet is a character in a show who is directed by an external will. Emmanuel Macron perhaps relates to both. A media firework, brilliant and hollow, gifted and twisted, he is the product of ideological and financial forces which have created him to neutralize the threat of an identitarian France. Macron has been designed to give to the decadence and destruction of France the reassuring face of a smiling young dandy. What’s more, his economic “liberalism,” apparently quite agreeable in this objectively Communist country with an unemployment rate twice as high as its neighbors, will soon be shown as bogus. On reforms, Macron will prove a scaredy-cat. Too afraid of a fight . . .

The Macron Operation, Organized by Financial and Media Networks

Emmanuel Macron’s election to the Élysée is “the most astonishing poker strike in French political history,” according to Guillaume Tabard (Le Figaro, May 10, 2017). In any case, it was well-prepared, notably through the execution of François Fillon [the conservative candidate] through a biased and politicized judicial system loyal to Macron, who was then [President] Hollande’s Financial Minister.

All the media is in ecstasy – or pretending to be – before the meteoric rise of the youngest President of the Republic, thirty-nine years old, outside of any party, the founder of a party, En Marche! [Onward!] (which has since become “La République En Marche,” LREM), a genuine political start-up which already claims two hundred thirty thousand members (an inflated figure, obviously) and has humiliated the PS [Socialist Party] and the Right. There is no miracle behind this: only a massive financial operation, secretly prepared since 2014, aiming to elect the servant and spokesman of the leading cosmopolitan circles and international oligarchs allied with significant Muslim interests. Pierre Bergé [the fashion oligarch and co-owner of Le Monde] is obviously party to this. All have chosen Macron as their Trojan horse to capture France and eliminate the (“populist,” or rather popular) threat of the Front National, which is presented as fascistic, even though the latter has been weakened by the agent [Florian] Philippot [the FN’s communications chief] and the counter-productive political program which he imposed.

Macron’s vague – and in no way “liberal” – economic line is not what is most important to those who manufactured him: what counts is his cosmopolitan and Islamophile political positioning. Macron and his lobby are the result of a large-scale international financial operation – with underlying operations no doubt a hundred times more opaque than the little shenanigans of Fillon, who has been prosecuted for trifles by a politicized [au garde-à-vous] judiciary. Fillon was the symbol of provincial and Catholic France, which is hated as much as the déclassé and proletarianized France which votes FN, the two ethnic French populations which are held in contempt by the cosmopolitan oligarchy which finances Macron, and which he represents.

The meteoric rise of the playboy Macron, unprecedented in the history of the Republic or indeed among our neighbors, is explained in large part by the scale of a financial and media strategy which was prepared over several years, implying very large investments. Never will Le Canard enchaîné [a satirical “investigative” newspaper] and the judiciary dare to have a look at the resources behind Macron’s rise. He is a man who has many more powers of intimidation and powerful friends than Monsieur Fillon . . .

Spectacle, Vacuity, & Spiel

Vague and ambiguous on all topics, especially those pertaining to high politics, Emmanuel Macron appears at once brilliant and of an insipid vacuity. But in this society of the spectacle, emptiness, superficiality, and showmanship have won out over political reason and reflection.

Emmanuel Macron’s political vocabulary alone, presenting himself as “progressive” against the “reactionaries,” belongs to the clichés of the old Left. Macron is a young old man who is recycling pieties. He is the glitzy product of mediocre and unsteady elites – intelligent, certainly, but lacking in both character and convictions.

The idea of a “complete reorganization of political life” with Macron is a joke. The majority of the controlled media (who dared to criticize the “Putinism” of their Russian colleagues!) have presented him as “the President of patriots against the nationalist threat.” Patriotic – a man who explains that there is no French culture, but only a “culture in France”?

One of his repetitive expressions, “I am going to be clear,” means exactly the opposite. “Macronism” is an opaque and flaccid syncretism which ridiculously compares itself with Gaullism in trying to be “unifying.” “En Marche!” means just the opposite: “Stay where you are!” Immobility, minimalist, or fallacious reformism is Macron’s trademark, whose  “reforms” were but mouse droppings while he was in the Socialist government. He represents the System to perfection: brilliant communication, miserable acts and results.

By appointing the Juppéist Édouard Philppe (a limp Right-winger without clear ideas, a flip-flopper, having gone from the PS and then to the Right and then . . . Islamophile) as Prime Minister. Macron can obviously break the Right and gather a maximum of LR [Les Républicains, or the conservative party] votes in the legislative elections. A Third- or Fourth-Republic-style strategy is indeed being realized, lowly, but only in the low sense [politicienne mais non pas politique] (that is to say, lacking an “axis of will” in Carl Schmitt’s sense).

Macron presents himself as the unifier of Left and Right, a sort of street-sweeper. He is the synthesis of the old System, from the apparatchik Left to the big-business (and not entrepreneurial) Right, that is to say two faces of the same coin. He is uniting an already united oligarchy.

Macron, the Agent of the Immigration Invasion and Islamization

Macron’s statements in Algeria, where he accused his own country of “crimes against humanity” due to colonialism (all that to get Muslim votes in France), reveals an honorless and worrying man. We also note a strange tolerance towards a Muslim member of his team who refused to condemn Islamic terrorism. On immigration and Islamization, Macron will probably be even more permissive than his predecessors. He seems indifferent to, or even in favor of, these fatal processes for France.

The President of the CRIF [the main Jewish organization], in the name of an anti-FN position, called for its members to vote for him, even though he is supported by the UOIF [the Union of Islamic Organizations of France], an undeclared Islamist and anti-Semitic association which calls for the destruction of Israel, is financed by Saudi Arabia, is an actor in the Islamization of Europe, and is very reluctant to condemn jihadi terrorism. This is a suicidal contradiction on the part of this Jewish high authority.

Like a certain number of Jewish leaders, Monsieur Francis Kalifat [the leader of the CRIF, sic], exactly like his Christian counterparts, is the victim of a destructive naïveté in the face of Islam. Unless it is all calculated . . . but it is risky. In any case, Emmanuel Macron is the candidate approved (like Hollande) by an overwhelming majority of Muslim voters. And it is him whom the Islamists prefer. It’s normal: there is nothing in his program to stop or even slow down the immigration invasion and there is everything to heighten it.

Submission: The Macron Government’s Roadmap

The Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, one of the Macronized LR members, is a fake secularist and a real Islamophile dhimmi (submissive one). As the Mayor of Le Havre, he had, in 2012, ordered eight thousand five hundred desserts from school cafeterias to be thrown away because they contained pork grease, submitting himself with cowardice to sharia and imposing halal food on non-Muslim children.

In the same vein, the new President has promised a “demanding benevolence” towards the Islamic ideology. We know what this sort of doublespeak [langue de bois] means. Even more so than [Alain] Juppé [a moderate conservative politician], the inventor of the “happy identity” [slogan], Macron wants to encourage positive discrimination, multiracialism, and “happy and inclusive” multiculturalism (even though they are devastating). Macron is a great friend of the mostly Islamic immigration invasion. This is normal: the financiers have carried him to power, so where could they come from? From which countries?

A very important detail: Malek Boutih, the former President of SOS Racisme [France’s largest anti-racist organization], a card-carrying Socialist, a Muslim, and not suspected of “Islamophobic racism” (a capital sin), has been evicted from En Marche! Why? Because he was too critical of violent Islamism and the UOIF, which is “classified among terrorist organizations by the United Arab Emirates,” notes Ivan Rioufol [a conservative pundit at Le Figaro]. This very sketchy UOIF has loudly supported Emmanuel Macron. Ask yourself why. UOIF-Macron, the same struggle?

Macron refuses to ban the Muslim Brotherhood in France, as Fillon had wanted to do. His Minister of Justice, François Bayrou, an old opportunist rascal and professional flip-flopper, is on the same wavelength. Macron, under false pretensions of fighting against Daesh [ISIS] in Mali and the Middle East, will surrender before conquering Islam and its invading immigration in the land of France, even more so than his five catastrophic predecessors (Giscard, Mitterrand, Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande).

Macron against the FN: Dishonorable Methods

Macron is, much more strictly, on the same anti-FN line as the majority mushy LR politicians – whose well-coiffed leader Baroin called to vote for him against Marine Le Pen, and now, in full contradiction, is calling to vote against LREM in the legislative elections.[1]

Macron will be the utopian and angelic protector of the “popular neighborhoods” (non-European Muslim immigrants) and of “cultural minorities” (same meaning), who will soon be majoritarian, if nothing changes, and of which there are already so in many in the towns and suburbs, which have seen an explosion of criminality, insecurity, and a deterioration in their quality of life. One of Macron’s ministers, Richard Ferrand, has been a financier of Palestinian organizations, and one of his state secretaries, Marlène Schiappa, is an anti-Israeli and pro-Arab activist. Macron claims to be “pro-European,” but is it not “anti-European” to organize the ethnic invasion of Europe? It is a perverse Orwellian reversal of language.

Macron tried to “re-demonize” Marine Le Pen and the FN by a symbolic visit to Oradour-sur-Glane [a French village which suffered massacres during the Second World War] and to the Memorial to the Deportation [of Jews], and to that of the Shoah, and by celebrating the memory of a Moroccan, Brahim Bouarram, who drowned in the Seine over twenty years ago on the sidelines of a May 1 FN march following an altercation with skinheads who had nothing to do with the Party. The message is clear: Marine Le Pen and the FN are the racist heirs of Vichy and Nazism. This well-worn method is slanderous, as Gilles-William Goldnadel has shown, to the memory of the deported Jews, who are used in Macron’s electoral propaganda while his organization is also unscrupulously working with Judeophobic Muslims. The Jewish community should really ask itself questions concerning Macron and his permanent doublespeak. This President is not reliable. For anyone.

After Macron, the FN?

An archangel surrounded by courtiers, it is bad for a new President to be taken by the media as a kind of French Obama, a miracle-worker. Emmanuel Macron, during his entire campaign, has given the impression, in his body language, his strangely fixed stare, and his overblown and rhapsodic (but insignificant) language, of being an American televangelist. The show took precedence over the content, which was quasi-nonexistent. The more wondrous the image, the harder perhaps will be the fall. All the more given that, already at the very beginning of his term, his popularity rating is lower than that of his predecessors: he will not enjoy a “state of grace.” Several commentators have said that he will not last long and that his failure will lead to the victory of the Front National in 2022. But the latter does not seem to be in the best shape.



1. The FN has invented the term UMPS to highlight the collusion between the UMP [Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, the predecessor to the LR] and the PS and, following a profound stupidity which flows from a profound logic, Macron’s movement calls itself LREM (La République en Marche), which reproduces the (ridiculous) LR – Les Républicains.

This article was originally run in French at Faye’s official blog [2] on May 23, 2017.