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In Defense of Boomers

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[1]It has become fairly common to hear people in these circles speak about white baby boomers with increasing animosity. The basic idea is that the last generation of whites raised in a largely white country could have worked together to prevent the browning of America and its related troubles if they had only fought the Jewish and liberal elites harder when there was a greater chance of democratically and peacefully preventing this transformation. In a recent article on Altright.com, Vincent Law writes: “[American baby boomers] and their European equivalents have allowed and encouraged the ruin of the White world.”[1] This is a very strong statement–and an odd one coming from someone who is sincerely concerned with saving the white race from its current path towards destruction.

There are two factors that should be considered when tempted to make such sweeping statements about any particular group of whites: first and foremost is the role of historical cultural and racial power dynamics; second, the need to attract converts to White Nationalism regardless of age, class, or any number of other sub-categorical considerations. Ignoring the first factor comes dangerously close to distracting from the real problem: Jews. The second factor is obviously essential and any logic that prevents whites from feeling welcome in this movement should be immediately discarded as counter-productive as long as there is no real or implied ideological compromise. But in critiquing the false and distracting notion of the “Eternal Boomer” we must be careful not to become overly harsh because, ultimately, the impulse towards “anti-boomerism” originates in a healthy place.

To ascribe blame for the current state of white America to whites born and raised prior to the effects of the Hart-Celler Act of 1965, with which Jews opened wide the gates of America to legions of hostile foreign peoples, is to suggest that they were fully aware of what was in store for the future. This is simply a variation on the “white suicide” argument. As the blogger Tanstaafl writes: “To call what’s happening ‘suicide’ flies in the face of the reality that many Whites [sic] are either ignorant of what’s happening or continue to labor under the ‘non-discrimination’ deception, and that others are subjected to punishment for speaking out in opposition. When a group of people is deliberately guided toward extinction by deception and coercion, that’s genocide not suicide.”[2] This was certainly the case with white baby boomers. Indeed, it is still the case with shockingly large amounts of white people today who are living right now with the deleterious effects of this demographic transformation to a degree that young boomers could not even imagine yet remain convinced that it is both a beneficial and moral occurrence.

Raised with carefully-crafted Jewish movies and news, imposed Jewish social taboos, and with a more or less explicit acceptance of the worst of Christian morality (“love thy neighbor,” “turn the other cheek”), it would have taken an extraordinarily prescient and insightful individual to see through the madness. And then, unlike now, he would have had an incredibly hard time finding someone with whom to discuss such issues or find any sense of political community. Baby boomers can hardly be blamed for not anticipating Somali gang wars in Minnesota, female genital mutilation in Michigan, Muslim jihadists in California, or demands for white-free spaces on college campuses. There was very little information available to which they could have turned to find out the truth about Jewish power, capitalist internationalism, and race realism.[3] Consider for a moment your own awakening: what resources did you use and with whom did you discuss your newfound insights? Most likely it was largely an internet-based exposure to various “thought-criminals” and your discussions were with very few people–if any. Now consider how you would have fared in 1950s and 1960s America.

Hostility towards baby boomers is itself a remnant of conservative thinking which, sadly, still exists in this movement. It prioritizes culture over race, something which White Nationalists should (and usually do) reject on principle. It also places blame on whites for being hoodwinked by Jews. It is a sociopolitical manifestation of the concept of caveat emptor. One cannot accept the reality of Jewish power and still blame average whites for their ignorance about those subjects most dear to White Nationalists. Without access to knowledge, one cannot make informed decisions. And although it is hard to understand for most White Nationalists, who are by definition unusually intellectually curious and open-minded, most people were and are content to remain ignorant of uncomfortable truths and to seek solace under the sand when something disturbs their preconceived notions of reality. Most people seek little but comfort and happiness and will gravitate towards those who actually or seemingly provide it. This is a fact of life. But, in keeping with the White Nationalist commitment to accepting the fundamentals of human nature as they are, this should be used in our favor.

A relatively small movement with grand ideas needs numbers. In order to attract numbers, certain basic social and psychological needs must be met. One of these is, as mentioned above, comfort. Whites who are sympathetic to us must be made comfortable and welcome unless they become hostile or are caught deliberately trying to steer others in the wrong direction. White Nationalism can and should provide the sense of communal security that is achingly absent in the much of the real world for so many people. Many baby boomers are keenly aware that there is a serious problem in this country but they don’t have the same access to information as do younger people. They are not sure where to turn for information. They often don’t even know what information they should seek. Additionally, they have added decades of brainwashing with which to contend. But it is in our interest to remain patient and try to provide the missing links for them. The nascent White Nationalist network needs patrons, needs job opportunities, and needs stability, and baby boomers are in a position to provide such things if they are not, as a generation, characterized as irredeemable race traitors and alienated and mocked by those with whom they might very well find common ground.

That having been said, however, it is important to understand that White Nationalism is not an extension of conservatism. It is a radical political movement. It exists only to the extent that its members have freed themselves from the stranglehold of baseless social taboos and obedient reverence for the symbols and ideas of racial destruction. Such freedom is generally found in higher proportions among younger age groups and it is absolutely crucial to cultivate it. It is grounded in an energetic, pugilistic optimism as well as a healthy detachment from stifling and often incomprehensibly backwards social mores. When all is said and done, this youthful vitality is more important to the cause than the comfort of any baby boomers within the movement.

Fortunately, however, there are numerous strategies for recruitment and there are movement figures whose various personal styles can accommodate just about every basic human temperament. A generational détente is certainly called for, but it is a two-way street: the young must be patient with the old, and the old must be patient with the young.

Baby boomers must understand that engaging in radical politics requires a degree of radical expression that might make them feel uncomfortable at times. They also need to understand that White Nationalists of all ages are angry for very good, easily defensible reasons and that they might sometimes be caught in the crossfire if they say something stupid at the wrong time. With maturity should come the ability to learn from such interactions rather than shut them out.

Likewise, the young must understand that older whites have more psychological blocks to overcome to reach White Nationalism and that some patience, respect, and civility are in order when older whites don’t fully grasp the ideas presented to them. As long as we are always unflinchingly honest about our political project and do not ever attempt to veil its radical nature, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by tolerating the bell curve of awareness among whites who demonstrate some sympathy or genuine curiosity. And, most importantly, never forget that this is genocide, not suicide.


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3. It is worth noting that the “Red Scare,” while understandable, probably did more to push American patriotism in the direction of unqualified support for international capital and against true white interests than anything else in this century. It virtually eliminated the vital history of non-Jewish socialism and labor activism from civil discourse and forced those with intellectual tendencies in that direction to ally themselves with the Judaized Left.