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Russians are Not #Ourguys

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With the recent firing of James Comey, the Trump-driven media cycle is complete and the inability of the Alt Right to grasp geopolitical leadership has become apparent.

In this article, I will put forward why I think the Syrian missile strike was A Good Thing, and why the Alt Right reaction was not merely self-defeating, but actually exposed critical flaws within the movement. The extreme negativity in response to the Syria strike was, at its peak, ridiculous, and showed a brittle inability to compromise with reality.

Trump has always been a one-way man-crush for the Alternative Right. Like a beta orbiter fuming in his bedroom that a girl who is only dimly aware of him has “betrayed” him by acting on her own initiative and taking someone else to the prom, the “Honeymoon is definitely over” (Mike Enoch’s phrase) is only of the Alt Right’s volition. The Honeymoon is only over insofar as the Alt Right has read motivations into Trump’s Syria strike that are purely speculative and likely do not exist. The Alt Right can only remain TrumpTrain passengers, able to pile on weight to increase momentum, but not much else. So why bail now, so early into his Presidency?

The one-way, ideologically blinkered rationale that Trump has bent the knee to the “kikes” is an allegation born of circumstance. However, Trump cannot afford ideology. He is the President of the United States, and Richard Spencer is an otherwise unemployed activist. Trump has responsibilities that are formalized by holding office, and the figures of the Alt Right are able to freewheel and dispense speculation and ideology as they please. Trump was elected to MAGA, not to immediately force through an isolationist agenda because it suits the Alt Right’s prejudices and one-track thinking. Trump, according to TRS, Spencer, and Counter-Currents (I don’t keep up with the Stormer) has betrayed his loyal fans and acquiesced to Israeli influence. I don’t believe he has done any such thing, and now that the last debris of the last Hebrew Hammers has been swept away, I think it is clear that the Alt Right’s hysterics have been totally premature and unjustified.

Let us consider some geopolitical realities. The United States is a maritime power whose strength is primarily projected through its allies. The only reason it can rack up trillions of dollars in debt is because of the strength of the petrodollar, which BRICS and those in their spheres of influence have been gradually building the infrastructure and alliances to circumvent. The dollar and the stability of NATO and North America as an economic whole is constantly under direct threat of being knocked off the perch of world leadership by a multipolar alliance. The Alternative Right is also blinkered to the point of idiocy if it believes that the subsequent economic stagnation and eventual collapse would be to its benefit. Should the West’s standing on the world stage diminish to the point of dollar and euro irrelevance – two currencies wedded on a multi-tier cake of military adventurism, arms sales, and technical innovation – the Alt Right would likely succumb to retrograde paramilitary, revolutionary fanatics, and get utterly smashed in a failed stab against “ZOG.” For those that read the Saker, who rail against “AngloZionists,” the good news is that we are the AngloZionists. The only reason a few of us are able to support ourselves through Web readership and Alt Right pursuits is because military dominance keeps the lights on.

I subscribe strongly to the narrative that Syrian intervention is “another pipeline war” based on securing Middle Eastern real estate to allow for a Qatari-Turkish natural gas pipeline to be built through western Syria that would in turn feed central Europe and the UK. The UK produces roughly half its own natural gas, with about forty percent coming from Europe. Russia, in turn, supplies Europe with between thirty to forty percent of its natural gas. It’s a big chunk. From 2010 until 2015, we (Brits) had a string of very hard winters that pushed us almost to the point of the gas running out entirely. Only about a fifth of our gas comes through liquefied natural gas tankers due to the prohibitive cost, likely chiefly from Qatar, the world’s top LNG exporter. This is a measure of necessity to stop our pensioners freezing to death in the winter months. The cost and supply of energy is critical to geopolitical independence and quality of life for anyone in the world, and especially Brits and Scots. Winter Fuel Allowance for pensioners appears as a pledge in every UK political party manifesto.

Access to Qatari gas is a very real concern in the UK as it breaks a dependence on Russian supplies – a country that has struck at Europe’s heart before, and considers Eastern European states to be de facto Russian property by virtue of its military reach and former colonization. This aside, UK arms sales are essential to retaining the industrial capacity needed to maintain the ability to project power worldwide. Guns [2], aircraft [3], and aircraft maintenance and expertise [4] go to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and understandably they want pipeline access to the European gas market in return. These sales sustain the US-UK coalition of arms manufacture that would otherwise be overtaken by Sino-Russian cooperation.

Trump is pursuing this and making deals. He is bringing billions to the US and protecting Western European coalition partners [5], and getting the Saudis their pipeline, or at least encouraging them to think so, which is essential to closing arms deals. Aside from expensive planes, the United States, at least until Trump brings back Apple manufacturing, makes . . . nothing. Without these arms sales, the human capital in the industry dissipates and doesn’t come back, by which time our nations would be even further behind than we already are in the critical game of electronic warfare.

Investment in future platforms for conventional and emerging fifth-generation warfare should be seen as critical. Demographic warfare is not the only warfare, and the Alt Right needs to understand that should our nations find themselves unable to fight a conventional war against longstanding rivals, then whites in the West will be jeopardized. The relative financial security of the West is not a given and comes at the expense of alliance-building and military investment.

The Qatari pipeline was stumped by Assad, which triggered the flow of both lethal and non-lethal aid from Western powers into Syria in support of “moderate rebels,” including ISIS’ iconic Toyota Hilux trucks (distributed through NGO cover groups), satellite phones, medical supplies, and wire-guided TOW missiles – a real pick-and-mix of goodies for the organ-munching Syrian opposition. Obama allowed the Russians to play him and removed the “chemical weapons” pretext for intervention by making a deal with Assad, and the UN supervised the destruction of the Syrian stockpiles, thus illustrating that he cared little for the blood and treasure that had been spent in Iraq to secure US-UK stability in years to come.

At this point, readers are probably disgusted with me for being sympathetic to multi-billion dollar/pound arms companies and their (our) strategic partners in the Middle East. But consider.

Before the Tomahawk strike was launched, the White House was in confusion about what their policy on Syria was, and it was generally agreed that the United States would abandon its strategic interests and slink away, allowing Russia to militarize Syria and escalate its sales of air defense systems off the back of that, and bring those around it – China, Iran, and India – deeper into cooperation.

Having shown that the US lacked the will to fight, applying pressure on China to cooperate on trade would be a non-starter. The Chinese Premier was present for the strikes for the specific reason of showing that Trump would no longer allow Russian expansionism and creating a stranglehold on the European gas market.

A Syria led by Assad that has defeated ISIS and settled into peace is also no friend to the West, having established military independence through cooperation with Moscow and become a no-fly zone to it. And what to do with the literally millions of “refugees” who have travelled through the region to arrive on Europe’s doorstep? There is no reason to think that Assad would welcome these people back, given that they opted to Syrexit. He could simply refuse to take them. Then where would these displaced peoples go? And in what way could he be made to accept them?

The “red line” in the region has nothing to do with chemical weapons. It’s the red line where Russian expansion sabotages trade deals that could otherwise be negotiated. Assad has been put under enormous pressure by Putin to remain stable and refuse the West, otherwise Russia’s economic mainstay would suffer. Yes, Russian and Iranian gas might be cheaper, and yes, the Turks might be trying their damned best to demographically destroy us, even as they fund our aerospace industry by enlisting the UK to develop their planes. But the Turks don’t supply the Taliban with IEDs to blow up British soldiers. Russia does.

The Alt Right, especially its American mainstay, is in a malaise. Since the Syria strikes, its intellectual leaders have been licking their wounds and feeling sorry for themselves that Trump would (seemingly) listen to The Jew (((Kushner))) instead of their unrealistic, principles-first American isolationism policy.

I have every sympathy for those who want peace. But there is nothing I detest more than peaceniks – those who refuse to acknowledge that life is a struggle, and that sometimes war is necessary to secure future prosperity, or even basic survival. Without Middle Eastern wars on the neocon hitlist, American hegemony is threatened, and our “way of life” – read: First World luxury – is directly threatened. There is a reason these wars are waged, and that reason isn’t simply “the Jews.” A tangential, correlating benefit does not translate into a direct cause. To imply that (((ethnocentric networking))) is responsible for all our military adventurism and interventionism is to flatly deny that we have any autonomy at all, and to reason oneself into a position of revolutionary fervor. There is no way a collapse of our energy security or arms industries helps us. The Alt Right has been throwing a tantrum over principles of non-interventionism, and the death of Syrian brown people who are alleged not to matter to us anyway.

Trump, exploiting a shock-horror video produced for this explicit purpose, undid the legacy of Obama’s weakness and willingness to make a losing compromise in the face of determined opposition. The cost of the Tomahawk missiles that were launched is nothing in comparison to the money saved by securing a multi-billion dollar arms deal by checking Russian advancement in the region. Through a single decisive act, Trump has set America back on a course for military dominance through being agile, volatile, and assertive in our interests. He has brought jobs to America, restored American hegemony, and shored up the normie vote. This has all been accomplished without putting a single white American soldier in the Middle East or committing to a quagmire and eventual meat grinder of “bringing democracy” through occupation. Trump has capitalized on this win and swiftly pursued greater gains by leaning on North Korea, and the Chinese are now applying pressure to the Norks independently to end their nuclear program, all by using assets the US already has, and all with the minimum loss of life.

It is probably in Trump’s interest to distance himself from the Alt Right and collaborate with the deep state and media agencies to a degree to end the continual media hounding that threatens to make his a one-term Presidency. The same news agencies that were breathlessly reporting on a Tomahawk strike against a Russian ally a few weeks ago are now trying to revive their Russian Connection narrative. While not yet humiliated, they are floundering and on the back foot. The deep state, enlisted in the Tomahawk strike, probably thought they could count on Trump as one of their own. But Comey’s firing puts them on the back foot also, and proves that they have not assimilated him. Those in Camp Clinton are probably looking over their shoulders, as the possibility remains that they can now be fired without warning. The stage for this was set with the Syria strike, a firm statement that he is acting in America’s interest, not Russia’s.

The Alt Right grew from recognizing demographic realities. But there are geopolitical realities that cannot be simply ignored or dismissed as Jewish manipulation. As a politically immature movement, the Alt Right bailed on Trump before the results of the strike had shaken out. Political leadership and international bullying to ensure compliance requires constant camouflage, shapeshifting, deal-cutting, and pressing tactical advantages.

Plenty of ink has been spilled about how the United States has reduced Europe to “vassal states,” but the Alt Right is an Anglospherian entity, cross-pollinated and in cooperation with the European New Right. This is who we are. Our culture is parallel to our international cooperation.

When Richard Spencer took to the streets with a megaphone to protest against Trump, he betrayed a political animal who has done more than anyone else to make America aware of Richard Spencer. He also painted himself into a corner as a peacenik, someone on the cultural fringe with an anti-state ideology who is prepared to sacrifice America’s interests for his own sensibilities. When Mike Enoch knee-jerkingly reacted that the Alt Right’s tenure in Trumpian politics was “fucking over,” he signaled to TRS listeners that the Alt Right is not prepared to compromise with reality, not prepared to deal with, enter, or negotiate with existing power structures, existing alliances, or really existing facts on the ground about who the hell buys American products, and what has to be done to deliver the trade deals, the winning, and the great quality of life that he promised.

Trump is now in a position to accelerate his brand of implicitly white civic nationalism, with acquiescence from the deep state that he is not going to compromise the vital national security interest whilst doing so. Like the MOAB (Mother of All Blessings), the Tomahawk strike flattened the opposition – domestically and internationally. Trump has set policy, set leadership, and established dominance with effectively zero cost. The Syria strike was a win, and America is winning again.