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Greg Johnson & Mike Enoch to Speak in Oslo, July 1

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On July 1, 2017, I will be speaking at the Scandza Forum’s conference on “Globalism vs. the Ethnostate” in Oslo, Norway. This is the second Scandza Forum event and the first event of its kind to be held in Norway.

The other speakers are:

Mike Enoch, co-host of the leading Alt Right podcast The Daily Shoah, and proprietor of the network and Internet forum The Right Stuff. Over the last couple of years, Mike has proven himself to be one of most eloquent and steadfast advocates for the Alt Right.

Jonas De Geer, prolific writer and longstanding intellectual in the conservative and nationalist movements in Sweden. In the early years of the new millennium, Mr. De Geer edited the successful conservative journal SALT and was co-host of the popular radio show Motgift (Antidote).

Lauritz von Guildhausen, host of and contributor to the prominent Alt Right podcasts The Third Rail and Honoring our History. Lauritz is a rising star in the Alternative Right and is a regular contributor to the hugely popular podcast Fash the Nation.

Olav Torheim, PhD, editor of the High Norwegian magazine MÃ¥lmannen. Dr. Torheim is an engineer and holds a doctorate in physics, and is a leading contributor to the debate on language, culture, and identity in Norway.

The alternative media project Red Ice will also be present.

Ticket price: 500 NOK.

Register at: [email protected] [2]

Please support this event by telling your friends.

I want to thank the Scandza Forum for another opportunity to speak under their aegis.

Greg Johnson