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All for a Prom Date


Anna Hayes with her prom date, Phillip Freeman.

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I’m sure this [2] was a painful read for many on the Alt Right. It was for me, anyway. The story, a familiar one, can be distilled into four basic parts.

Part One: Father warns daughter not to date black guys or he will cut her off.

Part Two: Daughter takes a black guy to the prom.

Part Three: Father not only cuts her off financially, but texts her an irreversibly abusive rant spiked with numerous F-bombs and N-bombs.

Part Four: Daughter posts father’s vitriol on social media and virtue signals to the world how wonderful she is and how horrible her racist father is.

The End.

Of course, the father’s proscription against his daughter dating black guys is correct, both from a racial identity standpoint which defends the propagation of whites as a race, and from a race realist standpoint which protects individuals against the more dangerous aspects of certain non-whites. As a fellow dad, my heart also leaps for the father, fearing that one day, God forbid, I might be in his shoes. Regardless of this – and with the caveat that we really don’t know the whole story behind this sordid reality show – I would still have a very hard time standing by the father in any public forum.

I hate to say it, but despite being right, he is the villain here. Here is a snippet of what he wrote his daughter after being informed of her swarthy suitor:

Shut the f*** up you have no right to talk to me anymore. Go live with the F***IN n*****s. Your pictures are already off my walls. You can go to hell. What the f*** is wrong with you? . . . You want to mingle with Subhumans I’ll treat you accordingly.

You could practically hear the bleeps just by reading it. And it’s all because of one prom date.

My revulsion for the father’s actions exists on many levels, and I don’t think I need to enumerate them here. My sympathy for him goes nearly as deep, however, which is probably why this story put such a thumbprint on me. When I step back and ponder all this, I begin to envy some of the leaders on the Alt Right who either haven’t yet had children or never plan to. Going childless does allow a certain freedom which being rooted to a spouse and children (especially young children) makes tricky, to say the least. And when helming a dissident and somewhat dangerous political movement which calls for a radical change in the present status quo, freedom is certainly a good thing.

Of course, so is having children, the corny-yet-true reasons which also need not be enumerated here. But I am quite sure that those of us who have children, especially daughters, have often wondered how they would react to such a mudsharking scenario – not so much to a poor choice of prom date but to the prospect of having kinky-haired, mocha-brown grandchildren and a daughter or son foolish enough to flout the reality of race along with crime statistics and common sense. This is almost as high on the dread-o-meter as hearing about your child getting in an auto accident or coming down with an incurable disease. This is something you can only Hope Never Happens.

I wish I could offer a way to make sure it never happens, but nothing I can offer can withstand bad luck or fools. Leaving aside children who are mentally ill or unstable, my guess is that simplified yet honest explanations of race realism to children as young as third- or fourth-graders could do a world of good. Don’t be ugly about it, like Archie F-Bomb Bunker above. Don’t appear wishy-washy, either. Most importantly, don’t harp on it all the time or you’ll come across like a one-note blowhard even to your kids. The truth often gets drowned out by snores when you bore your audience.

What complicates matters, however, is that children are often natural rebels. When my oldest son was four, he decided he wanted to see how far Daddy’s authority reached. He knew he wasn’t supposed to eat in the family room, but he took his little peanut butter sandwich cracker into it, anyway. I told him numerous times not to do that. He looked at me defiantly with peanut butter smeared all over his face and placed one foot on the carpet.

Well, of course, within two seconds I snatched him up, took away his cracker, and spanked him. I can assure you he never did that again. Despite this story’s happy ending, however, it does illustrate the dilemma that I am sure most parents face every day. Come down too hard on your kids, and they’ll hate you and want to rebel. Don’t come down on them at all, and you may end up with a daughter like this girl [3], who was shocked and dismayed that her parents would react so negatively to her new black boyfriend. She had no idea, you see, that her parents would disapprove of such a thing.

The only way to thread this devilishly slender needle, I would think, is to invest the time to get to know your kid and then take it from there. Not much for a pearl of wisdom, but there it is.

As for “The Talk,” we all know about the Derb’s [4]. Of course, it’s excellent. But it is aimed more for purple-pilled, sophisticated young adults who need some guidance making their way in the world. What we’re talking about here are the dangers of miscegenation, especially white-on-black miscegenation. How do we, as parents, get this message through to kids who are being indoctrinated in negrophilia by our popular culture and public schools before they even know about sex?

First, I would always stress the “otherness” of other races. This is something I’ve noticed older generations doing all the time when I was growing up. He’s not just “that guy” over there; he’s “that black guy.” It’s not “the laundromat down the street”; it’s “the Chinese laundromat down the street.” If a person was not white, then his race instantly became his dominating characteristic. This wasn’t mean-spirited or denigrating. It was just how people talked back then. In my parents’ generation, non-whites were unusual because of their race, so it made sense to identify them as such. Exceptions were made, of course, for non-whites we got to know. But there were so few of them that such exceptions were miniscule.

Today, of course, children are taught to ignore race entirely unless mentioning it will make non-whites appear virtuous or whites appear non-virtuous. This is an attempt to turn the tables on whites and “otherize” them. This is also the first step towards anti-white racism: when children become comfortable bringing up whiteness in exclusively negative contexts, it’s not too much of a leap from there to insist that whites should have no racial interests at all.

So, I think white parents should go back to otherizing the other. Do it casually, do it nicely, but do it. And often.

Second, be informed. White parents should not only be aware of the level of revisionism being taught in their children’s schools, but they should also keep information at hand to refute it. With all the brainwashing going on these days, relying on folk wisdom or anecdotal evidence to shake a white child out of hating his ancestors isn’t going to cut it. It’s sad to have to say this, but all race-conscious white parents today should have at least a basic statistical understanding of such topics as:

This by no means is an exhaustive list, and it can be pared down or spruced up depending on the age and intelligence of the child. In any case, the message should be clear: stay away from black people or refute my numbers. Pick one.

Third, follow Newton’s Law of the same number by making the reaction equal and opposite to the action. In the above example, the race realist father flew into raging berserker mode over a single prom date. If that’s all there was to it (and I have no way of knowing if it is), then that’s just plain stupid. Black-white hand holding and puppy love should be strongly discouraged, yes, but the greater concern centers not so much on what it is but for what it could lead to: miscegenation and the erosion of our overall genetic potential and racial strength. That is what we should be fighting most strenuously against, not prom dates. For example, suppose that instead of one’s eighteen-year-old daughter finding a black paramour, it’s one’s slightly nutty sixty-eight-year-old spinster aunt. Bad, sure, but not the end of the world as in the former instance, since children are not going to be part of the equation.

And while we’re talking of children, this says nothing of the antipathy and resentment that our half-black or quarter-black progeny have shown us over the past two centuries and still carry today. Brief biographies of historical figures such as Frederick Douglass, W. E. B. Du Bois, Malcolm X, and contemporary ones such as Barack Obama and his Mulatto Mafia should prove this point well enough.

We should also remember that kids make mistakes and go through phases. If a teenage daughter insists on taking a black guy to the prom, don’t let her go to the prom, revoke some of her privileges, ground her if necessary. But don’t tell her to FOAD as you give her and her belongings a swift kick out of the house. It’s only a prom date, after all. There is a decent chance she’ll mature and see the error of her ways in a few years. Which one of us never did stupid or foolish things when we were young? And who ends up marrying and having kids with their prom dates, anyway?

And another thing: for God’s sake, please, we should keep our profanity-laden race rants to ourselves. Again, the reasons for this are obvious, so I don’t need to enumerate them here. One slightly less than obvious one, however, is quite selfish: people like the raging dad monster above make the rest of us look bad. Impressionable kids like his daughter and her bevy of Facebook friends will liken all race-realists, Alt Right figures, and White Nationalists to people like that: vulgar, spiteful men with poor impulse control. So will cynical liberals and Leftists who know a political opportunity when they see one. The vast majority of us are not at all like that, of course. But thanks to the charming gentleman above, we have one more bad image to live down.

Finally, we should make the consequences clear. From an early age, our children should know that dating blacks will be strongly discouraged. Sexual activity with them will be outright forbidden. Marriage and children with them will result in the complete destruction of the family.

As painful and as awful as that would be, we should tell them that this not a threat. It’s a promise.